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"Morning Papers" - Its Origins

The Rooster


That ends my review.

I was only there for a short time.  Loved every minute of it.  Decided to sleep on two occassions so I skipped the midnight show of "Zonad" and the Sunday show of "Reel Injun."  I plan to see both in the near future.

The Traverse City Film Festival is an amazing event.  It was sparked by the genius that is Michael Moore and was expanded by a dedicated Governor over the years to include a 'film industry' in Michigan.

I believe The State Theater is a return to Main Street.  It is wholesome.  It will provide economic stability and every town should have a "Movie House" where everyone sits in ONE theater to watch ONE movie as a community.  I think that is important.  It is way I grew up and loved the matinee on Saturdays.  It was a weekly event we all looked forward to.  It added excitement and entertainment to our lives and it was valued.

Michael is embarking on a campaign to return movie houses to local economies to spark economic growth and community cohesiveness.  I wish him the best.  If anyone can make it happen, Michael can.


George Walker Bush and Richard Cheney need to be impeached.  This is NOT a strategy, this is a highway project.

Our soldiers lived and died.  Our commanders ran war tactics at the demands of the Commander and Chief and for what?

Afghanistan's Korengal Valley was abandoned after President Obama took office.  The USA military was engaged in combat with militants over a ROAD PROJECT.

In the film, I have never witnessed such bravery and commitment by the officers and soldiers of the USA.  They are damn good at what they do.  They love their country and commit 100% to their missions.  The ludicrous nature of the battles that killed Americans and allies in the Korengal Valley was not their fault, it was the orders of a desperate President that had already lost the war and the respect of the USA people while dodging impeachment.

COIN is not a legitmiate strategy for any war.  It is a 'think tank' battle field and it is a dreamscape.  Billions upon billions of the USA treasury was spent on a campaign of shame in the Korengal Valley.  If this is a PR problem for Secretary Gates and he loses officers due to it, then it is meant to be.  This entire military campaign was the 'worst' of the USA military.  The absolute worst.  A road?  A road was a strategy?  I don't think so.

I reget the loss of life of any of the soldiers in this film.  They are magnificent men and soldiers and the pride of our country, it is damn unfortunate they didn't have a Commander and Chief that valued them and their commitment enough to never use them as political pawns.  I wish the USA military would find a way of exposing this kind of idiocy before it costs lives and allies.  Do you the kind of permission this type of 'war movement' gives to corruption?  No wonder things are as they were found to be when we returned to Afghanistan.

"Mike's Surprise"

Every year at the festival, Michael Moore has a program he calls, "Mike's Surprise."  In years past he has previewed his other films or brought programs from the past that were directed by him to the theater. 

This year he showed a film that has been around since 2006.  It was the revenge of the Mormon Establishment and Right Wing Conspiracy against the First Amendment in a film called, "The Divided State."

To make a long story short, Utah Valley State University is a public institution.  It has the OBLIGATION to open its doors to views that are not necessarily those of the average student body.  Michael Moore in his 'Slacker Uprising Tour' was the focus of hate and bias.

What occurred before the assembly that Michael was featured in, was a lot of demonstrations and strong arm tactics to stop the assembly.  The auditorium was packed with people of all ages and not just students.

The students were completely correct in having Michael speak.  They allowed Hannity to speak a few days before.  Besides showing the events surrounding these two events, the film also displays the 'different styles' of these political figures, both pundits to their own belief about what is best for the USA.

What was completely obvious from this film is the victimizing nature of the Right Wing Republican.  They are vindictive, controlling, regimented, closed minded, have 'understood' credos with anticipated outcomes and completely inhibit 'the emotional growth' of any student body.

Kay Anderson was the real 'lightning rod' in this film.  He tried to bribe the State University and its student body into cancelling Michael's appearance and when that didn't work he sought to sue the school for the event.  His hatred is so profound of any 'difference in thought' that he insisted on scapegoating the Vice President through pressures still undisclosed to the American people.  The lousy, power hungry, sob that Anderson is was 'satiated' when the Veep of the Student body resigned in order to protect his scholarships and funding for school. 

