Saturday, November 26, 2016

OCO Funds - "Overseas Contingency Operation" Funds - Where Republicans overload monies for war without permission of the legislature

Notice the word "First." This Australian publication fully expects to have more American deaths to follow with the election of an illegitimate USA President.

"The Independent" should not be informing reads of a COC War. It should be informing their readers of the illegitimate election AND the fact Americans don't know where their soldiers are because of the use of OCO Funds.

The American people are unaware of the activity of it's military. Every country in the world should be concerned about that, especially with an illegitimate president possibly coming into the Oval Office that has been assisted to same by Russia.

24 November 2016
By Matt Payton 

The Special Forces member has not been named by American officials (click here)

The first member of the US military has been killed in Syria by an improvised explosive device (IED) laid by retreating Isis fighters....

Who is the enemy? Assad or any number of free lancing terrorists? Usually, the American people like to know who the enemy is, but, since the illegal invasion into Iraq anything goes.

Usually the American people like to choose their own President rather than having the FBI choose it to make the agency's job easier. See, Comey appreciates the fact it is easier to fight terrorists in the Middle East then within the USA's domestic borders.

His problem is not terrorists coming to the USA, it is the home grown variety that can be 2nd generation Palestinian in the USA.

The picture with this article is very interesting, however, does the US Military actually know who was killed other than the uniform found in pieces? In case that is difficult there will be DNA on the pieces of uniform.

...US Central Command said the blast occurred near the former militant stronghold of Ayn Issa, but gave no other details, adding it would release more information "as appropriate".
The unnamed man died of his wounds on Thursday. Ash Carter, the outgoing US Defence Secretary, called the death a “painful reminder of the dangers our men and women in uniform face around the world to keep us safe".
Isis militants have been laying mines and booby traps throughout their former strongholds as the group is pushed back from swathes of territory it seized during a lightning advance through Iraq and Syria in 2014....
I could not care less that Castro is dead. He was 90 years old. It is probably hard on his brother. But, in the USA there is a huge spash across the media as if the man were actually important going forward. The media splash is for INFLUENCE to effect the Cuban vote in the country. Amazing. A communist is more important than NATO, evidently.
November 26, 2016

By Arelis R. Hernández

It was a birthday party (click here) they never dreamed would happen, a celebration not only of a girl turning 12 but also of a family reunited and a new life tentatively launched, far from the threats and deadly gang violence of Honduras.

For days, Helen and Julio Acosta planned the menu and guest list, including people from the Catholic church in Germantown, Maryland, where they found support and which had become a second home for the family since their arrival last June.

They pushed aside thoughts of the court hearings that await Helen and the children, who were stopped by Border Patrol agents as they crossed into this country from Mexico, or the potential risks facing Julio - an undocumented immigrant - under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

"I've never been to a birthday party before in this country," said Julio as he looked at his daughter in a petite red dress with her hair side-swept....

Where is the 401(c)3 that will carry the responsibility of providing lawyers for what may be considered an illegal alien in the USA?

20 October 2016
By Oliver Laughland

An overwhelming majority of migrant families (click here) received no legal representation during US immigration court proceedings, meaning they were more likely to be deported, and to be subject to faster proceedings, a new data analysis has revealed.
Researchers at Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (Trac) found that since a 2014 surge in border crossingsby migrant families, 38,601 immigration cases involving migrant families have been closed throughout the federal immigration court system. Seventy percent of these families had no legal representation to defend them from deportation.
The analysis revealed that 43.4% of these unrepresented families were deported at their initial court hearing, compared with just 4% of families who secured representation.
Overall, unrepresented families spent an average of just 60 days in the court system, whereas those with legal representatives spent 286 days before the courts.

Human rights observers said the findings were indicative of the “massive dysfunction and massive denial of due process” present in US immigration courts and warned that many families being deported could have failed to lodge legitimate applications for asylum or relief from deportation...

The rest of the world values these aspects of life and pays attention to their harm.

November 27, 2016
By Cherie Howe and Valmoana Tapaleao

Five people are dead and three are missing (click here) after a fishing charter trip turned to tragedy on the Kaipara Harbour. A search for the missing resumes this morning, weather permitting.

