Friday, April 19, 2013

The USA infrastructure had control from the beginning.

Yes there were deaths. 

Yes, it is a horrible event in the USA. 

But, the fact so many survived, there was so much information submitted to the law enforcement agencies and then the information coming to the public and the confrontation in the early morning hours only proves how well established law and order is in the USA.

There was no doubt how this would turn out.

The confrontation in the early morning hours ended the brothers. One dead and other near fatally wounded. The police had taken down two very dangerous men at the first confrontation. The past week is an exhibit to the dedicated men and women most of us rely on when such horrible events occur. 

The nation is grateful to them. They could not have done it any better. It was over this morning, except, for finding a man already defeated. The afternoon gunfire was to inspire him to strike out. That is amazing. It is amazing to believe law enforcement was still willing to accept danger to deliver this criminal alive. That is not a standard found in many places in the world. We are peaceful people and protect that peace at every turn.

Boston finally has peace from two domestic terrorists. There is no more violence anticipated in the USA.

21:48 19/04/2013
...There is no evidence (click here) linking the suspects to any established terror network – in fact, some security analysts have already said such a link is unlikely – but in piecing together their personal motivation, the metastasizing violence plaguing the North Caucasus over the past two decades may be a piece of the puzzle....

03:58 20/04/2013

WASHINGTON, April 19 (RIA Novosti) - President Barack Obama (click here) spoke Friday with President Vladimir Putin and praised US-Russian anti-terrorism cooperation in the wake of the twin bomb attack this week at the Boston Marathon, the White House said.
"President Putin expressed his condolences on behalf of the Russian people for the tragic loss of life in Boston," the White House said in a statement.
"President Obama thanked President Putin for those sentiments, and praised the close cooperation that the United States has received from Russia on counter-terrorism, including in the wake of the Boston attack. The two leaders agreed to continue our cooperation on counter-terrorism and security issues going forward," it added....
There are no occupying armies, so it is safe to say still one more day goes by that Russia's restive Northern Caucasus hasn't vanquished the USA.
The media coverage of this episode in USA violence was atrocious. First false reports, inflammatory rhetoric, a dark skinned male, racism, piss poor ethics and standards, ethnic victimization and today we went from Boston, Massachusetts to Russia, the defamation of President Putin and threats of Chechen rebels.
The people of the USA have a problem, a media hooked on inflammatory violence and the culture of fear called up when it fits the ratings.

I found this on facebook. Mildly interesting.

Did the US Government already know something?
Five dollar bill shows the twin towers, Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided, Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing, Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and the smoke, One Hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning...The monies are all shaped like Airplanes... What a Coincidence huh!!!

"I love Harry Potter." I think this is where I left off.

There are more dam ways to kill people than there are people.
``(xvi) Springfield Armory SAR-48. Now this little number below is not actually a converted Springfield SAR-48 stated to be used by the Israeli military. I wouldn't know, but, evidently Frontline Armory seems to believe they do know. I don't believe it, not for a minute, but it makes for a great sales pitch.

Would the Israeli military actually sell their weapons to an American gun dealer? Would anyone expect a USED Israeli weapon to be in this kind of condition? Are Americans always fools?

Below is the Springfield Armory SAR -48
``(xvii) Steyr AUG. (below)

       ``(xviii) Sturm, Ruger Mini-14 (below is a Rugar Mini-14. It doesn't look mini to me. I think skirts when I think of mini. Or there is that mouse. They are in the neighborhood of $1000.00.
The one below is the real deal. A Sturm, Ruger Mini-14 Tactical Rife M-14/20CF. It is a massive upgrade to killling with a pistol grip and a retractable stock.
``(xix) All Thompson rifles, including the following: ``(I) Thompson M1SB. (below) with guitar. Didn't say if the guitar came with it.
``(II) Thompson T1100D.(below) The Barrel Clip is built in.
``(III) Thompson T150D. (below) The online auction is closed on this one. It looks like it sold for $1250.00. When they have these guns in a case like this it looks like it is in a coffin.
``(IV) Thompson T1B. (below) with detachable stock and foregrip.
``(V) Thompson T1B100D. (below) This is made with walnut for $2435.00
``(VI) Thompson T1B50D. (below)
Model T1B50D with 50-round drum, cooling fins and Cutts compensator (left) and TM1 with 30-round stick magazine (right).
``(VII) Thompson T1BSB.(below)
``(VIII) Thompson T1-C. (below)
``(IX) Thompson T1D.(below)
``(X) Thompson T1SB. (below)
``(XI) Thompson T5. (below) V
ersions with 30 and 100 round drum or stick magazine 
``(XII) Thompson T5100D.
(below) shorter barrel and 50 found drum.
``(XIII) Thompson TM1. (below) Well, finally. One that cannot accept a drum. I thought Thompson really wanted to kill people. I suppose not. And what a bargain, it is only $1334.00. It must be Black Friday.
``(XIV) Thompson TM1C. (below) with schematic.
``(xx) UMAREX UZI Rifle. (below) with retractable stock, silencer and six extra clips. I always thought a silencer was good for urban warfare. Who wants to wake anyone up?
``(xxi) UZI Mini Carbine, UZI Model A Carbine, and UZI Model B Carbine. (below) This is the coverage by CNN. "Personal Mission to Ban Assault Weapons) This was the cable focus to benefit the gun lobby. They should so proud. Hey, look, 30,000 Americans die a year, more media madness to cover. I got that part. Well done.

