Saturday, July 09, 2011

In Flroida last week the end of an era came to pass.

Amid the wetlands of Florida the USA Space Program made a home.  The decades long program is taking a breather to redirect its efforts in a way that the private sector cannot achieve heights. 

I applaud the dedicated crews, the people that worked within the program and the everlasting record of their joint efforts etched into the history of the USA and space flight forever.

A grateful nation cannot thank you all enough for all that you did and the pride you afforded this country.

Let's bring Atlantis home and look forward to the next trip into the stars by the USA Space Program.
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Okay. This is legislative over reaching and political grandstanding because of the media mess surrounding this case.

Legislators Introduce 'Caylee's Law' (click title to entry - thank you)

While the public went into shock when the jury declared Casey Anthony "not guilty" of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, lawmakers set out to make an example of the verdict. In more than a dozen states, legislators have introduced measures that would make it a felony for a parent to fail to report the death or disappearance of child within a certain time frame....

Know you are going to hear what I think.  To begin, I am concerned about Ms. Casey Marie Anthony's safety once she is released from jail.  Not prison, jail.  I do not believe the media can behave itself and there will be backlash against her for as long as they exploit this case.

Okay, I am not finished and this law is outrageous.

Casey Marie Anthony in every 'taped anything,' be it phone call or jailhouse family gathering was composed and centered on the truth that no one wanted to identify except her defense team.  IF people are willing to believe the truth the defense team put forward the evidence to that reality is all to clear.

First, the law is unrealistic.  There is no way that a parent can be held to such a standard espeically when considering there are children in boarding schools, nannies, travel for work, the military, etc., etc., etc.  The best the law can do is what occured with Mrs. Cindy Anthony and her phone call.  She went to through 'fact finding' the entire time Casey was with friends and not home.  I do not believe Mrs. Cindy Anthony was anyway connected with the missing body of Caylee. 

If anything can be said with brevity it is that Mrs. Cindy Anthony speaks her mind in a moment's notice. 

When leaving the courthouse a camera caught Mr. and Mrs. George Anthony as they were walking away from the a door of the courthouse.  There were dearly few people in that area except for the camera crew and Mrs. Cindy Anthony stated, "She received the sentence she deserved."  I thought that was odd.  She was so very, very victimizing of her daughter the entire time, from the beginning when Casey was arrested she was always on 'her husband's side.'

Mr. George Anthony is a very interesting guy.  He was once or still is a police officer.  Yes?  I told you I haven't followed this as closely as some of the 'gossip lawyers' have followed it, so I am not 'up' on all the particulars of this man.  But, he is a police officer by trade.  I was surpised more of the deception around Caylee's body wasn't directed at George Anthony but in reflection it would require more concrete proof in order to entertain the since influence he had to the jury.  I have a feeling based on their three 'Not Guilty" verdicts they were thinking exactly as I was.

He stated in his testimony he was familiar with the smell of a dead body.  He stated there is no other smell like it.  He stated he believed there was a dead body in the truck of his daughter's car before he smelled the odor.  Mrs. Cindy Anthony's reaction was more interesting than George Anthony's statement, because, she backed up her husband whom she would not question because there had been such outrageous allogations over the years by Mr. Casey Anthony of him. 

Cindy was the person to make the 911 call, not George.  Why didn't the police officer that was George Anthony 'take control' and call 911 before the car was cleaned and aired out?

A prudent act by someone in law enforcement that was not involved in any cover up or 'plan to protect' his dysfunctional family would have immediately protected evidence, IF IT WAS EVIDENCE AT ALL, after smelling the 'death rot' in the trunk.  He didn't do that.  He was as guilty as Ms. Casey Anthony of not telling police what occurred or where the body was kept and then where the body was disposed.

Cindy Anthony, for the emotional woman that she is, enables the dysfunction of her family.  Anyone could see that.  George controls the family's demeanor and Cindy is the gatekeeper.

