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There are fifty SBIs - State Bureau of Investigations

There is absolutely nothing in the way of a consolidation of information to bring about a national network to reduce and eliminate extremism in the USA.

"Sharing is Caring"

There is no lack of funding or interest by Obama's cabinet.

Partnering to Better Understand Violent Extremism (click here)

To counter violent extremism (CVE), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) works with a broad range of partners to gain a better understanding of the behaviors, tactics, and other indicators that could point to potential terrorist activity within the United States, and the best ways to mitigate or prevent that activity.
We are an important partner in supporting the National Strategy on Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism, which President Obama released on Aug. 3, 2011.

Supporting Local Communities

As part of its effort to support local networks to counter violent extremism, DHS has launched a number of core initiatives:
  • DHS Conferences and Workshops on CVE: With our federal partners, DHS hosts conferences and workshops for law enforcement to better educate them about CVE.
  • Training Initiatives:  DHS is working with DOJ, and has trained hundreds of thousands of front line officers on Suspicious Activities Reporting and CVE. 
  • Grants: DHS has prioritized prevention activities through our grants that directly support local law enforcement efforts to understand, recognize, prepare for, prevent, and respond to terrorist pre-cursor activity, and separately to raise public awareness and vigilance through the If You See Something, Say Something campaign.

International Partnerships

DHS also has CVE partnerships with the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, and Australia, as well as partnerships with international law enforcement organizations such as Europol. 
  • For the past year, DHS, Europol, and E.U. partners have exchanged information on U.S. and E.U. based fusion center best practices, CVE training standards, and research and case studies, including a joint case study on the 2011 Norway attacks.
  • DHS signed a U.S.-Australia Joint Statement on Countering Transnational Crime, Terrorism, and Violent Extremism in Canberra in May 2012. 
  • Since 2010, DHS has partnered with Canadian counterparts to share best practices and research related to CVE and promote community-based and community driven efforts.  

There is no shortage of expertise in the USA.

For over 90 years, the Anti-Defamation League (click here) has fought against bigotry and anti-Semitism by exposing and reporting on hate groups and other extremists who seek to harm perceived enemies and to undermine our democracy.  Today, ADL’s Center on Extremism continues our mission to expose and document the groups and individuals whose ideologies and activities perpetuate hatred and extremism.  To this end, the Center on Extremism has created an online resource, Extremism in America, which serves as a guide to prominent extreme movements, groups, and leaders in the United States....

There are many people in the USA already knowledgeable about USA extremism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center
Intelligence Report, Spring 2013, Issue Number:  149
By Mark Potok, Senior Fellow

Capping four years of explosive growth sparked by the election of America’s first black president and anger over the economy, the number of conspiracy-minded antigovernment “Patriot” groups reached an all-time high of 1,360 in 2012, while the number of hard-core hate groups remained above 1,000. As President Obama enters his second term with an agenda of gun control and immigration reform, the rage on the right is likely to intensify.
The furious reaction to the Obama administration’s gun control proposals is reminiscent of the anger that greeted the passage of the 1993 Brady Bill and the 1994 ban on assault weapons supported by another relatively liberal Democrat — Bill Clinton. The passage of those bills, along with what was seen by the right as the federal government’s violent suppression of political dissidents at Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in the early 1990s, led to the first wave of the Patriot movement that burst into public consciousness with the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The number of Patriot groups in that era peaked in 1996 at 858, more than 500 groups fewer than the number active in 2012....
The American Friends Service Committee (click here) is a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. Drawing on continuing spiritual insights and working with people of many backgrounds, we nurture the seeds of change and respect for human life that transform social relations and systems.

If We Don't Teach Peace is a short (16 min) documentary made for the purpose of exploring the importance of teaching skills and attitudes that lead to nonviolence and a culture of peace. The Center for Nonviolent Solutions, a non-profit organization, is highlighted and the case-study of a high school that CNVS conducted programming with is used. This film is dedicated to William P. Densmore, co-founder (along with Michael True) of CNVS.

