Monday, December 14, 2015

I haven't found the deaths of seven police officers in eight days in the USA.

This is where I go to understand what is happening with police officers in the USA.
"Law Enforcement Line of Duty Deaths," the website is entitled "Officer Death Memorial Page." (click here)

That website is showing a single digit change of less police officers dead in 2015. The statistics is only current to October 2015. So, if there were seven police killed in eight days it would not be listed here yet.
I am not doubting the deaths as reported on "Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell," but, I simply am not finding them. It is important to note such trends, because, I sincerely believe there are some extremists that want to lead young African Americans to kill police. That is the last thing anyone should be thinking, but, there are some young men scared enough they would carry out such attacks on police officers. I have not seen such actions in the USA to date. That speaks loudly of the lack of hatred of police officers.
If there was seven deaths of police officers in eight days, that would be a change than what I have seen. I have supported the idea of bullet proof windows in police cars after the deaths in New York City. The New York legislature passed a law and provided funding to convert police cars to bullet proof glass and there were plenty of legislators wondering why this hadn't been done before. Everyone was upset by the two police assassinated that day. No one took it as a reasonable idea or outcome to remove violence from the African American community.
One of the reasons I believe the federal government needs to act against large amounts of guns in the country is because the police have increased danger in their work. It is just poor practice by any government to tolerate large numbers of guns within the borders of a country.  
I found it very odd that a sheriff in Marysville, Washington would state he believed more guns in people's hands would cause less innocent deaths after a young man killed his classmates in his lunch room. I don't accept that statement by that sheriff as reasonable or a position any officer at any level of police practice should state as the best position on guns.
That statement by the Marysville sheriff isn't even in line with Supreme Court decisions. But, if there were seven deaths of police officers in eight days, certainly President Obama would be interested in such trends. There could be many reasons in the age we live that might be pursuing police deaths. This would be alarming, especially, after the California murders. I am sure someone in the federal system has realized that fact and is looking into it. I would be surprised such a statistic would be ignored. At the very least the FBI would be casting a worried eye toward that reality.
I am sorry to hear such killings have happened. No police officer conducting good work should fall victim due to pure anger or frustration. There has to be solutions to effective police work that act responsibly with young African American men. I will not dismiss there are serious situations this year and beginning with the death of Trayvon Martin there is something very wrong in the use of guns in this country. I consider the death of a homeless man at the hand of Swat personnel in Albuquerque an abhorrence. James Boyd was caught in a meat grinder with no way out. His death is heinous.
But, if there is a trend in police officer deaths that is a concern and should be pursued by the FBI.

The ever increasing California methane bubble. It is hideous and it is deadly.

I am pleased NASA is sending in a drone. It is far too dangerous for human beings. Believe it or not I have been putting some thought into this mess.

Methane will break down if it bonds with a hydroxly radical. The problem is that it happens with at least 2 degrees K.

2K is equal to - (negative) 271 degrees Celsius.  

Temperature requirements for such reactions can be effected by pressure. If pressure is applied and the temperature moves up to a reasonable level, there might be a way of adapting that reaction to this PARTICULAR HOLE IN THE GROUND. 

That sort of research needs laboratories I do not have privileges with as I am not actively attending to an academic degree. But, this reaction is known. It isn't as though I have a patent on it. Any laboratory at NASA or any of the California universities private or otherwise can pursue this idea. IF they consider it reasonable. 

This finishes my thoughts. If applied pressure requires colder temperatures greater than 2K, then withdrawing pressure and putting the methane in a near vacuum might actually result in the break down of the methane with the introduction of a hydroxyl radical. 

The land itself might act as a tube strong enough to remove pressure in that space. My experience with ROCK is that it leaks no matter the type of rock. But, if a vacuum caused an implosion of the land/rock and it seals the lousy petroleum nightmare, then we won the fight anyway.

The top of the 'land tube' would have to be sealed probably with concrete, but, robots as viewed by that at the bottom of the sea could conduct the construction of a sealed tube. It would begin to at least slow the leak and might make the surrounding land approachable for real intervention.

