Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So. To risk redundancy, but, not consolidation. A quick review.

Does throwing money at the wealthiest of any venacular create jobs in the USA? 

Let's see.

Do tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans create jobs?


Do tax cuts for global corporations or those seeking to expand globally create jobs?


Do tax breaks to USA corporations create jobs?


Does Quanitative Easing create jobs?


Are the wealthiest Americans entitled to a 'disproportionate' tax CLASS as they earn their wealth and deserve it?

No, that is like saying the remainder of Americans didn't earn their income.  Hello?

Is it moral to have tax breaks in the Tax Code that favor the wealthiest Americans while adding to the nation's deficit and debt?


Is it corrupt to favor tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans when facing the challenge of reducing the national deficit and debt?


Should those that 'practice' such corruption face ethics investigations and proceedings?


Will such investigations and charges be brought?

No.  Not a chance.

What does that say about 'the ideologies' at work within the conservative belief system?  What does that say about justice in the USA?  What does that say about 'the value system' our young people and children are exposed to?


More than that...when will the injustice and corruption end when it is obviously in PLAIN SIGHT of the electorate?  What incentives to the electorate continues to corrupt the electorate?  When are those incentives going to be separated from American elections, put into context and given a place within our cultures and society to permit 'the best choice' in elections prevail?

Never ?

What does that say to the rest of the world about the people of the USA and their priorities even among themselves?

Have a better day.

The money that was allocated by the federal government to the wealthy and corporations that do not provide USA jobs during the years before the economic collapse which increased the national debt is a CRIME.  Literally.

The Bush "Homeland Reinvestment Act"  (The actualy legislation is not readily found with the help of Google, otherwise, the link would be at the title to the entry.  Perhaps it will show up later.)

Tax Break for Profits Went Awry (click here)

Published: June 4, 2009
...The law specifically said the money could not be used to raise dividends or to repurchase shares....

...Now the most detailed analysis of what actually happened — using confidential government data as well as corporate reports — has estimated what happened to the $299 billion companies brought back from foreign subsidiaries. About 92 percent of it went to shareholders, mostly in the form of increased share buybacks and the rest through increased dividends....

So far, my objection to Mr. Bernanke's $600 billion Wall Street bailout is valid. I am not alone, either.

...Investors don’t have the same positive regard for the Federal Reserve’s actions, (click title to entry - thank you)  particularly the decision in November to inject $600 billion of stimulus into the financial system. A plurality of respondents, 35 percent, say that policy, know as quantitative easing, hasn’t had any significant effect on the economy; another 33 percent say the asset purchases risk a rise in inflation to dangerous levels. Just 27 percent say the plan to buy Treasuries is working as intended to help reduce unemployment and boost growth....

I am worried about inflation.  The tight monitoring of ANY indication has to be acted on and not simply reported.  The economic recovery of the USA is going well and sailing smoothly, there is no reason to rattle the path to success now.

When it snows it is global warming and when it doesn't it is global warming. Why?

Because 'climate' is grossly different in definition than weather and 'weather' is dominated by climate.  The subject seems to be beyond the capability in the USA to comprehend.  Pity.  Sort of like understanding the etiology of the Great Recession, there is a political divide in the USA that causes changes in cognition.

Unusually cold December weather in some places distracted attention from warmth elsewhere

2010 was the warmest year since global temperature records began in 1850 - although margins of uncertainty make it a statistical tie with 1998 and 2005. (click title to entry - thank you)

Snow fell in the U.S. Deep South, severe storms battered the East Coast, and International Falls, Minnesota, set a new temperature record: -46 degrees Fahrenheit (-43 degrees Celsius) on January 21. But in areas north of the United States and southern Canada, temperatures were above normal. In fact, unusual warmth forced residents of Iqaluit, capital of the Canadian territory of Nunavut, to cancel their New Year’s snowmobile parade....
Arctic Oscillation Chills North America, Warms Arctic