Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why is Gerrymandered Gohmert dependent of population density in cities?

What was noted in the Presidential Nominee Race for the Republicans between Romney and Santorum?

When Santorum won delegates they were in the rural areas of the state. 


The reason Santorum won delegates in rural areas of states is because the playing field was leveled by the lack of spending by PACs and SuperPACs. When Romney spent money during the Republican Presidential Nomination Race it was in cities were monies received the most dense exposure.

Why is Gerrymandered Gohmert so very interested in grandstanding on the House Floor? Why he is so cooperative with extremist media? Why does Gerrymandered Gohmert seek constant contact with his constituents?

What gets Gerrymandered Gohmert attention, FREE MEDIA EXPOSURE? What provides Michelle Bachmann with chronic, free media exposure?

Extremist views, right? The shocking statements from these Tea Party darlings get them media attention because it is scandalous and outrageous. They are media masters and will seek the extremist view every time. The real problem is not just their outrageous demeanor and Right Wing Media pandering, but, they vote the way they speak.

Gerrymandered Gohmert follows the 'Republican Media Model' receiving monies from people like the Koch Brothers. Gerrymandered Gohmert has guarantees of winning elections because the electorate is managed through his media methodology. When Texas District One had larger constituencies in rural Texas it was not possible to use media to control outcomes. Hence. Gerrymandering for media density that entertains the electorate 24/7.

Gerrymandered Gohmert

Texas District No. 1 (click here)

Louie Gohmert is so confident in his forever seat in the House all he does is seek egotistic opportunities promoting Right Wing rhetoric and hatred.

The link above is Gohmert's official website. There it little to no other topic on the front page except the Rightest of the Right Wing media. Today the top of Gohmert's website is Hannity. The listing below the Hannity clip is an article from Newsmax.

The rest of the front page is about soldiers, veterans, 9/11, hatred of illegal immigrants by complaining some kind of amnesty program. The really interesting article is this:

August 9, 2012 
WashingtonReps. Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Trent Franks (AZ-02), Michele Bachmann (MN-06), Tom Rooney (FL-16) and Lynn Westmoreland (GA-03) sent letters a few weeks ago to the Inspectors General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of State. These letters seek answers about the U.S. government’s involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that calls for “civilization jihad” against America....

These guys are bizarre. They are in office because of voter manipulation of their gerrymandered district. Gohmert comes from Texas 1 District. Texas has been nothing but brick red in every federal election for as long as I can remember. When the rest of the nation was voting blue, Texas was red in recent decades.

It consists largely of three small East  Texas (click here) metropolitan areas — Lufkin-Nacogdoches, in the south, Longview-Marshall, and Tyler.

For most of its history, the district was based in Texarkana. However, in a controversial 2003 redistricting orchestrated by then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Texarkana was drawn out of the district and moved to the neighboring Fourth congressional district. Lufkin, Tyler and Longview were added in its place.

The district was predominantly rural for much of its history, and thus was far friendlier to electing Democrats to Congress even as most of Texas swung toward the Republicans. The district's four-term Democratic incumbent, Max Sandlin, was a particularly severe critic of the DeLay-led redistricting effort, claiming that lumping rural areas with urban ones stifled the voice of rural voters. Indeed, the 2003 redistricting made the district more urban and Republican, especially with the addition of the Republican strongholds of Tyler and Longview. Sandlin was heavily defeated in November 2004 by Republican Louie Gohmert, a longtime judge in the Tyler area. Gohmert is the first Republican to represent the district since Reconstruction.

Gohmert is a gerrymandered House Republican. He has experienced no legitimate election.
Election results from recent races
Race and yearResults
2000: PresidentBush 68 - 32%
2004: PresidentBush 69 - 30%
2008: PresidentMcCain 69 - 30%
Gohmert was elected into office in the same proportions as the Presidential races. The link indicating the composition of Texas District 1 is Wikipedia. If one examines the entire page on Wiki about this district it is easy to note the Democrats have dominated this district since 1845. There were two exceptions to that all these years, until, it was gerrymandered by Tom Delay.

Gohmert is an illegitimate House Representative and probably one of the most overtly obvious example of illegitimate House Representatives. 

Amazing and Texas actually considers itself part of the USA? Republicans are sad examples of any leanings of democracy.

Sorry to hear Bush Senior isn't feeling well. He has holidays coming up.

I can't imagine a fella who jumped from planes at the age of 85 is happy about a chronic cough.

Hopefully it will resolve soon. 

My grandmother was 94 years old when she left us. In the later years of her life; it was nearly like clockwork; every February she had to go to the hospital for a tune up.

It was only once a year and it was an adjustment in her medication, but, it was necessary. We didn't encourage Gram to go to the hospital because as people age they are more susceptible to infection and there is plenty of it in the hospital.

