Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is all this fuss about Qolhak Garden in Iran?

...The graveyard is located (click here) at the southern flank of the large semi-park courtyard of the British embassy's summerhouse in Qolhak. The crosses standing on the tombs and the dates recorded on the gravestones show that only the bodies of Britons killed in Iran during the World War I (1914-1918) and World War II (1939-1945) were buried there. Nonetheless, the graveyard was constructed opposite to the chapel of the embassy church several years before 1914 and the corpses of many Britons had been buried there....

Evidently, this garden/graveyard has been in dispute, including environmental concerns.  It sort of makes sense university students would be activists for whatever reason they are.  Something about 'occupying' the garden to take it back.  If they are mimicking the students around the globe, the violence hasn't really been necessary or has it?  At least not in the USA.

November 1st 2011
Tehran Municipality (click here) has filed a lawsuit against the British Embassy for having cut down and burned 310 trees in a north Tehran garden which is in the possession of the embassy, Press TV reports....

This is fairly recently Iranian are voicing their objection to the activities at this garden.  It would appear they don't believe they are being heard.  I could be wrong, but, I don't think so.  I believe The West is making too much of this, except, for the violence.  My hunch is the students aren't happy with the British and their activity in a section of the city they value as their own.  My guess is the British need to contact the university and a professor and chancellor to determine if the students are indeed upset about a place they value as their heritage.  Perhpas the university can provide insight to how tensions can be resolved.

There are some demands being made by the Iranians, one is a fine be levied against Britian in the sum of $1.25 million US for the trees and they want the Brits to vacate the garden.  It sounds as though they feel fairly strong about this.  Can an Iranian court oversee this? 

The Brits have considered this garden their possession for nearly 100 years, but, I don't believe it is officially part of the embassy.  This is sort of saying that Normandy is not part of France. 

It is an interesting set of circumstances, but, the violence is out of the question.

It's time.

Barney, you'll be missed. Without a doubt.

He lived in New Jersey, moved to Massachusetts and graduated Harvard Law School.  His qualifications are often overlooked for the discrimination surrounding his life.  He was afraid of letting government be government without pandering to Wall Street.  If the people had a need; Barney Frank would find a way.  The 4th Congressional District was proud of the man they kept so very long in the House of Representatives.  Rightfully so.
His legislative efforts were considerable including a great deal of accounting for the country in regard to The Death Penalty.  Rep. Frank saw no reason for any innocent person and wrongfully convicted to die.  He also sought to stop the Death Penalty for some of his studies showed there were indeed flaws in the system.

In 2007, his success was the "Recidivism Reduction Law."  It is to focus on since rehabilitation of inmates and returning them to society without a return to crime.  The law, when successful, will reduce the inmate population and make the streets of the USA safer.

In his legislative capacity he sought to improve the lives of Americans.  He actively sought to provide a venue for Americans to achieve the American Dream.  Many of his efforts involved the idea of comfort, not comfortable, but comfort to the needs and dreams of his constituents.  He believed government had a place to actively achieve higher ground for citizens.

The problem with the argument that condemns Rep. Frank for the sheer existance of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac is proof of the incredible leaning toward Wall Street directives for the country rather than government acting as an autonomous entity with no ties to conflict of interest.  If Wall Street didn't like Fannie and Freddie, they should have not participated.  The money was too tempting and that is the truth of the situation.  They ran themselves over the brink out of the anger they had for profits they could not reach.

All one has to do is listen to Steve Forbes speak and the reality of the mind set of Wall Street is all to clear.  Wall Street exists for Wall Street.  That is in complete conflict of the well being of the citizens of the USA.  If government doesn't tame private industry, then American citizens are slaves to power brokers and wealth merchants with shorter longevity and impoverished lives.

Wall Street is an immoral venue, but, government should never be.  Barney Frank fought the good fight.  He fought the moral fight and on many an occassion he won.  He will be dearly missed, but, a PhD is not an easy task.  I wish him well, look forward to his continued work and hope his personal life is enriched by the time he now will have to spend at home.

Buddy Romer has a good message. I believe he should pursue his "Unity Party"

He has better than average credentials, but, I have complaints.

To begin, it is typical in the history of the country to have qualified people come forward to capture the fervor of the nation's unrest.  Mr. Roemer is not an opportunist, he is typical of an American.

Louisiana has an abysmal environmental record, especially with the petroleum industry.  The problems it faces due to offshore drilling is its own making.  No one in government bothered to realize the extent the petroleum industry was causing poverty among the citizens that call themselves independent contractors.  It is a joke to realize some of these companies advertise how much they pour back into the US economy.  Their pouring is far less than it should be on a per capita basis.

The environmental record of Louisiana and its inability and or unwillingness to address problems such as Carbon Dioxide emissions, opting instead to allow the undermining of the land to cause the sinking of New Orleans is only the beginning.  When the Army Corp was stating the wetlands needed to be restored, everyone ignored it and Katrina killed over 1000 people.  That is not easily erased as a track record.

While I believe the Former Governor and House Representative is a dedicated to making a difference as he says, as decent a man as one can find and wants to sincerely make a difference in the lives of all Americans, there are aspects to his experience that wants.  It would also be wise to set aside the social tug of war the country is experiencing.  The nation needs a leader that isn't interested in settling scores between separatists with a political platform, but, one interested in balancing the scales of income equality and moving the nation forward.

