Wednesday, February 26, 2014

God works in very strange ways when it comes to global peace.

So, if the USA and Europe thought the missile ships were a guaranteed advantage over the Russians or otherwise; I'd think again.

The guided-missile frigate USS Taylor departed Naval Station Mayport, Fla., on Jan. 8, 2014, for a seven-month 

Stars and Stripes
Feb 26, 2014

NAPLES, Italy -- The Navy (click here) relieved the commander of the USS Taylor on Tuesday, about two weeks after the Florida-based frigate ran aground in the Black Sea.

Cmdr. Dennis Volpe was relieved by Capt. Jim Aiken, commander of Task Force 65, which controls surface ships in the Navy’s 6th Fleet waters in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. A preliminary inquiry into the grounding resulted in a “loss of confidence” in Volpe’s ability to command, according to a 6th Fleet news release.

Volpe was temporarily reassigned to the staff of Destroyer Squadron 14 in Mayport, Fla., Taylor’s homeport. His duties as commander of the Taylor are to be assumed by Cmdr. Chris Cigna until a permanent replacement can be found, according to the release. A full investigation into the grounding is underway.
ment to the U.S. 5th and 6th Fleet areas of responsibility...

Let's all pray for Pope Francis and his mission on the Climate Crisis.

A clear and lasting legacy of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (click here) will be his consistent and prophetic voice–as well as his leadership by example–on environmental issues, particularly his concern about climate change and its impacts on the planet and poor and vulnerable people.  The Coalition and it’s partners will be forever indebted to Pope Benedict XVI for his witness....

It may the last hope for the USA.

Is Chad Myers still with CNN?

Because he has competition as the worst climate scientist on the planet by Bill Karins at MSNBC. Not that either of them are qualified to understand it, but, they can predict weather.

February 26, 2014
The Weather Channel 
Current Temperature Map

I really don't care to go through a proof, but, it is really interesting for the laymen to realize the severe cold in the north of the USA coincides completely with the decent to lower latitudes of a polar air mass. 

Do I have to actually post the satellite images from the past week? I would hope not. I didn't think there was a professional alive that was that dim. 

UNISYS Water Vapor satellite of the North and West hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)
February 256, 2014

Maybe the real dolt of Karins reality is the anchor that demanded the stupidity to be put on the air in the first place. Why discuss global warming to try to save a planet, the press only uses it to create a wedge issue for the Keystone pipeline. Idiots. Any way is allowed in the news business, huh? I think I make my case.

It is called ethics and evidently it has no place on cable news. 

If only the First Term of a USA Presidency could achieve a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine so it can be enforced in the second term.

25 February 2014 – The Middle East peace process (click here) is nearing a defining moment, the top United Nations political chief today told the Security Council today urging Governments to back the peace agenda and to raise awareness of the benefits of peace among their constituents.
Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman told the 15-member Council that direct negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians, which resumed in August of last year following efforts by United States Secretary of State John Kerry, have opened “a credible political horizon for achieving the two-state solution.”
He urged that they continue to be supported by regional stakeholders, underlining the importance of the Arab Peace Initiative....

The Israel Homeland interprets the purpose of the Middle East Peace Process differently than AIPAC and speaks to the lack of an agreement for decades.

Somehow a hostile process as viewed by Israel as if it is suppose to be dismissed because the Palestinians are not sincere.

02/24/2014 23:03
In its annual survey (click here) of American Jewry published last October, the American Jewish Committee found that 75 percent of American Jews agree with the statement, “The goal of the Arabs is not a peaceful two-state agreement with Israel, but rather the destruction of Israel.”
And yet, American Jews supported the establishment of a Palestinian state 50% to 47%.

Next week over 10,000 predominantly Jewish American supporters of Israel will gather in Washington at AIPAC’s annual policy conference. Given their high commitment to Israel, probably most of those gathered belong to the 47% of American Jews who opposed Palestinian statehood.

Yet at the conference they will embrace the two-state formula. And on March 4 they will go up to Capitol Hill and tell their representatives that they support it....