Proud of your heritage. You know the one that is ethnic. Irish. German. Polish.

In the USA, the melting pot, we all self identify with our ethnic heritage.

Former Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a Palestinian. Born in the USA. In Virginia. He was a native born American.

But, he parents were from Palestine. To be exact, al-Bireh in the West Bank.

When does self-identification with genetic heritage take a different tilt? Don't tell me for one minute there weren't self-radicalized Irish in the USA. I know there was. I had two uncles, second generation in the USA, that absolutely mourned Northern Ireland. A grandmother, first generation in the USA, that could not stand the sight of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Don't tell me this is new, it isn't and I know it isn't. My family never built bombs or found identity over the internet or thought turning against the USA was ever an answer, but, they were self-identified back to Ireland and had strong opinions and reactions to Northern Ireland.

A Profile of Mahmud Mansur Nidal: The Alleged Dagestani Connection to Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev

...While some newspapers and Western media (click here) have incorrectly reported that Nidal is an ethnic Chechen, he is actually from Dagestan and is half ethnic Kumyk and half Palestinian (  The Kumyks—the third largest ethnic group in the republic of Dagestan—are a Turkic speaking people who are of Mongol descent....

...Whatever ties existed between Tamerlan and Nidal, they did not last long.  Mahmud Mansur Nidal was 19 years old when he was killed in a police operation in Makhachkala on May 19, 2012...

It doesn't really add up that Tamerlan was radicalized in Dagestan. He even surprised himself when he finished assembling his bombs ahead of schedule. He was shooting from the hip while becoming his own one man military for a cause he never understood, but, gave him an identity other than the one he was failing at due to being linked to FBI records.

His failure to boxing and his failure in achieving his American citizenship after ten years were all linked to an FBI profile that even the FBI didn't pay attention to.

We may be missing an opportunity to change the dialogue in the Middle East. Much of the extremism resulted because of Western domination of the Muslim culture to exploit oil resources. 

The extremism is not without it's educated leadership. A leadership responsible for the dialogue as it exists today.

I believe they would like to change the dialogue and find greater political success than they are now realizing. I would hate to think The West relishes their failure only to return to their prior status and failures. 

There is a sincere opportunity in Egypt to change the dialogue with the Muslim extremism in the Middle East. There are respected leaders in Egypt on both sides of the issue.

There are parties in Egypt that need to resolve the extremism and bring the people together. Dare I say, this meeting of the minds is as important as resolving the Israel - Palestine issue.

I might point out the jihadi-Salafi had not come to a political resolve until the election of Mohamed Morsi. I think we have their attention now.

It was the radicalized Salafis that attacked the Benghazi consulate. It is the factionalization that provides insight to the willingness to be lead. The dialogue can be changed.

The tragic assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi (click here) was the latest in a series of attacks by the country’s increasingly active Salafis. In late August, armed Salafi groups demolished Sufi shrines, mosques, and mausoleums in Tripoli, Misrata, and Zliten.  Earlier this year, Salafis desecrated British World War II graves, attacked the Tunisian consulate over an art exhibit in Tunis they deemed offensive, bombed the offices of the International Red Cross, and detonated an improvised explosive device at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.  But such attacks are hardly proof of Salafism’s growing influence over the country.  Rather, they are symptoms of an intense re-composition and fractionalization of the movement, between quietist, “politico,” and militant strands.  More importantly, they reveal the Salafis’ anguished search for relevance in a country that is already socially conservative, but that has soundly rejected dogmatic political actors in favor of technocratic ones. 

Isolation does have a role to play in any radicalization.

Page 22

Living within and as part of a diaspora provides an increased sense of
isolation and a desire to bond with others of the same culture and religion.
Within diaspora Muslim communities in the West, there is a certain
tolerance for the existence of the extremist subculture that enables
radicalization. For the individual, radicalization generally takes place in an
atmosphere where others are being radicalized as well.

It has little to do with immigration. McVeigh was not an immigrate, but, he was radicalized by an idea he was right about injustice and the problem was the government, hence, the bombing of The Federal Building. There is no exclusivity on symbolic terrorism with Muslim extremists. 