I wish him a great deal of luck and success.  Regardless of his 2012 outcome, he needs to continue seeking the higher ground of "The Unity Party."

Is that one wicked moisture front or what? I listened to the flood warnings all night.

UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)                                   
November 29, 2011             

It is a little unusal to have all this hot moisture coming up from the equator to form a midlatitude vortex.  Usually there is a mixing of artic air with existing warm air already
over the continent.

November 11, 2011
UNISYS Hemispheric Water Vapor Satellite

The nation was primairly warm as an artic air mass decended over the contient.  The three air masses are easily distinguished in this water vapor image.  The one on the east becoming a vortex, the second in the central part of the country going from south to north and west to east through Canada.  The last of the three is noted to be higher in latitude then the other two.

November 29, 2011                
0100 gmt                               
US Temperature Map              

The current temperature map looks a little different now.

                          November 29., 2011                          
                      1545 gmt                                         
 US Temperature Map
The colder air is heavier.  The proper name is DENSER.  Air does not always weigh the same, it depends on its content.  Composition and temperature are part of it.  So the colder air is denser and pushes against the hot rising air from the tropics pushing it out to sea, but, while the 'moisture dense' air from the tropics was over the continent there was some snow where the artic air met the moist tropical air.  The snow occurred at a MOISTURE FRONT.

Click here for "Get the Truth About - HERMAN CAIN"

The website Herman Cain approves of that gives everyone that care to the truth about him the media won't tell.

Herman "Candy" Cain strikes again!

Ginger White alleges long affair with Cain (click title to entry - thank you)

"What is the Executive Compensation List?"

Go ahead, make all the racist stereotype complaints there are to make, but, when one is a Candy Man, one is a Candy Man.  The truth never changes.  Are all the accusers accounted for yet?

Mistaken identity. Why not? It's plausible.

In Pakistan anything is plausible.  On Monday Chinese, on Tuesday Kashmirian, on Wednesday American, on Thursday al Qaeda, on Friday Taliban, on Saturday nuclear wizards and they rest on Sunday.

Seriously.  Who knows what is on the border with Pakistan.

Fatal NATO raid in Pakistan likely a case of mistaken ID by US, Afghan forces (click title to entry - thank you)
By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 2:21 AMWASHINGTON — NATO forces may have been lured into attacking friendly Pakistani border posts in a calculated maneuver by the Taliban, according to preliminary U.S. military reports on the deadliest friendly fire incident with Pakistan since the Afghanistan war began.
The NATO airstrike killed 24 Pakistani soldiers over the weekend in an apparent case of mistaken identity, The Associated Press has learned.

If Pakistan was serious about peace, really serious, they would not be boycotting anything, but, seeing the cross border attack a MORE of a reason to continue dialogue and settle differences.  That isn't what is happening.  War and militancy is a currency in Pakistan. 

Pakistan to boycott Bonn conference over Nato attack (click here)

The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting in Lahore, just days after Islamabad confirmed it was mulling its attendance in the German city of Bonn, where Pakistan’s participation was considered vital.

“The cabinet has decided not to attend the Bonn meeting,” a government official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The prime minister’s office said the cabinet agreed that “unilateral action” such as Saturday’s strike in the tribal district of Mohmand and the May 2 US killing of Osama bin Laden near the capital was “unacceptable”.

US-led investigators have been given until December 23 to probe the attacks, threatening to prolong significantly Pakistan’s blockade on Nato supplies into Afghanistan implemented in retaliation for the killings.

The US military appointed Brigadier General Stephen Clark, a one-star air force general based in Florida, to lead the investigation into the attack....

Paksitan gets lots and lots of money from many sources for its instability.  Divided loyalists abound.  China pays well for covert information, they sell munnitions to Pakistan to continue the conflict with India and the Taliban are more than helpful to maintain the USA presence in Afghanistan so there is more covert information all time.  Life could not be better for Pakistan.

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 29 (APP): Pakistan accords (click here) a high importance to the role of the youth in democratic and decision-making process and is also taking a series of steps to enable them to contribute more vitally to socio-economic progress of the country, Chairman Senate Farooq H Naek said. He was addressng a Parliamentary Hearing at UN Headquarters on the theme of “Youth Participation in the Democratic Process.” Naek said efforts are underway to increase and diversify avenues for youth to discuss national issues, engage with national leaders, and participate in discussion on what is important for Pakistan…

And then there is the 'pitiful' reality of the people and the monies received for charitable works.  Not that the Pakistani government has to dedicate any funds of its own to the plight of its people so much as the nuclear capacity of its military.  Amazing. 

I want to boycott Pakistan's aid of ANY KIND.  When the Pakistani government actually has to spend its treasury on its people, it will required to disarm from nuclear weapons it could not afford IN THE FIRST PLACE !

The Human Rights record Pakistan is amoung the worst on the planet.  It enslaves its people in debt and allows international criminals a haven because its definition of sovereignty doesn't exist.  Pakistan is not a sovereign nation.  The nuclear capacity of a country melted down to multiple factions of extremists should NEVER be allowed to exist!