Those involved in achieving a Middle East Peace Agreement between Israel and Palestine are well invested in a two state approach. The peace process does not hold the goal "...the destruction of Israel." Why bother with a peace process to destroy Israel? If global interests wanted to destroy Israel it would not take peace processes to do it. That is nonsense. NONSENSE. I thought Israel could rise above dealing in double talk when it comes to the peace of their people.

Alex Kane on October 31, 2013
Israel is reaping the benefits of a sweet deal (click here) it struck at the start of the peace process: release a token amount of Palestinian prisoners, and continue gobbling up the West Bank....

It seemed like a good beginning, however, the 104 prisoners resulting in this deal were supposed to be release in 1999 with the Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum along with the 350 agreed to.

Israel has managed to reverse most if not all of the Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum.

Israeli withdrawal from a further 11% of the West Bank

The release of 350 Palestinian prisoners

Opening of safe passages between the West Bank and Gaza

A seaport to be built in Gaza - Israel feared Gaza would be importing weapons that would cause deaths in Israel.

February 25, 2014, 7:30 pm

Hamas MP said Tuesday (click here) that a natural gas field may have been discovered off the Gaza shore, prompting hopes for alternative fuel supplies for the blockaded Palestinian territory.

What happened? Escalation of violence on the ground and every aspect of the agreement fell apart. Most of the Israeli Diaspora wants peace and recognizes the need for two states. Just because Israel has managed to renege on the outcome of previous agreements doesn't mean the rest of the world lost it's focus.

How much of Gaza's hope for an energy source is true is anyone's guess. But, the fact is the longer the oppression of the people of Gaza continues, the longer the hostilities will continue. 

On the same evening that 26 Palestinian prisoners were released over the objections of Israeli Jewish citizens, the Israeli Interior Ministry announced that plans to construct 1,500 homes in the Ramat Shlomo settlement in East Jerusalem were moving forward. While this project has long been in the pipeline–announcement of settlements there caused a diplomatic crisis with the U.S. in 2010–the new announcement means that “within several months, it will be possible to start issuing building permits and marketing land to contractors,” Haaretz’s Barak Ravid reports.

Just because Israel states there will be new settlements doesn't mean they last, ie: Gaza. Why do it in the first place?

Israeli settlements have been a method to take land from Palestinians even after every color of the rainbow lines have been drawn. Israel never lived up to the limits in their agreement no matter how diligent their leaders have sought to end the hatred and violence. The Late Prime Minister Sharon was the only leader successful in ending the aggression of settlements while establishing a Palestinian territory in Gaza. 

Israel makes it very easy for Palestinian negotiators to state, "Israel is not a legitimate partner in negotiations," and it is true. Israel believes they are so important to the region for The West there is nothing they can be denied, so negotiations are viewed as political capital for The West. It is somewhat a reliable point of view to state Israel plays with The West as if it's puppet. The political investment in Israel by politics in The West, primarily the USA, allows such infractions of any agreement. It is just a fact.

Israel's history in regard to the Palestinians has not been peaceful, even by Sharon.

January 21, 2014

...In 2000, (click here) he entered the contested religious complex known by some as the Temple Mount, which triggered the second intifada. To crown this career, in 2002 Mr. Sharon reoccupied Palestinian-controlled areas in the West Bank and destroyed then-Palestinian President Yasir Arafat’s compound in Ramallah. Mr. Sharon publicly expressed his regret that he hadn’t killed Mr. Arafat himself.

Some say that Mr. Sharon changed after becoming prime minister in 2001, and that his transformation became obvious in 2005, when he withdrew the Israeli Army from Gaza and dismantled settlements there. But this is naïve. Neither Mr. Sharon’s ideology nor his convictions changed; only his tactics did.

...Mr. Sharon wanted an ethnically pure Jewish state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea....

I don't buy that. Israel in 2005 was well integrated with mixed marriage and those with Arabian ethnic roots in it's cities. Sharon wasn't that stupid. The politics may have been, but, he wasn't.

