Friday, June 20, 2014

I had to take pity on the right wing.

John Bolton was on a radio show and he found amusement in the fact President Obama was asking for regime change of Maliki no different than Bush wanted regime change with Saddam.

That is pathetic.

One liners is what John Bolton hands out on radio shows to listeners. And the talk show host that it was funny. A joke. 

Is there any time when right wing radio listeners are treated as though they are thinking people rather than morons without a clue?

Daily Sabah
The government (click here) is doing its best to bring back 80 Turkish citizens abducted by ISIS, said the PM and also called on the U.S. to beware of launching airstrikes in Iraq for fear it would lead to civilian casualties

ISTANBUL  Speaking at a press conference at Ankara's Esenboğa Airport before his departure to Austria, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that the Turkish government sent a delegation to northern Iraq in an effort to secure the release of Turkish citizens abducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). 

Erdoğan, who is scheduled to deliver a speech to a crowd of Austrian Turks at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) on Saturday, answered questions regarding the latest developments in Iraq. Responding to questions about 15 Turkish workers who were allegedly abducted by ISIS on Wednesday, Prime Minister Erdoğan said the reports are not true and his government is working carefully to bring back a total of 80 abductees to Turkey in good health. He added that a delegation went to northern Iraq on Wednesday to hasten their return and flew back to Turkey during the late night hours....

I don't think anyone needs the politics.

It is interesting to realize the strength of character the leaders of these nations have and their fearlessness in which they face these circumstances. The leadership that emerges when the USA isn't screaming Bomb, bomb, bomb is far more interesting than 'one liners.'

Why do the Koch's want to control the USA and it's energy choices? Set the military aside for a moment (Bush)? Why Energy?

No one 'gets it.' Some of this is about ALEC, isn't it? The organization that homogenizes USA law to remove States Rights and promotes Wall Street interests. There is something to not understand about a blanket concern in the trend of Republican governors? ALEC sets up a parallel government.

ALEC is responsible for all the violent gun laws in the country. It takes the interest of Wall Street and makes the states perform to that standard.
12:33 PM
By Meg Kissinger and Bill Glauber
Journal Sentinel
Gov. Scott Walker (click here) said Friday the "incredible abuse of power by a partisan prosecutor" in the John Doe probe of his campaign should frighten everyone in Wisconsin, regardless of their political affiliation.
"There is nothing wrong with what we did," Walker said.
He made his remarks on "Midday With Charlie Sykes" on WTMJ-AM (620).
Asked how the news accounts of him at the center of a criminal scheme might hurt his political career, Walker said he "could care less about the national scene."
Earlier Friday, Walker appeared on the Fox News Channel to say that the John Doe had "been resolved" by two judges who blocked the investigation and asked for grass-roots conservatives around the country to back him....

Walker's conversation with Faux Koch was proof of the 'linked arms' of his political donors and his scheme for government power. There is a lot wrong here. Just because the conversation was with "Faux Koch" doesn't mean it didn't happen.

All these schemes, "Faux Koch" and ALEC are national schemes to remove democracy from the citizens and place it in the hands of a few. Why? Why would any governor put the power within the state in the hands of a few? 

It insures his financial backing and control of the economy to weaken democracy and 'over time' build 'economic monopoly.' 

That is what is so dangerous about all this. It is a scheme. Across the board the Republicans HAVE homogenized the American economy to the point of breaking in 2008. It is consolidated power in the influence of a few. The 'scheme' is defined not by the fact citizens can't vote or make choices in a market; it is defined by the very real fact their choices in voting or choosing products for their homes or otherwise are prescribed and limited. When the same economic dynamics are viewed as the only solution for an entire country and a 'certain set of values' are the only ones available through any power structure it is called a Plutocracy, not a democracy.

It is a scheme. It is a national scheme that ultimately impoverishes the citizen unless they are within the 'power structure' that controls EVERYONE'S outcomes.

Wall Street likes 'certainty.' It doesn't get more certain than that. In 2008, was there any doubt the US Secretary of the Treasury would bailout all the FEW banks and AIG, too? That is CERTAINTY.

