Sunday, January 13, 2013

The sharpshooters on the roof tops, the Golden Globes begins.

Lena Dunham is wearing Zac Posen

The blogs never say much about the men, it is always the women who are scrutinized or a single wrinkle in their skirts or their face.

This Zac Posen. He like fabric. He uses a similar neckline in his Resort collection, but, didn't see any off the shoulder with this neckline in his collection.

He isn't big on sequins, but, fabic, texture and lines. I like it. It isn't the only designer I'd have in the closet, but, he has an interesting collection. It reminds me of designers whom sincerely love the challenge of fashion and capturing the eye in an understated by elegant way.

I was going to discuss war and peace. Sincerely. I wanted to highlight the magnificent work of the United Nations (click here). The United Nations has a cornerstone history in civilization. It was established in 1942 to defeat the Axis powers. It brought the Allied together to coordinate the defeat of the Third Reich. In case no one has noticed, World War III hasn't happened and more than that there are wonderful initiatives called the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Adolf Hitler is stated to have died April 30, 1945 and the war in Europe ended on May 8, 1945. It is no coincidence there has been no nuclear exchange for sixty-seven years. It is no coincidence the civilized world has survived itself for 67 years either.

The United Nations is a vital component to peace on Earth. The survival of The Hague and other global civilization is nothing to disregard. When one realizes what occurs in regard to global effort and cooperation it really is quite remarkable.

Jan. 12 (click here) was observed as a national holiday the last two years to remember the quake. This year, the government said the day would no longer be a holiday but called for the Haitian flag to be flown at half-staff and for nightclubs and "similar establishments" to close.

The anniversary this year has been used by Haiti observers to criticize the reconstruction process and by foreign aid groups to promote their work and raise money. The European Union announced Saturday it was giving Haiti 30.5 million euros for displaced people still living in camps, as well as victims of a subsequent cholera epidemic and those affected by Hurricane Sandy late last year.

The Clinton Foundation also announced that it was contributing about 40 solar-powered streetlights to a housing community north of Port-au-Prince for deaf families who were relocated there.

The global events, efforts and dedication has been incredible. The global community has been successful in some of the most impoverished places on Earth. That is nothing to criticize.

Wati was just eight years old when (click here), on the day after Christmas 2004, the massive Indian Ocean tsunami swept her away from her mother and two sisters in Ujong Baroh, Aceh, on the island of Sumatra. Everyone assumed she was dead.
Wati, now 15, resurfaced in the nearby city of Meulaboh on Wednesday, telling the staff at a local cafe that she was trying to find her way home. She could only remember the name of one relative: her grandpa Ibrahim. They brought her to him, and a mole and small scar identified her as his missing granddaughter. Antara News reports that Wati's whereabouts the past seven years were "not immediately disclosed to reporters," except to say that she "had been to places in other districts in Aceh province."
All this and the USA has sharpshooters on roof tops at the Golden Globe Awards. 

After surviving cancer, I can't believe Lance Armstrong is throwing the rest of his life away on an interview.

Epogen was one thing. It was part of his treatment regime, but, transfusions is a completely different topic.

Lance Armstrong's physiological enhancement for the sake of a championship endangered lives.

To begin, others could have used that blood for life saving measures. That is just the beginning. The lack of moral turpitude in those actions can be discussed ad nauseam. But, that is not the worst of it.

Blood has many characteristics. Blood's components doesn't end with typing of A, B, O, AB. Negative and Positive Rh factor. 

Armstrong's obsession with victory has put himself and his biking team at risk for strong transfusion reactions beyond that of type and cross.

He more than likely had to take a regime of antihistamines, blood and white cell filters and steroids to prevent reactions after the first blood transfusions he found more than helpful to his career. If not, that is amazing.

Blood transfusion abuse should never be considered. Hypersensitivity of blood transfusions regardless of how closely the blood is match (short of self transfusion) does occur. It complicates a person's safety margin when facing emergency room procedures to save their lives. Blood transfusions should never be abused. 

I can't believe any professional carrying out these 'victory regimes' behind closed doors would actually consent to it, but, then we lost Michael Jackson, didn't we?