Friday, January 15, 2010

The National and International "Credibility Score."

If financial institutions can place 'Credit Scores' on consumers regardless the country then we can do the same thing.

For every contractor that ever enters into government contracts there needs to be a 'Credibility Score' that is recognized as the ability of such entities to actually achieve their goals within the definitions of the contract.

There is no reason why within the USA, the Government Accounting Office is NOT scoring all the companies that does work for the people of this country. I would imagine a State Level accountability initiative is possible as well.

The Credibility Score would measure the quality of materials, the quality of the workman, the outcome of the product and the extent 'the goal' of the contract was met to increase the infrastructure or services to citizens.

Not difficult and the USA GAO can even provide ways for contractors to improve their scores. Any contractor that has caused injury, death or environmental deterioration can immediately be relieved and removed from any future government opportunities.

THAT is Constitutional. Anything short of it, is NOT !

In the case of an International Credibility Score, in countries where there is impoverishment there needs to be included for those contractors in particular, an 'apprentice' and 'journeyman/woman' component of the 'visited' country's citizens. The purpose is to improve the infrastructure of the country over time as a measure of good will and diplomacy. The citizens have to be proven to be from within the country or returning to the country with a measurable amount of improvement in their personal circumstances. It also upholds the integrity of the sovereignty of the 'visited' country.

The isolation of exploitation, both nationally and internationally.

It is safe to say the methodology Republicans use to justify their very existence is not constitutional under USA law and certainly a danger to most cultures in the world.

Above is the headquarters of Halliburton in Dubai. It is safe to say Halliburton is a Poster Child for corporations that rose to 'power' (not esteem) during the 30 years of Republican domination in the USA. Halliburton has proved itself UNWORTHY of government contracts in the USA, in Iraq and I would anticipate the United Nations to begin a list of 'troubled assets' of countries throughout the world.

Halliburton was given 'no bid' contracts to save Cheney from being sued as their former CEO, showed up in Iraq with some of the most shoddy work a construction company could pull off killing Iraqis and USA military as well. It then 'moved on' to Dubai where its Executives 'abandoned' personal debt when Dubai fell into fiscal difficulties. Nearly overnight the Halliburton Expatriots found themselves comfortably back in Houston, Texas.

Halliburton no longer has a 'sustainable' reputation and the only means it has to sustain at all is when it presents as a legitimate contractor with unblemished accomplishments to government contracts. It can manipulate its poor management, which started under the leadership of Dick Cheney, to later cast off HBR as 'its problem' while changing none of its work ethic. The management stayed the same and its exploitative 'character' went on to places like Saudi Arabia.

When will companies PROVEN to be undesirable actually be ostraciized into oblivion on the global stage? Never? Will their CEOs simply retire in comfort after scalping the 'public trust' of billions in their 'tenure at the top' or should there be 'real life' consequences for even attempting to carry away immoral profits from a country's treasury?

I believe those CEOs that have garnered the reputation of being incompetent costing nations and their treasuries hardship, regardless of that definition as measured in fiscal assets or human assets, should be listed to the extent they have been toxic to global activities and outcomes. There are many, many instances where that is true, including environmental atrocities that have caused not only damage to the natural world, but, cancers and human deaths.

What exists today in the wake of the former Republican Regime in the USA are corporations with bloated treasuries that have occurred through power plays and fear mongering. It has to stop. Listing these corporations and their CEOs as global entities with undesirable outcomes in their contracts will begin to inhibit their growth and ultimately will remove them from the world stage of exploitation.

Government contracts are 'an entity' that are only monitored by loose associations with accountability offices. It is extremely easy for corporations to take advantage of a country where the realization of their activities do not show up for many, many years and then too late to do anything about it. The Global Community has to have a resource whereby activities of these companies can be known before the fact so tragedy and exploitation can be minimized and stopped.

A country such as Haiti is a prime 'target' for companies seeking monies unfairly. Its leadership may not have the abilities to monitor the activities of these entities and may not even realize there is something grossly wrong with their conduct until too late. If the people of the Third World are to be removed from poverty and use by networks of violence, their governments have to be able to access companies with good reputations and known ability to work within infrastructure to bring about improvements the people need. Measurable and sustaining improvements that are gone with the next wind that blows through.

And lastly, within the political infrastructure of the USA lies a powerful party that has not only ideologies that are toxic to the electorate that sides with them, but, also seeks to destroy the government of the USA for its own purposes. There is no way the USA, with 300 million inside of its borders and a reputation on a global scale can ever shrink its 'government structure' so much to disintegrate vital services to communities, including education and health care, without realizing it is outside the boundaries of its very Constitution.

