Wednesday, October 12, 2011

There is something drastically wrong with Western economies. An entire generation is unemployed.

Taxation of the wealthy is the only real answer.  There is no other answer.  The money circulating are in few hands with little desire to change that dynamic.

There is no growth and no increase in the demand for labor of any kind.  It is not just a USA phenomena when it comes to the graduated unemployed.

So much for the promises they all grew up with and the right to pursue them.

Natasha Lawrence, 23, Chichester - unemployed graduate. "When I graduated in July with a 2:1 in English I was hopeful of finding work, but the Government have cut so many public sector jobs and everybody's worried about money, so there's less jobs and much more competition. Internships mean only those who can afford to forego a salary can get ahead, which is a major attack on equality."

Youth unemployment: The angry millions (click title to entry - thank you)

Figures out tomorrow are expected to confirm the worst youth unemployment figures for nearly 20 years. But it's the lack of hope, as much as the lack of jobs, that is dangerous
Tuesday, 11 October 2011
By Jerome Taylor
In Japan they call them freeters, an amalgamation of "freelance" and the German word for workers arbeiter. The Tunisians opt for hittistes, a slang Arabic phrase which roughly translates as people who lean against walls. In Britain we prefer NEETs, the term we use to describe the depressingly swelling ranks of our young who are not in education, employment or training.
But whatever you call them and wherever you are, the youth unemployment time bomb is ticking and in Britain there are few signs of things getting better.
Tomorrow the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will release the latest employment figures from the past three months, with most analysts expecting the number of under-24s out of work to pass the one million mark for the first time since the early 1990s....

Clearly, the Congress is not removed from the pain the nation is facing. Are they?

Oct 11, 2011 6:34pm
Unemployed Hold Prayer Vigil Before Jobs Bill Vote (click title to entry – thank you)

…The prayer was led by Rev. Paul Sherry, director of the Interfaith Worker Justice Public Policy Office, in support of the jobs bill, urging senators to pass the bill this week.

“We commit ourselves to pray unceasingly until justice is done, until every person in our blessed land who wants and needs a job, a good job, receives a good job,” Sherry said in front of the group of about 100  who had gathered in the Hart building atrium. “It is long past time to end the suffering for so many Americans.”
Sherry said that they will “walk the halls of Congress until those elected to serve all the people listen and respond. … We will pray that those in seats of power will hear our voice.”
The event was organized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), who gathered unemployed and underemployed workers to join the prayer vigil….

Occupy Wall Street protestors want fairness and a future (click here)

Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 1:09 PM     
Updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2011, 1:09 PM

...In the end, Cain admits his cluelessness: "I don’t understand these demonstrations and what it is they’re looking for." It’s simple, Herman. They’re looking for fairness. And a chance at a future.
The protesters certainly don’t need a lecture from Cain, a self-made millionaire who has turned into a self-promoting two-fer — a presidential candidate hawking a new autobiography. They don’t lack a work ethic. They lack opportunity.
They are students who mortgaged their futures for an education and a middle-class existence, only to find an imploded economy and a political system, rigged by (and for) the rich, unwilling to help. They are middle-age workers who, after playing by the rules, have been kicked out of their jobs and homes and forgotten. They are seniors who will never be able to retire.
They want the wealthy taxed at a fair rate, so the nation will stop slashing its safety nets.
And what do Cain — who wants to be president — and his Trump Tower Republicans offer the nation’s disenfranchised? Disdain and the backs of their hands....

Occupy Wall Street - Millionaires March

The Right Wing Media will never understand this.  They don't know how.  They don't respect the fact there is a huge income gap with 99% of the nation from the 1% that knows all to well how to sit on a nest egg without risk.

If media services actually RESPECTED this nation of people this would not be necessary.  They pledge allegiance to bankrupting the USA to destroy entitlements.  They take pledges that are meaningless except to the wealthy.  They are compassionless.