The Kelly Report goes on to detail an understanding about the jihadi-Salafi movement. It is a culture that seems to resolve to extremism, but, the trajectory is more interesting in recognizing where we are failing to recognize dangerous extremism.

New York City Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, authorized a study about radicalization in The West.

I have some problems with the report in that it concentrates on Muslims. 

I don't think Commissioner Kelly believes Muslims are the only people radicalized. I also don't believe he hates Muslims. Nor do I believe he seeks to remove any other possibility that can cause danger to citizens.

I respect Commissioner Kelly and find his study valuable. It is a good launching point to create a clear understanding of how police and protection from such individuals melds into the practice of law enforcement.

Radicalization happens in the USA, too. It was happening before the attacks of September 11, 2001. I am not sure there is much difference in the process of extremism, which is what radicalization is, but the results no matter the impetus to the thoughts are the same; dead people.

THE RADICALIZATION PROCESS (page 19 of the report - click here)

The radicalization process is composed of four distinct phases:

• Stage 1: Pre-Radicalization

• Stage 2: Self-Identification

• Stage 3: Indoctrination

• Stage 4: Jihadization

Each of these phases is unique and has specific signatures associated with it. All individuals who begin this process do not necessarily pass through all the stages and many, in fact, stop or abandon this process at different points. Moreover, although this model is sequential, individuals do not always follow a perfectly linear progression. However, individuals who do pass through this entire process are quite likely to be involved in a terrorist act.
According to the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), the grievances that fuel radicalization are diverse and vary across locations and groups. Radicalization frequently is driven by personal concerns at the local level in addition to frustration with international events.

I cannot believe the NCTC has a "Kids Zone (click here)." Really?

I don't mind saying I am dense about what this is all about. 

I don't get it. 

Why would a child want to know about counter-terrorism? 

I thought that was a grown up issue.


I thought the Tic-Tac-Toe was okay, but, what's the point?

The point to the entry is there is a clear understanding that grievances provide a platform for radicalization.

Yes, I think it is in a way. (click here) I thought that the uncle had it right, you know, and when he said that their problem was one of making a success of their lives in the new world, so to speak. I mean he called them losers...

It's Sunday Night

"High Ideals" by Elbow (click here for official website)

There's a laddered tear in my high ideals
Like I took a chair on the battle field
And any noble fire that was burning in my chest
Is acid in my belt at the very best

There's a bayonet in my family things
It was made in the USA to defend the king
And though the sinew that thrust
And all the bones it splintered are dust
It's passed from hand to hand
With the wedding rings

Oh settle down little heart of mine
Oh settle down you're doing double time
You're so far away and she's right there
By your side
Oh settle down little heart of mine

Thank you, Israel. You solved Russia's problem.

Now the region can begin to stabilize. I would expect all missile silo doors to be closed around the world at this point.

"Initial reports point (click here) to these explosions being a result of Israeli missiles that targeted the research center in Jamraya," SANA said. Israel has said it will not allow sophisticated weapons to flow from Syria to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad and a heavily armed foe of the Jewish state.

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not Israel just saved millions of lives. I know Israel understands what it means to save millions of lives from destruction of their right to exist.

Now, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab League can begin to thank Israel for removing such a horrible danger allowed to exist because Assad would not sign a simple treaty.

Israel took care of it's own people and sovereignty by eliminating such horrible dangers from the entire region. It is quite a side effect to realize the entire region is breathing a sign of relief.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed by the Boston / Watertown Police in defense of the citizens of Massachusetts. Bury the man.

We are decent people in the USA. There won't be any backlash. The cemetery that will bury those killed by officers in the line of duty will have hero status. 

We don't begrudge the soul of it's final disposition determined by god. Burying Tamerlan and providing a place for the family to grieve is the right thing to do. We are a country that honors ourselves with decency.

The cemetery can be one where the Boston and Watertown dead are not buried if that is possible, but, there is some place in the northeast where this can be done. Please.