I hope NASA has a good idea to end this. To leave that methane to continue to leak is complete foolishness and extremely dangerous.  
I am happy with the FOX Republican Debate stage if that means anything. But, what I don't get is why is everyone upset about the candidacy of Donald Trump. See, to me, he made his best argument as a candidate at the very beginning. He, as a supporter to the Republican Party was very disappointed in the candidates that announced for President.

He has been very verbose in past years when Republican politics demanded it. He was a person candidates came to for greetings and possibly donations. Visiting Donald Trump for candidates was a prerequisite for the candidacy of any seat, but, especially the presidency. 

He was asked year after year if he would run and he declined. What was that suppose to be a cartoon? Donald Trump was simply a cartoon to the Republican politics. I don't believe Donald Trump would ever agree with that assessment by anyone, including right wing political media.

So, this presidential elections he was tired of accepting defeat and could not find a person running he believed would be capable as President of the United States. So, he announced. It should have been obvious it would occur sooner or later. 

Donald Trump is a business man and many other business men have attempted to achieve the candidacy. Trump is a very successful business man. He has been in a spot light all his life regardless of good or bad news. Even the bad news turned into winning in the long run.

There is no question to me as to why he is running. I don't understand why so many others ponder that reality as if it were a trick on them.

It is no trick.   

This is just amazing. Vietnam has come out a winner.

The Vietnamese people have lifted the impression of their country globally. I am very happy for them. If there was a sincere way of proving Vietnam is a people and not a war this was it. Incredible.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort (click here) has been recognised as the World’s Leading Luxury Resort at the World Travel Awards Worldwide Grand Final, held at El Jadida, Morocco.

Annually, various sectors of the tourism industry are recognised, rewarded and celebrated at the World’s Travel Awards ceremony with the attendance of the industry leaders across the region.

Similar to last year, the resort received the highest votes from travel professionals and high-end tourism consumers from around the world and was honoured with the World’s Leading Luxury Resort award for the second time.

“It is an honour to recognise InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort as the World’s Leading Luxury Resort for the second year in succession.

Bergdahl is a screw up.

If that isn't obvious, I don't know what is. He couldn't even thank his family for seeking his release and return home.

Bergdahl should be dishonorably discharged and end this thing. The USA military can make the decision to dishonorably discharge him without any more hearings or fact finding. The USA military has other and better things to do than continue to deal with a screw up.

I do not want Bergdahl to find his way back into the military in some capacity only to be this stupid all over again.

Global national security is sweeping country after country. The global community is stronger today for the Obama strategy.

Thank you President Obama for bringing expertise to maintain stability to the middle east.

December 12, 2015 (click here)

The coalition is showing success in containing the immediate threat of Daesh to the people of the region.

There is also a resolve among countries to end the presence of Daesh in the region. There is a growing understanding by the global community to the threat of the genocidal Daesh. That is yet another victory for the Obama strategy against Daesh. 

The world is witnessing their common values of the protection of life of it's people. It is a proud moment for the USA. The USA is seeing more and more a world acknowledgement of how to solve problems they share. That is amazing. I don't speak in pride as an American alone, I speak because I recognize a greater world with a common resolve. That is reassuring to national security of every country, including the most vulnerable that are unable to protect it's people alone.

There is more strengthening of countries globally than any other time in history.  It is far better for any country to have a strong national defense than the occupation of any military forces.

Mayor Emanuel needs to appeal this judge's decision. It is corruption.

DNA is used widely in prosecutions. To allow spin as part of the defense to override prosecution is outrageous. There is more than enough evidence to uphold charges and prosecution.

The DNA evidence in this case has to be very obvious of it's location. There are vast amounts of DNA that should have appeared on the gun. If there is enough 'population of DNA' to support the charge of abuse with a gun down the throat, the other arguments stating it could have come from any other location of the body is inconsistent with the truth. 