The USA Constitution provides for a FUNCTIONING infrastructure that enhances its methods of democracy. To allow a political entity to deceive and lie in order to gain prominence based in unattainable goals is a travesty to the people of this country. It also sets no example to other governments and political parties to an example of how best to 'carry out corruption.'

The Republican Party is a toxic asset in the USA and should never be allowed once again to influence the outcomes of the USA military or its domestic policies that literally robs generations of their Treasury assets. That 'BRAND' has to be placed solidly on that party without the ability to be erased.

The United States of America is about being 'cutting edge,' providing opportunity and providing defense to itself and its allies. It is called sovereignty. Today the USA has a questionable sovereignty and there are indications that President Obama indeed has removed the dissolution of that sovereignty since taking office.

The point is, the eight years of the Bush/Cheney Regime should be 'witness enough' to prove the danger such a political entity that is 'too big to fail' has on the very sovereignty of its government. The multi-party system is a good system, but, needs to be guarded from political media that seeks to 'steer' a 'certain' direction of the electorate. The political media under Bush/Cheney became a 'toxic asset' itself and needs to be stopped.

Denial of what occurred during the years 2000 - 2008 is NOT an option, regardless of the political bargaining that has gone on during that time to secure 'the freedoms' of those that participated.

The best shelter for the people of Haiti at this point are tent cities.

There is a lot that has to happen in Haiti to secure the lives of people living along the fault between the huge North American Plate and the far, far smaller Caribbean Plate. It will happen again. No telling when and to simply have an 'alarm system' in place to warn of an earthquake won't solve the problem either.

To begin the worst that can happen here is for corruption through government contracts to take place and give these people even worse conditions to live in than they had before. That said, it is best for the USA to offer the services of the much maligned Army Corp of Engineers to help with any return to 'buiding' again. Until that 'legitimacy' takes place within the country the USA government is best to help establish 'buildings' again. There is no need for any country to rush into government contracts that will ultimately not serve the Haitian people in a productive way.

There is a reason why 'huts' sometimes work best in tropical paradise for citizens that cannot afford to live in quake proof hi-rises. And that is the 'best' venue for building in Haiti. Condos. Hi-rise condos that are quake proof. Significantly, quake proof.

But, before that occurs the Haitian people need an economy. In this case, I don't really think I would mind outsourcing American jobs in customer service to the people there. It would be a start for them with a vigor import business where the government derives income from 'import taxes.'

Imports that would include food and clothing items. China would be a good partner to the lower cost imports to serve their people. There needs to be schools for children and adults. Adult learning centers that focus on 'marketable skills' to move into functional condos that would insure their lives in a far better manner than any other masonry existing today. I don't see George W. Bush bringing in Halliburton to help either.

The people of Haiti need 'quality' improvements to their lives and infrastructure, NOT, exploited ones and Republican cronies have a long history of exploiting 'third world' people, heck they exploit the USA military, instead of being 'constructive.'

If the world governments are to be successful in Haiti to 'secure' the people away from such disaster, the United Nations needs to ask for 'an overview and plan' for reconstruction. The United Nations needs to 'set standards' and 'required building materials' for construction within Haiti. This should not be an opportunity for 'contracts for money' necessarily, so much as 'contracts of compassion' whereby profits after expensives are returned to the Haitian government.

This country has been ignored long enough and now we have one of the worst disasters known to human history on our hands. Thousands upon thousands dead. The Haitian people need answers and not more problems. I would hope the United Nations would exert extreme oversight to all that is to transpire there and that might mean putting a hold on projects for reassurance to the QUALITY of the work.

This is not a matter of rhetoric. It is a matter of experience and known reputation. The people of Haiti need to have skills including construction skills taught to them. If the Haitians are building their infrastructure they will be sure they are safe from any kind of disaster to this proportion again. And the quakes will occur again and again and again in the history of this country.

I have great hopes for a people their Prime Minister believes are 'sturdy' people that will come through this disaster with hope for their futures. I would dearly expect a compassion 'global community' to see to it that such a future insures its well being and not just efforts to 'tidy up' the place from time to time.

This needs to be the last time such a huge disaster ever strikes Haiti. I am confident their people will desire a better future than simply 'live through one.' We need 'severe' GLOBAL MORAL POLICE to insure these people are secured from disaster. I would hope that would be effortless for most of the countries on Earth. No squandering of Haiti's assets through global generosity. They are counting on us to be vigilant to their best outcomes. Thank you.