The politics in Israel is toxic to an outcome of any peace process. It demands more and more settlements regardless of it's final disposition. The reason the politics is toxic is because of the chronic recidivism of any Israel-Palestine Agreement. The reason the second term of any President is most successful in achieving a meaningless peace treaty is because the USA President (regardless of party) can shed the dependency on the Israeli diaspora in the USA. There is no third term in the USA.

The only steadfast member of any peace process with Israel and Palestine is the United Nations and they are always skeptical of any outcome. They simply try to prevent further human rights infractions where they can while Israel still ignores the lines in the sand that is suppose to be Palestinian territory.
The real question is "When will The West stop ignoring the infractions by Israel to any peace process that is engaged?" When is an Israel - Palestine Peace Accord actually mean something to the global community as well as the Palestinians and Hebrews within their boundaries in the Middle East? 

By Haaretz
Feb. 26, 2014 

Convoy was carrying missiles (click here) from Syria into Lebanon; destroyed weapons were more dangerous than almost all missiles Hezbollah already has, Time says...

Then add to that mess, the instability throughout the region. When Israel acts to end KNOWN networks of violence, such as Hezbollah, from being destructive to other peaceful attempts to stabilize the region does anyone think Hamas will behave itself?

Hamas will attack Israel with rockets to avenge the attack on Hezbollah and then Israel has legitimacy to it's lack of enthusiasm for peace with Palestine. It is ridiculous, but, yet the region's peace has to involve an Israel-Palestine two state solution.

The process has to continue without any justification by any nation to back out and ultimately dissolve the agreement. 

And I don't want to hear how The Arab Spring is the problem because this paradigm of power plays has gone on for decades. Hamas is not new, Hezbollah is not new and the imposition of violence in Lebanon by Syria is not new. The ONLY thing consistent in the Middle East is the ethnic hatred.

I am glad Former President Clinton is having a good time.

Joseph Gerth
The Louisville Courier-Journal  
4:01 p.m. EST February 25, 2014

LOUISVILLE — Former president Bill Clinton (click here) spoke Tuesday at a Louisville fundraiser for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic secretary of state who is challenging GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell in one of this year's most closely watched Senate races.
During a 25-minute speech, Clinton alternately praised Grimes, the daughter of his longtime friend Jerry Lundergan, and took shots at McConnell.
He slammed the Senate minority leader's scorched-earth campaign tactics — and told the crowd of Grimes supporters that they can't allow McConnell to convince them that their votes in the race don't matter....

I have to agree with him, the politics of the Senate Majority Leader are sad.

After the Debt Ceiling passage the House Speaker stated the legislative session was closed, right? In response to that Senator McConnell has loaded the agenda with nonsense in the Senate and it is difficult to get anything else done. So, the politics of the right wing is very sad. They have nothing to offer the American people. They won't move on immigration reform, tax reform, jobs or infrastructure bills. They have no platform except obstruction.

David Corn of Mother Jones aptly points to the fact SSI reform involves entitlement reform WITH revenue increases. The GOP has and is rejecting the additional revenue, but, wants to eliminate Seniors from their enrollment. Cherry picking is not allowed when actual reform happens.

February 26, 2014
...A few days ago, (click here) after Sink blasted her Republican opponent, David Jolly, for being a lobbyist who has worked for clients advocating the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, the NRCC struck back. Katie Prill, a spokeswoman for the group, assailed Sink, the state of Florida's former chief financial officer, for supporting the Simpson-Bowles long-term budget plan that was released in late 2010. This centrist blueprint called for raising $1 trillion in revenues via taxes and proposed measures that would squeeze money out of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, including a slow and gradual increase in the retirement age. Prill noted, "Alex Sink supports a plan that raises the retirement age for Social Security recipients, raises Social Security taxes and cuts Medicare, all while making it harder for Pinellas seniors to keep their doctors that they know and love. Sending Alex Sink to Washington guarantees that seniors right here in Pinellas County are in jeopardy of losing the Social Security and Medicare benefits that they have earned and deserve."...

Soldier with weapons are still necessary in meetings with local police outposts?

Arizona's struggle to end discrimination and hate is long standing.

