Friday, November 01, 2013

Amnesty for a Whistleblower.

Jesse Singal, Special for USA Today
November 1, 2013

BERLIN — Germany (click here) may open a discussion with accused spy Edward Snowden to find out what he can tell them about U.S. espionage on German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told Germany's Die Zeit newspaper Friday that "we will find a way, if Mr. Snowden is willing to talk." His spokesman Jens Teschke confirmed the comments, saying, "We want clarification, and we want further information," adding that he assumed such a meeting would be in Russia.
The minister's statement comes a day after leftist parliament member Hans-Christian Stroebele of the opposition Green Party met with Snowden in Moscow, where Snowden has been granted temporary asylum from a U.S international extradition warrant....

Taking Germany hostage to demands for the USA to end it's extradiction and charges isn't going to work. The USA is not the aggrieved party, the German Chancellor is and the USA won't drop charges to allow Mr. Snowden to reinforce and/or expand on what Germany knows. 

Mr. Snowden needs to build a concensus among countries in decent of USA policy to expand his acceptance and those that can advocate for him. He needs to think this through, the charges by the USA are wrong. They will state Mr. Snowden was an enemy to Germany and other nations because he leaked information regarding them. In other words they should be demanding justice, too. But, they never allowed the NSA to gather the information in the first place and they are as victimized as Mr. Snowden. Supposedly, Carlyle is above using information against other governments as leverage. So, why gather it in the first place, these are allies.

So, if Mr. Snowden wants to reverse the USA's ambition to try him for treason or whatever they want now, he has to build a consensus among these nations to bring them together in an understanding Mr. Snowden acted to stop policies that hinder alliances and provide overreach to the USA it should never take without the knowledge or treaty of the other countries. Basically, he has to testify to them the USA invaded their sovereignty.

The USA has been enjoying overreach for nearly a decade now since the Bush White House declared The Global War on Terror. This is a stance created by Bush through very loose interpretation of USA laws and international treaties. This is a chance to close those doors again and even stop rendition and drone attacks. It rattles the imagination to realize the USA is still carrying out drone attacks over foreign soil without the consent of Congress nearly a decade later.

Mr. Snowden has to realize he is alone on a very big planet full of countries disgruntled with the NSA spying. He has to find a way to join with them so they can come to terms with the past and current practices of the USA. In other words, Edward Snowden needs to be valuable and innocent and worthy of a nation's advocacy, as Germany. There is a lot at stake in this and Germany knows it has a responsibility in asking a wanted treasonist of the USA for the very information he is wanted for. 

Edward Snowden needs to be magnanimous and not obstructive. No sovereign nation will abandon the honesty he can bring them and disregard the importance of his actions. It is a matter of honor and national sovereignty for them. This is bigger than just demanding leverage over the USA. It is a matter of diplomacy with sensitive information that can free him. He can't disregard the integrity of other nations when dealing with their representatives. He has a chance to be a hero and not a traitor. He should be looking for amnesty in the relationship with Germany and any other nation while asking the same for those he advocates.

The media is suppose to teach as well as propagandize, but, teaching is boring and doesn't get ratings.

October 30, 2013
Posted by Amy Davidson

...There was something else (click here) that was scary, though. Obama also had to speak because of what he called the “latest flurry” in the news. It was a little more than that. He had to square something that he had repeated often and unambiguously—“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”—with the news that people are getting letters from insurance companies saying that their coverage was being cancelled because of the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, NBC ran a report saying that millions of people would lose their existing coverage. Although the numbers are in dispute, this was not, as Jonathan Cohn and others have noted, a surprise to people deeply versed in the A.C.A. But it was for a lot of people who got those letters....

What President Obama should have said, as if I am someone to tell the President what to say, is "If you have a legal and not a substandard plan, you can keep your plan."

President Obama spoke extensively about the clarification needed regarding the hottest deception currently in the media. So, he is best to straighten it out and I think he did a great job of doing that. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is law. It doesn't permit substandard health insurance anymore. All the policies existing that are substandard will be cancelled. That was known a long time ago when the law was first written. That is a no brainer. 

The reason those policies are cancelled as of January 1, 2014 is because they are dangerous. They are dangerous for the people subscribing to them, the healthcare market and the fallout for the country in having to subsidize cheap health care insurance policies. 

Everyone in the country needs to get on board to a healthier tomorrow by subscribing to a qualified health care policy. Many of the states are having exceptional enrollments and much to their relief. Governors are happy they are getting the response knowing their citizens will no longer be a burden to the hospitals that STILL EXIST in the USA. If one recalls during the Bush Years hospitals closed at record rates. That is not a good thing. With The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act all patients are covered by qualified policies and hospitals will not have to carry the cost of the uninsured and won't bankrupt. 

So, with that reality check, President Obama says it far better than I.

Republicans are going to lie, deceive and propagandize their rants based in lies and deception.

America is changing and shedding the Old Guard. The GOP has a lot of Old Money to support it's candidates. The GOP isn't going to change, but, Robert Reich has some sincere insight. 

Mr. Reich brings up a very interesting point. The GOP is more interested in State elections. If one considers they want to dismantle and destroy the federal government, it completes the puzzle. It explains government shutdowns and brinkmanship of the federal debt. There are a lot of anarchists in the GOP base. My words, not Mr. Reich. 

The deception is unbelievable. The claim "Mitt Romney Killed My Wife" was due to the closing of a plant by Bain Capital.

Romeny was the Governor of Massachusetts when the law passed, but, in all honesty Senator Ted Kennedy was instrumental in helping Democratic State Congressional members pass the law. Why do people bitterly deceive the public? It doesn't pay to deceive. I don't believe any Right Wing / GOP claim about the number of people providing numbers outside HHS. They don't know, but, they will pretend they know.