The prosecution by Chicago has to include the introduction of studies regarding the population of DNA when guns are held against the body as opposed to a gun being down the throat. There is going to be a vast difference in the population of DNA on clothing and on skin than an internal organ. The throat is lined with mucous and skin. It will have a very different population of DNA from inside the body.

There is the chance the gun was wiped of it's evidence, however, there has to be a cloth that wiped the gun. Hiding evidence is also reason for prosecution.

December 14, 2015
By Steve Schmadke

Cook County judge (click here) on Monday acquitted Chicago police Cmdr. Glenn Evans on charges he shoved his gun down a man's throat despite evidence showing the alleged victim's DNA on Evans' gun.
Judge Diane Cannon also played up the inconsistencies in Rickey Williams' account of the on-duty 2013 incident over the years, saying his testimony at the trial last week "taxes the gullibility of the credulous."
Williams was all too "eager to change his testimony at anyone's request to accommodate the evidence," the judge said.
The prosecution's strongest evidence — the recovery of Williams' DNA on Evans' service weapon — was belittled by Cannon as "of fleeting relevance or significance."

Evans' had enough "lawful contact" with Williams to explain the DNA on the commander's weapon, she said.
The judge acquitted Evans, 53, on all charges: two counts of aggravated battery and seven counts of official misconduct....

No more absolutes from Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The teachers' union needs to be respect for their demands for an agreement.

December 14, 2015
By Juan Perez Jr. and

he Chicago Teachers Union (click here) on Monday delivered the city a message that union leaders have threatened for weeks: Educators are prepared to walk off the job for the second time since 2012 if an agreement can't be reached on a new contract.
The union said 88 percent of its 24,752 eligible members voted "Yes" to authorize union leaders to call a strike, well above the 75 percent threshold necessary for a strike to occur. Members voted in schools citywide over three days, and votes were tallied at the union's Merchandise Mart offices.
"Do not cut the schools anymore. Do not make the layoffs that you have threatened. Instead, respect educators and give us the tools we need to do our jobs," said Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey....

DO NOT BECOME THE SOUTH, where teachers have to bring their own supplies. Chicago teachers are assets to the city.

July 21, 2015
Written By Maudlyne Ihejirika 

More children in Illinois (click here) and nationwide are living in poverty after the Great Recession, receiving no lift from an economic turnaround, according to an annual child welfare report released Tuesday.
The Annie E. Casey Foundation report found 1 in 5 children — 22 percent of children nationwide and 21 percent in Illinois — were living in poverty in 2013. That’s compared to 2008, just after the recession started, when 18 percent of children nationwide and 17 percent in Illinois lived in poverty.
In Chicago, the number rose to 33 percent, or one in three children living in poverty in 2013, from 30 percent in 2008, according to the 2015 Kids Count Data Book....

Every self-respecting Democrat knows the best way out of poverty is education. I guarantee the gangs in Chicago aren't lead by PhDs.

"Charter Schools in Chicago No Model for Education Reform" (click here)
October 2014

Charter schools have become the cornerstone of school reform in Chicago and nationally. Arne Duncan, who led Chicago schools and was a strong proponent of charters, became secretary of Education.

As Secretary Duncan has championed policies to dramatically expand the use of charters throughout the United States. Chicago, however, remains one of the nation’s lowest performing school districts. Sadly the charters schools, which on average score lower that the Chicago public schools, have not improved the Chicago school system, but perhaps made it even weaker. Further charters, which are even more likely to be single race schools than the already hyper segregated Chicago school system, have not increased interracial contact, an often-stated goal of charter systems. Finally, the fact that Chicago charters use expulsion far more often that public schools deserves further study. In the end it is unlikely that the Chicago charter school experience provides a model for improving urban education in other big city school districts.

Enrollments in Chicago charters increased by more than nine times between 2000 and 2013 and, with strong support from the current administrations in both Chicago and Washington D.C., the system continues to grow. Indeed, the system actually uses a loop-hole to bypass the 75 school limit included in the state’s charter law and there are now more than 120 charters in Chicago. The legislature is now considering lifting the cap entirely.... 