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 10:25 a.m. MST
Updated: 21 hours ago

WASHINGTON — As Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (click here) weighs a decision whether to sign a bill strengthening the state's religious liberty protections for individuals and businesses, her state is one of several wrestling with a balance between religious liberty and anti-discrimination laws.

The bill comes in the wake of a number of cases across the country in which same-sex couples complained that business owners refused service on the grounds of religious belief. In one prominent example, a New Mexico court said last year that the refusal of wedding photographer Elaine Huguenin to take pictures of a same-sex wedding was not protected under that state's version of the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, since the state was not acting to force an action....

In Michigan, the very definition of "Family" is at stake. I am sure Governor Snyder wants to have nothing to do with the discussion of this case. Far easier to allow the GOP to wallow in Arizona than Michigan.

DETROIT February 25, 2014 (AP)
Children need good parents, (click here) no matter their gender or sexual orientation, a psychologist testified Tuesday at a trial challenging Michigan's ban on gay marriage.
David Brodzinsky, an expert in adoption and foster care and a former Rutgers University professor, said there are no "discernible differences" in children who are raised by same-sex couples and youth raised by heterosexuals.
"It's not the gender of the parents that's the key. It's the quality of the parenting," said Brodzinsky, based in Oakland, Calif.
Two Detroit-area nurses who together are raising three adopted children are seeking to overturn a Michigan constitutional amendment that recognizes marriage only between a man and a woman. Jayne Rowse, 49, and April DeBoer, 42, also are targeting a state law that prevents them from jointly adopting each other's kids because they're not married....

Russia is not the USA. What is the profession missing?

Published: November 9, 2012 

MOSCOW — The motive behind the 2006 murder (click here) of Anna Politkovskaya, a veteran reporter who was an unstinting critic of the Kremlin and its policies in Chechnya, was to instill fear in the country’s journalists, a top criminal investigator said in an interview published Friday. It was a bleak assessment of a case that remains unsolved six years after Ms. Politkovskaya was shot at point-blank range as she arrived home from grocery shopping.... 

How much of the world can actually emulate democracy? Right now. Today. In 2014. What is possible and how much is hatred of authoritarian government breeding criminal elements? 

But, more than that. How much of the hatred feeds the USA military industrial complex? What would the USA do, if Russia were to immediately become a USA state, with Chechnya? Would simply changing the flag change the reality on the ground? If all surveillance of these regions of the world immediately ended would the danger to civilization end as well?

Freedom of the press has over extended itself in their thirst for political controversy, ie: 2012 Olympic plane flights, endangering millions of people in the face of ambition. 

There is a point in which the press imposes the demand for change by the people it serves whereby danger is more the outcome than benevolent change. Why isn't that realized? Why is it okay to push past the 'words' of peaceful change rather than radicalization?  

Oh, I forgot, it isn't journalism's responsibility to discern inappropriate reporting. Really? Then why are whistleblowers necessary and acting on their own radicalized against their government? How much of Wall Street is published everyday to expand profits? How much of that is adhered to for political ambitions? Then how much actually causes wars, ie: Iraq? 

When the people of Russia observe the USA, it sees wealth. It doesn't see the impoverishment of the Middle Class and the destruction of unions that impact the Middle Class. When the wealthy become bored they want power and turn to politics for their personal ambitions. One might note that isn't the reason for President Obama. He hadn't practiced long enough in his profession to be filthy rich and bored.  

If a semi-democratic candidate won in Russia, what exactly would it look like, because the most recent challenger, after the election was over, stated, "He would never be able to naviagate the Russia bureaucracy."  So, what exactly would a 'semi-democratic' Russia look like? Wall Street? Would that stop the violence? If the impoverished of Russia were exposed to Wall Street demands as exists in the USA today, does anyone actually believe there would be less violence in Chechnya? I seriously don't think so.

So, what is the profession doing to push change without radicalizing the people that make headlines and end up dead within that paradigm?

The Ukraine has a very long border with Russia including the Black Sea.

