Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Republican Super Thursday.

It is where they dance on the grave of the Affordable Care Act while carrying out a no confidence vote on AG Holder.

This is the very latest about Voter ID from Dennis Miller, "They are making way to much of this all anyone needs is a Netflex card for cryin' out loud."..."The people without picture ID are either too old or gaming the system."

So, tomorrow is the day when Republicans take over the majority of the government this November. "Dominate Or Bust!"

The Republicans are sincerely nasty, if Miller is an example. He stated, what bothers him a great deal is the fact the people unable to obtain photo ID probably have proper ID for their welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. Mr. Miller obviously doesn't know these people because his basis for discrimination is baseless. The people on survival funds in the USA have to prove they are living in the district of which they are applying. They can qualify with a letter from the relative they are staying with. Social Workers usually follow up on all that on the local level. 

The financial records required to purchase merchandise at a big box store is very different than when people without a financial institution pay in cash. Miller has no argument to back up the corruption of the party he claims knows how NOT to govern.