WASHINGTON — Two long-range American bombers (click here) have conducted what Pentagon officials described Tuesday as a routine training mission through international air space recently claimed by China as its “air defense identification zone.”...

This is all part of the island arguments going on in the Pacific. Countries in the Pacific have this 'thing' all the time. 

The Ambassadors meet, but, nothing was resolved. So, here we are now and the tensions that have lasted centuries are now being played out in real time with real military armaments.

China has increased their naval presence with new aircraft carries and now they are pushing their limits on what exactly are China's borders and what are international waters. This has nothing to do with fishing rights, any country can fish in international waters, but, it does have to do with expansionism.

Part of this has to do more with the tensions between North Korea and Japan. China is annoyed they are basically in the middle of the dispute. China is not only involved diplomatically, but, the geographically. Basically, China is attempting to put itself in a military presence to prevent confrontation of North Korea and Japan.

November 22, 2013 7:39 AM

...Ties between Beijing and Pyongyang (click here) have deteriorated since North Korea conducted its third nuclear test in February. China signed on to U.N. sanctions in March, but remains the North's largest trading partner.
"China will never allow (anyone) to cause chaos and incidents on our home's doorstep and will never accept China's process of development from being disturbed and interrupted again," Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on the foreign ministry's website.
Wang reiterated China's stance that it promotes the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, the solution of problems through dialogue and safeguards to peace and stability in the region.
"The current difficult situation in Sino-Japanese relations has been triggered and caused by Japan," Wang said in what the foreign ministry called a "special report" on China's path of peaceful development.
His remarks underscore the severe strain in Sino-Japanese ties caused by a dispute over tiny islands in the East China Sea believed to be surrounded by energy-rich waters....

I think China is more than worried about North Korea's erratic nuclear program. I wish North Korea would put the seals back on it's facilities. China is not going to put up with a haphazard approach to ending the dangers that sit at it's doorstep. I think China is seeking a resolve to the entire mess in the Korean Peninsula and having Japan stop taunting the age old tensions.

For all we know, Pyongyang could be thinking about moving into these islands as well. I would not put it past them to do it.