Security forces in Russia's troubled Dagestan (click here) region have shot dead the suspected organiser of the Volgograd suicide bombings during a house siege.
Dzhamaldin Mirzayev, 30, died along with another man after opening fire on security forces surrounding the house, Russian security sources say.
A third man surrendered during the siege in the town of Izberbash.
Two attackers killed 34 other people in the bomb attacks in Volgograd on consecutive days in late December.
The bombers, both male, were officially identified last week as Asker Samedov and Suleyman Magomedov, members of an Islamist militant group based in the Dagestani town of Buynaksk.
Two men suspected of helping them were arrested in Dagestan. According to one Russian news website, Life News, they are suspected of having driven the bombers hidden in a cargo of hay, acting under duress....

President Putin is correct in deploying military in the region. Whether the Ukraine realizes it or not, the additional military forces in the region provides for their protections as well. I don't believe Russia wants an escalation of tensions in the region and the Ukraine needs to get on with it's own business to increase the opportunity of stabilizing their domestic peace.

in Sevastopol, in Kiev and agencies

The Russian president, (click here) Vladimir Putin, has reportedly ordered an immediate test of combat readiness of troops in central and western Russia in a move that will dramatically elevate fears of a separatist threat to Ukraine, already ravaged by weeks of violent protest that led to the removal of its pro-Russian leader, Viktor Yanukovych.
Russia's state news agencies quoted the defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, saying Putin ordered the test at 2pm Moscow time on Wednesday. The Kremlin was unable to confirm the order.
The exercise was followed with a statement from the Russian foreign ministry claiming that extremists are "imposing their will" in the Ukraine and whipping up religious tensions. Priests and property belonging to the Moscow-based Russian Orthodox church had been threatened, the statement said, adding that these tension could cause "an even bigger schism in Ukrainian society"....

I might point out the geographical location of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. There are small countries such as Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijani that lie in areas whereby stability could become an issue very quickly. I would expect the USA and Europe are having conversations with their allies in the region to insure there is no terrorist activity as well. To state this is a power keg is minimizing the threat for war in the region.

Americans live with an entire ocean and continent, namely Europe, as borders to this region. It is frequently understated in the USA media the very tenuous stability in the region. Russia does a heck of a job whether anyone wants to recognize it or not. In the USA media Russia's involvement is frequently stated to be aggressive and hostile. Well. Yeah.  But, it doesn't mean Russia is trying to reconstitute the USSR. The USSR is history.

GOP Congresspersons can shake their fists all they want about Russia, but, they forget what country sought to help. Russia didn"t send the Tsarnaev Brothers to attack the USA as bin Laden did. Russia tried to stop it through appropriate channels.

When it comes to foreign relations with Russia the rhetoric has to stop by the USA. And it is more understandable when realizing how stable the region actually is why Russia objects to the USA and Europe parking missiles at it's borders. It tends to embolden extremists, heighten tensions and increases the instability of the region. So long as Russia is The Evil Empire it will continue to have issues of instability simply because criminal networks believe they are validated in their 'beliefs.' 

I congratulate the Ukraine for establishing a democracy in the manner the people seek, but, they have work to do and they cannot deny Russia is a neighbor along a large border. The Ukraine has to find peace with Russia. I would think Europe would seek to have that happen, too.

Thursday, January 30, 2014
FBI via Reuters
Boston Marathon Bombing suspect (click here) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is pictured in an undated FBI handout photo.
The Justice Department has notified a federal judge that it intends to seek the death penalty if a jury convicts Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for last April’s bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon.
Tsarnaev is awaiting trial on charges that he and his brother built and planted two pressure-cooker bombs that killed three people and injured at least 260 others. He is also charged with killing an MIT campus police officer....

The USA law enforcement system was impuned when it attempted to find a reason to intervene. If the FBI was actively working with local investigators and extending their capabilities the bombings may have been stopped and criminals imprisoned.

POSTED: 10:22 AM EST Feb 25, 2014
UPDATED: 10:25 PM EST Feb 25, 2014

It's a story of survival. (click here)

Virginia Military Institute graduate Richard "Dic" Donohue knew his life would never be the same the day of the Boston Marathon bombings.
Now, he is sharing how he learned to make the best out of a bad situation.
The 2002 VMI grad has been in and out of physical therapy since the bombings, but he made the trip from his home in Massachusetts to Virginia to speak to cadets about strength and perseverance. He said those are two things he learned at VMI.
"I don’t think I was exactly ready for what happened in my case, but I had some tools that had me better prepared,” he said....

