Friday, February 19, 2010

Is she not the sweetest Mom you have ever seen? Very brave as is her daughter.

I have to wonder if this would be occuring if she were First Lady. Some things happen for a reason.

Prop 8 is Dobson's 'Big Play.' It is politics. This legislative action has been defended by those affiliated with Focus on the Family. It is the act of a PAC. Dobson has no right to be treated a religious non-profit.

That is only to begin with. The article below is from a student paper. Students in a university education that are complaining about tuition hikes need to send a big Thank You Note to Wall Street. For all those business majors...think about it. I don't believe I have heard of any business majors demanding a bail out universities.

Proposition 8 Deserves Nothing But Opposition (click title to entry - thank you)
February 18, 2010
Proposition 8 was a ballot proposition and constitutional amendment passed during the November 2008 California state elections. The measure added a new provision to the California Constitution which reads, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”...

This sorts of come back to what's his name???....Glen Beck.

He is 'pretending' there are spirits at work converting Republicans to Satan. He targeted Megan McCain as a person possessed. He is using conspiracy theories to motivate viewers. The guy is pathetic.

Yesterday, he and his fellow henchman knew they were caught with the goods and downplayed the hate and anger. He was trying to obtain a 'centrist' appeal. He even invoked the names Olberman and Huffington in his pandering for forgiveness for being a complete jackass and putting innocent people in the line of fire of maniacs with guns.

The problem I have with Beck and those like him, is that the journalists from Rwanda are in prison AND alive. Pawns to violence get to live.

Not only that, but, these bozos aren't reliable. They will play 'duck and cover' until they are out of the spotlight and then they start the rant all over again.

If they were legitimate journalists they would be working some place other than Murdoch and Rush Radio. Tabloid, but, worse. This is hate with the power of mass media. I don't recall the KKK ever having this level of media power. Ever. Even with David Duke in the legislature there wasn't this kind of consistent 'messaging' of hate to the populous of people of the USA.

There is a real issue here. Dobson wants to over throw the rights of citizens of the USA by assaulting the Constitution and the The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. He wants to destroy the wall between church and state and he is throwing very big money at the possibility.

Media services like Murdoch's and Rush Limbaugh make incredible incomes by facilitating the hate. I'll give an example.

One of the Murdoch Talk Radio commentators, don't recall his name, was stating 'statistics' the other day.

He stated, "82% of the people of the USA believe in God."

My reaction is so what.

That wasn't his.

He went on to say,"70 percent of the people of the USA believe in JC (Jesus Christ).

My reaction was still so what.

That wasn't his.

The USA Constitution prides itself on being a 'government of the people' which honors majority rule in elections.

When a Murdock media expert starts quoting statistics like this it is to give impetus to 'the idea' of Christians dominating the government and legislating morality.

One of the tea baggers tried to down play the potential for violence to this movement by stating, " mean just because I like to fire a gun means I am not a good person..."

That isn't the issue. There are 'elements' within the Tea Bagger Movement that believe violent revolution is a possiblity if they can't acquire their goals otherwise. They are more than 'lone wolves' and they are given a platform of 'suggestion' by desperate men such as Beck.

The KKK are real. The Tea Baggers are real. They are starting their desperate walk for power. This mess has a lot of potential beyond simply winning an election here or there. It has the potential to change the 'content' of the benevolence of the laws of the USA. If they had their way they would justify hate of anyone outside the Dobson Morality by legislating morality that would call abortion murder and assign the death sentence. That would hold true, in time, for gays and we would see the return of sodomy laws. None of this is a joke or should be taken lightly.

In 2006 and 2008 power brokers for Wall Street lost very big in elections. They don't like it and are throwing very big money garnered from profits of companies that were saved by bailouts, etc. at the elective process of the USA.

The Republicans and Tea Baggers should be lining up behind President Obama in his naming of a bipartisan 'National Debt Task Force.' But. They aren't and they aren't because it isn't PROFITABLE for them to do so. The power brokers for the Republicans are in revolt and having a hissy fit. Everyone else in line with this mess is having a wonderful time lining their pockets along the way.

As Mrs. Cheney would say, "Paint your wagon."

The USA has issues. Very big issues. Very, very big issues.

Mr. Dobson's ad at the Superbowl 'targeted' women. It was a political ad. It was the action of a PAC.

It is a very old book. Lots and lots of versions. The USA allows all kinds of books here. The Bible has not 'exclusivity' on civil rights.

Ya know, Jesus Christ knew what he was doing. Given all the versions of the Bible that exists, there is no 'consistency' there to base a government. Seriously.

MAN, primarily, has his hands all over the text here.


“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22:21


I wonder why that is. Why is it that Jesus Christ saw the wisdom of separating the spiritual domaine from the governing domaine?

The better question is why doesn't James Dobson see that?

Or better yet. Why doesn't James Dobson ABIDE by it?
A little bit of cherry picking maybe? Laced. With power brokering. That Mr. Dobson is NOT non-profit status. That, sir, is a PAC.

