Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Gulf Coast People need to hire Gulf Coast Attorneys and sue BP autonomously.

...Feinberg (click title to entry - thank you) said on Bloomberg Television yesterday that it is too early to project how much of the fund will be needed to pay individuals and businesses. He said $10 billion may be enough to compensate victims....

Bill Lehr, a senior scientist at the NOAA, appeared before Congress to repudiate an earlier report he wrote, which suggested the majority of the oil had been captured. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

BP consented to $20 billion and more if necessary because they SHUT DOWN an entire economy along the Gulf Coast.

Feinberg is NOT providing accurate assessments of the fishing losses because CURRENTLY the losses are WORTHLESS and will be for a long time (at least 20 year or more according to EXPERIENCE in Alaska with Exxon Valdez).

The ONLY attorneys that will do the Gulf Residents any good at all are attorneys that KNOW them and understand their business and what IT IS WORTH over a lifetime.

The claims Feinberg is assessing is BASING them on current value of the fisheries AND recent market values of the fish.  RECENT market values are based in a DEGRADED economy because of the Wall Street Collapse.  I am confident BP is considering Paulson their best friend.

Many fisheries in the USA are passed down from generation to generation of Americans.  The fisheries see economic ups and downs and NOT JUST DOWNS.

The LIFETIME value of the fisheries are very, very different than their IMMEDIATE value.

Feinberg is playing 'the simple people' of the Gulf Coast, their States and their Scientists that will work to restore the fisheries for FOOLS.

The REALISTIC picture of the Gulf Coast Fisheries are complete collapse with no change in the immediate future for AT LEAST TWENTY years.

The Gulf States, State Attorneys, Local Attorneys need to independently sue BP, Transocean and Halliburton.

The oil companies will claim idiot Governors, like Jindal of Louisiana, claim they could immediately put people back to work IF the federal government lifted the ban sooner.

The TRUTH of the matter is that the Investigation by the Presidential Appointed Panel JUST closed and delivered their findings.  The NEW regulations are not yet in effect, but, need to be instituted ASAP by the President's Cabinet.

Just because Jindal was PLAYING POLITICS with people's lives and livelihoods doesn't mean it has validity.  As a matter of fact I don't recall Jindal every working as hard a day in his life as the fisherman that have made a living along the Gulf Coast.

Feinberg and his million dollar a month law firm needs to be FIRED.  They HAVE TO BE substituted with a Gulf Coast Law Firm that know what they are doing.  Obviously, when it comes to understanding fisheries, their rehabilitation and the people that live and work the Gulf Coast, Feinberg is a moron.

THE OIL THAT LAYS at the bottom of the Gulf isn't even degrading, yet alone GONE.  Who is Feinberg trying to kid?

BP oil spill: US scientist retracts assurances over success of cleanup  (click here)

NOAA's Bill Lehr says three-quarters of the oil that gushed from the Deepwater Horizon rig is still in the Gulf environment while scientists identify 22-mile plume in ocean depths.

White House claims that the worst of the BP oil spill was over were undermined yesterday when a senior government scientist said three-quarters of the oil was still in the Gulf environment and a research study detected a 22-mile plume of oil in the ocean depths.
Bill Lehr, a senior scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) departed from an official report from two weeks ago which suggested the majority of the oil had been captured or broken down.
"I would say most of that is still in the environment," Lehr, the lead author of the report, told the house energy and commerce committee.
The growing evidence that the White House painted an overly optimistic picture when officials claimed two weeks ago the remaining oil in the Gulf was rapidly breaking down fuelled a sense of outrage in the scientific community that government agencies are hiding data and spinning the science of the oil spill. No new oil has entered the Gulf since 15 July, but officials said yesterday the well is unlikely to be sealed for good until mid-September.
Under questioning from the committee chair, Ed Markey, Lehr revised down the amount of oil that went into the Gulf to 4.1m barrels, from an earlier estimate of 4.9m, noting that 800,000 barrels were siphoned off directly from the well.
By some estimates, as much as 90% of the oil was unaccounted for. Lehr said 6% was burned and 4% was skimmed but he could not be confident of numbers for the amount collected from beaches....

The UNDER-ESTIMATE directly relates to GOING EASY on BP's FINES !!!!!!

One of the best allies the Gulf Coast Residents have is Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

The extent and complexity of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (click here) demands the mobilization of the U.S. oceanographic community in order to characterize and monitor the scope, fate and effects of the event. As a leader in oceanographic research and engineering with four decades of experience conducting and managing the science of oil spills, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has developed a response strategy....

Sentry being prepared for a mission to map the underwater oil plume near the Deepwater Horizon well head.
(Courtesy of Rich Camilli, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution )
Last updated: June 25, 2010

The people of the Gulf Coast have been exposed to some of the nastiest carcinogens in existence.  The effects of those carcinogens may not be realized for another twenty (20), count them, TWENTY years.

Crew members in the Gulf periodically need to take extraordinary safety precautions from the hydrocarbon fumes in the air. Here, a boarding party from R/V Endeavor dons respirators prior to moving to the Ocean Intervention III to deploy the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) Sentry. From left to right: Sean Sylva (WHOI/NOAA ), Chris Reddy, Rich Camilli, Lt. Jarrett Parker (USCG). (Courtesy of Rich Camilli, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution )

Posted on January 19, 2011
...The contract, signed Jan. 6 — nearly six months after Feinberg was hired to operate the Gulf Coast Claims Facility — also calls for Feinberg to turn over all claims documents to BP after his operation shuts down in August 2013.
Those documents include private financial information about claimants such as tax returns and business profit-and-loss statements.
Many claimants had to give those documents directly to BP last summer before Feinberg took over the claims process.
Amy Weiss, a spokeswoman for the claims operation, said that Feinberg continues to discuss his law firm’s fee with BP. She declined to comment further....

