Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bush Tax Cuts have to expire. These tax rates are indefensible.

How did the Republicans ever pass their tax cuts in 2001?  Immoral is not the word.  They wanted to 'gut' the USA Treasury.

Those advocating to keep the Bush Tax Cuts have no defense.  Absolutely none.  These tax rates have been in effect for a long time, but, they have also been in effect since the Great Recession of 2008.  If there were gonig to be improvements in the economy due to these tax cuts it would have already happened.  The most wealthy in the USA have given the current Congress and administration NO REASON to keep them. 

Danel Akerson, managing director of Carlyle Group, takes over at GM? An IPO? Where's OUR money? IPO and we haven't received every red cent?

Akerson is going to break up GMC and sell its assets including the mechanisms to the Volt.  He's a hacket guy.  Carlyle is ruthless.  They want the technology and want to break up the unions with a vengence.

...Dan Akerson is managing director of the Carlyle Group, and was named to the new GM board of directors in July '09, when Whitacre became chairman. Akerson was CEO of Nextel from 1996 to 1999, and chairman from '96 to '01. He also was chairman and CEO of XO Communications from '99 to '03. Nextel replaced Winston cigarettes as series sponsor of NASCAR in 2004, the only car connection I've found to Akerson. Akerson is 61, just the right age to keep grooming GM North America President Mark Reuss for the job when he breaches his 50s.

Akerson takes over Whitacre's CEO title on September 1, and Whitacre will hand over his chairman's title by the end of the year. In his year-plus leading GM, Whitacre has shuffled around a lot of GM management, and fired many of the desk-jockeys. He's obviously happy about the impending IPO, and he's retiring, again, mostly on his own terms. Whitacre said last week he'd like Treasury to unload all 60.8 percent of its GM stock in the IPO. That sounds like a long shot....

There is no 'sticker shock' with the Volt and there is no reason to outsource jobs to bump up the new CEO's bonus.  Every knew for a long time the Volt was running at $40,000.  The Volt will pay for itself in no time to anyone that purchases one. 

...Dashing hope that GM’s new electric car will jolt the American auto industry into a greener era, the new vehicle’s $41,000 price tag is a shocking disappointment. When visiting Michigan last week to tout the success of the auto industry bailout, President Obama drove the new Chevrolet Volt a few feet and proclaimed, “This car right here doesn’t need a sip of gasoline for 40 miles and then keeps on going after that.’’...

...ANN ARBOR, MI (Michigan Radio) - The first Chevy Volt customers in southeast Michigan will get a special perk from DTE Energy.
The company will pay to install the first 25-hundred of the costly charging stations that are required to recharge the Volt's battery.
DTE will install separate meters for the stations.
The meters will allow the utility company to understand how and when people charge their electric cars.
That information will be crucial as electric companies prepare for the day - five, ten, fifteen years from now - when electric plug-in vehicles are more common....

GM to increase Chevy Volt production by 50%
July 31, 2010

By Tiffany Hsu, Los Angeles Times

GM says it aims to increase production of the electric vehicle to 45,000 in 2012. It says the Volt will be available in seven states in December. Nissan says its electric Leaf will be available in five states, including California, in December....

...It's a quirky idea that's generating some buzz in the world of IPOs. The thinking is that since the federal government used our tax dollars to rescue GM, small investors/ taxpayers ought to benefit when the company first offers stock for sale.

Six years ago, when Google Inc. went public, we heard talk about finding a way to offer an IPO for everyone. The Google offering was designed as an auction, open to the average Joe — or Jo — and supposed to be very unlike IPOs of the past, which went to the well-connected and very rich.

The new GM IPO has even more reason to include a populist pitch. When GM was on the brink of collapse, plenty of taxpayers protested over their money going to save it....

Rep.Charles Rangel is absolutely correct to continue with his life. The Blue Dogs need to run their campaign and stop complaining about the black man from New York.

Go get 'em, Charles !

Accused or MISUSING Congressional Stationary. 

Your gotta be joking.  Chuck types?