Commercial businesses, regardless of their non-profit status ARE NOT citizens. They are 'private' entities and nothing more.

Commerical venues are NOT exclusively run by citizens of the USA. There is no way an enterprise has the same rights as a citizen. Citizenship comes with a birth certificate or greencard of the processes that facilitate that movement to the status of citizen. Citizen's breath air and have human rights.

Flag Burning has been one of those 'emotional' issues by the Religious Right. Can't have it both ways.

I really think it is time to protect our national symbols from being defaced, including, the use of any commercial or PRIVATE use of their images.

No commercial venue should have any advantage over any other commercial venue by some kind of competition over whom is a greater patriot.

That means protecting symbolic ships, such as the USS Constitution. People using those symbols in protest should be prosecuted for civil disobedience with substantial penalities to prevent such incidents.

The 'idea' that the Religous Right and the Republican Party can 'cherry pick' issues of patriotism based on self-righteous values is an attack against our USA Constitution. They engage in commerical promotion of their religion based on patriot symbols.

That is the Kool Aid they drink.

Their Kool Aid is a mixture of religion and politics.

They make patriotism a religious event. They are wrong. They are misguided and it is deliberate. It's all about money, regardless, of their non-profit status. James Dobson is among those that would like to dismantle the USA Constitution to bring the country under his value system. He does it in the name of God. The best Dobson has is the Bible to help him bring his message to the people. I don't recall the USA being mentioned in the Bible as a place where God has domain. Religion, REGARDLESS, the country belongs in the four walls of a home, not under the capital dome. It is called PRIVACY and if the churches in the USA continue to insist on being a part of the government they should loss their 'status' of sanctuary.

I believe it is dangerous to allow the mixture of religious fervor and national symbols. That includes the American Bald Eagle. What occured between the years of 2000 and 2008 is a travesty of liberty and abuses the rights of every American. Those in power during years of absurd values can't handle their loss of power and want it returned to them again. They don't care about a loss, so much as they can get the power back. They'll do it all over again.

Political venues will have to obtain permission for the use of national symbols and then only when events deserving the flag or otherwise there to be displayed. Our national symbols should not be used as weapons against our Constitution, our national security or any human rights values.

I have spent the past 24 hours listening to USA Talk Radio. The USA has a profound problem. It's Constitution is at risk.

I have never meant anything more in my life. The Docments of our Government should not be allowed to be used for commercial purposes. That's to begin with. There is no reverence for our country or its documents. It is used for more than legal purposes, the government garners no income from the use of these documents and they are used against the People of the USA.

That is just a side note to the maligning and destructive character of the religious right. I am only warming up.

I am going to get a little bit of sleep and run a couple of errands then spend the better part of the early afternoon writing here. This isn't political. It is about power and money and the abuse of our laws and how 'the fashion' of that abuse of the years 2000 - 2008 has placed our rights and Constitution at a lot of risk.

Glenn Beck needs to apologize. Yesterday he pulled a lot of stuff to try to 'disarm' his image, but, he justs needs to apologize. I am dead serious. To the Progressive Democrats, Megan McCain and the Woman Candidate from Texas. He has maligned all of them and the candidate Debra Medina has every right to sue him for character assassination. She was misrepresented by Beck and his co-henchman after her interview on his program.

He asks the he most ridiculous questions. He did NOT ask her about what she plans as Governor of Texas or what the issues are of Texas. He asked her if she was a 911 Truther. He even had to clarify the question because she didn't know what he was talking about at first. That's alright because before I listened to him I never knew what a 911 truther was either. Nowhere on this blog will anyone find a reference to such nonsense until they get to the entries about Beck.

Ms. Medina answered the question with a reasonable amount of dignity and in the only way she could without telling Beck he was completely absurd. Then for his own amusement and that of his audience he calls her a liar. She wasn't. She didn't know what she was dealing with and gave a good answer.

Today, Dick Cheney hid behind the skirts of his daughter Elizabeth to malign the President of the USA. I'll have to find the tape somewhere to post it here. Basically he gave credit to his Republican PAC for the Tea Baggers. He stated it was, "...well done."

You know he and John McCain should be at the same podium with Cindy and Megan and President Obama to begin to rollback 'hate provisions' against gays.

But, not Dick Cheney. Oh, no. His politics are more important. No different than McCain. Why should they stand up for their daughters, after all the 'girls' will understand that money and power is thicker than blood.

Cheney is a coward. He should be congratulating President Obama for his "Don't Answer, Don't Tell" initiative with the military. What a lousy bastard Cheney is. McCain as well, too. They rather play politics with people's rights and lives than actually be the men they need to be. If they'll kick dirt in their daughter's faces what does anyone expect from them.

The real issue is the Religious Right and the money Dobson and his Focus on the Family has thrown to treat minority citizens in this country as if they were grossly insignificant. I'll get into it.

"We the People" doesn't discriminate. It is a very simple phrase that is inclusive NOT exclusive.