The film notes a loss to this PUBLIC school of $200,000 in donations after Michael's assembly was held.  Well, too bad.  Freedom of Speech has a price.  And if equity 'costs' then it costs and I don't feel sorry for anyone here with the exception of the Veep and his ridicule and scapegoating by a lousy Republican that wanted to 'save face' at the expense of a student.  It doesn't get much lower than that !

"Collapse" by Michael Ruppert


I have thought everything he said.  It could have been me in the chair.  In the lines outside the theater waiting for the event buses I heard words like, 'paranoid,' 'feel sorry for that guy,' and 'well of it seems real.' 

There is one aspect to this film though, it leaves out the 'resourcefulness' of people in this country when confronted with profound reality.  I believe the intellect of the American people will bring them out of their 'denial funk' and into a reality that is pertinent. 

The Plutocracy has to go.  That is a reality we are already grappling with and this film gives that more credence than any other reality 'out there.' 

I have faith in the people of the USA.  I too am awaiting the 'hundreth monkey.'  It is coming if not already hear, but, a bit lethargic.

If one doesn't see the movie, then buy the book.

DVD (click here)

Book (click here)

"Waiting for Superman"

I have never been more appalled at the insane cruelty of the American School System.  Pitting child against child.  Tracking children for appropriate 'placement' so they can achieve into the 'best' category of worker for the USA's work force.  Is this like something we used to hear from Iron Curtain countries, or what?

When I was a student in the public school system in primary and secondary school I was never 'categorized,' never told I should follow a 'certain career track,' had any kind of record other than my academic record with the school and never was a disciplinary problem.  Very few of my classmates were disciplinary problems.  We were middle class kids with parents who gave a damn and we turned out 'just fine.'

I cannot believe how 'controlled' this issue has become.  Every aspect, other than focusing on improving the socio-economic educational status of 'ghettos' was completely bizarre to me.  Completely bizarre.

I don't believe for one minute there are teachers that don't care about their students and do nothing in a classroom all day long simply because tenure allows them to do that.  No tenured teacher is allowed to do that.  None.  There are consequences for unprofessional demeanor and poor ethical standards when a teacher doesn't do a good job.  I know the film and the 'scenes' of students misbehaving, but, that wasn't uncommon when I was a student either.  Students misbehaved and sometimes they got away with it and sometimes they didn't, but, it was never such a problem that they didn't learn.

I hope Arne Duncan sees this film and realizes how correct he is to 'standardize' learning in the USA while seeking out 'trouble spots.'  There is no way there should be one school in the USA teaching a different cirriculum to their students from another school.  When did it happen that all of a sudden school districts are 'designer schools' whereby 'standard educational goals' are not part of a student's cirriculum.

Sorry, folks, but an A is an A and the number 1 is still the number 1.  There isn't much that can be done with that.  Either be a parent that sincerely cares about your child and do some parenting and involvement with them, or do them a favor and let them know they need to seek out a support system for themselves that will remove 'disadvantage' from their lives so they can compete.

The parent I most admired was the one that did not bring her youngster to a 'lottery,' and the parents whom's child said a lottery was a game of chance.  I mean cruel.  Those children don't understand what is going on with this lottery mess and they should be sheltered from its reality.  I was simply astounded at the level of cruelty American children are subjected to on a regular basis in order to COMPETE.

When I was a student I never competed unless I was hitting a softball or riding to fences at a 4-H horse show.  In school?  What are you joking?  My best friend was the valedictorian of our class, but, we didn't talk about grades or tests or aceing the Bio Lab Exam.  We talked about boys and birth control and the class trip and the car we were going to get with the part time job we each had.  Compete?  For grades?  What are people daffed? 

Secretary Duncan has his work cut out for him.  To begin, he needs to STOP THE STRESS of learning in the USA.  One young boy stated (He was eight years old.), when I grow up I want things to be better for my children than I had them.  Like what kind of mess is that from an eight year old?  It is called 'a parenteralized child.'  I dont' think so !  We all ought to be ashamed.

"Czech Peace" (Cesky mir)

Excellant film.  These were the makers of "Czech Dream." 

