Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Governor Chris Christie needs to declare his re-election bid.

There are still major infrastructure problems unaddressed after Sandy.

A 12-foot surge of water swamped the Newark sewage treatment plant that serves some 3 million people when Sandy struck. Brian Thompson reports.

Friday, Nov 16, 2012 

By Brian Thompson
...Mike DeFrancisci,(click here) executive director of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, would only say "ASAP" when asked when repairs to the sprawling facility could be made.
Until then, the main outfall will continue dumping millions of gallons of partially treated human waste a day at a point close to the Statue of Liberty across from Manhattan.
"We've never had the facility flood like this," he said.
Pathogens in partially treated waste are a health hazard and public safety threat, officials said.
Fishing, crabbing and shellfishing bans in the New Jersey waters of the harbor will remain in effect, said Larry Ragonese, a Department of Environmental Protection spokesman....
This cannot go on forever without creating permanent damage. Truck the waste out of the sewage treatment plant. It is more expensive now, but, the long term view of the waters is an intact ecosystem. It is the only way to successfully stop it now and will allow the sewage treatment plant a chance to regain its capacity.

 Sewage-contaminated water causes eutrophication, (click here) which is the increase in concentration of chemical elements required for life. The nitrates, phosphates, and organic matter found in human waste serves as a food for algae and bacteria. This causes these organisms to overpopulate to the point where they use up most of the dissolved oxygen that is naturally found in water, making it difficult for other organisms in this aquatic environment to live. The bacteria are basically strangling the other organisms. Some of the organisms that do overpopulate from this can also be disease-causing microorganisms. Phosphates are also found in soaps and detergents, but there are other household products that we use everyday that can be toxic to many animals and humans if they are dumped directly into a water body.

President Morsy has to succeed with the extremist militias of the Middle East.

The longer Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest, such as Hezbollah, remain uneducated to their own reality, the longer they will remain victims to violence and the influence of violence from nations like Iran.

The war is over if they want it to be and President Morsy has the deepest understanding of these groups and quite possibly the greatest influence among them.

There is a reason why decades of hostilities have sustained. It isn't as though these groups even know their own culture anymore. They have been lead for so long by hate their own cultures are lost to them. If the global community wants to examine the 'culture genocide' of Palestinians, they can start with the culture of hatred that has replaced any sense of a people.

The major aspects of the Palestine Society and Culture (click here) include the customs, religion, languages, literature, art, costumes and music of the land and its inhabitants. The culture of Palestine is still alive in the countries of Israel and Diaspora, although they are separate from the territory of Palestine. 

In less than four years. Nothing short of one of the most historic diplomatic victories for the USA.

MONDAY, NOV 19, 2012 01:45 AM EST

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Obama, (click here) with Myanmar democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, says ‘human freedom’ cannot be denied....

Both Nobel Peace Prize winners. Extraordinary. Peace works. Pure unadulterated joy.

Now, it is Palestine and Israel in need of such joy.

The Iron Dome works but has had failures.

Yesterday three of four of the Gaza missiles were stopped but one did get through. That is a success rate of 75%. That is exceptional.

If I remember correctly, this is what the USA calls The Patriot Missile System. 

This is not a cheap defense of Israel. It is not a long term capacity which can be sustained financially.
..."No way I'd be sitting out here in the open if it weren't for Iron Dome," said Binyamin, 32, a truck driver. (click here)

He was referring to the Israeli air defense system. Iron Dome has shown about an 85% success rate in stopping rockets deemed to pose a threat to life or property during the last six days, Israeli officials say. The system is widely credited in Israel with having minimized casualties....

There has been a capacity of The Patriot Missile System never developed by the USA. Of should I say it was never purchased by the USA. It was the 'seek and destroy' aspect of this very sophisticated system. Basically, Raytheon had developed the capacity for Patriot to formulate the trajectory of the intercepted missile which it does anyway, but, retaliate on its own. In other words, it could find the launch site (launch vehicle is another question), and fire a missile back to destroy that site. A launch vehicle whereby it could be moved immediately after launching was the reason the USA didn't see any benefit to it.

The capacity of Hamas is often linked with mobile capacity, so it probably won't help.

The bottom line is the Iron Dome/Patriot System is a highly sophisticated system. It can probably be operated remotely and of course, it carries its own defense to destroy 'incoming.'

Being as sophisticated as it is, it is very expensive. This is not something Israel or the International Community should consider an answer to this problem.

