Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I admire Prime Minister Putin, but, is this a political dialogue or real peace negotiations?

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with workers at a car plant in Vladivostok. His comments about Russia's need for new offensive weapons systems to create a balance of forces with the U.S. come amid talks on a new U.S.-Russian nuclear arms treaty. (Alexei Nikolsky / Pool Photo / December 29, 2009)

Russia won a major concession from the USA in that President Obama saw the error in escalating the circumstances between Russia and Europe by placing a missile shield site at a border of that country. Russia was correct to demand that initiative from the USA.

But, it is unrealistic to expect the USA to hand over technology for the sake of negotiations to go any further. A treaty between the two countries would prohibit any building of such a facility and to that end it would permit escalation of aggression against the USA and Europe should such a stupid volley occur with subsequent USA administrations. Rightfully so.

President Putin is being careful, but, there are extenuating circumstances with nuclear proliferation that also brings China into the picture. China is escalating the 'incidence' of nuclear technology, hence, the potential to nuclear weapons system.

Only recently China stated it would assist Belize with a nuclear facility and now it is the UAE. This is not a good thing.

While Prime Minister Putin has no control over China, they are staunch allies as the USA does not have that relationship. I would hope when Russia and the USA engage in Non-Proliferation it would be to end this hideous 'allowance' of illegal countries 'potential' to nuclear arms that would include all the 'legal nations.'

There are also a few other issues, Iran and the fact Russia successfully helped them with their reactor after the stupidity of the USA in misleading them. We are now faced with a growing destabilizing movement there and it is completely imprudent to continue to allow Iran their enrichment facilities.

And there is the issue of new Russia allowances of a third term for the former President. Right now he is looking more like President Obama in a re-election bid than the President himself.

A car factory, Vladimir?

Upset about the Chevy Volt.

Too bad.

Jeeze. The UAE has more damn sunlight than any other country on Earth.


The weather in Antarctica (Crystal Ice Chime) is unseasonably warm.

December 30, 2009
0122 gmt
Antarctica Satellite - there is no frigid air over the ice continent.

December 30, 2009
0300 AM
Antarctica temperature image (Click here for 24 hour loop showing images from 3AM, 9AM, 12PM and 3PM)

Coldest Station Reporting

Vostok, Antarctica

Local Time: 12:53 PM VOST (GMT +06)

Lat/Lon: 78.4° S 106.9° E

Temperature ONLY -21F

Conditions :: Clear

Humidity :: 40%

Dew Point :: -31 F

Wind :: -

Pressure – inches (Rising)

Visibility :: 12.0 miles

Elevation :: 11220 ft

The Warmest Reporting Station

Mawson, Antarctica

Local Time: 12:59 PM MAWT (GMT +06)

Lat/Lon: 67.6° S 62.9° E

Temperature :: 36F

Conditions :: Partly Cloudy

Humidity :: 15%

Dew Point :: 6 F

Wind :: 17 mph from the Southeast

Wind Gust :: -

Pressure :: 29.59 in (Rising)

Visibility :: 19.0 miles

Elevation :: 33 ft

...Palmer Station is on the front lines of climate change. (click title to entry - thank you) It is the base of the Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research Project, led by oceanographer Hugh Ducklow at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.

Long-term measurements here tell the story. The Marr glacier behind the station has retreated more than 1,500 feet since 1963. The Antarctic Peninsula is warming faster than anywhere else on earth. Average temperature has warmed 6 degrees Fahrenheit since 1950 — winter temperature even more, a shocking 11 degrees F.

The sea ice along the western Antarctic Peninsula has declined 40 percent, and ice cover is 80 days shorter compared with 25 years ago.

Shrinking sea ice reverberates through the ocean food web. Diatoms, the single-celled plants that drive the ocean web of life, overwinter in ice and thrive at the ice edge. Diatoms are the preferred food of Antarctic krill, abundant shrimplike zooplankton.

Krill depend on sea ice. Young krill feed and escape from predators under the ice. As sea ice disappears, so do krill....

Ecotourism does NOT the cause of Human Induced Global Warming or the 'ice melt' at Antarctica. There is however other damage that is critical to protect ice and snow structures.

Ways to prevent Antarctic tourism causing a large scale humanitarian or environmental disaster will be discussed at a conference starting in Wellington on Wednesday. (click here)

The meeting of Antarctic experts follows the 2007 sinking of the Explorer off King George Island, 120km off Antarctica.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says the sinking is evidence that the guidelines tourism operators work to are not strict enough.

He is backed by Maritime New Zealand which wants a code that would prevent vessels working in the Antarctic and Arctic waters if they do not meet safety requirements.

The agency hopes new rules would better manage the risk to human life as well as the environment.

There have been four serious incidents involving tourist ships in the area in the past three years.

New Zealand is responsible for managing any emergency in a large area of the Antarctic waters.

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There will never be invasion or 'boots on the ground' in Yemen. The Neocon Hawks are on notice. The USA is not practicing the business of war anymore

Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen

Let me see if I get this right.

A breach in airline security happened at the gate of a Northwest Airline flight out of Amsterdam and the USA is suppose to invade Yemen.

Ahhh....that makes sense?

A wayward rich kid carries out a single incident UNSUCCESSFULLY after being brainwashed by a NOW dead Muslim Cleric in Yemen and the USA is suppose to launch an invasion.

I don't think so. Perhaps we should launch one into Amsterdam, right?

Like? Where did that come from? Some place rational? I live for the day.

The talking heads need to find Santa Claus and hope Rudolph is still alive without ice at the North Pole. That is about what their opinion is worth.