Monday, July 07, 2014

IRS Forms.

There is a way to relieve the burden of finding women to be sure their birth control has been paid, even retroactively.

There are always clinics. Those clinics could take a credit off their tax reporting for the number of contraceptive units they dispensed. 

For women who do not go to clinics, it would be a matter of a simple one item line next to the penalty line for the ACA, which allows a woman to take the cost of their non-reimbursed health care and/or clinic visits directly off their income taxes.

When men are completely incompetent in understanding the needs of a woman's health, there is usually at least one woman around who competently can fix it.

Does anyone expect the killing to stop soon?

LIVE UPDATES: Israel launches aerial offensive in Gaza (click here)

More than 85 rockets fired on Israel on Monday; Hamas claims responsibility for some of launches; IDF to call up 1,500 reserve soldiers.

By Haaretz Jul. 8, 2014 | 4:30 AM

Shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet decided Monday to escalate attacks against Hamas and the Gaza Strip, militants in the coastal territory fired a barrage of some 35 rockets at Israel.
Sirens rang across the south as well as in central Israel and the Jerusalem area, for the first time since the recent round of escalation began. More than 85 rockets have been launched over the course of Monday.
In preparing for the escalation, the Israel Defense Forces has decided to call up some 1,500 reservists....
The Crime Statistics are skewed in Chicago. Those with guns know that are killing people are in the hands of people who know now they can get away with murder.

Jessie Jackson needs to consider running for Mayor or bringing in someone who can stop the violence. No one else seems to understand the circumstances.

Jul 7, 2014, 1:38 PM ET

Not all Beyonce voters are women or need contraception.

Chris Christy should sign the gun bill to save the lives of at least of four children.

He has already impressed the conservatives donors with other  issues.

Information on the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)

On July 1st, (click here) due to changes imposed by Governor Christie and the New Jersey State Legislature in 2011, most public employees participating in the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) will have to pay a higher rate towards the cost of their health insurance premium. The percentage rates are based on salary tiers and level of health insurance coverage and have been phased in over the past four years. Click here to view the plan rates for 2014.

Thank you. Anyone else?

I think the Foster status is important, but, until the circumstances in their homeland is decided impossible to return to (ie: no parents) the children have a right to go home and be with their family in a country of peace and not suffering. These children are important to their countries. They don't know it yet, but, they are the future. There has to be a reasonable future to return to.

...Local officials (click here) who would likely be involved in the housing and care of 2,000 immigrant children are scrambling to form a solid plan following County Judge Clay Jenkins’ Saturday announcement. 
County officials and service agencies who would be the ones dealing with the children only heard about the large logistical undertaking just before the announcement and are forming a plan now.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)
Commissioner John Wiley Price said at an unrelated press conference today that a place to house the children has been found, but did not give details. The county also intends to get Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas County Health and Human Services and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office involved.
...“There’s a lot of moving parts,” Price said. “We plan on inviting those as a collaborators but unlike Katrina, we used everything that was at our disposal, we have some planning time so as a result we’re vetting it a lot better.”
County Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia said she talked to the county judge before he made the announcement but has no firm plans about what might come next. She said her office has been flooded with calls from local social service agencies and officials who are willing to help....

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.'

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, (click here) who took office in early 1933, would become the only president in American history to be elected to four consecutive terms. He would lead his nation through two of the greatest crises in its history—the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II (1939-45)—and would exponentially expand the role of the federal government through his New Deal reform program and its legacy. From March 1933 to June 1944, Roosevelt addressed the American people in some 30 speeches broadcast via radio, speaking on a variety of topics from banking to unemployment to fighting fascism in Europe. Millions of people found comfort and renewed confidence in these speeches, which became known as the “fireside chats.”

