Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sarin is no different than any other chemical or biological weapon. It is organic.

(RS)-Propan-2-yl methylphosphonofluoridate


The carbon are the black nodes, the hydrogens are the grey nodes, the fluorine is the greenish-yellow node, the oxygen are the red nodes and the phosphorus is the orange node.

This is the sarin molecule. It all happens because there is a highly reactive element called fluorine.

It binds with a neuro chemical, enzyme actually, called acetylcholinesterase. The enzyme is related to acetylchloine the neurochemical that transmit nerve impulses. 

Acetylcholine can build up at the nerve synapse. A synapse is the part of the nerve connecting to another nerve(s) to transmit the chemical signal to the body and in reverse from the body to the brain through the central nervous system.

What occurs is the fluorine element (node) of the sarin molecule is 'the leaving' part. It is the most reactive part. It literally enters into a chemical reaction with acetylcholinesterase. Acetylcholinesterase is the enzyme which reacts with acetylcholine to remove a build up of the neurochemical to allow a new reaction to begin.

When the acetylcholineesterase can no longer bind to the acetylcholine because it is no longer available but bond now to a fluorine molecule the acetylcholine builds up at the synapse and death flows. 

It is like an insecticide for the human being. I guess that makes it a humanicide.

I hope I spelled all that right. I just don't feel up to reading what I just wrote.

Cause of 5.7 magnitude quake - hydraulic fracturing.

An eathquake on Nov. 5, 2011 caused extensive damage to the towers (turrets) atop Benedictine Hall, the most prominent structure on the campus of St. Gregory's University in Shawnee. 

By WAYNE GREENE World Senior Writer 
Published: 12/6/2012  2:53 PM 
Last Modified: 12/6/2012  2:56 PM

Whether a 5.7-magnitude earthquake that shook the state in 2011 — the biggest in contemporary state history — was man-made or not is still an open question, state geology experts say, and regulators say so is the issue of whether they should do anything about it. 

The Nov. 5, 2011, earthquake near Prague — which was felt widely across the state — was “likely triggered” by fluid injection in the area, according to a paper presented by University of Oklahoma seismologist Katie Keranen on Wednesday at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. 

But Oklahoma Geological Survey officials say there’s a significant and important distance between likely and certainly. 

In fact, there may never be enough evidence to make a definitive finding about what caused the Prague earthquake, said Austin Holland, research seismologist for the Oklahoma Geological Survey, in a telephone interview from the San Francisco conference....

How convenient, there may never be enough evidence to make a definitive finding. So, does that mean the USA should allow this destructive industry continue to cause seismic activity when there is so much more evidence elsewhere in the country to back this up?

There were recent findings in Texas to the destructive power of hydraulic fracturing from four separate sites where less than 2 on the Richter Scale was measured.

I have repeatedly stated the greatest danger to the USA through seismic activity due to the petroleum industry is liquefaction. Now, if everyone wants to continue to play around with this disaster they can look forward to loss of land use. I sincerely would not recommend it. This is the dynamic that has Christchurch, New Zealand in shambles.

I am fairly sure if geologists were commissioned to examine any seismic site believed to be caused by hydraulic fracturing and/or known to be cause by hydraulic fracturing in the USA, there would be some evidence of liquefaction. Fairly sure of that.

The scientists in the USA have been concentrating on proving the seismic activity is related to hydraulic fracturing, so they might not be focusing on the land condition left in its wake.

Liquid is introduced during hydraulic fracturing. It would enhance the ability of the ground to become loose during the seismic activity.

In geology, liquefaction refers to the process by which saturated, unconsolidated sediments, primarily sands and silts, temporarily lose strength and behave as a viscous liquid rather than as a solid. Ground failure caused by liquefaction is a major cause of earthquake damage and casualties. Photo source: Saitama Shimbun/Associated Press/Kyodo News
The scale of Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami wasn’t the only thing that surprised geologists.
The 9.0 earthquake in Japan, the fourth most powerful quake ever recorded, also caused an unusually severe and widespread shift in soil through liquefaction, a new study suggests.
Near coastlines, harbors and rivers, earthquakes can make the wet, sandy soil jiggle, turning it temporarily from a solid to a liquid state, a process known as liquefaction. Heavy sand and rock sinks, while water and lighter sand bubble to the surface. The slurry spreads, often toward the water, and the surface shifts.
Japan’s liquefaction occurred over hundreds of miles, surprising even experienced engineers who are accustomed to seeing disaster sites, including from the recent earthquakes in Chile and New Zealand.
The study raises questions about whether existing building codes in other vulnerable locations can enable structures to withstand massive liquefaction, including in areas of Oregon, Washington and California.
“We’ve seen localized examples of soil liquefaction as extreme as this before, but the distance and extent of damage in Japan were unusually severe,” said Scott Ashford, a study team member from Oregon State University....

