Monday, October 29, 2012

Post Tropical Storm Sandy just before landfall.

24 31.90 -73.30 10/28/09Z 65 960 HURRICANE-1
24A 32.10 -73.10 10/28/12Z 65 951 HURRICANE-1
25 32.50 -72.60 10/28/15Z 65 951 HURRICANE-1
25A 32.80 -71.90 10/28/18Z 65 951 HURRICANE-1
26 33.40 -71.30 10/28/21Z 65 952 HURRICANE-1
26A 34.00 -70.90 10/29/00Z 65 950 HURRICANE-1
27 34.50 -70.50 10/29/03Z 65 950 HURRICANE-1
27A 35.20 -70.50 10/29/06Z 65 950 HURRICANE-1
28 35.90 -70.50 10/29/09Z 75 946 HURRICANE-1
28A 36.80 -71.10 10/29/12Z 75 946 HURRICANE-1
29 37.50 -71.50 10/29/15Z 80 943 HURRICANE-1
29A 38.30 -73.10 10/29/18Z 80 940 HURRICANE-1
30 38.80 -74.40 10/29/21Z 80 940 HURRICANE-1

I think land fall was at 6 PM to 7PM. I have to check to be sure. 
21Z would be 4PM.
Next reading is at 00Z on October 30. That will be 7PM at landfall or shortly after. I hope this storm diminishes.
I am fairly certain there is 5 hours difference between Z Time and EST.

Was anyone injured?

A New York camera operator (click here) has filmed a transformer erupting in a huge ball of blue light in downtown Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy made landfall.
Shot from across the East River in Brooklyn, the video posted online shows a series of bright blue flashes illuminating the sky from explosions at the Con Ed (Consolidated Edison) power plant.
Con Ed has announced that it has already shut off power to customers to part of Lower Manhattan so it can be restored faster after the storm passes.
Much of Manhattan is now without power, with millions of homes elsewhere also facing blackouts.
Water levels are now at record highs in the city, with the Fire Department of New York headquarters evacuated by boat...

Nuclear power plants prepare to shut down if storm sends water, wind levels too high (click here)

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators and safety officials at nuclear power plants along the Eastern Seaboard were keeping a watchful eye on wind and water levels, preparing to shut plants down should Hurricane Sandy send levels surging.
Still, by late afternoon Monday, with the superstorm dashing toward New Jersey with winds at 90 mph, no plants had been taken offline....

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most dependable SUVs manufactured today.

Mr. Romney needs to get over his lies about this very successful vehicle before the company is adversely effected.

Mr. Romney is going to hurt this company. He is determined to do that if it means he will win the presidency. He is ruthless. You know, "Those people are not my job."

...In their original incarnation, (click here) SUVs were chiefly owned by folks who valued "utility" above "sport." A four-wheel-drive, station wagon-like vehicle was just the thing to transport five (or more) adults to remote areas, handle bad-weather driving or pull heavy trailers.
Trouble was, they required the skill of a limo driver to park in the city and a gas card with a generous limit to keep them moving. Consumers who wanted something more reasonable in terms of size and fuel usage were out of luck.
That changed with the 1984 arrival of the Jeep Cherokee. Though there was a trim level of the '70s-era full-size Wagoneer called Cherokee, this new model was completely different. Its compact dimensions, unibody (as opposed to heavier body-on-frame) architecture and classic styling made this junior Jeep an immediate success....
Mr. Romney needs to stop his tirade because it will hurt this company if he continues.

I have to agree with Governor Christy until an investigation reveals otherwise.

I also believe an investigation is in order. People's lives are in the  balance. I remind Governor Christy that a populous that may be poor in Atlantic City might not have been able to leave the city with ease.

There have been ongoing tensions between the Mayor and Governor. 

Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012 12:20 am | Updated: 7:56 am, Fri Oct 19, 2012.
By LYNDA COHEN, Staff Writer

...“I will not cower (click here) or simply roll with the punches,” Langford replied in a letter faxed Thursday to the Governor’s Office.
The governor talked about Atlantic City’s problems after the city reached 15 homicides for the year last month. In his response, Langford said if he is to be judged by that number, then Christie should be held accountable for the number of homicides in the state.
“For the record, New Jersey is now home to ‘the most violent city in America,’” Langford writes of Camden. “This was not always the case. In fact, prior to you becoming governor, we never had this distinction.”
The mayor goes on to say that the plague of violence and murder on urban cities can be traced to the manufacture and distribution of handguns.
“As governor, you have failed miserably to abate this problem,” the mayor writes....
I hope the decision by he Mayor was simply not in defiance of the Governor for political reasons. I could get into the politics of all this, but, it is not the venue and certainly not the time.

