Saturday, February 14, 2015

We all made the mistake in believing Hollywood was at least civilized when the emails were released.

But, when will it return to a tone that doesn't send Americans into the streets with guns? I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

CLINT Eastwood’s latest movie (click here) American Sniper may be a hot Oscar contender and a US box office hit but it has divided Hollywood....

...But some stars have taken issue with its tone, which they say glorifies war.
Seth Rogen was one of the first to attack the film, tweeting: “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie that’s showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds.”

Rogen’s reference is to a Nazi propaganda film in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds where a German sniper kills Allied soldiers from a clock tower....

You are acting like children in a sandbox. Real threats have occurred to others because movie stars are trying to build the number of followers they have on Twitter. 

Rob Lowe? I suppose the subscribers will increase to "Direct TV?" Right? Direct TV is expensive and quite frankly I find their commercials insulting and hideous. The Macho Man Rob Lowe is a jackass. 

...Documentary-maker Michael Moore tweeted that snipers were “cowards” and that invaders were “worse”. Moore, who was famously booed by Oscar attendees in his 2003 acceptance speech for denouncing the Iraq War, later tried to claim he hadn’t been referring to the subject of Eastwood’s film.
Even so, he got an angry response from fans of the film, including actor Rob Lowe and former Republican presidential nominee Newt Gingrich....

So, kicking Michael Moore in the ass is becoming a real popular statement. He has had innumerable threats and it was not about kicking ass. Every one of you should be ashamed and need to put the smartphones down for at least a month. Google should suspend the lot of you for at least that long. 

This film was produced by Clint Eastwood, not Kid Rock, and Eastwood had nothing but kindness for Moore and Bill Maher. I guess it takes a real man to realize the dangers that lie in the real world when Hollywood is out of control with desperate words for Twitter followers.

Honestly. It isn't embarrassing enough to actually realize there are adults in the real world in America that would actually tweet a death threat to someone. They should all be facing legal action. 

There is a very high level of hate in the country to have so many people sparked into action by negative comments by celebrities. The only reason the right wing is immune to such hate and outspoken in 'kick ass' attitudes is because the left are adverse to guns, war and killing. It isn't because they are cowards, it is because the Left Political Wing believes in defense of the USA and not the illegal invasion of other countries.

Every celebrity should take themselves very seriously as they are the people that contributed to the hate leveled at their peers.  Part of what is contributing to all this in the twitter-verse is desperate political attitudes. Death threats aren't going to solve the politics of the USA, but, will only make it worse.

Michael Moore and Bill Maher speak for a lot of people on the Left in American politics. They didn't come out and threaten to kick ass or speak a scenario that leads to death threats. They speak about the politics of people that value life and the quality of life for all Americans. Both these men also help with the very expensive stage of politics since Citizens United. 

The Left believes in freedom far more than the right does. The people that gravitate to Left Wing politics see the world without violence, without guns and without death threats. They love their families and they love the values their children adhere to because of their upbringing in a left sphere world of peace. 

The word sniper is a very loaded word. It brings up all connotations, but, the least of those connotations is about the role of a sniper at war with the USA. One might pay attention to the fact Mr. Chris Kyle was killed by a man known to have profound PTSD. (click here) 

It is not unusual for soldiers afflicted with that disorder to want to be at war then return to a 'normal' life with their families. The repeated deployments became a preferred destiny to some. If there was anything I wish, it is to erase all those haunting memories of our soldiers and prevent their own demise at their own hand. The causalities of the wayward war into Iraq is continuing within our homeland. Twenty-two deaths per day due to the lousy war that lasted longer than any other war in American history.

Those 22 daily deaths is why President Obama stated everyone needs to be aware of the psychological haunts our soldiers and their potential to harm themselves. Hopefully, the recent legislation will help and soon. 

But, this mess Hollywood creates for attention to draw in more fans is completely disrespectful of the soldiers that have died and are still dying for this country.