Perhaps a better title would have been, "CHECK Peace," as the Bush White House proposed an occupation of the Czech Republic for the purpose of spying on Russia.  There was no other reason.

Years ago Bernard Shaw of CNN stated he wished America didn't have an ocean between it and Europe.  Only then, he felt, could Americans understand the reality of having 'the balance of power' in their own backyards.

Europe is being used by Republian Commander and Chiefs as a war front.  There is no doubt in my mind that George W. Bush does not understand the meaning of peace.  He defined every international relationship by exploitation to wealth no matter the facade it took.  The blasted MDS didn't even work for God sake.

All I can say is the Czechs did a great job in forestalling the lousy missle system until a sane President was once again delivered to the Oval Office.

We are outta there !

Thank you Czech Republic.  Well done.  Loved the film.  Every American should see this film and walk a mile in European shoes.

"Cane Toads: The Conquest" in 3D

This is the first 3D documentary.  I was aware of this issue a long time ago and reviewed the original documentary to a university anthropology class.

The film was well done and very entertaining.  I have never witnessed high attendance to a conservation film before.  If this is what 3D does for conservation, then remake every film ever produced into 3D and rerelease to the American public.

Young people could easily see this film as a science focus and have fun doing it.

The Cane Toad does not have any competition except itself, that is why it is spreading.  Its own competition forces the fastest and strongest to move across the Australian landscape.  Australia has a problem and no government at any level should be ignoring it.  If the spread of the toad was stopped by whatever measure it can be stopped, then it will begin to die off but it will do so by destroying its own habitat. 

I can't help believe at some point a growth inhibitor should be introduced to these toads to stop the maturation of the tadpoles to adults.  How that can be accomplished, in the water column without effecting other wildlife will be a challenge, but, I do believe it is worth a try.  Stopping the tadpole should be the focus of the scientific community in Australia as this will develop into a national tragedy in the very near future.  A stressed landscape cannot sustain this type of invasion.

"The Miscreants of Taliwood" George Gittoes 2008

This is a profoundly important documentary.  No doubt.  The Taliban enforce oppression through anarchy without any law at all.  It is clear there are forces at work in Pakistan that choose to have law by 'the gun' rather than the law.  The Taliban have a strong influence in Pakistan and it is proving to destroy any economy at work.  The Taliban perfer brutality over beauty.

I have one word for the Pakistan Film Industry:  NETFLEX 

Now !

They'll make millions.  The Taliban will never be able to control it and there should be a NETFLEX distribution machine at every police station and military outpost.  The miracle of the CD.

"South of the Border" by Oliver Stone

The Bolivarian Revolution and the sweeping changes that it brought to South America is the subject of this film.  It is brilliantly done.  The Bolivaian leadership currently in power in South America definately has improved the quality of life to the citizens of their countries with plenty of work still be realized. 

I don't really care if they get 'bad press.'  These leaders are not FIRST capitalists and then leaders.  They are first leaders that seek to bring wealth to their people and practice their own form of capitalism that insures the wealth of their nation which interprets directly into national security.

The impoverishment of these countries have been profound and it would seem as though the Bolivarians have found a way to begin the process of liberating their citizens from that poverty.  They still lack legitimacy in a global sense simply because they have been traditionally hated in the mass media.  Understandable, they shun traditional capitalism and corporate wealth as a method to national security and quality of life of their citizens.  Oliver Stone has brought a very interesting perspective to this new South American leadership.

I have a suggestion.

The Haiti Earthquake left the citizens there without hope.  There are vast numbers of countries that have not provided their promised funds to the Haitian people. 

I would like for the Bolivaian Leadership of South America to unite in a global effort to make sure those monies are received by the Haitians and insure the monies are spent in such a manner that will prove to be effective for the people of Haiti.

In acting in a humanitarian way to improve the lives outside of their countries by holding global partners responsible for their promises.  Simply their promises.  They will prove their legitimacy in achieving humanitarian efforts to at least one other country besides their own.  Undisputable proof to their legitimate commitments without speculation.  And perhaps the Bolivarians have a better answer for the infrastructure of Haiti so the people there have a real solution rather than a patch work of faux priorities that do not deliver them from their plight.  Delivering Haitians from their plight is something the West has yet to accomplish, by the way.