Feinberg Rozen DID NOT EXIST before 1993, and known following the 911 Victims Fund.  Get real about these guys.  If they don't know what they are doing, don't follow their advise.

BP maintaining control of all claims is corruption, plain and simple.  The claims process needs to be investigated.

The Gulf fisheries WERE some of the most productive in the world.  The oyster fisheries of the Gulf are dead, they aren't coming back.  The familes that owned those fisheries or any segment of them should be receiving MILLIONS of US in order to start the lives over elsewhere BESIDES being compensated for their losses and the FACT they have to learn a new trade.  The families that have lost their livelihoods should be compensated for the REAL ESTATE, LOST INCOME, PAIN AND SUFFERING AND RELOCATION COSTS if that is necessary.  The relocation costs could depend on how polluted the area is where they live.  THE FACT THERE IS ANY QUESTION ABOUT A CLAIM THAT 'HOLDS A TITLE' IS RIDICULOUS.

The ONLY economy the Louisiana coast is good for anymore is drilling for oil.  It is ruined and the sooner everyone gets that through their heads the better.  Don't believe me, ask the PEOPLE of Alaska.

Three ALSO needs to be a CLASS ACTION filed for the people of the region for the illnesses, disabilities nad deaths that have get to be realized and ARE KNOWN to be EXPECTED over the next SEVERAL decades.

Do I have to say this?  Oh, wait.  ONLY the people of Wall Street can suffer and that can ONLY happen in NYC, right?  After all, the Gulf folks 'SWEAT' to make a living, they must be subhuman.

The USA Gulf Coast has only one thing to say to BP, "YOU BROKE IT, YOU BOUGHT IT."

Now file lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit and don't stop until every penny is retrieved and then some!

The sediments are oil soaked.  It is where the dispersants delivered the billions of gallons of the lousy stuff.  It is why the East and West Coast of the USA cannot be drilled and if anyone says otherwise they are lying.  The Gulf Coast is too polluted to be considered viable for any significant fishery activity.  All the USA has now is the East and West Coast and they better treat those fisheries like GOLD.

Comcast, profits before context. Not exactly what makes a great newsman.

Brian L. Roberts.
AP/Wide World Photos


The Roberts family was shaped by the Depression. Ralph Roberts, the founder of Comcast, was born into affluence—the family even had a chauffeur for a while—but the wealth....

May 27, 2009 at 11:42:33
An Open Letter to Brian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast Cable (click title to entry - thank you)
...You are not God, Mr. Roberts. You have to do the 3 S's every morning, just like the rest of us. Who are you to decide? Oh, that's right. You are the CEO of Comcast. A company that overcharges its subscribers for the services they provide and then decides to CENSOR what they watch through financial discrimination. Please Mr. Roberts, get off your high horse and get in touch with the people. If you want to charge extra for MSNBC then charge extra for FOX. If FOX is free to basic cable, then MSNBC should be free as well. At least give the impression that you are not politically or religiously motivated in making the channel change. We await your answer.

I think they got the answer.  It just wasn't the one they were looking for. 
Just because Hillary didn't win the nomination is no reason to turn on the party.

Olbermann states it was to much for him? That's exactly right. But, not because of the work, because of the management and interference.

Let me tell you why, without an effort from any outside forces, why the 'tampering' by Comcast isn't going to bring about results.

The 8PM hour on MSNBC wasn't the highest rated because it was 8PM, but, because it was Olbermann, his sense of justice and his sense of humor.  I have no doubt O'Donnell will maintain the ratings, but, there is a chance he may not.

See, 'management types' just don't get it.  They expect Democrats to be Republicans only more open minded.  Nope.  Democrats are family and they feel free to be themselves among their peers.  Olbermann not only knows that, he WAS THAT.

Lawrence O'Donnell was the best idea the 'management' had for 10PM, but, he isn't there five days a week.  Olbermann was.  Come Friday, at 10PM everyone, including the audience, starts their weekend.  That isn't going to play well at 8PM.  Why tune in at all if the anchor for 8PM isn't going to be there?  The audience is NOT regarded well by Comcast and it shows already.

So, for four nights out of the week the audience will tune in to watch a good line up of anchors, but, it will be less one 'vital' anchor and that was Keith Olbermann.  Everyone will start their weekend at 11PM on Thursday now.  I have no doubt the 'substitute' for O'Donnell on Friday is the best in the business, but, 'ya know' when it is family I am tuning in to watch, it just won't be the same.

I don't appreciate this.

At all.

"Gloria Mactavish...K-Mart is phasing out the sale of handgun ammunition...this plan to be complete within the continental US in ninty days..."

"The kids at Columbine had to pay a penalty...that day...for this nation, the way we look at it."

The way the 'kids' at Columbine 'look at it' is absolutely correct. Spot on. I defy anyone to say differently and sincerely defend that position. The Second Amendment is NOT suppose to come with a price of violence within the USA. There is absolutely NO BASIS for that deception. The Second Amendment is about forming 'militias' to defend the USA. Forming militias in the USA is now illegal and we have a military housed on bases to protect and defend our nation. We have police to protect and defend citizens. There is no legitimate defense for the Second Amendment to allow the slaughter of innocent people within the borders of the USA.

The people of the USA are still paying the same penalty, but, at K-Mart in the year 2011 it is now 5 cents more to secure the bullets to kill innocent people.

K-Mart lies and has never learned from their mistakes.

Discount bullets right along side, this weekend, of a 75% toy sale.