Tuesday, June 29, 2010

These are the Anti-Discriminaton Laws of the USA that Elena Kagan had to consider when making her decision regarding miltary recruiters.

It doesn't surprise me that a Republican like Sessions wouldn't have a profound RESPECT for the laws of the USA.  They like to circumvent them and defraud them and obstruct the passage of them rather than ABIDE by them.

Solicitor General Kagan had to take into consideration not only EVERY  CIVILIAN law on the books, she had to consider the By-Laws of the university and the impact on the students and faculty should she simply disregard all of it to allow the USA military 'carte blanc' access to the campus.

Obviously, Sessions believes the USA military has 'Eminent Domane' over every PRIVATE university in the country.

NOT ! 

It was the obligation of Solicitor General Kagan to make the argument on behalf of those that would be most deeply effected by a 'glib' attitude regarding Civil Rights.

Oh, yeah.  Besides the laws below there are also criminal statutes such as "Hate Crimes" statues to consider as well.  You see, sometimes when poeple feel as though an 'entity' of the government can trample Civil Rights as if they are nothing, people get the idea an act of violence, such as the murder of Matthew Shepard, can be justified.

Any decision regarding Civil Rights in a varied society that is the USA carries with it the brevity of the outcomes should they not be taken seriously.


- Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

- Civil Rights Act of 1871[4]

- Lloyd – La Follette Act (1912)

- Fair Employment Act of 1941

- Executive Order 11478[5]

- Equal Pay Act of 1963

- Civil Rights Act of 1964[6]

- Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965

- Civil Rights Act of 1968

- Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967[7]

- Rehabilitation Act of 1973

- Age Discrimination Act of 1975

- Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978

- Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990[8]

- Civil Rights Act of 1991

- Employment Non-Discrimination Act

- California Fair Employment and Housing Act[9]

- Executive Order 13166 – “Improving Access to Services for Persons with Limited English

- Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 - enables qualified employees to take prolonged unpaid leave
 for family and health-related reasons without fear of losing their jobs. For private employers with 15
 or more employers

- No-FEAR Act

- Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

I don't believe the Russian '11' can be called a 'spy ring.' It was a 'cultural experiment' by Russia. That's my take.

In a Chinese newspaper it was stated these were Russian citizens that have done nothing wrong.  The families need to be sent home.  Deproted if you will.
  Russia says suspected spies are its citizens who didn't harm U.S. interests

English.news.cn 2010-06-30 00:16:25

MOSCOW, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that suspected spies detained in the United States were Russians who did nothing to harm U.S. interests.
They were "Russian citizens who found themselves on U.S. territory at different times," said the RIA Novosti news agency.
"They have not committed any actions directed against U.S. interests."
The ministry also said Moscow hoped they would be "well treated while in custody" and be granted access to Russian lawyers.
Editor: yan


My best guess is that Russia is still a bit confounded by the USA and its 'citizen' culture.  Under the Presidency of Vladimir Putin, the Russia society has shown more and more 'Western' tendencies.  He was interested in his people.  I really believe Prime Minister Putin was the first leader in Russia to sincerely change the course of his country's concern for its citizens in a way that 'blends' with other First World countries.  

If one looks at China there is 'that striviing' that can be witnessed.  China holds onto its 'old world' fears and distances as a security blanket even as Taiwan moves closer and closer to the Mainland as a real member of the Chinese society.  It is my guess 'being communist' is a bit tedious in a global community that is changing by the day to seek 'influence of the individual.'

The current President Medevedev is a very brilliant man.  He is a man for his time.  He seeks to make historic changes in course by Russia in their willingness to move the global community back from the brink of nuclear proliferation.  Even /Russia has to admit the 'idea' of allowing every country in the Middle East to be a breath away from nuclear weapon capacity is completely foolish and very dangerous.

But, what does this have to do with 'families of spies?'

The USA has just come through a very, very rough eight years under Bush and Cheney.  Even their elections of 2000 were contentious. 

The USA is a super power.  Under Bush and Cheney the world has never been closer to nuclear weapons exchange with Russia, China or both.

Under Bush and Cheney we abandoned a war into Afghanistan to remove al Qaeda from the face of Earth after commercial planes were turned into weapons and we nearly had our Capital building destroyed.  Russia was in Afghanistan with Medical Support before the CIA even parachuted in to begin the USA arrival to dismantle 'bin Laden's' insane hatred and ability to kill citizens half way around the world.  RUSSIA was at our side.  No different than it was duiring WWII. 

Yet.  The USA, in a sudden and very unpredictable 'atmosphere' abandoned the war to end al Qaeda to chase down 'mystical WMD' that even UN inspectors could not find a miniscule trace of.  Getting the picture? 

The sudden, unpredictable and nearly 'emotional' reaction to nonexistant WMD which lead to a war to invade a DISARMED country was more than a worry to nearly every other country on Earth.  It was why Tony Blair was immediately at the side of Bush, nearly as a moderator, to the actions of the President of a Superpower, now preceived to be out of control and making 'a new reality' in order to carry out wars of preemption.