When it comes to extremists that are radicalized because of their lack of success as an American, the local investigative authorities can be an 'extender' of the FBI arm when evidence presents itself. I think of the local investigators as 'FBI Jr.' I am confident if the Boston investigators were empowered for further surveillance after the FBI carried out as much of their investigation as possible, the bombings would have been deterred.

When it comes to Russia, it is impressive to realize how broad their reach can be. Why would any nation in the world want that expertise to end?

I am curious. How much do Human Rights organizations recognize the reality of PREVENTION of criminal attacks against citizens when they make their ratings known to the world? It matters. There are nations that need to improve their justice system that end political domination and prisons that need to be closed and their residents set free to live their lives, but, there is something to be said about the prevention of death of citizens, that matters too.

The people of the Ukraine are concerned about Crimea separatism.

On Air (click here)

Ukrainians want peace within their country. They want all Ukrainians to live within the new government. They want all Ukrainians to support their country without any threat of violence or separatism. Is that too much to want?

There can still be opposition parties in any election, but, to actively be part of a movement to divide the country geographically and set up reasons for tensions and fears of violence is not where the new leadership or the majority of the people want the country. 

I don't believe in jailing former leaders as they did the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on trumped up charges of embezzlement and abuse of power. But, this time there are people dead. Mykola Azarov may have ordered the riot police to use excessive force. The real focus needs to be on the police that carried out the killing and jail them and hold them for trial, but, if the people fell victim to orders from the leadership there are penalties to be paid. 

I do believe the opposition in the Crimea comes from leadership being jailed and now missing. One other thing about Former President Viktor Yanukovich. With the opposition of the people he began charges of murder against the jailed Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

January 19, 2013 
Former Ukrainan Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, (click here) a galvanizing figure in the Orange Revolution of 2004, has been named a suspect in the murder of a powerful businessman and lawmaker and three others in 1996.
Supporters of Tymoshenko, who is serving a seven-year sentence in a separate case, say the accusations are just the latest in an attempt by President Viktor Yanukovich to keep his rival behind bars.
Tymoshenko's political party said the latest allegations represented a "shameful day in the history of the Ukrainian law enforcement system," The Associated Press reported.... 

Basically, while Tymoshenko sat in prison and was connected with the people, Yanukovich was seeking a way for her death.

Iconic figures behind bars is simply not a good idea. It galvanized populations within a country and creates tensions. The Ukraine has been in flux for so long it is always this tug of war that is engaged and those that are more Soviet than independent expect they will regain their ground. 
Alyssa Newcomb More from Alyssa »
Digital Reporter

in Sevastopol, in Kiev and agencies

Ukraine's new leadership (click here) disbanded the country's feared riot police on Wednesday as they sought to win confidence from a splintered and economically ravaged nation with the creation of a unity government.
Protesters filled Kiev's Maidan square – the seat of the Ukrainian revolution – preparing to meet the replacement cabinet proposed by Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukraine's acting president, on Wednesday evening.
Turchynov warned on Tuesday that the country faced a serious threat from separatism amid fears the Kremlin may be stoking pro-Russian sentiment in the Crimean peninsula.
"We discussed the question of not allowing any signs of separatism and threats to Ukraine's territorial integrity and punishing people guilty of this," Turchynov said after meeting key officials.
A visiting Russian parliamentarian said earlier on Tuesday that Moscow would act in the event of heightened tension over the Crimean peninsula...

The issue at the heart of any WEDGE in the Ukraine are the gas contracts with Russia.