Welcome everyone to the year 2014, where the national press walks all over the USA President freely elected by the people of the USA. It isn't the president anymore that leads the plutocrats. It is the news media that leads the nation for the plutocrats. I am sure I am not the only one in the country that felt the violation and the proposed violence. I just had to set it straight there are Americans that sill love their President, look toward him for leadership and don't throw female justices under the bus.
Mike Huckabee has his presidential run set up. Did you see it? Country Western Band and Jessica Lynch. You know, the girls the American soldiers saved and brought home. Guess what she said," It is upsetting my fellow soldiers are going to have to back to war in Iraq."

First Appearance of ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi (English Subtitles)

Gregory this video. There were newspapers that enlarged photos to just make everyone loping made because the Prince in some Arab land who funded Mr. Baghdadi gave enough for a shining gold watch. I really could not care less. 

Everyone understand what a caliph is? Because Gregory never once stated what one was or what it took to be one. But, there was the devil incarnate. Right there on the American TV screen stealing Beck's ratings. Yep.

Caliph Is Supreme Leader. Holy man. Now, while the Middle East can be wild and wooly there is no caliph university. It isn't that sort of thing. Caliph is about history. Not one. In modern times they just manifest out of the woodwork.

Why would this man call himself a caliph  when he wasn't, but, that wasn't covered either. I imagine every young boy and especially those in madrases have aspirations to grow up to be a caliph. Any ruling leader, well established could take the name of caliph, including the King of Saudi Arabia and the King Of Jordon. Caliph is an ancient term dating back to the 600 AD. Do you know who the first caliph was? I betcha do. Mohammad. 

This man wants to take control of the entire world. He is a nut case. No different than Obama bin Laden was a nut case and Timothy McVeigh was a nut case. They are the men that have all the answers and nothing will stop them. That is who his man is. He has no special power. He has guns. Men with guns are dangerous. 

I was pleased to hear he and his followers praying, because they are going to need a lot of them from what I understand about other Arab nations in the Middle East.

This entry is not about the Middle East it is about the USA press and it's agenda. Now, pan to stage right and low and behold Judy Woodruff. And who is she interviewing? This is an easy one. Tony Blair and for another 10 to 15 minutes Blair reiterated his record and the current activities in the Middle East having nothing to do with them. See, he and Cheney have to stick together otherwise they would indict themselves. The Bush's don't have that problem, the Jrs just ride the coast tails of 41 and hide safely away from any trouble.

Guess what comes next? An American Muslim woman and her family and how she is a good citizen and patriot. But, that is not why she is on the show. For god sake these people just terrified or attempted to terrify an entire nation into war into Iraq. Do you actually believe an American Muslim and her family were going to the subject of compassion and patriotism. Heck, no. That women was put on the show so the those watching the show could say, "Oh my god, they are already here." 

I don't know about anyone else but this isn't what I would expect to find playing over the airwaves to the USA on Independence Holiday. The USA has a real shot at peace. I suggest we continue down that path because these people want your sons and daughters fun another illegal war.

Do you what happened this weekend? I just want to get his out of the way and give credit where credit deserves and it isn't about Glen Beck.

What happened this weekend was a national holidays. It legal it's legislated as a national holiday.

Did you feel the spirit move you, every time a flag passed, every time the bank played, every time little Jimmy lifted the boy scout flag. You just couldn't help wipe a tear form the corner of you eye.

There were plans made for everyone, but, they didn't know it. More extensive plans than Vladimir Putin could deliver. More nationalism lined with flag waving, fields of grain and god.

On Sunday, the Bush Playbook was opened and turned to chapter one.

There were shows on like Melisa Harris Perry that celebrated women and black when after the Supreme Court threw everyone under the bus. Even the three justices were thrown under the bus. The three female justices.

But, there were programs making plans, like Meet the Press.

You own't hear this anyplace else. Do you know how long Glen Beck has been mentoring Arabs about Calphate? Long time.

Everyone have a great 4th of July? Mom, Apple and Baseball. Great American celebration of the founding of our country. Simply make everyone swell with pride.