I do caution, the USA military has a productive presense in that country, so the Bolivarians will have to work with a cooperative effort to existing infrastructure that are at work already there.  But, their expertise may be very welcome to a people in such profound need and certainly their ability to pressure the international community is undeniable.

I wish you all well.

"Gasland" - now playing on HBO on demand

After Bush/Cheney were elected in 2004, the zealots had a free for all for the next two years of the country's legislative agenda.  They tried to destroy the Social Security Laws and when that failed they turned to decades of environmental protections of the American people and land put in place by prior Republican and Democratic Presidents alike. 

The practice of 'hydraulic fracturing' completely destroys air and water quality with abandon.  Once the procedures are instituted there is no repairing the damage and what follows is profound misery of citizens and land owners.  Children's health are damaged forever.

There isn't much to say other than the very fact that the 2005 Energy Bill needs to be repealed while recognizing the laws that allowed this level of exploitation is nothing short of treason of the American people.  It demolished every Environmental Law previously put in place and allowed the complete exploitation of the American people and their lands.  The Tea Party is just more of the same with aspirations to completely destroy any law and/or amendment back to the USA Constitution since 1776.

The 2005 Energy Bill seeks to disable any State Environmental protections of its citizens, is a direct assault on State's Rights only to add billions and billions of fiscal burden due to this exploitation by the 'gas industry' alone. 

The people that have signed the contracts with the Gas Industry to allow hydraulic fracturing of their land were never disclosed the dangers to this practice.  What follows once landowners 'find out' the bad news, are attempts to mitigate damages through the courts.  It doesn't matter the mitigation.  The citizens' health are suffering and cattle ranchers are faced with allowing their cattle to drink contaminated water and breath contaminated air. 

Currently, unless the cattle/livestock are showing overtly poor health; not molecular and metobolic damage that would show over time; by the chemicals and the methane that are a result of these practices are they considered contaminated and removed from the opportunity for human consumption.  I am not sure that keeps them from being used for reincorporation into cattle feed or pet foods, no different than prions.

The 'hydralic fracturing' of Earth, a method to remove methane from its 'secure location' is far too dangerous to citizens to even conceive of anyone legislating the slow deaths of Americans.  The Bush/Cheney administration along with their Republican majority, at the time, need to prosecuted for allowing the practice to exploit the lands of this country without any protection to the citizens and the wildilfe of the lands of the people.

The BLM has profound responsiblity to halt any and all methane extraction from the lands that belong to the American people.  This is simply an outrage.  Since this occurred in 2005 every form of wildlife on BLM lands are now facing Threatened or Endangered status with numbers dwindling annually.  Hydraulic Fracturing is directly responsible for this destruction.

Additionally, the lands where this practice is destroying life in every form is also emitting huge amounts of methane gas into the troposphere of Earth.  This practice will move methane to a larger problem than carbon dioxide is now.  Currently, the CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) is 460 ppm (part per million).  This includes methane as well as all the other Greenhouse Gases. 

The subterranian methane resources of the USA extends over 34 states and comprises millions of square miles of land.  It is illustrated clearly in this film that there are 'methane seeps' emitting one-sixth cubic foot per second of pure uninterrupted methane into the atmosphere.  (Two foot high flame that is approximately 3 inches square equals one sixth cubic foot.)  These seeps are approximately one square foot and occur every six feet.  There are 43,560 square feet per acre of land.  If these seeps are occurring every 6 square feet that means there are 1210 seeps per acre.  That interprets into over 201 cubic feet of methane per second per acre emitted from lands where they occur.  There are 640 acres per square mile.  That equals 128,640 cubic feet of methane emitted into the troposphere per square mile per second.  Spread that over 34 states and it is a profound environmental disaster!

That is a direct assault on the safety of Americans as stated by the Supreme Court which clearly stated the US EPA has the direct responsiblity to protect the American people from such emissions of Greenhouse Gases.