       More tomorrow.
Most of the terrorists at Beslan were Uzbeks. Beslan was organized by a Chechen warlord and stated to be in demands of an independent Chechen state/nation, but, most of those involved were actually Uzbeks.

This is where warlords are a sincere problem. They run their own wars. Riyad-us Saliheen was the Chechen warlord. As late as 2009 the rebel brigade was still active.

...Bobrovnikov (2005) (click here) argues that the scope and impact of the attack implemented by al-Riyad al-Salihin group can be compared to the 9/11 tragedy in the United States. Even though the prevalent opinion and explanation suggested by the official media reports was that the attack was a result of extremist Islamic beliefs, it seems that Beslan’s case is a bit more complex than a purely religion-based attack....

There is no stereotypical nature to any of this stuff. Each rebel group has its own experience, it's own members, it's own allies and enemies, their own financial base and their own standards. It is like a Super-gang. So the 'turf' is basically an unknown until there are demands by them for whatever violence they are carrying out or threatening.

Chechen rebel groups have nothing to do with what is going on in the USA. If that is the focus of the USA media, it is SELF-SERVING propaganda. This is about how at least one brother became estranged from a decent family in the USA.

Why is it President Putin is always assigned an evil task? Putin contacted Obama for condolences, sure, but also to offer cooperation. What a bunch of ignorant bastards these people are.

Why are it these two men and any of their accomplices only capable of having ties to Russia to be the impetus to the acts in Boston? An accent in their speech makes them anything but domestic terrorists? I don't think so. All of a sudden Americans are to virginal to be domestic terrorists. Well, get over it!

Let's try to LOGICALLY see what occurred with the older brother. He went to visit his parents in Russia, maybe to come home to Russia because he wasn't successful in the USA. So, they said to him, "Look at your brother. He is doing so well. You have been doing fine. Go back there an do something with your life." He made some emotional connections to his ethnic roots and two months later put a video online declaring he is the messiah of all evil in the world. Where have I heard that before? Columbine? Oklahoma City and the list goes on. 

Maybe, just maybe the Culture of Violence in the USA, the easy access to all kinds of violent material including guns added to the older brothers comfort in finding THE TRUE MEANING OF HIS LIFE. Is it too much to ask to actually BLAME the USA for these tragedies. Could it be the USA is it's own enemy in too many ways? Ya think?

If talking heads don't have something to say, they don't have a job. Suicide is NOT a unique sign of anything. Columbine involved suicide. Sandy Hook Elementary involved suicide. There is nothing unique here that points to al Qaeda. There is no claim by anyone internationally they are triumphant. It is nonsense.

Pakistan is not Russia. Russia has no al Qaeda training camps.

This is such bullshit. Where are my Harry Potter tapes?
The patients in the hospital actually were able to help with identification of the bags and suspects. Of course, they were right there. They didn't have a chance. The bomb were timed to go off within in minutes of their delivery. Americans are incredible people. I can't believe those victims are that resilient to help even now.

Thank you, Mr. Tsarni. Sympathies for what the family is going through.

I think the older brother got carried away with his religious-ethnic moorings. This is tragic.

Members of the family have been very successful in this country. The young man became estranged for some reason.

April 19, 2013 - 08:44 am

WASHINGTON (AP/ABC7) - A U.S. law enforcement official  (click here) and the uncle of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings are confirming that the name of the second suspect is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a gun battle with police in Massachusetts overnight....