Segregation only emboldens gangs when that is their reality.

November 18, 2015
By Juan Perez, Jr.

The Chicago Board of Education (click here) voted unanimously Wednesday to close three privately run charter schools at the end of the academic year despite objections from some teachers and community members.
The schools being closed for academic underperformance are:
•Amandla Charter High School, 6800 S. Stewart Ave.
•Shabazz-Sizemore Academy Elementary School, 6936 S. Hermitage Ave.
•Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter Elementary School, 8 W. Root St.
Six board members voted to revoke the charters of the Amandla and Shabazz-Sizemore campuses and opted not to renew an expiring agreement with the Bronzeville Lighthouse campus. Board member Mahalia Hines was absent from Wednesday's school board meeting.
Chicago Public Schools officials said the board will vote in December on the charter of CICS-Hawkins High School at 801 E. 133rd Place....

If past is prolong, the Iowa caucus defines the Republican loser more often than the winner of the primaries.

Rick Santorum won the 2012 Iowa Caucus. (click here)

Note: Republicans after 1976 have released a raw vote and final percentages.

Here is a look at where Cruz stands on the issues. (click here)

Shop at your local merchants. The holiday is really felt when in the community. Main Streets are decorated to holiday cheer. Enjoy. It's taxpayer dollars at work.

Do not confront thieves. Do not threaten with guns. Shooting a thief that might result in a fatality could be prosecuted for wrongful death. Report theft to the police. Provide whatever evidence that may exist, but, DO NOT BECOME a vigilante.

December 12, 2015
By Morgan Brennan

It's a nasty practice (click here) that's become common enough to warrant a new term: porch pirates.

As package deliveries surge during the peak holiday season, so too do the incidents of packages being swiped from doorsteps.
Specific data on package theft is limited, since shipping companies and retailers don't typically parse it out. The U.S. Postal Service insists the "vast majority of the mail it delivers arrives intact"; FedEx (FDX) doesn't share stats; and UPS (UPS) will only say that of the tens of millions of packages it handles daily, reported thefts are "scant." 
Nonetheless,, an insurance comparison site owned by, estimates that a "whopping" 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them....

This is the only methods the Saddam Ba'athists have to cause damage and terrorism to The West. INFLUENCE via propaganda.

Such media influence into other countries has its' limits and will not bring down the sovereign West. These attacks among citizens has to stop. That is the issue and the Saddam Ba'athists have only one way of causing terror and that is through the media and disillusioned Muslims.  

December 14, 2015
By Michael Birnbaum

Brussels — French authorities Brussels - French authorities (click here) were searching Monday for a man who said he was inspired by the Islamic State as he attacked a schoolteacher with a sharp object just outside Paris.
The attack came as France continues to reel from attacks by the Islamic State across Paris last month that killed 130 people. French counter-terrorism authorities were investigating the incident and searching for the man, said a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office, Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre.
The teacher “was in his classroom,” Pascal Beaudet, the mayor of Aubervilliers, told reporters outside the Jean Perrin d’Aubervilliers primary school. “He was surprised by an individual who was in the school.” Beaudet said the teacher had been hospitalized....

...and then there are just blatant lies.

December 14, 2015 
By Aurelien Breed

Paris — The French authorities (click here) said on Monday that a teacher who claimed to have been stabbed with scissors and a box cutter at a preschool near Paris had fabricated the story.
The Paris prosecutor’s office and the local prosecutor said the teacher was being questioned Monday afternoon, The Associated Press reported, after he claimed to have been attacked at the Jean Perrin preschool in Aubervilliers, a northern suburb of Paris.
A spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office, Agnès Thibault-Lecuivre, said earlier in the day that the victim, a 45-year-old male preschool teacher, had described the attacker as saying, “This is Daesh, this is a warning.” Daesh is an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS or ISIL.
The teacher, who has not been identified, said that the assailant was wearing a balaclava and gloves and that he then fled....