One for all and all for one. I don't doubt the entire dynamic is difficult for a court to get their minds around. The Justice System doesn't like to call it what it is because the idea of 'freedom' in the USA is to provide a platform FOR ANYTHING to happen that the people want. But, what the Justice System doesn't like to admit is that this 'scheme' is real and it victimizes and literally makes those in control of the political funding the defacto leaders of the country when those in government bow to cronyism.

..."Bottom-line: R.J. helps keep in place a team that is wildly successful in Wisconsin. We are running 9 recall elections and it will be like 9 congressional markets in every market in the state (and Twin Cities)," Walker wrote to Rove on May 4, 2011. Rove runs American Crossroads, which backs Republican congressional and presidential candidates....

That is not a sales pitch or a 'reporting in' to instill faith in government performance to American Crossroads standards?

Would RJ be able to run successful schemes without intimate relationships with Big Money? We know for a fact in all the elections Walker refers to were heavily funded and that the funding eliminated the possibility of EQUITY to the 'level playing field' of the other candidates.

The average voter doesn't have a chance.

Are wars suppose to be engaged for profit? But, they are. We know they are. That is not a clear understanding to a financial outcome? 

At the peak of its production (click here) during World War II, the Willow Run Plant employed 42,000 workers, as much as one third of whom were pioneering women industrial workers, collectively nicknamed “Rosie the Riveter.” Willow Run produced more aircraft every month on its mile-long assembly line than Japan did in a year, earning it, and the area surrounding southeast Michigan, worldwide fame as “The Arsenal of Democracy.” The nationwide American “Production Miracle,” of which Willow Run was the finest and most ambitious example, was a critical factor in ending the deadliest conflict in history.

Sequence of events. Was Willow Run (click here) built before World War II to a prescribed outcome by government in relation to profits? 

No. Ford Company built the Willow Run facility in request by the country to assist with the war effort. 

That is not a scheme. The USA went into significant debt to be sure all those companies involved in tooling up the country to win WWII. There is a big difference between Wall Street profits AFTER the fact as opposed to 'the scheme' in how to achieve the profits BEFORE the fact.

No, Mr. Death by Mining the EPA is not breaking the rules, it is enforcing them.

Robert Murray, center, chairman of Murray Energy Corp., embraces Dave Canning, left, and Mike Glassom, right, two miners in charge of drilling bore holes into the Crandall Canyon Mine, during a news conference northwest of Huntington Utah, on Sunday, Aug, 26, 2007.

By Associated Press business staff 
on March 09, 2012 at 4:19 PM, 
updated March 09, 2012 at 5:59 PM

...In documents (click here) filed in federal court in Salt Lake City Friday, attorneys for Genwal Resources Inc. noted that while it agreed to plead guilty to two counts of violating mandatory health and safety standards and pay the fine, the company can withdraw the agreement should the court not accept the plea....

It doesn't get worse than Murray Mining. He has been paying off Republicans for decades to effect federal law. Boo, hoo, boo, hoo, hand the man a crying towel.

...Government mine inspectors have issued 325 citations against the Utah mine since January 2004, according to federal Mine Safety and Health Administration online records. Of those, 116 were what the government considered "significant and substantial," meaning they are likely to cause injury....

...Murray Energy Corp.'s political action committee has been an active contributor to GOP candidates.

The Murray Energy Corp. Political Action Committee has given more than $155,000 to Republican candidates, including $30,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, since 2005, according to Federal Election Commission records.

The committee donated to Republican Senate candidates such as George Allen in Virginia, now presidential candidate Sam Brownback of Kansas and Katherine Harris of Florida. It also gave to Ohio Republican Reps. Deborah Pryce and Patrick Tiberi, and Ohio Republican Sen. George Voinovich. The committee did not give to any Democrats during the same period, FEC records show.

In 2004, Murray gave $15,000 of his own money to the NRSC, and he gave $10,000 in 2006. Among other donations in the last election cycle, he gave $2,000 to Ohio Republican Sen. Mike DeWine's unsuccessful re-election campaign....

...The companies controlled by Murray Energy include The Ohio Valley Coal Co.'s Powhatan No. 6 mine in Ohio. The Ohio Valley Coal PAC also gave thousands of dollars to Republican causes, including $10,000 for Bush-Cheney election in 2000....

