Sunday, May 07, 2017

US Senator Bill Cassidy's election funding.

Top 5 Contributors, 2013 - 2016, Campaign Cmte

Elliott Management$82,300$82,300$0
Edison Chouest Offshore$48,100$48,100$0
Gilead Sciences$47,600$27,600$20,000
Cajun Industries$46,800$46,800$0
Koch Industries$46,200$31,200$15,000

Elliot Management is a hedge fund. (Click here for Cassidy's financial accounting.) It is amazing the level of deceit their is in campaign funding. Elliot Management doesn't contribute as a citizen as the Supreme Court stipulates companies as citizens, too. Elliot Management has each individual contribute to the campaign finance of US Senator Bill Cassidy, YET, it is noted as a single entity in his accounting. It is to keep his cronies straight and not let smaller individual contributions interfere with his corruption.

See we already know private insurance companies can't handle health care. They can't. The merger after merger is to bring more and more capital under one umbrella to better carry the COSTS. But, they can't do it. The big companies have to violate anti-trust laws in order to insure the American public OR simply rook them out of health care. The denied benefits are because they can't conduct mergers forever to make for COSTS. 

There is no private industry solution to health care. There just isn't.

It is no different than privatizing Social Security. It can't be done. Private industries cannot generate enough income to pay Social Security on a regular basis. When they run out of liquid assets Wall Street will go bankrupt and the USA won't even have the baseline of support to the financial markets noted in 2001 and 2008. The entire market place will collapse. The Republicans want to deregulate everything. It is to pad their cronies for awhile, but, it all ends up in the upper 0.01 percent's bank accounts and the world is left in squalor.

Private industry cannot do what government can do and never will. All they can do is beg for more government money in the way of lies to the public.

Local economies and local solutions without Wall Street drooling with desire over the viability and ingenuity of people and their communities. That is the reason for no trade agreements. The agreements remove individual rights from propagating an economy.

The Social Security Trust Funds lost a lot of money in 2008. There is no trusting Wall Street with the monies of the entire country. If the entitlements have to be fixed that is an issue for the country to decide, but, to put it in the back pockets of Wall Street, especially without regulation, only prolongs their agony of the next financial melt down.

Top 5 Industries, 2013 - 2016, Campaign Cmte

Health Professionals$1,191,165$849,065$342,100
Securities & Investment$961,276$952,776$8,500
Oil & Gas$837,170$705,670$131,500
Leadership PACs$602,794$0$602,794s