But, the word sniper is loaded with all kinds of problems. Would Americans call the snipers in Libya that killed so many in Benghazi heroes? The world doesn't see a sniper in the same light of those that hail Eastwood's film as a tribute to greatness within our military. The idea a single man can make or break a military operation is rather unsettling actually. Quite frankly, the American snipers were mostly invisible and this film has brought them into focus now. And the only things the actors and filmmakers have to worry about is a golden statue for their efforts and the added receipts that might bring. The impact of the film reaches far beyond that.

Before I get preachy and take over the task of the holy men of the right wing, I'll leave this thought. "How is it the political right wing feels their first amendment rights include death threats, which are oppression, while they deny freedom of speech to the political left wing?"

The Supreme Court is entertaining the idea habeous corpus is an invalid right?

The current Supreme Court is turning individual decisions into decisions by the state. Individuals are making individual decisions to join an exchange. There is no enforcement except for the tax to encourage health care insurance choice. The ACA is supported by taxes. There is no cost to any state. The state holds no interest in this law beyond it's own exchange. The federal exchange removes all obligation by the states to support human health and pays for it without penalizing any state. 

The ACA successfully recognizes states rights in providing a vehicle to insure all it's citizens through a state exchange supported entirely by the federal law for at least two years. It also recognizes states rights by providing an alternative to a state exchange without imposing any obligation for the state to participate with their own exchanges. The citizen's right to life without disease is fulfilled without compromising state's rights. 

There already exists federal mandates of entire classes of people in regard to health care.

Know Your Rights: (click here) Medical, Dental and Mental Health Care (2012 resource): Prison officials are obligated under the Eighth Amendment to provide prisoners with adequate medical care. This principle applies regardless of whether the medical care is provided by governmental employees or by private medical staff under contract with the government.

Most of the people in the exchanges are the needy? They were unable to afford or get insurance otherwise?

This is an entire class of people. The Supreme Court needs to be careful in exposing an entire class of people to danger for their health. If the federal government can mandate health care to prisoners, it can mandate health care among citizens. The individual choice by citizens otherwise unable to afford or find health care insurance is equivalent to a prison population unable to find health care otherwise.

States and localities (click here) have a constitutional obligation to provide adequate health care to prisoners, and they must pay for it out of their own budgets. However, a 1997 ruling says that care provided to inmates beyond the walls of the prison qualifies for Medicaid reimbursement if the prisoner is Medicaid eligible. The federal government then pays 50 percent to 84 percent of Medicaid costs.

This is hatred. It better not be tolerated. 

It's more dangerous to give birth in the United States (click here) than in 49 other countries. African-American women are at almost four times greater risk than Caucasian women. A safe pregnancy is a human right for every woman regardless of race or income....

There is no other measure to insure pregnant women in the USA. 

Full Title (click here)
To amend title V of the Social Security Act to provide grants to States to establish State maternal mortality review committees on pregnancy-related deaths occurring within such States; to develop definitions of severe maternal morbidity and data collection protocols; and to eliminate disparities in maternal health outcomes.
Mar 3, 2011
112th Congress, 2011–2013

Died in a previous Congress

This bill was introduced on March 3, 2011, in a previous session of Congress, but was not enacted.

"Deadly Delivery" (click here)
The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA 

It is very possible to turn the maternal death rate in the USA around. Health insurance. 

This IS the responsibility of government. It is the OBLIGATION of government to study and end deaths to citizens.  If government wants to OFFER private enterprise a place in that obligation then so be it, but, that does not dissolve the underlying responsibility of a democracy.

This is NOT a state's rights issue.This is not a budgetary problem for states. There is no morality problem here as it is saving lives and improving the outcomes to the lives it touches, both in physical health and fiscal health. We knew the ACA would add economic opportunity and wealth to Americans as it was being written. This is a fact and the government has an obligation to restore equality to all Americans.