There is absolutely no science supporting any of the practices of Hydraulic Fracturing of Earth to obtain methane gas (NATURAL GAS).  The 2007 decision of the Supreme Court preempts the laws of 2005 and demands the Federal EPA to regulate this gas and hence this industry.  There is profound need for scientific investigation in the amount of methane and other Greenhouse Gases released by these practices and any further use of these practices are highly illegal.  All of these practices need to be stopped and further scientific investigation to the current and potential damages of these practices investigated and eliminated from any place in this country. 

The elimination of any and all environmental laws by the 2005 assault against the rights of Americans prohibits the Writ of Habeous Corpus that dates back to 1762 in this country.  That is the purpose of environmental laws and work related health laws and health laws in general.  They are in place to protect human health from the ravages of capitalism at its worse and this is just about as bad as it gets. 

I demand the federal EPA to stop any and all practices of hydraulic fracturing, put in place sceintific investigation to its damages to all effected lands to date and hold the industry responsible for all damages to public and private lands in contracts with undisclosed dangers that are destroying lives and land of Amreicans including all the lands under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management.  Leases need to be cancelled and no monies returned until the damage to the land and its wildlife is known and costs for restoration are realized.

The Secretary of Energy is going to have to commission stuides as to how to stop the seeps and end the oozing of huge subterranian chemical vats.  These areas of methane now mixed with very dangerous chemicals pose more of a danger to the national security of the USA than even the BP oil seep in the Gulf of Mexico.

While I am on the subject, why is any oil and gas seep allowed anywhere within the boundaries of the USA including the Gulf of Mexico where a seep from a separate well was discovered while attempting to close the well of the Deepwater Horizon?  There should be no oil and/or gas seeps anywhere in the USA that has been caused by human intervention.  That is pure unadulterated sloppiness and disregard for the rights of Americans.  Natural seeps, where not mitigated by bacteria and proven to be unsafe even with bacterial mitigation should be addressed as well.

I also demand proof to the success of bacteria removing oil in the water column in the Gulf of Mexico.

The practice of hydraulic fracturing has to be the absolutely worse assault on the lands and citizens of the USA since the beginning of the industrial revolution.  Never in a million years would I expect any elected President, Vice President or Congress to have such contempt for the health and well being of Americans to simply destroy policies that protect them.  This is completely unconscionable.  It is nothing short of treason.  Any elected official is sworn to defend and protect, not destroy at will. 

The Plutocracy is sincerely a danger to the rights of all Americans and this is just the first example of how completely destructful their methods are to achieve wealth for global stockholders.  The disrespect for life in any form it takes by the methods of the gas industry is completely counter culture to the moral content of the people of the USA.

Do not put Republicans of any variety back into office.  It will be the saddest day in this country and will be the end of the integrity of the American people.  I promise you that. 

End the use of fossil fuels.  Localize economies and seek to place high priorities on solar and wind energy at all levels of energy solutions.  Town ordinances need to place solar solutions as a high priority in any zoning regulations.  Buildings should be optimally designed to receive optimal amounts of solar energy to their purposes through roof and building design.  If they can do it in Sweden, it can be done here. 

The solar and wind industries have to take a more aggressive stance to the importance of their energy potentias in the USA and force the outlaw of such dangerous practices by the oil and gas industry.  I would be suing the oil and gas and coal industry for moral propaganda that is filling Americans with false claims to their practices.  There is such as thing as 'truth in advertizing.'  What is everyone waiting for?

In case anyone wants to know what the future of housing looks like, this is it.

Here’s a new solar home, designed from the start not just to supply the home’s occupants with 100% of the electricity they need, but to ship its surplus electrons to the grid.
Karin Adalberth, a doctor of building physics, worked with her local green utility E. ON to design the solar plan for Villa Akarp, which she is building near Malmo in Sweden. During the long dark winters of Sweden, her house will buy electricity from the grid. During summers, her house will supply the grid.

"Clash" (Bay Rong)

A Vietnamese movie featuring nothing but pure martial arts talent.  I rarely watch violent pictures for the pure entertainment of it.  But, this was a midnight movie and I wanted to get started on my 'festival feeling,' so, within 45 minutes of landing at Cherry Capital Airport, I was in the balcony at The State Theater watching the best martial arts picture I have ever seen, bar none.