Three others on board the fishing charter Francie were rescued and taken to North Shore Hospital.

The former owner of the Francie said last night the boat should not have been operating or attempting to cross the bar in the rough conditions yesterday - reported swells of more than 1.5m and heavy winds.

Police confirmed the death toll last night after launching a search and rescue operation.

Inspector Duncan Hall said the five bodies were recovered from outside Kaipara Harbour.

The three survivors had been rescued by the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter, whose crew winched them to safety from the water....

So, if you don't pay attention to the destructive forces of the world and waht moral people do to combat them, then don't read the blog.

The unsettling aspect of the rough seas is that it is a fishing charter boat with seasoned personnel. A tragedy like this with seamen and seawomen that understand the water is significant. It is more than significant, it is a worry to a greater danger. I have recently posted the turbulence of the southern ocean and the danger to southeast Asia. This is all connected as far as I am concerned and the satellite prove it out. There is significant turbulence coming off Antarctica with the progression of the seasons. When the climate was normal the seasons were far less homogonous.

One of the aspects of climate I looked for from the beginning of this blog and before I began this blog was the degree of difference in temperature between day and night. Then I looked to find where there were sincere seasonal change as opposed to arbitrary calendar "Sharpie" lines. The seasons are overlapping and there is little to no residucal coolness when the sunlight hits an object no Earth.

The issue with the Kakapo species in New Zealand is the notable difference in it's increasing population WITHOUT the assistance of human beings. It was provided a protected habitat and it is coming back slowly on it's own. THAT is the basis of the USA's ESA (Endangered Species Act) and it is proven to work time and again. 

November 27, 2016
Kakapo numbers (click here) have increased 20 per cent after the most successful breeding season in 25 years.
Just 126 of the critically endangered birds were left in July last year but the population has been boosted to 154.
in the mid-1990s fewer than 60 of the floor-dwelling birds remained and conservationists feared New Zealand's vulnerable flightless parrot might join the dodo in the ranks of extinction.
Department of Conservation (DoC) experts are still working towards the first artificial insemination of a kakapo from frozen sperm in an attempt to guarantee their long-term survival....

I don't blog here for anyone's entertainment. It is a blog that has sought the public record of the effects of the climate crisis. I have records beyond this as well and long before I started to blog here. As I have stated before, one man asked me to begin a blog post about my insights in 2004 and I began such. Oddly, I began that only days before the Christmas Tsunami that changed the axis tilt of Earth.

I smile on no particular political group, except, I find morality and the appreciation of life an important part of any government. Ideology for the sake of ideology is nonsense, such as the Neocons, now the Tea Party, of the USA. They bend a knee supposedly to Christ while they hide their scared atheism behind war.

November 27, 2016

The family of a Lower Hutt man (click here) found his decomposing body under a bookcase when they went to check on him after the recent earthquakes.
James Loo, 49, was found by a relative at his house on Hutt Rd on Thursday night, Fairfax reported.
The Wellington region has experienced several significant aftershocks since the whopping 7.8 shake which rattled the country on November 14.

A source close to the family told Fairfax the level of decomposition suggested Loo may have died weeks or months ago....

Now, cyberbullying is codified in a way that violates privacy to an extreme no government should have control of. It may very well lead to human rights violations if it hasn't already.

November 27, 2016
By Simon Plumb

The new hotline to report cyber hate (click here) and online "trolls" has seen 300 Kiwis make complaints in the first five days of the service going live.

Revenge porn, defamation and harassment have all been reported to New Zealand's online watchdog NetSafe since the organisation launched its new anti-cyberbully service on Monday.

The move is a push to enforce the Harmful Digital Communications Act, passed by lawmakers last year to make cyberbullying a criminal offence. That includes any abusive text message, writing, photograph, picture, recording, or other material communicated electronically.

NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker is pleased victims of online abuse are stepping forward, with an average of 50 calls a day being made to his watchdog.