The Affordable Care Act (click here) is working in terms of affordability, access, and quality for African American families, seniors, businesses, and taxpayers. This includes African Americans who were previously uninsured and African Americans who had insurance that didn't provide them with adequate coverage and financial security. African American families have more security, and many of those who already had insurance now have better coverage. Fewer Americans are uninsured. At the same time, as a country, we're spending our health care dollars more wisely and we're starting to receive higher quality care....

This is another mess.

The Russian economic alliance rages forward in the face of death of former colleagues. There is no conscience in Moscow or any other former Soviet state that have aligned economically with Russia. 

Fighting raged in Ukraine (click here) on Friday (Feb 13), throwing doubts on a ceasefire deal due to take effect over the weekend, as the US said Russia was still deploying heavy arms and Kiev warned that shelling of civilians had intensified....

 Where is the voice of reason in any Russia affiliations? 

...Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said the continuing bombardment of civilians in eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian separatist rebels was already undermining the peace plan reached in Minsk on Thursday. At least 28 civilians and soldiers were reported killed in the latest upsurge in fighting.... 

The so called Pro-Russia rebels have no conscience. They continue to kill innocent people for what purpose? This is hatred. 

There is no going back to the Soviet Union. Russia hasn't gone anywhere. The economic sanctions by The West were leveraged when the treaty protecting the lives of Ukrainians fell into question. Russia did this to itself.

Russia was accepted as an important member of the international community among many levels of economic opportunity. Russia had power internationally through influence, not just military arsenals. Russia needs to prove they have influence with the rebels to come to a peaceful end. If Russia cannot rein in the rebels it only proves this is about a regime intent on killing because of hate. 

If Russia has no influence and a ceasefire doesn't occur, other countries have to make decisions about how to continue to protect Ukrainian lives in the face of rebels of anarchy.

January 29, 2015
The AP 

MINSK, Belarus - New cracks emerged (click here) Thursday in a Russia-led economic alliance, with the president of Belarus warning that his nation may opt out of it.

Alexander Lukashenko also sternly warned Moscow Thursday that his nation of 10 million will never be part of the "Russian world," a term coined by the Kremlin that reflects its hopes to pull ex-Soviet nations closer into its orbit.
"Those who think that the Belarusian land is part as what they call the Russian world, almost part of Russia, forget about it!" Lukashenko said. "Belaru=s is a modern and independent state."

Lukashenko, who has been at the helm since 1994, has relied on Russia's economic subsidies and political support but bristled at Moscow's attempts to expand its control over Belarusian assets....

If Russia is unable to stop the rebels in Ukraine, there is no guarantee such forces in neighboring states will manifest to destabilize them as well. Moscow has to stop this. It's reputation as a valid leader to economic opportunity is dissolving. I do not believe any First World leaders wants to dissolve Russia into nothing but a war profile. Russia has to come back into the fold. It is a safe place for citizens of all nations.

Any ethnic hatred anywhere in the world is a crime. Every ethnic nation has a right to exist. Any human rights violation has to be brought out of the shadows to stop it. No major country should look the other way in the face of ethnic cleansing even if it is not globally known. Transparency in the reporting of such heinous acts is heroic.

Destroying an ethnic group cannot be tolerated and should never be viewed as victory in war.

From the Moscow Times:

January 19, 2015
By Yulia Zhuchova

...By contrast, (click here) the CSTO was established as a voluntary organization with seemingly clear objectives. But what result do we see now?

Over the last 10 years, the organization conducted more than 15 large-scale joint military exercises aimed at combatting terrorism and extremism, but where was the organization when, for example, Kyrgyzstan came to the brink of a full-scale civil war in 2010? 

Did a contingent of CSTO troops deploy to Osh to prevent the massacre of civilians? No. Did the CSTO member states at least formulate and agree on  a common position regarding the Kyrgyz problem? Again, no. 

In recent years Russia twice deployed its troops to the territory of neighboring states — in 2008 to South Ossetia, then a part of Georgia, and in 2014 to Crimea, then a part of Ukraine. Borders changed, but did any of Russia's allies officially recognize those changes? Not one.... 

