Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In some corners the media is having a difficult time BEING journalists.

One of the problems media sometimes runs into is peer review.  The press has a variety of view points and therefore, the 'TRUE' 'experience of the story is sometimes left in the dust of reporting a story accurately and CORRECTLY.  
...Giffords, a three-time Democrat, (click title to entry - thank you) remained in critical condition at Tucson's University Medical Center since Saturday when she was shot during a meeting with constituents outside a grocery store. The attack killed six and injured 14 others. Six remained hospitalized.
Giffords previously raised two fingers with her left hand and gave a thumbs-up when responding to doctors' verbal commands.
Although her condition has remained virtually unchanged the past few days, doctors were hopeful.
``She has a 101 percent chance of surviving,'' said trauma chief Dr. Peter Rhee said. ``She will not die. She does not have that permission from me....

I don't make entries on this blog from a vacuum as some journalists might.  I interact with other people, both conservative and liberal and everyone in between. 

When the Right Wing reports on a story that 'taints' their image they always retreat into WHAT CAN BE PROVED as if that is the ONLY truth in the matter.  And lie.  Man, oh, man, do they lie.  When they report on a story viewed to enhance their image there is all kinds of hubris stated.

Politics is a culture.  It has depth and meaning beyond the simple facts.  Politics measures the impact of events as well as acting on the facts.  I am finding pure unadulterated denial as to the impact of POLITICAL SPEECH on the tensions of the country and the promotion of violence.

There are measurable standards of violence and its tolerance in the USA.  Measurable.  While there isn't documented proof of the violence surrounding this attempted assassination and murders, it is palpable in the society of the USA across all boundaries.  It is completely remiss and irresponsible to go forward in proposing legislation and otherwise to completely ignore the SOCIAL TONE of Political Speech (including symbolism) surrounding these deaths and injuries and the injured.  Negligent is to ignore the IMPACT of the cultural violence within the Right Wing of this country's political system. 

When I 'measure' myself when I write in relation to the facts and how that PLAYS OUT in the real world cultures it is with the knowledge of how I view the world as compared to others.  Nowhere in my interactions of the past two days has anyone stated to me this was a purely isolated incident, nor did they state it was NOT linked to the hatred, bigotry and violent culture of the Right Wing Political Party.

There are aspects of culture (human interaction) that aren't made of 'matter' and documented, but, are certainly in the 'firmament.'

Now, if the media wants to service the USA in a meaningful way they need to understand they are short changing the citizens by simply being a 'steering committee' to what can be proved from a legal point of view.  See, that is why the human being citizens of the USA are grossly different than the CORPORATE SPEECH so widely valued by the Right Wing.  Humans think and have emotions that bring a depth of understanding to their JUDGEMENTS in life.  The brain is a biochemical organ and NOT a computer.  It matters.  Corporations are unable to emotionally react and only have policies, products and profit and loss.  So, when it comes to meaningfully legislation; the changes that have to take place in the USA regarding guns and political speech; it better work and it better be comprehensive.  I am 'flyin' tired of 'mind speak' to suit Wall Street while citizens fall by the wayside in bended knee to the corrupt Right Wing facilitated by an imtimidated and intimidating press.

And I don't care what the POLLS say.  Keeping the citizens and their leadership safe is NOT a popularity vote !

Should Secretary Gates assessment be of concern? Yes and no.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il (left), talks to the Chinese president, Hu Jintao, during a visit to China in May. Photograph: KCNA/EPA

With the signing of START with Russia there is every reason for Asia to believe the USA sincerely wants nuclear non-proliferation to increase while recognizing the deadly potential that a nuclear Korean Peninsula holds for everyone, not just the USA.

Do I believe China will hand North Korea intercontinental ballistic missile technology?


Do I believe the North Koreans are capable of such weaponry? 

Maybe.  To date the long range and even short range missiles escapes the capacity of North Korea.  The real question is Iran and whether or not their technology is for sale to North Korea and other and will they sell that technology?  Will Iranian technology be enough to reach the USA?  It isn't to date.

Am I concerned about China having stealth technology?  Not entirely.  If China is more confident about protecting its borders and interest in Taiwan and can offer North Korea reassurances that they are safe within their alliance with China, then the entire global community is better served.  I see China's advanced technology as a measure to added global security, to a greater degree than not.  If China is a nation to contend with then Asia will be in a position from 'strength' rather than economic domination.  The paradigm changes and the likelihood of a greater peace and the advancement of non-proliferation will increase.

Countries with advanced weaponry don't have to negotiate any treaty as a means of peace if they outclass those they are negotiating with.  If China is a stronger nation, North Korea will be less likely to continue to fear the USA and its alliance with South Korea.  Then perhaps, North Korea will finally be open to discussing disarming the peninsula completely. 

However, the security China can offer North Korea isn't the entire picture.  The North Korean economy is still very stressed to support its people.

