Monday, July 25, 2011

"I support President Obama's balanced approach to solving the debt ceiling debate."


How much will the Washington Monument bring?

A few million?  4 or 5 maybe?

I would not pay delivery on it though.

And I think we have about a couple dozen Stealth Bombers.  They cost about $25 million without the bombs?  Right?  So, without the bombs so they can't be dropped on us, we could probably get about $10 to $12 million a piece.   That's what I figure.  That would be at least a quarter of a billion or so.

The CVN-77 - George H.W. Bush cost $4.6 billoin to build and we could get at least $2 or $3 billion if we remove the nuclear fuel.

All in all we could get rid of enough stuff at a sheriff's sale to make up for eight years of a buoyed economy under the Republicans in the last administration.

A draft resolution for elections in Syria.

Syria's cabinet has backed a draft law to allow rival political parties (click title to entry - thank you)  to the ruling Ba'ath party of president Bashar al-Assad for the first time in decades, but the move has been largely dismissed by opposition groups as an empty gesture.
The draft law, which must be ratified by parliament, permits parties that commit to "principles of democracy" but prohibits those affiliated to organisations outside Syria and those based on religion, tribe, denomination or profession, the state media agency Sana reported. If implemented fully, it could end decades of monopoly by the Ba'ath party, which banned opposition groups in the country after coming to power in a military coup in 1963.
In 1972 Assad's father and former president Hafez allowed parties willing to form a coalition with the Ba'ath party under the National Progressive Front, for which 167 of 250 seats in the parliament are reserved, but the other parties are mainly window-dressing for Ba'athist rule.
Syrian officials have increasingly spoken of a transition to democracy, showing how far protesters have pushed regime discourse in more than four months of protests. But the move was met with widespread scepticism by activists and opposition figures, inside and outside the country who say words have not been followed by actions.
"Bashar al-Assad has made tremendous concessions – he lifted the state of emergency which was the top demand of the Syrian opposition of the last 40 years, but the security killed people the next day," said Radwan Ziadeh, a Syrian dissident and rights activist exiled in the US....

House Speaker John Boehner is intransigent, NOT President Obama.

...The Obama administration and Boehner's office (click title to entry - thank you) exchanged charges of intransigence in talks aimed at averting a U.S. default Aug. 2 and tackling the nation's $14.3 trillion debt....

I mean, this is a joke.


Excuse me, but, when the debt ceiling became an issue with Republicans the President wasn't expecting any cuts from Congress.  He was expecting a simple Debt Ceiling increase from Congress to sign.

He has come more than half way, he has come three quarters of the way and STILL TODAY the MOST RECENT Republican proposal gives NOTHING to the President for his willingness to be involved with their family feud.  Even today, Boner needs Democrats to pass the bill.  

Intransigent is NOT what I would label the Democrats or the President.  They have been EXTREMELY accommodating to the hissy fit of the Tea Baggers in order to maintain the USA as a debt worthy nation.

If default happened the dollar would plummet all on its own and then additionally when The Fed start buying back bonds with newly printed currency.  The Republicans are 'late' to the game as they only entered the process in January with their Freshman.  It has been since then that the FUSS all began.  

Intransigent.  There are a group of Republicans and an indulgent Speaker that can carry that label.

WHERE  WERE  THESE 'PLANS' A YEAR AGO, TWO YEARS AGO.  This disaster started with January 2010, who is kidding who about being intransigent.  They enter the House and before they know what they are doing they are following the leadership of the Right Wing 'Puppeteer' Media.  The nation is being lead by the 'ring in the nose Republicans' as they cow to Murdoch and company.