Beat ISIS?

The only way to beat ISIS is genocide. This is not new. The only thing new about this tragedy in Syria is that it is Syria instead of Iraq.

Since the Iraq invasion the region has been destabilized. There is a reason why The Green Zone in Baghdad has multiple rings of blast walls.

The vast charismatic movement is new and it can possibly be attributed to the hatred spewed by Glen Beck and his caliphate scenarios. It probably teased out an opportunity for the Ba'athist they hadn't entertained before. 

This level of killing and ? culture ? has existed a long time and I am not talking biblical. The Taliban has been a roll model of ISIS.

Why this was different? Because it occurred after the USA left and was a complete surprise. I don't know why, those supplying weapons to so called rebels provided to be sadly mistaken. 

No one is going to say Assad was a saint, but, he was also no different than any of the other dictators. It was the way it was. It was all too easy to be an enemy of the state in the Middle East, that is what triggered so much of the intense unrest among the people of the region and north Africa.  

The region has to come to conclusions about the influence of ISIS and the potential to violence and death of their citizens. This is as much a culture war as a war of forces. The clerics in the region, even Nasrallah, realize the threat of the faux faith of IS.

Every American has to feel badly for these people. Their faiths are under attack and the war zealots of the Ba'athists have cleverly mastered a message that rings loudly among average citizens. There is even international penetration to the IS message.

I don't know why the people of these countries have turned against their faith. It is somewhat surprising. Mecca is a permanent icon to the Muslim faith, yet the people have allowed their imaginations to entertained by radicals that have no affiliation to the practice of any faith, they are heretics. That is the part of this that makes no sense to me. 

It has to be the fact IS reaches back in time to violent movements after the death of Mohammad. There is nothing concrete in the real world to dispute that. I doubt the language of the modern day Muslim includes teachings and discussions of any caliphate. It isn't necessarily a proud time to the life of the faith over centuries. The caliphates became very violent. One can even discuss the fact the caliphates lost their faith and it's innate generosity.

The Muslim people already have a modern day caliphate. They go on pilgramages without interruption. They travel the entire region in praise of their religious leaders. What do they need am imagined caliphate by people that want to kill them? It is strange. By every measure this potential should never have existed. IS should have been laughed at for it's violent message. No citizens within the influence of IS is guaranteed their life. If they trip up over a rule that is obscure to them, they are killed in a public methodology to terrify everyone else in the population. That is not the mind of Allah.

The Muslim faith is not alone in it's history of violence, most faiths in the world have had their dark times. IS does not practice faith, it practices human rights violations and a lot of them. There is constant threat of death within the reach of IS. That is not a benevolent god, it is the god of heretics.

Stop blaming the woman as if Kitzhaber was under a spell,.

It would have been more prudent to have the FBI investigate before his resignation. Amazing. As long as there is a woman that goes along with a political scandal a career is over.

February 14, 2015

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (click here) announced his resignation Friday over a deepening influence-peddling scandal surrounding his fiancée and on the same day the U.S. Attorney's Office issued a subpoena demanding records and electronic communications pertaining to the pair....

Does she own a broom? Calderon maybe? No. Just Al Gore and an effort to address the climate crisis. 

Oregon's Lady McBeth (click here)

...On Thursday, outrage over Hayes’ multiple scandals reached its conclusion. Her fiancé, Gov. John Kitzhaber, resigned, putting an end to his more than three-decades-long career in Oregon politics, 20 years of which were spent in the governor’s office.

“I am in love,” Kitzhaber said when asked about Hayes’ alleged wrongdoings at a press conference on Jan. 30. “I have no regrets over my personal relationship with Cylvia Hayes. She is a wonderful lady.”...

...her National Governor’s Association profile, that she was “a policy advisor to Governor John Kitzhaber on the issues of clean energy and economic development.”
All of this was made more complicated by the fact that Hayes’ consulting firm was doing work for the state....

