Thursday, March 18, 2010

It took WITHDRAWAL of troops for Iraq to FINALLY stand on its own in a real way. Hello?

The USA went through the same issue with South Korea as well. There came a time in the Korean War when enough was enough. It was time for the country to take care of its own people and stop relying on the USA for defense and domestic tranquility.

The USA is a strong and powerful ally. So powerful it can oppress the peoples of a country without even trying to achieve that goal.

Overshadowing the people of Iraq is not our purpose. We are not looking for "A little USA" to emerge so much as a country that is supportive to peace in the region. That can only happen when it properly allies with its neighbors such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan to commit to peace, including recognizing Israel as a sovereign country and Palestine as an emerging state that practices human rights. Those initiatives have to be achieved as an independent and sovereign nation, not one that is occupied by a Western nation.

I do not see Iraq being treated as 'A Favored Country' until it has achieved goals on its own.

Liars. They are all liars.

The attack ad is a reaction to the recent study of the health care system that shows a gross imbalance in equity to all Americans.

It contends that the REAL cost belongs with doctors and hospitals as health insurance is the smallest part of the pie. They state IF the reimbursement was less they would not be charging so much for their insurance.

The fact is that the current health care bill establishes Committees that include citizens and professionals to review ALL the dynamics of health care costs to the USA.

That is prudent for budget purposes and bringing down the national deficit AND American household deficits.

Here again these 'for profit' companies that 'deal' in health care and its peripheral services are telling half trusts as if they have a better argument than the President.

I don't think so.

At all.

The latest attack ads about the Health Care Bill costs MILLIONS. I asked myself, would they spend millions if they were going to make less profits?

...The ad buy, costing between $4 million and $10 million, will start Wednesday on national cable TV outlets. Later in the week, the campaign shifts to 17 states home to moderate and conservative Democrats. Their votes are critical to Obama's endgame for passing legislation to expand coverage and revamp the health insurance market....

The people responsible for the attacks against the President's initiative are. Write them and tell them what you think:

"Patients First, Not Profits"

Chamber of Commerce (click here)

National Association of Manufacturers (click here)

National Retail Federation (click here)

This is where it really gets interesting. The Construction lobbies, especially those that target the state legislators know where their bread is buttered. They don't care about whether or not their health care costs hurt their hiring of Americans, they only care about the fact that non-profit hospital systems use EXTRA monies garnered EVERY YEAR from the charges to patients for construction.

Instead of giving patrons of their health care systems refunds on their expenses every year, the hospital non-profit corporations will build, build and build some more in order to increase their assets (Or at least they believe they do.) so they can borrow more in the future and increase their debt to keep more of their monies.

It is a corrupt system and the patients are the losers ALL THE TIME.

Groups representing the construction and food service industries.

The business groups refused to release a list of the lawmakers they are targeting.

Progress toward real and profound health care reform. Considering the Obstructionists agenda the movement toward a bill has been phenomenal.

While the bill in its current verbiage is considered flawed by more liberal voices, no one can argue it doesn't reduce the deficit.

The Obstructionists continue to state the new health care bill cuts Medicare by one half billion dollars.

They are "W"rong.

It cuts one half billion dollars US from the corruption of privatizing Medicare to allow the federal government to guarantee solid health care insurance to our seniors and disabled.

Liars. All the Obstructionists can do is lie. They have no real facts or reasons to oppose the bill.

The process to global nuclear responsibility started in March 2009 and has been a priority with this administration. Progess.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says there has been "substantial" progress on a new nuclear disarmament deal with Russia. (click title to entry - thank you)

In Moscow, Mrs Clinton and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov said a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start) should be finalised soon.

The nations are trying to replace the 1991 Start that expired in December.

Mrs Clinton is attending two days of talks in Moscow, including a key meeting on the Middle East on Friday.

Iran is also a major issue, with the US and Russia publicly disagreeing on the planned opening of an Iranian nuclear power station...

Arizona Legislature guts funding for State Parks - Real Estate Corruption - that is the next step, selling the park land.

Arizona State Parks Keeps 9 Parks Open, 11 More Will Close. (click title to entry - thank you)

Arizona calls that a website for its park system. That is a joke ! Not a website.

McCain or Kyl couldn't do anything about this? Or perhaps they didn't want to. Real estate interests might be too overwhelming for them.

I mean after all, McCain can't even stand up for his own daughter with his spouse fighting to protect her, so why bother with parks after all. Not as though they were ordained by God as a sovereign place of his authority.

The real estate moguls will roll in with their bulldozers and remove all the carbon sinks and replace it with concrete.

This is a Republican idea of fun? They don't value their children's futures at all, do they? I mean that simply don't. They'll take any issue and make it into an economic catastrophe for the sake of money lust. Seriously. They are the most immoral people on the face of the Earth. I have absolutely no respect for them. NONE.

The economic crisis (click here) isn’t going to be over any time soon, and the parks system will probably take another hit this coming year. If you value the role the state parks play in providing recreational opportunities, protecting natural landmarks, and preserving Arizona’s heritage, consider dropping a line to your state representatives to tell them so. Volunteering is a terrific way to show your support, and you can also vote with your dollars by purchasing an annual pass or gifts from the online gift shop. Most importantly, get out there and enjoy your state parks!

Arizona parks system's future in doubt

by Casey Newton - Mar. 18, 2010 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

...Arizona's parks system is limping into the next fiscal year (click here) with few assurances it will exist after June 30, the result of lawmakers reducing its budget by nearly 80 percent since 2007.

Lawmakers cut an additional $3.9 million in the special session that adjourned Tuesday. Efforts to save the system through legislation have stalled. And while discussions continue, parks continue to close....

Bring on the Bulldozers. Why wait until the parks are completely closed to leave behind a 'wind row' of trees to hide the truth.

Do it now !!!!!!


Why do it behind the public's back in hopes they forget about their state treasures. Own up to the bastards that you truly are !

The War at our Front Door

Tamaulipas state police (click title to entry - thank you) unload packages of seized marijuana in Nuevo Laredo, where clashes have erupted between northeastern Mexico's two most powerful drug-trafficking rings. (Raul Llamas / AFP/Getty Images / January 8, 2010)