Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Republicans want a "Flat Tax" EXCEPT when it applies to "Tax Cuts."

These are the Bush Era Tax Cuts in comparison to the Obama Era Tax Cuts.

Now, where is THE FLAT TAX philosophy in these demands by the Plutocrats?

Google being Google have pointed to the fact of the UNDERSERVED and how to 'handle them.'

Among other words it is called OPPRESSION.  Something Mike Pence would never understand.

This is the 55th anniversary of THE MOMENT Ms. Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus.

She is beautiful, isn't she?

Beauty, brains and bravery is sometimes hard to find lumped into one person.

Pence loves his speak at The Detroit Economic Club. He believes it is the 'way to go.' So, let's look.

Mike Pence at CPAC.

...WASHINGTON - The graduated income tax should be abandoned in favor of a flat tax for individuals and businesses, Rep. Mike Pence, R-6th, said Monday.

In a speech (click title to entry - thank you) to the Detroit Economic Club, Pence also said he supports amending the Constitution to cap federal spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product except for wartime defense spending.

The Detroit Economic Club is considered a must-do venue for politicians hoping to elevate their profiles.

Pence is one of several Republicans whose names are mentioned as contenders for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, but he deflected a question about whether he intends to run. As he has said repeatedly, he will announce his political plans after Jan. 1.

Pence is also thought to be considering a bid for Indiana governor.

With his support for the flat tax, Pence echoes other conservative candidates for president in past years, and Pence has advocated it for many years.

No laughing please.  Allow me.

The Flat Tax IS pemanent tax reductions for the wealthy.  Don't ever forget that.  It is complete exploitation of the tax code and the free market system in the democracy called The United States of America.


Allow me.

Don't ever forget WHERE exactly the million-billionaires made their millions and billions.  They made their money in the USA and then outsourced their INTERESTS to Asia.  Loyalty to the American people don't exist until they mess up so badly they need a bailout. 

The Flat Tax is DRESSED UP in 'morality' as a fairness issue.  In other words, if a person making minimum wage paid the same as those making $500,000 per year it is the MORAL way to tax EVERYONE.

See, the person making minimum wage is purchasing the services of the person making a half a million per year.  If the million-billionaire appreciated THAT FACT they would begin to understand WHY the people making minimum wage needs to pay LESS tax while providing for themselves and their family and PURCHASE more services from the person making half a million per year.  There is an aspect to THAT reality that never really reaches into the 'psyche' of the wealthy.

I'm not finished.

The basic vocabulary of the Right and Left are completely different.  When a Republican states the word REFORM, they mean to end government and when a Democrat states the word REFORM they mean to make the government better to serve the UNDERSERVED BETTER.  Huge difference in those understandings and it is why there is a huge political divide in the country.

UNDERSERVED exists because IT IS NOT PROFITABLE for Wall Street to make a buck.  The poor supply of vaccines is a huge and wonderful example of Wall Street's inability to GOVERN so much as make profit ONLY and at ANY COST.

Mike Pence said there should be a law creating a 20% cap on federal spending EXCEPT in the time of war.  Hello?  The Republicans are ALWAYS at war and therefore they would never have to live under a 20% cap.  While the Democrats are always bringing people home and never getting their agenda fulfilled thus propagating the poor and underserved.

The Republicans DON'T GET IT.  Their COMPENSATION is based in the WEALTHY and NEVER the UNDERSERVED.

End of discussion.