You scratch my back, I scratch yours. That is how it works in 'real life' ya know. When I say corruption, I mean corruption. With 325 safety violations Murray Mining should have been shut down a long time ago and Crandall wasn't the only one. 

...Six miners died at Crandall Canyon in central Utah in the August 2007 collapse so powerful that it initially registered as a 3.9-magnitude earthquake. Another cave-in 10 days later killed two rescuers and a federal inspector. The operation was eventually called off after drilling into the mountain found no sign of the trapped men. Their bodies remain deep in the mine's catacombs....

Would anyone expect anything less from Murray Mining. It has been a corrupt and dangerous business from the day it opened. The "Rap Sheet" is as long as a mine shaft.

Prior to the collapse, the Crandall Canyon Mine had received 64 violations and $12,000 in fines

Has Murray Mining paid all their fines yet? WITH INTEREST?

...It was a public relations meltdown that prompted the chairman of the U.S. House labor committee to demand that federal officials take the helm of all future briefings on the cave-in that trapped six men in the Crandall Canyon coal mine.

But in many ways it appears to have been Murray being Murray - an eccentric, passionate, politically connected coal executive who has never shied from speaking his mind.

In his briefing, an update of the Crandall Canyon mine collapse that was carried live on national television, Murray defended the coal industry, attacked the media and railed against what he called a foolhardy crusade against global warming that jeopardized his industry and America's economy....

Murray has severe emotional problems. He turns on the anger in public to draw attention away from gross mismanagement. He is histrionic and a drama queen. His public meltdowns are suppose cause political damage to anyone that should have protected him from financial losses and from being blamed for deaths. After all he is just trying to make a living.
Bob Murray, though, prefers another description for himself: underdog.
A fourth-generation miner who grew up poor in the hills of southeastern Ohio, Murray chose mining over medical school and says he has the scars -- which he readily displays -- that come from years of toiling underground.
A simple miner, he considers himself, ("That's all I am. That's all I am.''), despite rising through the industry to become chairman of the nation's 12th-largest coal company, Murray Energy Corp. of Cleveland.
What he has become this week is the very public and complex face of the nation's latest mine disaster -- so belligerent at times that he has drawn criticism from members of Congress....
Bulldog? He reminds me of a sick cow. Tantrums. No leadership. Tantrums and handing out paychecks to make sure the mines are making as much money as possible everyday.
June 19, 2014
By Joanna M. Foster
Ohio-based Murray Energy, (click here) the nation’s largest privately owned coal company, has made good on its threat to sue over the EPA’s proposed new carbon emission rule.
On Wednesday, as the rule was being published in the Federal Register, the lawsuit against the EPA was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The suit requests that the Court issue a writ to prevent the EPA from implementing the “disastrous” carbon-cutting rule.
“This is clearly an illegal attempt by the Obama EPA to impose irrational and destructive cap-and-tax mandates, which Congress and the American people have consistently rejected,” Gary M. Broadbent, assistant general counsel and media director for Murray Energy, said in a statement. “These proposed rules will cause immediate and irreparable harm to Americans, including our citizens on fixed incomes and our manufacturers of products that compete in the global marketplace.”

I want to know if any of Murray's fine and/or lawsuit settlements have been paid along with interest that has accumulated all these years? Why do I want to know? Because he is about to begin a new set of violations and fines. He may as well get the first bunch cleared up before he starts the next set.

Thursday's $950,000 fine (click here) to end the disaster investigation itself was almost twice as big as the fine Murray Energy Co. paid earlier to end a criminal probe into the 2007 Crandall Canyon mine disaster.
That provided some consolation to loved ones of eight miners and the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspector who were killed in two implosions 10 days apart at the Emery County coal mine.
But there was continued aggravation, too.
Most stemmed from the fact that, in addressing a settlement reached with MSHA to end the civil case, Murray Energy still proclaimed it was not responsible for the disaster that began Aug. 6, 2007, when the mine's walls blew in on a six-man crew deep underground. The disaster worsened Aug. 16 when another implosion ripped into rescuers clawing their way toward the trapped miners through rubble-filled tunnels, killing three more men and injuring six others.
"Had the matter gone to a hearing," said a Murray Energy statement Thursday, "[we] would have presented evidence that the alleged violations did not contribute to the cause or effect of the 2007 accidents."...