"About 40 per cent of our work appears to be related to what the law defines as Harmful Digital Communications."...
...Anti-cyberbullying legislation means police can be engaged where necessary and court action can also be triggered. Cocker says more than 80 people have been charged under the act but no cases were referred to police in the first week of the hotline.
"What's reassuring is watching the team work through complaints with people and start to put resolutions in place. We're only into the first few day

Something Neocons never appreciated was morality in all aspects of life, including business. It does exist, just not in the back pockets of USA Republican corruption, ie: Donald Trump's so called stimulus that doesn't stimulate anything except Wall Street greed.

November 27, 2016

It's difficult for a business (click here) to take any decision that isn't directly related to the bottom line. In today's competitive environment, balancing the books is paramount - and for many it's not even about revenue but survival.
Allied Concrete this week put that aside in favour of a moral position. We should take note, and applaud.
The company was contracted to supply concrete to permanently seal the Pike River mine with the remains of 29 men inside. Faced at the scene with two women who lost men in the horrific 2010 tragedy, Allied - owned by HW Richardson - pulled out of the contract.

Chief executive Brent Esler said he did not want to inflame the "emotional trauma" the West Coast families were suffering. "As a family-owned business, [we are] very sympathetic to the families and the tragedy they've been through."...

Same 'ole, same 'ole Republican oppression.

The Trump Tax and the trillion dollar giveaway to Wall Street.

25 November 2016
By Daily Mail and AP

  • Trump's proposals (click here) would increase income taxes for 8 million families 
  • Would modestly cut taxes by 2 percent for most middle-class Americans
  • But certain families will be hit hard by Trump's plan to eliminate the personal exemption and head-of-household filing status 
  • A middle-class single parent with two children would see their tax bill increase by $2,440 under Trump's plan
  • A married couple with four children would absorb a tax increase of $1,090 because of their loss of personal exemptions

  • During his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump promised that America's middle class would receive the largest tax reductions. 
  • But the president-elect's proposals would actually increase income taxes for nearly 8 million families, it has since been revealed. 
    While Trump's plan would modestly cut income taxes for most middle-class Americans, millions of families may seen an increase of a thousand dollars or more. 
    Hit the hardest would be single-parent households and married couples with three children or more, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center....

  • ...The tax hikes that would hit single parents and large families would result from Trump's plan to eliminate the personal exemption and the head-of-household filing status.... 

  • It is so convenient to believe in trickle down economics. 
  • Pacific Plate is moving;

    November 26, 2016

    A 5.1 earthquake has struck near the North Island town of Wairoa. (click here)
    It hit at 8:21pm, at a depth of 13km and 35km north of the town.
    GeoNet has classified the quake as 'severe'.
    More than 900 people have reported feeling the earthquake.
    Reports have come in from as high up the country as Auckland, to some at the bottom of the North Island and in the South Island in Nelson and Christchurch.

    Japan, Fiji and New Zealand are being effected. The west coast USA have received bumps, but, the west Pacific is worse. 3 quakes in New Zealand, 3 quakes in Fiji and then Japan after a quake reported by the Washington Post.

    November 25, 2016
    By Denis Chow

    The 6.9-magnitude earthquake (click here) last week off the coast of Fukushima, Japan, probably happened along the same fault that ruptured in 2011, unleashing a massive 9.0-magnitude temblor and resulting tsunami that caused widespread destruction. What makes this part of the world so susceptible to big earthquakes?

    2016-11-25 12:47:17 UTC
    M4.7 - 163km ESE of Hachijo-jima, Japan (click here)
    The dot toward the middle of the Pacific Plate is Hawaii. The quake was probably weakly detectible, but, that isn't the point. The plate is moving throughout it's mass. 

    2016-11-25 19:03:15 UTC

    M2.7 - 4km SW of Volcano, Hawaii (click here)

    Hey, this is a major storm center in the west Pacific.

    Got something against Vietnam? Short notice is better than none!

    November 26, 2016
    Himawari - 8 satellite
    EnhancedInfrared (click here for rock loop)

    November 26, 2016

    Himawari - 8 satellite

    That is significant storm, what I can't understand is why the tropical storm to it's east is reported, but, that cyclone isn't.

    Maybe I'm confused and it's just my conscience bothering me.