Friday, October 12, 2012

I take it Congressman Ryan didn't worry about drinking contaminated water.

I suppose there are many reasons for THIRST. Drought, diabetes, hoping to need to pee during a Vice Presidential debate. Maybe dehydration.

Hydraulic fracturing rare in Kentucky, but, Appalachian Forum poses questions about regulation and pollution of gas drilling (click here)

By Ivy Brashear
Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues
Geologists, professors, activists and experts came together for the Appalachian Forum on Hydraulic Fracturing last night at the University of Kentucky to discuss fracking as a means of natural-gas extraction in the state.
Kentucky gas wells usually go about 5,000 feet below the surface, much shallower than the Marcellus and Utica shale formations in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, where there has been the most controversy about hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking....
...The shales in Kentucky have much more clay, and that discourages hydrofracking in the state because water makes clay formations swell, inhibiting the release of gas. Instead, Kentucky drillers frack with liquid nitrogen. “Every shale well in Kentucky is fracked,” said Rick Bender, vice president of BlackRidge Resource Partners, a Lexington firm with gas wells in Ohio. “Without fracking, we couldn’t get the gas out.”...

Close call, huh, Ryan?

Heat stroke, too. A human being can be very thirsty if they are suffering from heat stroke. That is according to The Mayo Clinic.

There is support on the web for Congressman Ryan if he cares to 'commune.'

Yes anxiety (click here) can make you thirsty.  When my anxiety is really high I have the same problem. 

Try and calm yourself down and try and focus on something positive.  The goal is to reduce your anxiety and then you should notice that you aren't so thristy anymore.  Don't obsess over the anxiety because as you know that only makes it worse. 

Good Luck....

Poor man. How close does he get to pushing the button on the nation's nuclear weapons?

There is a reason why Romney appears humble through his generosity.

"Wow, Romney paid somebody's medical bills. I think Paul Ryan just implied that Romney would pay for all of our medical bills! Yay!"

I am not going to give a pass to the generosity issue with Romney. The topic of generosity isn't really the kind one carries out in the lives of average Americans.

The donations Romney takes off his taxes is to his church. He already stated, their donations are his 10% tithing. So, it isn't as though another million or half a million is given to the American Cancer Society or the American Lung Association. Romney's deductions as donations is for his tithing.

Romney is also some kind of big shot in the church. A minister or something like that. Like Huckabee. 

So, while he helps at every turn, including with his partner when his daughter was missing, that is a role and/or moral obligation he has. No different than Joe Biden's advocacy for the Middle Class. It is a core to his morality. So, when Ryan liked to say, 'Sure Mitt has big bucks, he also has a big heart.'

Yes and no. 

I sincerely believe Romney doesn't 'brag' for a couple reasons, but, the one that seems obvious to me is that his 'compassion' is based in his religion and easily scrutinized as a role he has to take in his capacity of a Mormon minister. So, he is more or less compelled to act as he does.

In all sincerity if Romney doesn't want to brag about his generosity in the role as minister or his deductions actually are his tithing, then Ryan should respect that.

According to the Right Wing on FOX today, the attack in Benghazi is proof of Obama foreign policy failing.

To begin with this is an extension of the Islamophobia the Right Wing chronically pedals as fact with fortune teller accuracy about the future.

The fair and balanced network never features someone like Arianna Huffington in split screen with Rove so the display of FOX's power to relay fortune telling ability is mute.

But, it goes like this. The morning after the Benghazi attacks, President Obama abandoned his post. He cancelled a meeting with his daily security team, stopped to dry the tears of the State Department and went to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.

I dare Karl Rove to state fund raisers are not important.

Obama alone: This president does not need intel briefers (click here)

By Published: September 13

...The president was scheduled to hold the intelligence meeting at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, the day after the attacks, but it was canceled so that he could comfort grieving employees at the State Department — as well he should. But instead of rescheduling the intelligence briefing for later in the day, Obama apparently chose to skip it altogether and attend a Las Vegas fundraiser for his re-election campaign. One day after a terrorist attack.

Excuse, Mr. Thiessen, your assessment falls a little short, honey. If I may?
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8:13 AM
A team of about 50 Marines has been dispatched to the Libyan city of Benghazi to secure the U.S. Consulate after attacks Tuesday left four Americans dead including the U.S. ambassador, a senior U.S. military official told Fox News.
The official said a Marine “fast team” is being sent from the U.S. Naval base in Rota, Spain. They are not yet on the ground.
The move comes after President Obama ordered “all necessary resources” provided to Libya to support the security of U.S. personnel in the country.
In a statement, Obama also said he’s directed his administration to “increase security at our diplomatic posts around the globe.”...f

Where all this Right Wing Propaganda really gets interesting is to realize FOX News was the first to report the fact President Obama immediately addressed the security issue in the State Department.

Published September 12, 2012

Two Navy guided missile destroyers (click here) are being deployed off the coast of Libya, after attacks Tuesday on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador, military officials told Fox News. 
The destroyers are for "contingency purposes," a military official said.
In addition, officials said a "fast team" of 50 Marines was being sent from the U.S. Naval base in Rota, Spain. They are expected to go to Tripoli. According to a U.S. official, there are no U.S. personnel left at the consulate in Benghazi which was attacked. 
A U.S. military aircraft is also expected to leave Libya soon with the dead and wounded onboard. ...