I hope he will be home for a Merry Christmas with the former First Lady and his family.

You know that hacker that just stole all your information off your smart phone? Yep.

Homeland Security needs to check the vulnerability of all defibrillators including the emergency devices in hospitals, shopping malls and work places.

Published 28 November 2012

IT experts reported (click here) that security flaws in pacemakers and defibrillators could be putting lives at risk; the experts say that many of these devices are not properly secured and therefore are vulnerable to hackers who may want to commit an act that could lead to multiple deaths....

They don't care. Simple. Profits before people.

I am sure all we need is more compassion from Wall Street and Conservatives. Right? That's all we need. People die sometimes, that's all. It is a price to pay for a Wall Street economy. 

I suppose, if that is the only priority that lines your pockets. They don't need regulation, now do they?

Published November 27, 2012, 12:00 AM
By: Bryan Horwath, The Dickinson Press

Oil executive Nathan Garber (click here) pleaded not guilty Monday at the Stark County Courthouse to a felony charge that he threatened area drinking water with his company’s hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” wastewater disposal practices.
Earlier this year, the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office charged Garber — listed in court documents as a Kalispell, Mont., resident — with a Class C felony, arguing that a company led by Garber knowingly attempted to deceive Industrial Commission inspectors.
Following the brief hearing before Stark County Judge H. Patrick Weir, neither Garber nor his attorney, Monte Rogneby of the Bismarck-based Vogel Law Firm, wished to comment to The Press. A Stark County official said a date for a pretrial conference would be set at a later time....

Is the female uterus a Wall Street commodity?

It all depends on how economic growth is defined. 

If Wall Street can make a $20.00 profit off every American in a year, then they can increase profits if there are more Americans.

If that $20.00 profit means the American people are impoverished, then that is what it means and an increase in population means more $20.00 from more Americans.

Quality of life is not a priority for Wall Street. Profit driven corporations are adverse to quality of life if there is no conscience in government to counter it. 

The USA is in a very precarious spot with its economy. How does it manage to move quality of life forward for its people without crashing the economy it is recovering? Is there room for tax increases to pay down the national debt in a way that will continue the recovery of the "People's Economy?" That is the debate right now.

There is plenty of room at the top of the economy of the USA for taxes to increase. There is no reason for anyone to believe there will be an economic downturn because the wealthy has to pay more in taxes. There is sincerely no debate. The revenues for the USA has to increase and not decrease. This is not a time for cutting taxes.

President Obama and the Democrats know the national debt is a high priority and they are not about to enter into frivolous spending. The Republicans are always using the idea Democrats are 'tax and spend' to secure their political aspirations. Does anyone in the country actually believe Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is void of the understanding of the national debt in relation to the vitality of generations of Americans? I don't believe that for a minute and I am confident she is able to protect the Middle Class.

I have found the goals of the Obama Economy inspired, quite frankly. He has managed to support Americans in need while still recovery a very stubborn economy. It is amazing we are where we are right now. He is a great leader. A great President. I trust him.

The Middle Class has to grow. It has to grow globally to sincerely have a vital and vibrant world of people comfortable with each other to stop hatred and victimization. But, that is a priority the USA does not have control over, but, can simply seek cooperation. What the USA does have control over is the outcome of its own people. When the USA Middle Class has a majority it moves a global economy regardless of other priorities abroad.

Foreign economies do put a drag on the USA economy, but, that is where the State Department makes a huge difference. The State Department is not about domestic economic growth, but, international relationships that secure the USA. The economic stability of other nations is vitally important to national security in the age of terrorist infiltration into social structures. 

At any rate, the USA Middle Class has to survive and thrive. The more economic advantage the USA Middle Class has to those goals the faster the economic recover and that is why there will be contraction of the USA economy if the Middle Class is asked to pay more taxes than they are today. The economy won't disappear, but, it will contract and recover at a different rate and in a different way. We are far better off trusting the Middle Class with local economies to restore the vitality to the USA's economy and that of the global economy.

Look, have a good day. President Obama knows what he is doing, he had done his job exceptionally well and will continue to 'right the ship.' The American people are great people and we will figure it all out and move forward. Promise.

The current fiscal concerns of the USA have no analogy to anything Wall Street in 2008.

I think it is a mistake to find parallels to anything 2008 with this fiscal concern of the USA. There will be increased income post New Year's Eve, there is no sincere analogy there. 

If Wall Street freaks out that is not USA's concern. Not at all. If Wall Street freaks out it simply shows their lack of confidence and expertise in their own interests.

The added income post New Year's Eve will allow the USA to pay its bills until a solidly good solution is reached in the competent hands of a new Congress in January. If Wall Street honestly wants to protect from stress in its markets, then it needs to stop spending billions on USA elections to find guarantees to their outcomes. Sincerely. Corporations are not people. Simple.

