Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Can we all just get along?"

Those words may have followed Rodney King all his life in ways it was never intended.  

...The officers attempted CPR, (click here) which was continued when paramedics arrived, he said. King was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton where he was pronounced dead at 6:11 a.m., he said.
Next-door neighbor Sandra Gardea, 31, said she heard commotion in King's backyard early Sunday morning. Gardea said about 3 or 3:30 a.m. she heard someone sobbing.
“It just sounded like someone was really sad,” she said. “There was a lot of moaning and crying. Another person was trying to console that person.”...
King became a symbol for police brutality and the trou

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The Union Avoidance Industry is a draconian industry acting to remove quality of life to Americans.

Below is an abstract from a British Journal from 2006. It explores the tactics used against the citizen's right to quality of life as described by their own social standard.

The Union Avoidance Industry has created seeking wealth a spectator sport.

The workers in the USA have to have the idea that once they go to work they expect to continue to improve their circumstances as time and expertise accumulates. I would never expect a worker in the USA to expect an economic depression to cause them hardship for the rest of their lives, which, is exactly what Republican lead states expect of their people.

"Times have changed, you know."

The Union Avoidance Phenomena running wild in Republican lead states is designed to not only stop unions for whatever reason it does, but, to remove quality of life from Americans. Today, Americans work harder, longer hours and more jobs for less pay, benefits and quality of life. The dream of improving their children's lives is vanishing.

Have a better day.

British Journal of Industrial Relations
44:4 December 2006 0007–1080 pp. 651–675

This paper analyses the development of the union avoidance industry in the
United States during the past half-century. Focusing on one leading example
from each group, it examines the activities of the four main actors that constitute
that industry: consultants, law firms, industry psychologists and strike management
firms. Although these firms have experienced a fall in business as unions
have declined in strength and numbers — a development that the union avoidance
industry has contributed to — they continue to play an important role in
the US system of industrial relations. Over three-quarters of employers hire
consultants when confronted by organizing campaigns, and large union avoidance
firms are increasingly seeking export markets for their expertise.

When was the last time the "poverty line" was adjusted for inflation?

In 1989 there was a report by the Census Bureau stating the highest poverty rates in the nation was The South. 

Mississippi was 25.2 percent. (click here for the report)
Louisiana was 23.6 percent.

The Republicans hold power in the South that was only recently challenged and when economic recovery didn't happen in two years they voted for Republican majorities and nothing got better in two more years.

The poverty level in the year 2012 is described by multiples of the current dollar amounts. A table from "" (click here) describes the way poverty is documented to allow a reasonable understanding of poverty level(s) in the USA in the year 2012.

The point is poverty in the USA has never been realized from a perspective of 'real impact' on citizen's lives. The poverty line is a number that basically never changes. If the poverty line of 1970 was adjusted for inflation nearly 30% of the citizens in the USA would be under it currently. It could even be a full third.

It is convenient for those in politics to discuss the poverty line and the people under that standard if it never changes as a standard, but, the reality of quality of life in the USA relies on more than a single standard set decades ago.

In the elections of 2012 one has to consider not simply what is occurring in the USA as far as economic recovery, but, the longevity in some states and entire regions of the country sometimes; how long poverty; profound poverty has been a standard that is literally a huge drag on the recovery. 

The USA South is definitely a standard of proof that long term poverty is easy to enforce through social mores while the wealth remains in the hands of a few. It is that standard the Republicans seek to emulate throughout the country.

The country has to look at where the social poverty standard is taking hold as well as where it is not and realize there are indoctrination of populous that are very difficult to change once survival is sought rather than comfort. Survival is fear.

This election is more important than anyone realizes. The Middle Class in most instances has been under assault for a long time and in some places accept the fact there is little available to change their lives.

I believe what is being witnessed to some extent in the country is complacency. A complacency that is a long term reality of The USA South. If impoverishment is accepted and there is a standard for that in the social understanding of survival, then to voters would it not be better to maintain the status quo to survive than to thrive. 

In 2012 the USA faces making a choice to maintain the status quo of impoverishing the Middle Class through complacency of survival then ever before. The realization the wealthy in the USA are opting to purchase the elections 2012 only validates that reality more and more.

The people of the USA South see it this way, "I am good at being poor." The economic upheaval in a citizen's life can happen quickly because there is no buffer to prevent discrimination to presence in the work place. A person can be fired from their job for basically no reason at all and the unemployment offices understand that. The unemployment offices in The South hold a different measure of eligibility to that reality. The State's unemployment offices realize the lifeline they provide to people willing and able to work but unable to because of some harsh decision make somewhere against them.

There is a broader picture and I believe President Obama articulates it exceptionally well, but, the 'mind speak' in the media is ignoring the very essence of the country's quality of life right before their eyes.

"The Right to Work Standard" and the "Right to Work Standard For Less" is playing on the fear that incorporates poverty as a way of life for Americans. Those standards should be criminalized, quite frankly.

Have a better day.