By Glen Carey - Oct 31, 2010 9:12 AM ET
Raytheon Co., the world’s largest missile maker, plans to expand its Patriot air-defense system in the Persian Gulf as the world’s biggest oil-producing region strengthens its missile-defense, naval and air forces.
In Saudi Arabia, “we got an upgrade to the Patriot system that is in process,” Thomas Culligan, chief executive officer of Raytheon International Inc., told reporters late yesterday in Riyadh. “Hopefully, we will get a contract signed on that.”
Kuwait is upgrading and buying additional units, and Qatar “is looking at” the system, Culligan said. The United Arab Emirates bought a missile-defense system at a value not exceeding $3.3 billion at the end of 2008, according to a Raytheon statement on the company’s website....

The people are complicating their own circumstances with violence among themselves.

There is a report of a man being killed and dragged through the streets of Gaza as an Israeli spy. These are all false beliefs the people have. They don't understand their own circumstances. Israel does not need spies to achieve their own expertise. They have very sophisticated methods of detecting the presence of rockets and violent leaders. They have some of the most sophisticated military on the planet, they don't need Palestinians to be spies.

The Palestinians need Radio Free Palestine. They are completely alienated from their own reality.

Why does Hamas leadership equate a ceasefire with Israeli politics?

It is the second time I have heard it.

I think the first time was an article in an Israel newspaper and now again on CNN. Two different Hamas leaders are equating the end of the Israeli invasion with Israeli politics. Is there a core belief within Hamas that Israeli politics over shadow their own? Or is there is a belief politics in Gaza and Israel are directly related to violence? I find this thinking ill gotten and worrisome.

My worry is this: Does Hamas sincerely believe a stronger leader is based in aggression through killing and do they believe a leader in Israel is weaker because they are demanded by the people to not carry out violence?

It is a rudimentary understanding of what Hamas believes about the dynamics related to why they fire rockets and seek aggression rather than peace.

In different words, why does Hamas fire rockets daily? Do they believe it results in the lack of aggression by Israel? Do they believe there is a political end to the rockets over the border? I think there is a basic belief by Hamas very flawed in its etiology.

I sincerely believe Palestine has had very violent leadership, such as the deceased Sheikh, Ammad Yassin. Those leaders, by Islamic belief, become stronger in death than in life. We know the Hamas leadership is under appreciative of 'expertise' and separated from Fatah because of alienation of their lack of expertise. 

Can President Morsi fill in the gap for Hamas and bring them up to speed to what sincere peace with Israel will result in? Can he change the basic belief system of Hamas toward violence and move them toward benevolence for their people and build they brain trust and quality of life for their people?

There is a very good chance, President Morsi already understands Hamas and why they fire rockets along with Islamic Jihad. He may have the expertise to answer such questions without asking Hamas or Islamic Jihad. 

Will the Egyptian leadership deliver the Palestinian extremists to a peace initiative?

This could be a sincerely historic turning point for the Muslim Brotherhood. There are several layers of the extremism within the Palestinian populous. Islamic Jihad has been dedicated to opposing Israel's existence over any effort for the region to state otherwise.

Archive: Masked Palestinian militants from Islamic Jihad placing homemade rockets before later firing them into Israel.
By Gili Cohen
Nov.20, 2012
An Israel Air Force (click here) strike on a high-rise building in Gaza City Monday killed Ramez Harb, a senior figure in Islamic Jihad's military wing, the Al Quds Brigades, the group said in a text message it sent to reporters.
The Israel Defense Forces said Harb was one of four Islamic Jihad militants who were injured in the attack, but did not confirm his death. Harb and two other militants in the building, which also houses several foreign and local news organizations and which was also struck on Sunday, were involved in launching long-range missiles at Israel, the IDF said.
Islamic Jihad said it believed Harb was the intended target of the strike.
Other Jihad operatives who were apparently injured in the air strike were Baha Abu al-Alta and Tayasir Jabari, both of whom belong to the organization's supreme military council, and Khalil Bahatini....

President Morsi may be able to bring about a sincere change within the Palestinian militia movement which has lasted for decades.

It is well known the Muslim Brotherhood was the caldron which resulted in a new President of Egypt stating he represents all Egyptian. If President Morsi has sincere influence with the extremist militias he will be a pivotal negotiator for a peaceful Middle East. The question is will President Morsi be able to temper the demands for outrageous prisoner exchanges with the West which will never be considered a viable solution, but, only further sabotage of peace.

This can be a pivotal event, if Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad enter into a sustainable cease fire which is measurable and enforceable.

Hamas is the most populous of the Palestinian extremist organizations, but, there are others such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad that have to agree, as well, to a ceasefire leading to a sustainable peaceful.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad had its roots within the Muslim Brotherhood. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad spun off the Muslim Brotherhood when a militia group determined the Brotherhood was not a genocidal organization.