There is also no reason to send American soldiers into a rubble devastated areas, unless, one is looking for bodies. Even then the local military should have enough capacity to carry out any remaining bodies.

I'll be darn, the tail section (entire section) fell off, huh? I thought the scene was odd.

December 14, 2015
By Krishnadev Calamur 

It says (click here) there’s no evidence yet of terrorism, though Russia and others say a bomb brought down Metrojet Flight 9268 in October.

Egyptian authorities say a preliminary investigation into the Russian passenger plane that crashed in the Sinai in October indicates terrorism was not responsible—a direct contradiction of Russia’s assertion, backed by the U.S. and the U.K., that a bomb brought down Metrojet Flight 9268.

“The technical investigative committee has so far not found any evidence indicating criminal or terrorist activity in the downing of the plane,” Ayman El-Muqqadam, the chief investigator, said, according to Arham Online, the English-language website of Egypt’s most widely read newspaper...

Moron: So, tell us, what made the case of structural integrity for you?

Me: "The three mile distance between the entire tail section intact and the rest of the disbris."

Moron: Interesting.

Me: "It is called evidence based decision making."

Moron: That never occurred to me. 

There is no evidence of explosion. The edges, even the rivet hole are intact. Egypt has reason to sue major media sources that pushed for an immediate statement of the cause, FOX Media lead the pack.

And three miles away is this (below). There was an obvious explosion, but, it occurred when the exposed industrial electric wires (still conducting electricity) came in contact with the fuel of the center fuel tank. The fins of the engines looked exactly like the ones from TWA 800.

Which brings me to my next point, the dogged mania around the number of bombs dropped in Syria by the Arab Coalition and the SPECULATION the Obama coalition of Arab countries have given up. Here again the vicious media service is FOX NEWS, followed by the rest seeking the same ratings.

There is just so much where bombs can do their damage before a city or region is decimated by bombing. Why would any coalition of countries bomb RUBBLE?

Media sources such as FOX News have no respect for government when it DOES NOT FIT into its particular politics. In The West these adverse media outlets state they are "Infotainment" BUT they never publish a disclaimer at the very same time they are skewing news to deceive their viewers to keep their ratings.

In the newspaper business, the truth telling of facts appear in different ways from editorials that carry the evidence into an opinion regarding the facts. It is called insight. Editorial boards and Op-Eds add dynamics to the evidence to bring about a greater understanding of the truth. This editorial content can actually bring brevity to a society in exposing inappropriate actions of government that is corruption.

The right wing political media in the USA is highly adverse to the people and the politics that help citizens in making decisions at elections. This level of deceit of the media services that skew their facts have turned the USA democracy into a plutocracy. That isn't evident? In the USA media outlets are corporate entities. The entire political right wing in the USA has sold their souls to FOX News. That is called corruption, but, those facts seem to evade voters.
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In Mississippi there are eight cows still on the loose. 

December 11, 2015
By Alle Ware

Jackson, Miss. —Interstate 20 (click here) has reopened, hours after a truck full of cows overturned at Interstate 55 south at The Stack.
Jackson police said an 18-wheeler with a load of about 100 head of cattle crashed around 3:30 a.m. Friday, releasing the cows onto the interstate....

"Good Night, Moon"

The waxing crescent

2.7 days old

7.8 percent lit

December 13, 2015
By Brett Watts

It's a rare treat this month. (click here) December's full moon is known as a "Full Cold Moon," but it hasn't fallen on Christmas Day since 1977.
On Friday, December 25, the rare Christmas Day full moon will be at it's peak around 6:11 AM, a little over an hour before sunrise. 
The December moon is known as a full cold moon because December nights are some of the longest of the year, so the full moon gets longer to shine, and temperatures often get colder.
The next Christmas Day full moon won't occur again until 2034, so be sure to check it out. 
Get the latest viewing forecast for your area here as we approach the week of Christmas.