This man has represented Harlem for twenty years.  Harlem?  Twenty years? 

Where do I get the idea this is a lot of nonsense.

The rest of the charges are just as hideous.  He failed to pay taxes on rental income from a beachfront home in the Dominican Republic. 

This was like an audit from the IRS, yes?  No?  Who PREPARED the document, H&R Block?  This is ridiculous.  The IRS needs to examine the documents in question and ask the good Congressman to kindly correct it, IF it is necessary.

Chuck submitted an incomplete financial disclosure statement.  Now I know for a fact there is not ONE House Representative that does his own accounting.  Representative Rangel needs to look into the inconsistencies and correct them if necessary. 

This is outrageous. 

Favors and benefits from donors to the Rangel Center under circumstances which might be construed ... as influencing the performance of his governmental duties."

? Might be Construed ? 

? Might be Construed ?

If the ranking Republican, Rep. Michael McCaul from Texas, hasn't got a rock solid case AFTER TWO YEARS of investigation, then he needs to throw the entire mess out.

This is nothing but election year hogwash.  I don't even want to hear it anymore.

Charles Rangel has performed exemplary work representing Harlem.

You know, I don't even like some of Rep. Rengel's views..  I don't agree with his view of mandatory military service for every young person in the country.  It is too much power to be 'at will' use by Republicans like Bush and Cheney whom would like to start WWIII. 

There isn't anything here and any accounting errors need to be corrected if necessary. 

If I were Charles Rengel, I'd sue McCaul for harassment and defamation of character and discrimination based on race !

Don't think about it Charles, just file the suit.  This is after two years of investigation and this is all they could come up with.  A two year investigation alone is harassment.  Two years of inappropriate pressure on Rep. Rangel when he was leader of Appropriations.  I don't think so !!!!!!!!

When McCaul couldn't get 'his way' in Appropriations he decided to put the Chair through the 'wringer' to have a change in leadership to try it all over again !

No wiretaps or money laundering or prostitutes or anything like that.  No rubbing elbows with Abramoff?  No?  There is nothing here but accoutning errors and poor decisions by his staff in the use of stationary.  You know after twenty years I really think any people receiving a note on Congressional stationary regarding re-election, if that is accurate at all, already knew Charles was in Congress.  You know?  This is outrageous.  This is NOT influence peddling, folks.  It is a PRINTING error.  Hello?

You always hurt the ones you love. We are the easy targets, Robert.

The first two years of this Presidency has been nearly impossible considering the losses in the country when President Obama took office.

No one is saying Robert Gibbs had an easy job, but, the Left has definately 'been there' for him and for this President with 'healthy constructive criticism' all along the way.

Nothing "W"rong with that.  Chin up, Robert, it could have been worse if we didn't have a President that have brought us the best minds alive to help solve our problems. 

Mr. Gibbs needs to find a way to apologize.  Sincerely.  We don't deserve the 'wrath' of anyone.  We are the honest, tried and truth and trustworthy.  We are hard to please, but, then solving the problems of the country in the state we received it is nearly an impossible task and don't think for one minute it wasn't 'designed' to be that way by the folks that vacated the Oval Office either.

Kucinich to Gibbs: You've read the liberals wrong
(AP) – 29 minutes ago
WASHINGTON — A Democrat whose name was invoked by President Barack Obama's spokesman in an attack on the party's liberal wing says the White House doesn't understand deep public frustration over the troubled economy.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich tells ABC's "Good Morning America" that press secretary Robert Gibbs shouldn't have attacked the "professional left."
Gibbs had said liberals were too hard to please and that they wouldn't be content even with Kucinich, a renowned progressive, as president.
The Ohio Democrat said, "Those of us who call ourselves liberal say we're not going to rest until we get back to a full employment economy." Asked if he would challenge Obama for the party's nomination in 2012, Kucinich, who ran in 2008, replied, "No."

Oh, yeah, by the way Robert, get a Bluetooth and remove the phone from the side of your face, the technology is worrysome for LINKS to brain cancer.  Seriously.  We love you, Robert.