The 'trend' in the GOP today is the course correction needed to achieve real solutions. Wall Street may be their focus but the USA has OBLIGATIONS to its people and I completely reject the inflammatory speech of the extremists "We are Greece." That is nonsense. By sheer size and economy the USA is not Greece. Greece is far more vulnerable economically than the USA.

The GOP has sincere leadership stating if 98% of the people are protected from tax increases it is abiding by its promises to stop the burden of tax increases on the American people. That reality should be secured today and the Middle Class needs to be released from its bondage as hostages to the wealthy. I am quite sure the Democrats have a bill waiting for passage to protect 98% of the people in the USA. Quite sure. The bill could be passed within days and signed by the President immediately. Such a bill would INSURE the forward movement of the current economic recovery. The lack of such a bill will cause contraction of the economy and it is directly the responsibility of the dysfunctional Republican House.

Wall Street has a problem and consumer confidence has resulted in contrary to profits. The consumer to Wall Street products has become more and more impoverished TO THEIR CONFIDENCE in purchasing power.

November 28, 2012|Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch

...What these statistical results mean: (click here) Consumer confidence tells us more about how the stock market has already performed than it does about the future. But insofar as consumer confidence tells us anything about the future, it’s that stronger readings are more negative than positive for the stock market....

The reason consumer confidence and Wall Street vitality are in opposition is because consumers lose monies in their coffers when Wall Street makes profits. So, these indexes are antagonistic to each other. The less monies consumers have in their coffers the less confident they are. Simple. When that occurs Wall Street seeks to encourage spending anyway and further impoverish their consumers.

CREDIT to consumers approach toxicity while CEOs reap bonuses.

The poverty rate in the USA is at an all time high. That is a direct result of Wall Street impoverishing their own consumers through poverty wages. The relationship between Wall Street and poverty to achieve profits has become so toxic the USA government under Republican policy has sought to gut the power of their own citizens with changes to bankruptcy laws, etc. There is NO MARGIN anymore to the impoverishment of the consumer to benefit profits of Wall Street.

Wall Street needs to imagine what their profits would look like if the impoverished to the USA and potentially the world were actually Middle Class consumers. It gets far more interesting than they could imagine.

Wall Street's loyalty to profits at the rates they have existed in recent years is hideous to their best outcomes. Sooner or later, the impoverished will become more and more impoverished and there will be no markets for Wall Street. If that is the path Wall Street wants that is their choice, but, for ME; "I simply LOVE consumer confidence in relation to local economies." And local economies are far more aware of their consumer vitality. The local consumer economy has DIRECT positive relationships to profits. The better the local consumer does the better the local economies do.

So, to worry about Wall Street's happiness in attempting to purchase elections, encouraging gerrymandering, voter oppression and consumer impoverishment has little loyalty from me. Wall Street lost in 2012. President Obama and the Democrats have four more years to turn the corner on complete national impoverishment with the ruling Plutocrats attempting to play their hand against the Middle Class. 

The USA has obligations. I stated OBLIGATIONS. It needs to pay them and it won't happen if there is chronic pandering to Wall Street. Quite the contrary. The more confidence the Middle Class has in USA obligations the better the future looks on all fronts. 

Blankfein can go straight to hell along with his buddy that was once Secretary Treasurer.

BP is $6 billion from its divestiture goal of $38 billion to pay for damages resulting from the disastrous Deepwater Horizon.

The responsibility of the USA government is to maintain the integrity of its sovereign borders, waters and economic interest of its people. The problem BP created for itself when it proceeded with a reckless methodology to increase profits is not the problem of the people of the USA. The leases stand and it is up to BP to raise the necessary funds to protect USA assets in recovery from this complete idiocy.

Eleven people died. In the latest explosion, which was not BP, two people died and one is now missing and the search efforts have stopped. This level of negligence of human life has a very long history in this industry. The most recent deaths were due to a welding rig meeting its activities with natural gas. There are indications it was avoidable. There is little to no conscience within the petroleum industry. It is a profit driven industry without regard to life or environment.

By Steven MufsonPublished: September 10

...The latest sale leaves BP close to its $38 billion goal (click here) for divestments to settle claims linked to the spill, part of a program that will leave the London-based oil giant more streamlined but still in possession of its best prospects for growth and most profitable assets. BP chief executive Bob Dudley said in a statement that the sales were “consistent with our strategy of playing to our strengths.”

BP sold interests in three fields connected to the Marlin platform the company installed in 1999 and used as a production hub southeast of New Orleans. It also sold its interests in four other fields and some exploration prospects associated with the fields. Together the fields produced 59,500 barrels a day of oil and natural gas liquids....