I am still looking for 'the big sin.' It would be a real scandal if she hadn't been involved in her consulting business before she became involved with the governor. She was involved in politics and climate work since the early 2000s.

...In October 2014, while Kitzhaber was in the midst of his reelection campaign, the Willamette Week uncovered a curious detail about Hayes’ third failed marriage, which took place in 1997, to an 18-year-old Ethiopian immigrant. “Public records raise questions about whether the marriage was legitimate or whether it was a way to help the young man with his immigration status.”
The marriage ended after 4 years and 3 months....

OMG, she was a cougar. When 18 seemed to young, the older man was more her taste.

...Worse, still: Governor Kitzhaber had no idea the green-card marriage had ever happened before it was reported by the press....

Poor man. He must have been attracted by her youth and the love was a lie. That is really radical.

The only thing the story misses is the chance there is a love child.

...“There was somewhat of a leader/follower there, and she was leading and the gentleman was following,” Patrick Siemion, who sold the property to Hayes and the man, told KOIN 6 News. Not long after the purchase, according to Siemion, Hayes and the man stopped making payments on the property, and by 1998 they “gave up their interest” in it, reported KOIN 6 News....

I've got to hand it to her; men went out on a limb to get her attention. Infatuation was her specialty. She needs a good girlfriend to tell her she should become "Permanent marriage curious." A friend who would challenger her to make it to the tenth anniversary. She had no problem making a commitment, only her commitment was short lived.

I like her. Teach me what you know, darlin'. 
After eight hours, Arctic Granny apples, right, do not brown like unmodified Granny apples. Credit Okanagan Specialty Fruits    

February 13, 2015    

The government (click here) on Friday approved the commercial planting of genetically engineered apples that are resistant to turning brown when sliced or bruised.... 

...According to the USDA's (click here) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), biotechnology plantings as a percentage of total crop plantings in the United States in 2012 were about 88 percent for corn, 94 percent for cotton, and 93 percent for soybeans. NASS conducts an agricultural survey in all states in June of each year....

In competition with Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences has developed a system of genetically engineered seeds that can be bathed in herbicide and any other kind of ...cide and the plants will grow unthwarted.

What's next for the Enlist (click here) system Dow AgroSciences will launch its innovative Enlist Duo herbicide  for the 2015 crop season. It will be launched in conjunction with a stewarded introduction of Enlist corn, and seed production of Enlist soybeans. Regulatory approvals are pending for Enlist cotton.

Just think, human beings can be ...cide resistant, too. How special is that, huh? If Dow Agroscience really wants to compete against Monsanto, grow heritage seeds in large batches that are already drought resistant. 

Put Monsanto out of business with the sale of real crops rather than pretend crops. 

Now those are root systems I can live with. 

September 17, 2014

...Approval of the specialty corn and soybeans (click here) to be sold as part of a branded "Enlist Weed Control System" means the traits could be on the market for the 2015 U.S. planting season, according to Dow AgroSciences, a unit of Dow Chemical.
Dow is still awaiting approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for Enlist herbicide, which the genetically altered Enlist corn and beans are designed to tolerate. Like the popular Roundup Ready system developed by rival Monsanto Co., farmers who plant Enlist crops can spray their fields with Enlist herbicide and kill weeds but not the crops....

When will the US government FINALLY get the information they need to know the American people don't want this junk.

After eight hours, Arctic Granny apples, right, do not brown like unmodified Granny apples. Credit Okanagan Specialty Fruits 
February 13, 2015 
The government (click here) on Friday approved the commercial planting of genetically engineered apples that are resistant to turning brown when sliced or bruised....
...According to the USDA's (click here) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), biotechnology plantings as a percentage of total crop plantings in the United States in 2012 were about 88 percent for corn, 94 percent for cotton, and 93 percent for soybeans. NASS conducts an agricultural survey in all states in June of each year....