Then to realize, the Republicans and their cronies could actually carry out a propaganda campaign enough to discredit a distinguished man that was John Kerry in the elections of 2004.  Those propaganda attacks of Kerry were completely baseless and instilled deep fear of a change in President while still in Iraq. 

I don't know about you, but, its pretty scary stuff.  I would imagine Putin looked at the populous of the USA and decided he didn't know nearly enough about 'the people' as he thought he did.

So, what is a Russian President to do, except, seek to understand Americans more when they have been attacked by a lunatic like bin Laden.

The Russian citizens are and have been completely benign to any outcome in the USA.  Their children were welcome peers to American children.  It seems glib to say, "No harm done,' but, in all honesty it is a great honor to realize other nations and one such as Russia valued the 'citizen' enough to send a mission to seek a deeper understanding of the social cultures it was unsure was intact and benevolent.

It has always been a curiosity to me as to what Russians would think of our 'captialized' medical culture.  I remember when 'Lasik' surgery became a method to correct nearsightedness, an articile appeared in a magazine that Russians across the culture were encouraged to seek the 'treatment' for nearsightedness that would remove the need for eyeglass changes.  Russia saw the 'treatment of lasers' as a means of saving monies to their treasury.

Then, to come to the USA and find out that physicians are making huge profits on an 'optional' 'procedure' as an alternative reality to what actually 'goes on' in Russia.  To say the American Medical Structure is a culture shock to the Russians is an understatement.  While the USA touts it has the 'best' medical treatment on Earth, it hardly seems sufficient to realize so many Americans die annually for the pure reason of being uninsured.  Dying of stupid things such as pneumonia.  A completely treatable disease.

Well.  At any rate, in this bizarre reality of Russian citizens 'living among us' to come to understand the culture of the USA more deeply is an interesting paradigm.  Very interesting. 

The bottom line is that both Russia and the USA are still here without trading nukes.  We managed to 'make it through,' now didn't we?

Send the families home to Russia with their children.  I am confident they will miss us.

General Petreus needs to get his mind around the fact the troops in Afghanistan are coming home July 2010.

U.S. General David Petraeus testifies at his Senate hearing to become commander of the International Security Assistance Force and commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan on June 29.

The tail isn't going to wag the dog anymore, General.  And there won't be anymore illegal or plutocratic wars.

As an American I remind him the Iraqi military and police didn't 'take up' their responsibilty until the USA was leaving THEIR country.

President Karzai needs to review his troops and come to terms with the fact that they aren't able to protect him nor their own country in the 'state' they are in right now.

I do believe Jordan was very successful in training many of the police for Iraq.  I believe Karzai needs to consult with his peer leaders with morals in the Middle East and come up with a plan that actually CLEANS UP his country to rid it of the depraved values of the Taliban and Karzai's brother.

We know for a fact, the more money that is thrown at Afghanistan the worse the corruptoin gets.

The USA and NATO has been seeking to correct the path of Afghanistan since September 11, 2001.  Karzai was an appointed President and the nation has sunk lower and lower on the 'trustworthy' scale under his leadership.  I don't believe 'corruption' even begins to describe the 'depraved' nature of Afghanistan.  At least we know where we stand with Pakistan.  In Pakistan we know when 'moral' leadership is in place, the people rise to the occassion and even the ISI will do what its asked more often than not.  I am sure India would say differently and perhaps rightfully so.

But, Afghanistan?  The Middle East nations need to stop exporting their worse terrorists and begin to execute them.  Bin Laden should have been executed a long time ago.

This incident below happen in THE CAPTIAL of Afghanistan against a United Nations personnel.  The Capital of Afghanistan can't even appreciate the humanity provided by the world enough to protect the 'moral' content of the efforts the international community sends.

UN vehicle shot in Afghan capital, driver killed

By DEB RIECHMANN (AP) – 6 hours ago
KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan man working for the United Nations was shot and killed in his vehicle Tuesday near a busy traffic circle in Afghanistan's capital, the world body said.
Elsewhere, U.S. and Afghan forces battled hundreds of militants from an al-Qaida-linked group for a third day in Kunar province of eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said. Two U.S. soldiers were killed Sunday in the first day of the operation.

The Afghan U.N. employee who died was driving a white pickup truck with the blue U.N. logo painted on the side. Another Afghan member of the U.N. staff, who was in the vehicle, was not wounded, the U.N. said.
The morning shooting occurred amid heavy traffic near Massoud circle, an intersection near the U.S. Embassy and an American military base. Two windows on the truck were shattered and blood was spattered inside the car....


The fun and games  are over in Afghanistan, sir.  Karzai and his band of theives and liars are on their own.  Perhaps someday, Afghanistan will have enough moral content to even deserve the compassion of the world.  I suggest the remaining time in Afghanistan by the USA and NATO is devoted to destroying the supply of opium to the world.