While the USA is correct to be protective of South Korea and its alliance with Japan and trade relations with Taiwan; I believe there is more 'breathing room' in regards to these assessments than one might initially think.  While any news of escalating armaments is a concern, the 'balance' to that gets more interesting when one realizes the ultimate assessment is 'balance of power' makes nuclear war very unlikely. 

I believe a stronger China, a more agile China will create a greater dynamic to peace and internal economic growth of China that will not be threatened by a stronger USA manufacturing sector as our small businesses reclaim our economy.

Defense is defense.  Aggression is an entirely different story.  I don't view China as an aggressor nation.  I believe they can be a strong partner in disarming the Korean Peninsula and bringing stability to the region.

Today, North Korea has no clear assurances its only ally could actually stop an invasion by the USA or South Korea, which explains why they are always moving toward nuclear weapons while depriving their nation from improving their standard of life for their people.

...Gates' remarks about North Korea signaled that the United States has grown increasingly concerned about a regime whose only major supporter in the region is China. While Gates said that he had thanked Hu for helping to rein in Pyongyang, which had a series of standoffs last year with U.S. ally South Korea, he made clear that he sees potential for the problem to escalate.
"With the North Koreans' continuing development of nuclear weapons and their development of intercontinental ballistic missiles, North Korea is becoming a direct threat to the United States, and we have to take that into account," said Gates, according to The Associated Press.
He added: "I don't think it's an immediate threat, but on the other hand I don't think it's a five-year threat."
There's no public evidence that North Korea has developed the sort of nuclear warhead that could be delivered by such missiles. However, the prospect of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles - nuclear or otherwise - would likely transform the American posture toward the North and sharply reduce patience for Beijing's continued calls for more understanding with Pyongyang....

The Right Wing is culpable. Not only culpable, but, lying to hide it.

Oh, by the way, I sincerely believe the gunman intended to kill any eyewitnesses, that is why the redundancy in bullets, and walk away without a care.  I could be wrong I suppose.  But, then why kill so many with intention to continue to kill?

He was, no doubt, prepared to kill any police that responded, too.

Where it gets really ludicrous...

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 10: U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michele Obama bow their heads as they participate in a moment of silence to honor those killed and wounded during a shooting in Tucson, Arizona on January 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama called on the nation to observe a moment of silence today at 11:00am in honor of those killed and wounded during a shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona, where six people were killed and wounding atleast 13 others including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). Getty Images

...is that citizens in every country should carry weapons to defend themselves.  Of course that elimiantes the need for police.  Of course, smaller government.

But, all one has to do is look to Mexico and realize what exactly happens when guns run like water in the street.

Corruption and gangs.  After awhile, in a society GOVERNED BY GUNS and not laws, the 'idea' of gangs take on a real comforting feeling.

And, of course, when one travels the allowance of guns in their suitcase isn't allowed, so why travel outside any homeland?

Dorothy Morris

Phyllis Schneck

Why isn't the Assault Weapon Ban in place? Because the NRA propaganda works. That's why. So, what else is new about the Plutocracy?

The Assualt Weapons BAN would have prevented the attempted assassination of a US Congresswomen.

It didn't take guns to stop him. The NRA is dead "W"rong. Guns are about money, NOT, safety.

The transformation to a skin head / neo-nazi must have been interesting.  The Right Wing should take a good look at their foot soldiers, now, talk to them.

Gun control doesn't work because the goal is NOT to control guns, it is to sell guns.

Why is it that every gunman always believes he is smarter than those he intends to kill?

It was a woman and two men, at least one a senior citizen that stopped the PLANNED assault. 

Every gunman that believes he can change the world believes it because of 'the feeling' of superiority the gun gives them.  Why is it everyone believes those with a gun wins?  Why is it that a gun is veiwed as a valuable weapon on the streets of the USA? 


Why is that?

Why is the propaganda of the NRA to instill a sense of needing a gun in order to protect from those that use guns? 

It takes one bullet to kill.  One.  Congresswoman Gifford survived her attempted assassination because the gunman put the gun point blank to her head.  The velocity at point blank range insured the bullet would pass through her quuickly.  Why do people survive suicide attempts when they shoot themselves through the mouth? 

The gunman had no training.  He had ACCESS.  He didn't know what he was doing would kill.  He only BELIEVED he could kill so long as he owned and used the gun.

Someone I know is a judge in North Carolina.  This judge knows my views on guns.  Knows I would no sooner own one than value them. 

This judge is familiar with guns, fires guns in a gun range and stated to me, "But have you ever fired one?"

Supposedly if I fire one I will come to understand the 'feeling' one gets by firing a gun.

Supposedly I actually will be 'enriched' by firing a gun.

I don't think so.

"That feeling" one gets when firing a gun is a 'feeling of power.'  I have all the power I need in my life and the reason people in the USA carry handguns is because they are afraid of the rights EXERTED by the NRA's interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Six people dead by a CONVERT to the Right Wing and no gun law is going to end this idiocy.  Gun laws have been modified and modified and modified again after every tragedy that happens in the USA.