Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I believe President Obama is a great president, without a doubt in my mind.

I am quite sure the President and his Secretary of State is working very hard to bring about a unified region of the world and a good resolve. They are good leaders. They believe in their abilities, but, let's face it; President Obama and his administration has been dealt a lousy reality from day one in the Executive Branch of the USA.

The American people have been down this road before. We have been leaders for the different ethnic and religious groups across Iraq by one method or another. They are people without a dictator today. I am proud of that outcome and grudge them no ill fate in the future. I want the people of this region of the world to have their land, beliefs and happiness. 

This entire mess that exists between Iraq and Syria was not of the making of President Obama or his administration. This reality as it exists today for these people was provided by a zealot called John McCain. I don't believe the President needs permission under any article of the Constitution. What I do believe is that John McCain should head up the training of the Free Syrian Army all by himself with his choice of "Guns for Hire" as it existed in Iraq with Blackwater.

We don't belong in Iraq.

We never did.

National Audubon is a recognized authority and is now stating the climate crisis is real.

The USA is a circus because of it's media.

CNN: "The country is in danger."


McConnell: "The President is uncomfortable as Commander and Chief."

Interpretation: "Since President Obama is not killing at least 500 people a day he is a weak leader."

Did everyone hear about this incredible story about the First Amendment Right in Massachusetts? I betcha no one paid attention.

...Sutter dropped all charges and required only that the defendants pay $4,000 in restitution. The Globe piece is accompanied by a photo of Sutter waving around a McKibben article, apparently from the antediluvian magazine Rolling... 

This is what happened.

Global-warmist fanatics Ken Ward and Jay O'Hara "faced up to two years in jail for attaching a 200-pound anchor to their keel to block the path of [a] coal ship in May 2013," the Boston Globe reports. The ship was to deliver fuel to the Brayton Point power plant in Somerset, Mass. Their small craft, the Henry David T., carries a banner with the hashtag #coalisstupid....

This was their defense.

...At their trial, scheduled to begin yesterday, they had planned to invoke a "necessity defense." That is, they sought to avoid culpability by blaming global warming. They "would have called a number of high-profile witnesses, including NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen and environmental activist and author Bill McKibben."...

In other words, there is overwhelming evidence to indicate the climate crisis is real and dangerous to human life. There is also overwhelming evidence it is being caused by the burning of fossil fuels. So, what is a person, one lowly human being going to do to end this danger to his life?

Not every aspect of life in anyone's days of living it legislated. It is assumed people think and they act upon what they know. It is also assumed by USA law, including self-defense when confronting danger, people are able to act rationally to end danger to their lives.

To put this in a POPULOUS understanding, the coal ship was danger, the opposition to the burning of the coal on the coal ship was self-defense. By entering a plea of "necessity defense" the prosecution was forced to disprove the dangers of the climate crisis in order to successfully prosecute the defendants. 

Since it is not possible to defeat the proof of the climate crisis and it's reliance on fossil fuel to cause the danger to human life, the prosecutor simply invoked a financial penalty. The state ran up costs to only have the defendants carry out a successful defense so the costs the state incurred had to be repaid. The act of obstruction and the defense were not usual incursions with the law so the state acted correctly and then realized this was an act of survival. That is no different than when people use their guns in self defense and are charged with a crime only to have the prosecution drop the charges when realizing a citizen is acting in self-defense.

This is the Rolling Stone article (click here).

Why not go through with the prosecution anyway?

Because it would then be 'malicious' prosecution and there can be prison penalties for that.