And no more of this. Dust is bad for the lungs and bad for the environment, especially, if the Haitians are to practice good conservation with restoration efforts to their biotic content for the benefit of tourism. The Haitian nation can contribute to the Global Carbon Sinks and help with Human Induced Global Warming.

"Falun Gong" goes legitimate. China enters cyber war with USA.

It eventually was going to come to pass, that the dread China held against Falun Gong was going to be an asset in the cyber age.

Members of the Falun Gong have been notorious in China for their agility with internet skills to bring focus to oppression in China. There were many attacks in the USA for a long time by members of this religious cult. Their members were imprisoned and it only makes sense that China would eventually make them an asset to their 'spy network.' The members are very gifted in maneuvering around the worldwide web and now they probably do work for the government through lucrative contracts. China never had to train them. They were trained through years of activism. For all I know, the Falun Gong cult was trying to sell their skills to the Chinese government, but, only in recent years since Google entered the market place there have they been worth anything to the Chinese government as spies.

China needs to take 'ownership' of the fact there have been cyber attacks 'globally' from within its borders and the recent being directed at the intelligence infrastructure of the USA military that has threatened the USA's national security.

Hello? Denial won't get them anywhere. This has been a long time problem and the attacks can be traced right back into China.

The Chinese government has entered into what they want to hide as benign 'hacking' and mischievous citizens, but, its time that both the USA and China come to terms through written diplomatic documents there are issues and they need to be solved. China can no longer deny they are oppressing their citizens from educating themselves to the history of activism within that country. It is long lived and has been oppressed from the culture for quite some time now.

The truth is the Chinese government was never able to oppress the activism within their own borders. It has been passed down for generations now by word of mouth. Local legend, if you will. Just because it wasn't official doesn't mean it didn't exist. The Chinese want to maintain a facade of 'innocence' to such episodes and for awhile they could, but, when the hacking serves 'the purposes' of official government knowledge about American intelligence assets, it no longer is a legitimate stand.

China is either going to embrace the sophistication of its people, move out of the way of progress and allow freedom of expression or it will regress to an isolated giant with few legitimate secure internet ties to the real world. China has existed regardless of oppression, NOT, because of it. It is time for China to throw off its insecurities and believe in the abilities of its people. Spying is not a dignified identity for Chinese cyber talent. It is not like it is a 'giant leap.' All China has to do is stand out of the way of its people and the information they crave. It seems far too late for them to do otherwise anyway. The Chinese government needs to recognize the 'long lived' freedoms of the Chinese people through 'innate talents' that have existed for decades now. It is silly not to 'go there.'

The 'information age' is an economy all to itself. Just think of the books that will be sold that were never sold before and the infrastructure that can be built in the most distant provinces when 'education' can take place at the click of a mouse. It is time China got out of its own way and provided amusement for its people through modern day approaches to technology. Just think of the modern farming techniques alone the people of China can learn through government sponsored education? China is inhibiting its own abilities while stopping the progress of its peaceful people.

It was never 'permission' its populous wanted, it was 'to proceed.' Russia is proof that a communist government can exist in the cyber age and thrive as well. There is absolutely no reason for China to remain 'removed' from its own 'truth,' now is there? It is simply 'fear' that prevents the well being of the Chinese citizen to include internet access and information. Their history is probably known to them, but, simply 'pretend' to ignore it for the benefit of the 'integrity' of its government. The Chinese people want a 'noble' relationship with its government, not a covert one. The Chinese government hasn't got anything to lose by being open and honest, but, simply to embrace all forms of their cultural experience. The Truth really isn't a threat to any government, simply a transition.

It would seem as though someone has gone missing within the massive infrastructure that is China. Let's hope no one has hurt him. That can't be good. The Chinese government needs to address the fears that exist within its culture and stop this silliness among its people.

Colleagues concerned about China rights lawyer (click title to entry -thank you)

BEIJING — Chinese lawyers and a US-based rights group on Friday demanded that Beijing police locate a prominent attorney who disappeared in September, seven months after being taken into custody.

According to the US-based ChinaAid rights group, the family of Gao Zhisheng was recently told by police that the lawyer went "missing" in September, prompting fears by the group that he was beaten to death in prison.

"It is totally unacceptable for the Chinese government to lose track of their own prisoner," said ChinaAid's president Bob Fu.

"It is absolutely clear that he was forcibly taken from his home in February 2009. Nearly a year later, the Chinese government now says they do not have him."

According to ChinaAid, the police officer that took Gao into custody recently told Gao's brother, Gao Zhiyi, that the lawyer has been "missing" since September 25.

Repeated phone calls by AFP to Gao's brother were not answered Friday. Colleagues of the lawyer also said they could not contact the family....