I call this type of Right Wing Propaganda fabricated by those at the top of the propaganda food chain like Rush and Rove, "Truth or Consequences."

If the Right Wing propagandist EXPERTS at FOX and across the spectrum actually tell the truth there will be political consequences they cannot afford.

Now, I am confident President Obama immediately upon getting the news about Ambassador Stevens didn't turn over and go back to sleep. I am quite confident he immediately took the elevator to the Oval Office and called in all the security detail as well as his cabinet to immediately handle the crisis. It would have been remiss of President Obama to wait until 10:30 AM to handle the crisis, therefore, there was no reason to hold the meeting at all.

The Right Wing Propagandists, especially those at the fair and balanced network need to apologize to President Obama, the family of Ambassador Stevens, Secretary Clinton, the State Department staff deployed abroad and to the American people for using their good names for political fodder inconsequential to reality and facts in order to place their loyalty vote to good government in the wrong political column, namely Republican.


In anticipation of normal winter temperatures, the next insult to the Middle Class is the petroleum industry. AGAIN.

It doesn't matter the product, the petroleum industry, in all their wisdom to drill and frack 'at home' still exploits a nation entrenched in carbon based fuels rather than alternatives.

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Households (click here) will spend more for heating oil and natural gas this winter than last, as temperatures return to "roughly normal" compared with the unusually warm winter seen last year, according to the Energy Information Administration's monthly Short-Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook report released Wednesday....

Where is Howard Hamm and Romney on this. The idea a glut of any petroleum product will reduce the price is hideous. Currently, there is more natural gas being produced than needed in the USA. So much is being produced in the USA that Howard Hamm and his buddies want to sell it abroad. 

Supposedly, in a FREE MARKET SYSTEM, if a product is in more abundance than demand the price falls. Not the case in the petroleum industry. Just the opposite happens.

Posted on  by  Bloomberg in GeneralNatural Gas
...Gas may reach (click here) $4 per million British thermal units for the first time since September 2011 as winter heating demand picks up after mild weather a year ago, according to Mizuho Securities USA Inc., Bank of America Corp. and Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. Prices have jumped 8.7 percent to $3.488 since July as electricity generators used record amounts of the fuel.
A production boom that’s put the nation on course for energy independence drove gas to below $2 per million British thermal units in April for the first time in 10 years, encouraging power plants to buy the fuel instead of coal. Gas jumped 18 percent July through September as record heat in the lower 48 states stoked air-conditioning use. The market surged 33 percent in the previous three months....

So, for the Cheney Energy Committee extending regulation free fracking has the citizens of the USA gotten reasonable energy costs? NOooooo. They received seismic activity, dirty water supplies and higher energy prices. 

Wake up America. The Romney energy plan isn't about providing cheaper energy prices to consumers it is about lining the pockets of cronies.

The Democrats are "Right on the Money," the country needs competition from alternative energies to bring better prices to the consumer. It is well worth the money to develop Alternative Energies before the cost of energy takes Americans paychecks.

Natural Gas has the lion share of the energy to heat homes. A change in price to the natural gas supplies will enhance or remove economic growth. The more expensive natural gas is the economy will reduce its consumer vitality in all other areas. Food prices increase, too.
Energy consumption in the USA

Natural gas
Households: 58.7 million
Change from last year: Up 0.6 percent
Share of total: 49 percent

Households: 45 million
Change from last year: Up 2.6 percent
Share of total: 38 percent

Heating Oil
Households: 7 million
Change from last year: Down 2.8 percent
Share of total: 6 percent

Households: 5.6 million
Change from last year: Down 1.8 percent
Share of total: 5 percent

Households: 2.6 million
Change from last year: Up 3 percent
Share of total: 2.2
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

The Democrats have been correct on the money issues.

That is the heart of the entitlement COMPLAINTS. The Affordable Care Act has extended the health of Medicare for another decade.

There is only one option to change SSI. People may be living longer, but, there are citizens in the USA that cannot extend their working longevity. The working poor in the USA are in worse health than the rest of the country. That reality, especially after 16 years of NO health care policy since Contract with America, demands the allowance of retirement at age 65. Those folks are not retiring in pristine health to ride motorcycles all over the place and living their dreams of retirement. They are literally allowed to rest rather than burn the candle at both ends.

The only option on SSI retirement is to create an option of higher payments if a person seeks their SSI payments at a later age. In other words, if a person retires at age 66 their payments can be a couple percent higher, if they retire at the age of 67 their payments can be 4 to 5 percent higher, etc. The only option for raising the retirement age is to make it an option with incentive to move in that direction. Once the populous is healthier at age 65 with less retiring at that age, then and only then, can the mandatory age be moved back to age 67 or later. The retirement age of SSI has to be in response to the reality of the nation and not an arbitrary decision.

Health care premiums are not yet realized as the State Exchanges won't be in place until 2014 when the individual mandate takes its constitutional place in the Affordable Care Act. So, the COMPLAINTS about premium prices at this point needs to be aimed at the insurance companies themselves. The 15% administrative cost is now in effect and we know for a fact there will be people in this nation receiving a rebate on their premiums. No one ever hears about that fact from the Political Right either. They complain about the expense of the premiums and never amend that complaint to reflect the fact there are rebates coming FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY.

The Right Wing has no ideas except more of the same victimization of the Middle Class while extending the poverty dynamic to swallow up more citizens year after year.