I listened to Hannity yesterday afternoon on Rush Radio while he attempted to argue that the protesters he spoke to had nothing to say.  After leaving the conversation because he was getting nowhere with the young ladies he demeaned their intent into definitions of naivety.  I sincerely don't believe a 34 year old woman with an 8 year old child living on unemployment and seeking to advance her education to achieve employment is naive in any way, shape or form.  

The 34 year old is not attending Galas to raise campaign contributions or holding political meetings in expensive halls.  She is struggling and Hannity could only see PUBLIC MONIES being SYPHONED out of the Treasury as reasons why lazy Americans protest and take government money and attend college classes than hold down a job making minimum wage for which they are not educated or trained.  Oddly enough, even minimum wage jobs need training.  Has anyone ever been to Dunkin Donuts Academy where they make the donuts?

And whatever happened to the American Dream for a 34 year old woman and her 8 year old daughter.  Working minimum wage isn't going to achieve anything close to the American Dream, but, at least they are eeking out an existence in poverty so they don't have to bother Hannity's bank or bank roll or TAX LIABILITY.

There are media services that simply don't want to do anything except victimize the victims.  And that.  Has been true for decades.  Reagan saw high homelessness and he stated, "In the USA (Flag Waver) you are allowed to live on the street."


What Hannity doesn't appreciate is that in order to do well in college, regardless of age, one has to apply themselves and focus.  That takes time away from work, money and determination.  Attending a university to achieve a life guaranteed to good and decent people that work to achieve goals takes work and plenty of it.  I guess students need to sweat more in the library and at their desks.  But, wait.  Was Hannity sweating at his?  Considering his lack of ability to grasp the moment, it wouldn't seem so.

..."It's meant to intimidate people, (click title to entry - thank you) but I don't think it will work. I think it will inspire more people to join us," said Khury Petersen-Smith, 29, a graduate student at Clark University in Worcester who was arrested.
"Occupy Boston has posed no threat to anybody," he said. "That the city would stop it with violence is shameful."
Phil Anderson, 24, of Westwood, who is part of Occupy Boston but was not arrested, said the group is planning to extend the protest into the winter.
"This could be months," Anderson said.
"We have a winterization committee. We have medical teams preparing anything needed for the winter. So we are going to be fully prepared to stick out the whole winter here. And we are going to stay until we see real-life, systematic change in how America works." he said....

We Invite You To Talk About the Issues in Freedom Plaza (click her)

One of the beautiful aspects of the occupation is that it has brought people out into the open to talk about the issues. Everywhere I look right now as I sit in the media tent and gaze out at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, people are engaged in conversations. Some are standing in groups, and some are sitting in circles in the assembly area or between the tents.
Throughout the day, people wander through Freedom Plaza to read the signs scattered about "Human Needs not Corporate Greed," "We are the 99% and so are you," and " Money for people, not for wars." 

...Our permit for Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., expired, we refused to leave, and the Park Police has just proposed to let us stay for four more months.

We've agreed. We have not said that when the four months are over and the American Spring is here we will leave.

In fact, we intend to make it possible for anyone to visit D.C. with free accommodations. Just bring a sleeping bag and agree to work with us to pressure Congress, the White House, K Street, the Pentagon, and all the lobbyists and profiteers for peace and justice. We have free food, we have free drink, we have free trainings and seminars, we have tents, we have peace keepers, we have a big victory under out belts, and we welcome all peace makers for they shall inherit Freedom Plaza. We own it. It is ours. It shall remain ours world without end.

The Taste of DC food festival just gave us all their remaining food. Or at least all the individual booths did. Ben and Jerry's just endorsed us. Busboys and Poets just fed us. Businesses that support us will be honored and supported by 99 percent of this country....

The great work of Republican Governors are to be made example. (click title to entry - thank you)

It looks as though 'concern' with a fly over of the drought is a good political tactic.  