See what is so believable about Ms. Casey Anthony is that she never ever sincerely changed her involvement in her understanding of her place in all this.  In the conversation with her Cindy after she was arrested she stated, "I saw your cameo performance...." and later when Cindy was playing her part in not knowing (which I believe she did not know) ... Ms. Casey Anthony stated, "Oh, come on."  That statement was very revealing.  There was a greater truth and the family was distancing themselves from Ms. Casey Anthony as fast as they could.  Why?  Why would a mother put so much emotional distance between her daughter and herself?  Because she might be guilty?  Or because to not allow her to be guilty George might be considered a person to arrest instead?

That is all speculation, but, I am not finished.

Who would know how to compromise evidence to a prosecutor? 

A police officer or an unwed mother with no means of successfully supporting her child?

I believe George Anthony was in complete control of the missing body of Caylee after she drowned in the pool after having swimming the night before in the pool with his wife and then retired to their bedroom.

Guilt?  Plenty.  The door was opened by the child and she reached the top of the ladder expecting to find her grandmother there.  She didn't, but, because she had no fear of water and like good parents and grandparents they instilled a feeling of success with every accomplishment Caylee made.  She jumped into the pool as she had done so many times before and drowned.

The cover up insued with a dysfunctional family and George in control.  She appeared to be assisting Casey in her own guilt in not going to police because he was just as scared as Ms. Casey Anthony.

He was afraid of being blamed for something he and his spouse did unwittingly when they were not thinking of the child 24-7, but, actually took time to celebrate their love of each other.

The guilt overwhelmed the household and Cindy was not made aware of the circumstances because George was overwhelmed with losing his wife if she found out what actually occurred.

Cindy is a good barometer to what actually existed in reality.  George Anthony knew that a body, a smelly body, would degrade when given enough time to be worthless to any prosecuter or forensic team.  He knew that for the many times that reality played on in not guilty verdicts and open ended investigations where cases were never closed.

So, was the defense team just that good.  Yes, except, they were provided by the realtiy of their client's home life and the ability to identify a very dysfunctional family controlled by a man determined to have himself exonerated of any guilt no matter the outcome.

For a law to be written and exploited for its 'political favor' only speaks to the grossly dysfunctional media.  Now, to that end there should be laws prohibiting such intense scrutiny of 'INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.'  But, will that level of control every exist to protect the innocent?  Nah.  The political fodder is far to tempting to actually expect any legislator not to be corrupted by it.

These law is  far too overreaching and should never have Caylee's name attached to it as the case was never successfully prosecuted.  Politicians 'play' the public and not the decency of the true meaning of the law.

Oh, one other thing.

Was Ms. Casey Marie Anthony a pathological liar?

You betcha.  From very early on in a very dysfunctional family she knew exactly how and when to lie.

Oh, the partying.  Yeah.  Well, if your child is dead and you don't have to be around the man that has dominated your life for so long, then why not go out and find a way to take care of yourself.  The 'Hot Body Contest?'  The next step is being an exotic dancer and making some very lucrative money.

What the prosecution could do was to say what was untruth, as they should, but they could not say what was the truth.  They could not say where exactly Ms. Casey Marie Anthony was during the time she was not at the Anthony house.  There were a lot of missing pieces, not just a few.  If they could say where she was she might actually be found not guilty as well.  She is innocent of all charges and I wish her well.

...After the verdict, (click here) George and Cindy Anthony described Casey's defense strategy as "baseless" but said the jury made a fair decision.
Moore said the jail has no need to know where Casey will live, and she was not sentenced to probation so she will not have to provide an address to the probation office.
Casey will be only the second inmate in the past 15 years to not walk out the front door of the jail lobby after being released from custody, Moore said. The jail has planned a secret exit for her protection.
The only other inmate who got such special handling was Noelle Bush, daughter of then-Governor Jeb Bush and niece of then-President George W. Bush. Moore said the Secret Service was concerned Noelle, who was arrested on drug-related charges, could be targeted by terrorists.
"Lisa Nowak, she walked out the front entrance," Moore said, referring to the former NASA astronaut who drove from Houston to Orlando to attack a romantic rival.
"And we've had local politicians, police chiefs and all sorts of people, and they're all required to walk out the front entrance," Moore said.

Of course.