...Funeral director Peter Stefan (click here) has asked cemeteries in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, but each of the cemeteries have passed on burying the older Tsarnaev brother, who was killed during a shootout with police.

Stefan says that if no cemeteries agree, then he would “have to go to the federal government and then we have to ask them for assistance.” The Tsarnaev family has requested a Muslim burial along with a grave near their home in Massachusetts.

Protests have taken place outside of the Dyer-Lake Funeral Home in Worcester, Mass., where the body of Tsarnaev is being kept. Police have posted security outside.

“Everybody has a right to be buried. I can’t separate the sins from the sinner,” Stefan, the funeral director, said....

NRA's Royal Family continues it's reign of terror.

Following in his Daddy's footsteps. Considering he lives in Alabama I am sure it is vital to hold on to your job.

He is now president of the NRA. He stated, the Civil War is the "War of Northern Aggression" and says it was started by 'some Yankee generals."

I thought the Yankees had a coach. No? The only war I know about is the one for the World Series. I suppose it is a civil war. Right? I mean if a person has to relate to it differently, civil war is a good analogy.

Does Alabama have a MLB (Major League Baseball)? Maybe that is the breakdown in understanding a coach from a general. Ya think?

That would be a hell of an idea, though. MLB in Alabama. The only problem is they don't have money for stadium and the citizens can't afford the tickets. It would all have to be subsidized by the federal government. Is there such a thing as a federally subsidized baseball ticket?

I got it, Alabama could tax the petroleum companies and build their stadium, right after they rebuild their ports. The team could be called The Alabama Porters.

James W. Porter II, (click here) a resident of Birmingham, Alabama, is the son of Irvine C. Porter, who served as the NRA President from 1959-1960. Porter received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in 1971, and a law degree from the Cumberland School of Law. While in law school, Porter spent a summer working for John Wilson, who served as outside legal counsel for the NRA in Washington, D.C. Wilson also represented John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman during the Watergate hearings in the U.S. Congress. In 2009, Porter was elected as first vice president of the NRA Board of Directors. He had previously served as second vice president and president of the NRA Foundation Board of Trustees....

It is the "Threat Level." The FBI needs to disseminate information to local authority to provide better surveillance and intervention.

Talking about it isn't going to do anything, but, legislation and funding would be good here.

WASHINGTON | Wed May 1, 2013 11:19am EDT

(Reuters) - The House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee (click here) will hold a hearing on May 9 to examine the deadly Boston marathon bombings and their impact on national security.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis, Massachusetts Undersecretary for Homeland Security Director Kurt Schwartz and U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman have been asked to testify.

The committee will hold a series of hearings examining the events leading up to last month's attack, which killed three people and injured 264, as well as the reaction by law enforcement.

"Ultimately the investigation will assess how our efforts have evolved to meet the dynamic terrorist threat of foreign-inspired attacks on our soil, and what changes may be necessary to protect the homeland," Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said in a statement.

(Reporting by Deborah Charles; Editing by Doina Chiacu)
The US Senate has already convened a hearing with USA Intelligence Services.
FBI investigators search the shooting scene near the boat where bombing suspect was hiding from police on Franklin Street on April 20, 2013 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images/AFP)
Published time: April 23, 2013 14:15 
Edited time: April 24, 2013 07:10
High-ranking FBI officials faced questioning (click here) by US lawmakers on Tuesday over whether they missed red flags surrounding slain Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
The FBI officials briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed hearing about the investigation around the Boston Marathon bombings – which killed three people and injured 164 others – and the two suspects involved, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19.
After the briefing led by Deputy FBI Director Sean Joyce concluded, senators said that there may have been a breakdown in communication that prevented authorities from tracking Tamerlan’s radicalization....

Walmart - Boycott - The workers in Bangladesh earn $38.00 per month.

Relatives show pictures of garment workers who are missing, during a protest to demand capital punishment for those responsible for the collapse of the Rana Plaza building, in Savar, outside Dhaka.

It would cost between $5.00 to $10.00 per garment to produce them in the USA.