Perhaps this is one of those moments President Obama needs to be aware of a serious circumstance that could get out of control. I am not going to speculate on motives by anyone, but, everyone's life was taken into consideration by Governor Christy.

I don't find this a prudent decision at this point by Mayor Langford. This is a serious storm. It sounded to me as if Governor Christy was willing to move mountains to keep people safe. I hope nothing serious occurs to lives in the care of their government. No one wants another Katrina.

By Christopher Baxter/Statehouse Bureau 
on October 29, 2012 at 5:59 PM, updated October 29, 2012 at 7:56 PM
WEST TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie (click here) this evening issued an angry rebuke to Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford for allowing people to shelter at schools in that community rather than evacuate. Christie said one school is now flooded.
“For those elected officials who decided to ignore my admonition, this is now your responsibility,” Christie said at a news conference at the State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center, the location of the emergency operations command center....

Thank you, Mr. President.

Working with every Governor regardless of party to save lives. No Katrina. Not this time. Thank you.

There is some fallout from the storm already. A crane in New York City is dangling precariously from a high rise. It was not just the 20 mph winds, it was not just the 40 mph gusts. It is the sustained 20 mph with gusts rising to 40 mph. 

In all reasonable thought 20 mph winds are not suppose to effect this type of crane, but, that crane has had to withstand a PUSH of 20 mph winds for days now. It was going to happen and the 40 mph gusts finish the job.

If a person thinks about being shoved by someone; normally it would never knock a healthy person over. But, if a constant push without relenting is matched by an additional shove it will knock a person over. That is what is occurring with the crane in NYC. It is a stubborn push in one direction from wind accompanied by gusts that is acting on that crane.

It is important for everyone to be vigilant. It is difficult to say what will give way and what won't.

Thank you for signing pre-landfall emergency orders and dispatching FEMA and emergency supplies early. The supplies would never have arrived after the storm if the flooding was prohibitive. 

We are doing better now. Our emergency management is actually management now and not a late response that actually strands people in hopeless circumstances. 

Thank you. I am quite confident your early response saved lives. I congratulate you and Governors that found a way to make a difference together.

'Oct. 29, 2012/
Hurricane Sandy (click here)  may have claimed its first American victims today as it sank a tall ship and washed away two crew members as they tried to board a life boat.
Fourteen people were rescued from the floundering HMS Bounty early this morning and an urgent search is on in the churning seas for the two missing sailors.
The Bounty, a three masted ship, was 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, N.C., when the owner called saying she'd lost contact with the crew Sunday night, The AP reported. The Bounty is a 180-foot replica of the ship featured in the film "Mutiny on the Bounty.
"There have been 14 people rescued and there are two that are still unaccounted for," Jordan Campbell, Petty Officer, First Class told

The HMS Bounty, a replica used in the Marlon Brando movie "Mutiny on the Bounty," sails past the Chicago skyline in this image from July 2003.

What were they thinking? A sailing ship. A three mast ship is on the sea in sustained hurricane winds. What did they think was going to happen? Two lives probably lost and US Coast Guard risking their lives besides. What do people think about? This is just foolishness. A captain had to know better than this and he is one of the people missing.

Sandy's velocity has picked up.

  24  31.90  -73.30 10/28/09Z   65   960 HURRICANE-1
24A  32.10  -73.10 10/28/12Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
  25  32.50  -72.60 10/28/15Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
25A  32.80  -71.90 10/28/18Z   65   951 HURRICANE-1
  26  33.40  -71.30 10/28/21Z   65   952 HURRICANE-1
26A  34.00  -70.90 10/29/00Z   65   950 HURRICANE-1
  27  34.50  -70.50 10/29/03Z   65   950 HURRICANE-1
27A  35.20  -70.50 10/29/06Z   65   950 HURRICANE-1
  28  35.90  -70.50 10/29/09Z   75   946 HURRICANE-1

The storm has been oscillating since the large drop in central pressure from 960 to 951. The change in the last three hours seals the deal. It dropped from an oscillation and reorganized. That was what I was worried about. It not only dropped in central pressure by 4 millibars, Sandy has increased its speed. That is a strong storm.

Sandy has been over a warm ocean for a long time now and it fortified its strength. I can wish and hope the storm will change its dynamics to be less powerful, but, physics are physics. The storm being over the ocean was destined to reorganize and become stronger.

How does this interpret? Higher storm surge. With it lingering over the ocean it may still increase in velocity again. 

Also higher winds for a sustained time.