Governor Rick Snyder's bad ideas don't stop with Right to Work.

The wayward Michigan Governor known to sell the Michigan Brain Trust to Wall Street for personal profit, also wants to increase hydraulic fracturing in Michigan.

Like what?

This is the Great Lakes, you jerk. Michigan is surrounded by water. What does hydraulic fracturing do to water supplies? 

Now, unless  the entire Great Lakes wants to be pumped through cisterns there is no way this form of exploitation of the natural world should go forward in any of the states along the Great Lakes or St. Lawrence Sea Way.

I would think Canada would have the same focus.

The costs to rehabilitate the Great Lakes receiving Fracking pollution would far, far exceed the EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Is this initiative suppose to improve the Great Lakes and protect them OR simply 'pick up' after Wall Street pollution?

Rick Snyder is a horrible governor. I stated there would all kinds of problems with corruption when he was running. Anyone listen? Nooooo...

I think Snyder is planning to run for the Presidency in 2016. He knows his stay in the Governor's mansion will be abbreviated after that last set of referendums ending the Financial Manager laws. His run for President is on the idea of Michigan being a state with unions and a Middle Class that literally contributes to the nation's economy in a very big way. But, that reality was not created or improved on by Mr. Snyder.

By David Eggert | 
on December 08, 2012 at 7:00 AM, updated 

LANSING, MI – Right-to-work legislation (click here) may not have been high on the agenda of a reluctant Gov. Rick Snyder for nearly two years, but it eventually got to the very top.
What does that say about him?
In what could be the defining moment of his term, he did not stamp out the growing pressure from Republican lawmakers, business leaders and conservative advocacy groups to act.
By getting behind bills that would make it optional for workers in union shops to pay dues or fees, Snyder is effectively matching or possibly exceeding the recent curbs on unions in Indiana and Wisconsin....

We need to get something straight about these Right to Work laws. A Republican agenda item probably supported by ALEC.

ALEC's model Right to Work Act provides that no employee need join or pay dues to a
union, or refrain from joining a union, as a condition of employment. The Act establishes
penalties and remedies for violations of the Act's provisions.

I can state this very simply.

Right to work is to insure poverty wages to the nation and high profits to corporations. It assaults the sovereignty of the USA as it diminishes the tax base to the USA Treasury.

Remember now,the biggest complaint the political Right Wing has is that increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires will cause them to leave the country. Right? Well, if we are counting on their contribution to the USA Treasury, then it is not a sovereign reassurance, now is it? 

The security of the USA, its sovereign rights, are ONLY protected by the Middle Class. Their ability to move about the nation is the only possibility. They won't abandon the country. They never have. They have loved this country and have stood by it through thick and thin. So when an idiot someone like Snyder states The Right to Work laws have proven to put people back to work, he and the GOP neglect the fact the quality of life of the people and the fitness of the USA Treasury are at stake.

Right to Work Laws assault the USA sovereignty and serve ONLY the Plutocracy. And that is a global plutocracy with a very different agenda than that of the people of the USA.


Looks like the federal legislature is out of the picture. How convenient for Republicans.

Gay Marriage is no longer a State's Right issue. It has come full circle. Now, the nation hears from a conservative court about the right of people to love. Is this the only way bias, discrimination and hatred ends in the USA? A court has to arbitrarily tell Americans they are allowed to love each other. Really?

The U.S. Supreme Court (click here) has decided to take up the issue of marriage equality the right way, the forthright way. The justices could have simply allowed the federal appeals court ruling against California's Prop. 8 to stand without a high-court review. Such a move would have allowed the resumption of same-sex marriages in California, but would have left open the question of the constitutionality of laws in other states that restrict marriage to unions between a man and a woman....

How many human functions will the courts of the USA have to tell the American people to perform in private or public? Can we hug in public? Can we celebrate in public? Can we express our deepest and most abiding feelings for each other in public?

This is interesting.

See, when hatred takes this level it is a precedent no one should sincerely engage in. Basically, the Supreme Court of the USA is going to tell its citizens it has a right or not a right to love. 


Is that freedom of speech or the commerce clause this time?

Oh, yeah.

When the Supreme Court decides about Gay Marriage will they also say who can or cannot give birth and claim families? This is one of the most outrageous issues I have ever witnessed before the court in my life!

The conservative courts have refused to respect the wall between church and state. They refuse to visit the issue as a religious intolerance issue. The way this needs to occur is the removal of the state from the realm of the church. The church does not issue marriage licenses and the state does. There is no reason why two people of any gender combination cannot get a marriage license and spend the rest of their lives together. The bias in some states is due to the breakdown of the separation of church and state. 

Now, will the Robert's Court return the separation as it should be or will they toy with it? Will they find some stupid conservative grey area and call it genius?