Monday, August 30, 2010

Hard to say right now, but, it could be a 'dry run.' I'd be concerned about mimics.

Suspects Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al-Soofi, left, and Hezem Abdullah Thabi al-Murisi, right. (CBS)

I am curious to how long ago he became a resident to the USA.  Within the past nine since a failed 911 attack?

...Sources say one of the men, Ahmed Mohammed Nasser al-Soofi, a 48-year-old Yemnini who has permanent resident status in the United States, had $7,000 in cash and what looked like mock explosive devices in two checked bags, seven cell phones - some of them we're told were taped to empty bottles - and watches taped to shampoo bottles. Al-Soofi, who resides in Detroit, was singled out for a pat down at Birmingham International Airport in Ala. on Sun. His checked baggage had set off an alarm as it was screened. He was allowed to continue on a flight to Chicago O'Hare....

The ONLY crowd that matters is the one present for the inauguration on January 20, 2009.

 An image provided by GeoEye Satellite Image shows Washington D.C.'s National Mall and the United States Capitol (top), in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009 taken at 11:19AM EDT during the inauguration of President Barack Obama. The image, taken through high, wispy white clouds, shows the masses of people between the Capitol and the Washington Monument. (AP Photo/GeoEye Satellite Image) (click title to entry - thank you.)

Just for the record, the 'God rant' by Beck is an attempt to 'restore' the Bush fervor before Novermber and beyond.  It is a 'propaganda scheme probably 'born of Rove.'  Doesn't everyone recognize the 'Right Wing Media' proppaganda scheme?  No?  Easy, they first lie and then deny the lie and then become contrite and remorseful.  Don't 'get it yet?'  I really have to explain this?  The Right Wing Media attempts to 'range the scale of emotion' and attract listeners and viewers based on a bonding of one kind or another.  The program doesn't have any rhyme or reason, but, only a following based on what they can attract by HOOK OR BY CROOK.  Sort of like the "Old Tonic Salesman."  The product is suppose to be good for you, but, is mostly all hype.  They are a joke.  There isn't anything serious about the Right Wing Media and if anyone that listens ever expects to 'be connected' to the real world, they are only fooling themselves.  It is an addiction to 'brain chemistry' which works best with 'the adrenalin of hate.'

I wish the 'real media' would 'get smart enough' to ignore the fact they have 'ethics' to live by in recognizing even the most extremists.  The Right Wing isn't serious media.  It is propaganda.  There is nothing credible about them except PERHAPS what might be caught on video tape.  You know, "Believe 50% of what you see and nothing of what you hear."

Good luck.  Professional media should be able to discern Bozos from the 'real thing.'  Just because they are camophlaged and wrapped in Wall Street Journal newsprint doesn't mean it is credible.  I near read the rag anymore.

There be hurricanes there ! Three at one time in the Atlantic Ocean to be exact., When was the last time that happened.

August 30, 2010
2114 gmt
Atlantic Ocean Satellite

Actually there are four if one considers the additional low pressure system off Africa.  Wow.  Will the 2010 Hurricane Season happen wihin a week or ten days and be over as quick as it started?  The Antiles is taking a beating, isn't it?  First "Earl" followed by "Fiona."  I don't know those folks need to be contacted by someone.  They have to be wondering what is going to happen to them. 

"Earl" with 114 mph surface winds.

They're going to need help, if they don't already.

The Atlantic Ocean's hurricane conveyor belt now appears to be in full gear.  (click title to entry - thank you)
On Monday, another tropical storm, TS Fiona, formed behind Hurricane Earl which formed after TS Danielle.
Danielle is out at sea and not a threat. But Hurricane Earl, with winds clocked at 135 mph, has put many on alert on islands in the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles, including the Virgin Islands. There are concerns Earl could hit the U.S.'s East Coast, especially North Carolina, later in the week.

The experts predicted it would be an active hurricane season. They were right.

There will be another one after "Fiona."  The Antiles will be unable to recover before they get hit again.  That is unprecedented. 

Maybe permanent 'hi ground' shelter, with an understanding for the people that come they will stay until there is an 'all clear.'  This might be awhile and the 'damage in the wake' maybe substantial. 

The tidal surges will bearly be receded when it will rise again.  It is possible the storms may 'maintain' a high water line until this subsides.  The storms could conceivably just keep pushing water at those islands.

It is just that the storms are lining up on an unremiting track right now. 

It has to do with the alignment of 'direct sun rays.'  As soon as the sun's rays begin to traverse OFF these 'heat/moisture' latitudes, it will abate.

The one after Fiona, assuming it develops into a storm, may traverse into the Caribbean actually.  It will roll over top of those islands.  This is really a bit worrisome.

The reason this is worrisome is because this is such a delayed season with 'high impact' storms in sequence.  The 'heat trapped' in the troposphere is finding resolve in these storms, to some extent, but it is so intense that it is chruning out Cat Four storms, one after another.  There is no way of knowing right now if there will be an abatement of the intensity to the storms BEFORE the sun's rays move further south.  The NASA/NOAA/Hurricane Center records COULD possibly give a 'clue' to the outcome here based on 'heat calorie' records of terrestrial records correlated with Cat Four storm frequency. 

It is worth a shot.

Hey the jungles in Africa are holding up great right now.  We'd be 'fried potatoes' without them.  Let's hope they don't give into drought anytime soon. 

I love those monkeys, Bonobos and Mountain Gorillas.

Love them !!!!!!!!