It had it all.  Complicated Plot.  Character strength.  Beautiful leading lady.  Intrigue.  Handsome leading man.  Sad realities.  Twists and turns in the plot.  Happy Ending.

Loved it and was completely entertained by this film.  The blood was kept to a minimum, but, it was there.  As the story plot revealed itself, the blood on the screen seemed to disappear and the violence was palatable for the success of the plot. 

Brilliantly done and it needs distribution in the USA.

The Traverse City Film Festival

This is the sixth year for the Traverse City Film Festival.  It gets better and bigger every year.  Michael Moore has outdone himself proud this year.  Every choice was difficult to make when selecting the tickets to purchase and the films did not disappoint. 

The Feature through the festival was the welcome presence of Cuban Filmmakers.  Unfortunately, I was not at the festival for the entire week, so I had to choose.  The films I chose were 'top of the list' for 'content' and I really didn't have much choice.  However, I plan to view the Cuban films at some point.  If nothing else, next year, I will arrive early to Traverse City to spend a day or so at the public library where there is an archive of all the movies shown at the film festivals of the past six years.  However, I plan to seek out the Cuban films on the net, through HBO on demand or other media services to hopefully find some kind of distribution of these brilliant people.

Having 'trade' with Cuba again is a wonderful thing.  I am so pleased the film industry is alive in Cuba and they are able to bring their stories to the USA.  There was a time when Cuba was a good friend of the USA, perhaps, these brilliant filmmakers are the beginning to that 'renewed' reality.  It is called NORMALIZING RELATIONS.

One other thing.  There were many foreign films at the festival.  I would say at least half of the films I viewed had subtitles.  But, that isn't exactly it either.  The English speaking films weren't necesssarily made in the USA, but, in Canada and Australia where the government funds INDEPENDENT filmmakers, so, not EVERY TOPIC under the sun is exclusively controlled by the PLUTOCRACY.

Hello, Washington !!!!!!!!!

The films I viewed at the Sixth Traverse City Film Festival are the focus of this evening, so let's get on with it.  I promise much I have to say won't be received well.
It's Sunday Night.
Does anyone know the age of this model?  This is not like kiddy porn or something, right?  I mean I don't even think she has got pubic hair yet !

"Video" by India Arie

Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don't

Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I won't
Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes
It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

I'm not the average girl from your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel
But, I learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen
I'm not the average girl from your video
My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes
No matter what I'm wearing I will always be the india arie

When I look in the mirror and the only one there is me
Every freckle on my face is where it's supposed to be
And I know our creator didn't make no mistakes on me
My feet, my thighs, my lips, my eyes; I'm lovin' what I see

I'm not the average girl from your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel
But, I learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen
I'm not the average girl from your video
My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes
No matter what I'm wearing I will always be the
india arie

Am I less of a lady if I don't wear pantyhose?
My mama said a lady ain't what she wears but, what she knows
But, I've drawn a conclusion, it's all an illusion, confusion's the name of the
A misconception, a vast deception
Something's gotta change
but,Don't be offended this is all my opinion
ain't nothing that I'm sayin law
This is a true confession of a life learned lesson I was sent here to share with
So get in where you fit in go on and shine
Clear your mind, now's the time
Put your salt on the shelf
Go on and love yourself
'Cuz everything's gonna be all right

I'm not the average girl from your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel
But, I Learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen
I'm not the average girl from your video
My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes
No matter what I'm wearing I will always be the india arie

Keep your fancy drinks and your expensive minks
I don't need that to have a good time
Keep your expensive car and your caviar
All I need is my guitar
Keep your Kristal and your pistol
I'd rather have a pretty piece of crystal
Don't need your silicone I prefer my own
What God gave me is just fine

I'm not the average girl from your video
and I ain't built like a supermodel
But, I learned to love myself unconditionally
Because I am a queen
I'm not the average girl from your video
My worth is not determined by the price of my clothes
No matter what I'm wearing I will always be india arie