Feb 25, 2014 5:04 AM ET

Russian stocks tumbled (click here) as the ruble fell while oil and gas shares dropped with crude amid concern that Ukraine will be unable to pay for energy imports.
The Micex Index (INDEXCF) fell 0.8 percent to 1,477.35 at 12:50 p.m. in Moscow, its biggest decline in six days. OAO Gazprom, which sends more than half of its European gas exports via Ukraine, dropped 1.8 percent to 146.44 rubles. OAO Bashneft, a regional oil producer, dropped 2.2 percent to 2,105 rubles.
Ukraine can’t pay about $1.6 billion it owes Russia for natural gas because local utilities haven’t paid for supplies in more than a year, Kommersant newspaper said today, citing Ukrainian Energy Minister Eduard Stavytskyi. The one third discount it receives on Russian gas will probably be extended to the second quarter, he was reported to have said. Brent crude slid 0.2 percent to $110.39 in London.... 

The Ukraine Legislators need to address their debt problems constructively. The interest by Russia in the Ukraine is less about reconstituting the USSR in an economic union, but, more about the stability of the Russian economy. No other country is showing interest in the debt interests of the Ukraine.

It is somewhat understandable that the EU has resistance in seeking the Ukraine as a member or otherwise. The EU has suffered their own bailouts and debt restructuring of it's members.

Along with having the 2004 Constitution returned and the Former Prime Minister freed, the Ukraine legislators and current leadership have to stop worrying about their presence in the government. The country needs stability and if the Ukraine became an independent country with leadership that handled the debt through the IMF rather than seeking favors from Russia, the instability will settle down. Those opposing the 2004 Constitution also have a reasonable argument that the country languishes in debt troubles. The national debt of the Ukraine has to be addressed constructively to provide confidence by all the people to their future.

There is also the idea of alternative energies that should be a priority for the Ukraine, however, it is difficult to invest in new infrastructure when it's current methods of energy are entrenching the country in profound debt.

MOSCOW February 22, 2014 (AP)

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov (click here) said Sunday that Ukraine should seek a loan from the International Monetary Fund to avoid an imminent default, but would have to meet demands for difficult structural reforms.

Russia in December offered Ukraine a $15 billion bailout, but so far has provided only $3 billion, freezing further disbursements pending the outcome of the ongoing political crisis.

The loan was promised to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after he ditched an agreement with the European Union that Moscow opposed. But Yanukovych left Ukraine's capital on Saturday after parliament voted for his removal, and protesters calling for closer ties with the West now have the upper hand in Kiev....

The reason Governor Jan Brewer slowly makes a decison to veto is for the same reason Governor Jindal cries about increasing the income of the people in his state.

Brewer and Jindal have an issue with the size and variety of their policial platform. They are rightwingers and have to make the appearance they oppose everything that comes out of the White House. How stupid is that? What does the White House not touch in regard to the lives of Americans? 

Jindal, "Highest income in Louisiana in 80 years."

How stupid is that statement? Seriously, how completely stupid and shameful is that statement. Make an educated guess.

Let's say Jindal is absolutely correct. Today the people of Louisiana are paid more then they have been paid in 80 years. Post Civil War. The median household income in Louisiana is $44,673. The median household income in the USA is $53,046. Best in 80 years, huh? What kind of leadership has Louisiana experiencing in relation to the nation?

The percentage of people in Louisiana below the poverty level is 18.7%. The percentage of people below the poverty level is 14.9%.
What does Jindal NOTE as the 'real economy' of the USA?

The Keystone XL Pipeline, increasing on leasing activity on federal lands and removing regulations and eliminating the EPA. What industry is Jindal worried about and speaking for? 

Jindal has ONE message, WE WANT TO DRILL, BABE, DRILL. Yes? Yes. According to Jindal the only industry in the USA that can provide jobs is the petroleum industry. 

Is that a stupid platform or what? The man isn't even real anymore. He doesn't even represent some of the most impoverished in this country. He ONLY speaks for the petroleum industry whenever he opens his mouth. He mashes every subject the President brings up with a focus on the petroleum industry.

That is a Governor? Could have fooled me.

Another Dead Man Walking receives lethal injection.

..."Killing people is wrong," (click here) said Jean Swymeler, who attended the vigil. "That's our main message."... 

02/26/2014 05:56 AM
Michael Nelson

...Taylor (click here) was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1989 abduction, rape and murder of a fifteen year old girl in Kansas City.

The Missouri Department of Corrections confirms Taylor was pronounced dead at 12:10 a.m....