The authorities believe something it going to be detonated. That is what is going on.
This is fringed thinking, but, is there a remote chance the younger brother was roped into this unwittingly. Was he asked to help his older brother with some kind of delivery. The bags were left outside an establishment. He reacted to the explosion. Could it be he didn't know until that moment what occurred with the bag he was asked to leave on the street? If he ran over his brother, it makes somewhat sense he was not invested in the understanding of his mission, almost as though he was trying to get away from his brother himself. 

That is really fringed thinking, but, it is remotely possible.

Yep, a You Tube posting. The older brother was demented into believing a holy war was his destiny. Unfortunately he is dead now.

I am hearing a lot the words "This is unprecedented."

Well, there could be a lot of reasons why this took place in Boston, namely education, but if one believes in happenstance, it had to happen in Boston.

If this is a new precedent for America then it was carried out flawlessly with some of the best minds in the country under a President well invested in it's outcome. So, the USA, allies and the global community now have a model for success.

I might add, this is somewhat of a model used in places like Pakistan where investigators rigorously use social media to find criminals, some very heinous criminals. That is how they found the murderers of  Daniel Pearl. 

There are multiple tragedies in this event in our history. The current man police are seeking to surrender was reported to be a medical student with great hopes by his family in Russia. Like, what the heck is this mess? He would be a beacon of hope and comfort in his success to himself and his community.

In regard to the people in custody, I remind the murderers at Columbine had parents who knew little about their sons plans. So, I caution to start propaganda / rhetoric this is some kind of terror cell. We don't know that.

What is even more disheartening about this event, is the fact this area of the country seeks to enlist support to ethnic leaning families. Watertown itself has an effort called, "The President's Club" or something like that. It is for the sole purpose of bringing success to lives of those on the edges of ethnicity to become a successful American.

This is a very disheartening incident at many, many levels.
I think the Chechen, al Qaeda media circus is nonsense. They aren't trained by anyone.

There is a person dead and another one seriously injured and in surgery; there is good reason to 'shelter in place.'

If movement stops it makes the law enforcement easier. It also decreases the danger to the public.

Oh, here we go. Now the spirit of Russian journalist is being called up to enhance the tabloid headlines. I am sure there is a Pulitzer there somewhere.

This will give everyone something to do. They fled the Second Chechen War with Russia that began in 1999.

As time goes by today and the law enforcement effort becomes satisfied they have resolved all possibilities street by street life will return to normal. It will take some time, though and people will have to be vigilant afterward. As that happens the press will have the opportunity to speak to people anxious to share their experience. Good luck. I'll be proud of all of you.

Please keep in mind the condition of the person in surgery and the victims and their progress. Thank you.

It is remarkable to believe the FBI nailed this thing. That is amazing all by itself. That will a story to hear.

They were going to do it again. That is what I was afraid of. 

I hope there is National Guard or Police presence at all the surrounding transit platforms.

I think he'll try to make it to a train platform and disappear along the rail tracks. I realize there is only a bus stop in Watertown, but, I am sure they had an idea for escape.

This capture didn't happen by chance. The FBI knew who they were. They never expected to be identified. They were under pressure to move and they did. They were dangerous people. This didn't happen by chance. Part of what occurred when the pictures were released is exactly what occurred; it flushed them out. People could identify them. They weren't going to stay where they were. They also weren't professionals, so no one should get carried away with the idea they would have gotten away. If they were professionals they wouldn't have gone back home after the bombings they would be gone from the area. They are lousy little bastards that wanted to kill. That's all they are.

The other possibly is the river. The river is right there. There would be less people along the river and more nooks and crannies to hide in. There are boats in the area. A yacht club. I nice yacht club is there.

Check tree tops, too.

I don't know if the Massachusetts Turnpike is easily accessed or if it is elevated, but, once on the turnpike he could seek to hitch-hike.

There is a mall there I am sure they are familiar with along with a historic site of civil engineering.

The historical site has twelve buildings and forty acres of land.

I thought they were students. My first impression was there were students with a grudge.

The Arsenal on the Charles ( the mall ) has Zip Cars.

The rental cars in the area should have their keys in possession and not in the cars.

There is also a cultural center that would be empty at this point. There would be food there and a place to hide. Hibernia Hall is another place where people would be absent with available supplies.

Watertown has a community proud of it's ethnic content.

I wish everyone well.