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback rides in a National Guard  helicopter to survey drought-damaged areas, 

May 4, 2011, 
near Meade, Kan.
Gov. Sam Brownback issued an executive order last week expanding the temporary suspension of certain motor carrier rules and regulations in order to expedite the delivery of hay to livestock in drought-stricken areas. The order suspending requirements to obtain permits from several state agencies now applies not only to individuals hauling hay to livestock in drought areas of Kansas, but also to those making deliveries to Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas....

First the dairy farmers see this great opportunity to sell their hay at high prices to Texas because of the drought so Brownback deregulates the entire mess.  Then the Kansas farmers now need hay because of their own drought so Brownback now extends the deregulation.

That is amazing.  There is no leadership there.  There is no insight there.  Kansas has been knee deep in agriculture since the beginning of time and they don't understand drought?  It is like, what? Like, temporary and it will never be a problem?  

Brownback should have worked with the climatologists and the US Department of Agriculture to ADVISE the Kansas farmers to prepare for their own problems rather than 'knee jerk' reactions to populous demand.  

Brownback runs the governorship of the State of Kansas from the idea that everything is the Christian thing to do and never one day applies LOGIC, science and sound business practices to his office in Topeka.  

How do they stay elected?

(Photo of a burned out railroad bridge in Haskell, County Kansas. Area has had wild fires because of an extended west Kansas drought. Photo: AP pool, John Milburn) 

“Some of that looks (click  here)  like a moonscape. It gives more sense of urgency to it,” Brownback said after flying over the area in a Kansas National Guard helicopter and driving along the rural area’s roadways. “It’s the miracle of water. Irrigated land is lush and green. Dryland portions waiting for water are brown and barren.”

Indeed, the miracle of water.  Yep.  Quite a miracle water is, indeed.  Not that foresight and leadership matters, just get out there and declare the miracle that is water.  Maybe a Water Douser should in order, like in the movies.  You know the fella with the wishbone shaped stick in his hands that suddenly dives to earth to find THE WELL below.

Does Kansas know there are qualified people to guide the best interests of their state and the NATION !  Is eveything a complete mystery that occurred as foreseen somewhere?  Is the USA Constitution always an act of God?  Like.  What the hell already?

A person begins to understand how the BTK killer was on the loose in Witchita for decades.

When was the last time a thunderstorm actually made its way to the Los Angeles Times?

...But National Weather Service (click title to entry - thank you)  meteorologists caution that the recent downpour isn't expected to counteract the overall drought, which Texas state climatologist said earlier this month could last a decade. Before this weekend, 88% of Texas was experiencing exceptional drought conditions, according to the weekly national drought monitor published on Thursdays.
“That’s how big of a hole we were in to begin with,” said Victor Murphy, southern region climate service program manager for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.
Murphy told The Times that the state needs more than 15 inches of rain in a month's time to end the current drought, especially in hard-hit  portions of Central and West Texas.
Take Wichita Falls, for example. The city of 104,000 about 140 miles northwest of Dallas has been suffering from the drought and a severe summer heat wave. Although the city received 3.73 inches of rain over the weekend as of Tuesday, it was still the city's driest year on record by two inches, with only 9.44 inches of rain since January.
Murphy called the weekend rains a “black swan” event, which mostly helped a swath of the state from Wichita Falls west to Llano.
“It will be very interesting to see what kind of improvement is shown this week in the Drought Monitor,” Murphy said....

The Texas Drought has found a pattern through the entire Midwest.

Week of October 4, 2011

Record high hay prices straining Kansas dairies (click here)

A summer of drought that wilted pastures and alfalfa fields has led to record high hay prices this fall and looming shortages to feed cattle this winter.
Experts say those feeling the misery most keenly are the nation's dairies, where milk cows need top quality hay at a time when milk prices are slipping....

Posted: October 12, 2011 - 6:28am
…Prices for dairy-quality hay have almost doubled compared with a year ago. Acreage numbers were already down because so many growers had plowed up alfalfa fields to plant high-priced corn crops this year. Then drought further cut hay production.
Many Kansas growers sent much of their hay to drought-plagued Texas and Oklahoma where prices were highest....

Week of June 7 ,2011