Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Putin could also be using Ukraine as a decoy for an anticipated Syrian invasion by the USA.

Novoazovsk, Eastern Ukraine is being shelled by the Russians.

If Putin and the communists could use Ukraine as a decoy war expecting The West to invade Syria.

That said, it is well known Putin wants Eastern Ukraine, however, I didn't expect this level of killing. 

There are some parallels to the past.

8 January 2000
By Martin Bright
...Romanian President, Nicolae Ceausescu (click here) had condemned the Soviet action in Czechoslovakia and it was thought that Moscow was preparing to teach him a lesson.
Minutes from meetings at the time record Defence Secretary Denis Healey telling Wilson that Britain could not 'stand idly by' if the Soviet Union continued its expansion. A telex from Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart, made public for the first time, shows that towards the end of 1968, Britain believed that Soviet tanks were about to enter Romania. Intelligence sources even put a date - 22 November - on the invasion.
Tony Benn, who as Minister of Technology visited President Ceausescu in June 1968 and remained in contact with Romanian ministers, said last night: 'I had no idea these discussions were going on. But there was a lot of Cold War panic at the time.'
Harold Wilson's biographer, Ben Pimlott, said: 'There were fears and anxieties at the time about a possible invasion of Romania. But no one had any idea that the Government had intelligence about the exact date it was due to happen.'...

This aggression is taking place after the Ukraine President met with Putin in Minsk. Curious, Putin actually discussed the expediency of a cease fire with President Poroshenko. I take it Putin didn't care about discussing his new economic union based in militarization?

August 26, 2014
Thomson, Reuters
...Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (click here) promised after late-night talks with Russia's Vladimir Putin to work on an urgent ceasefire plan to defuse the separatist conflict in the east of his former Soviet republic.
The first negotiations between the two leaders since June were described by Putin as positive, but he said it was not for Russia to get into the details of truce terms between the Kiev government and two rebel eastern regions....
I sincerely do believe, now more than ever, Putin's economic union was simply a ruse to rebuild the Soviet Union. If he was actually looking to build a strong base for economic expansion the Polish apple orders from the new economic union would be doubling, not ending as punishment.

I suppose the increase in killings of Ukrainians by Russia gives President Poroshenko an incentive to a ceasefire.

..."We can only contribute to create a situation of trust for a possible, and in my view, extremely necessary, negotiation process."...

Russia has created a two party reality. He is stating there is an interest expressed by the Ukraine people and second interest by rebels located in the eastern border of the country. Before Russia decided a ceasefire was paramount to the best outcomes, there was no second party. There was, however, a civil war. President Poroshenko and his military were attempting to end the civil war. Now, President Putin enters with negotiations from a completely different party to bring about what exactly, another annexation for Russia or another dysfunctional country dependent on Russian support?

If one recalls Russia stated it knew nothing and was not affiliated with any extremists in Ukraine. They called themselves Pro-Russian since the Crimean expansion by Russia. But, up to now Russia had denied any affiliation and now Putin enters with a ceasefire because there is another party to actually bring about a legitimate separatist country whereby Russia has a strong interest. 

It has been well known Russia wants Eastern Ukraine no differently than it has wanted Crimea. What is most curious is that Putin didn't recognize the elections in the eastern region of Ukraine and now there needs to be a ceasefire with tanks rolling into Ukraine and deaths at the hand of Russia. It doesn't really look like a ceasefire is at all what Putin was recommending, so much as a takeover. How can a ceasefire occur with increased causalities from a nation that is basically inferior militarily to anything Russia can throw at it.

What is really being demanded by Putin is that Ukraine relinquish control over Eastern Ukraine. Offering nothing in return, militarizing the entire eastern region of Ukraine and expecting the remains of Ukraine and NATO to simply go away in expectations of "that is all Russia wanted." 

I know the wise thing to do is to measure Russia's desires and leave the rest of Ukraine in peace to pursue it's constitutional aspirations and become a stronger power with economic ties to Europe. Sort of a solution that King David would administer, half for each major power in the region. 

But, if that is the assessment and estimation by Europe, the new Ukraine without the eastern provinces and Crimea will become a target repeatedly by Russia both politically and strategically. The only assessment that makes sense is to eliminate any civil resolve between Russia and Ukraine and expect the eastern border regions a Russian militarized zone. An "RMZ." That is what Russia sincerely wants. They don't care about the people. They don't really care about South Ossetia or Abkhazia, while Poland made it easy to pick sides on that issue. Poland did itself no favors. 

But, what Russia wants with all this land is a zone between it's sovereign borders and any other country. Paranoid at the very least, it also speaks to future relations with The West and forget any lasting relationship with NATO. 

Assuming Russia is seeking an "RMZ" between it and Europe the only logical solution would be to militarize Ukraine in order for the people to defend themselves against further paranoia and/or desperation by Russia. It might have ended it's import of Polish apples simply because to purchase them with Rubles would cost too much. 
Europe cannot take this lightly or look the other way. Russia likes to practice brinkmanship and has a history of doing so on a right regular basis. If Europe is to allow Ukraine to divide yet again and provide a partnership with the remains of the country than it has to completely invest in it's sovereign borders and it's serious militarization otherwise this exercise is simply providing more reason to continue Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The West has to stop Russian expansion. There has to be a resolve to carry through with alliances and relationships that will say loudly to the world The West and Ukraine will not tolerate such aggression and deaths of innocent people. 

Novoazovsk is not a military site and is simply an administrative town of about 12,000 people. There is absolutely no reason for bombs falling in Novoazovsk by the Russians and/or their allies the eastern Ukraine rebels. These powers are simply bombing to kill unarmed people in the beds where they sleep. If Europe doesn't plan to stop this aggression now and clearly based in human rights for all the people of Ukraine, it will face more and more problems in the future.

August 27, 2014
By Doug Stanglin

The move comes (click here) despite Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's efforts to push a peace plan in his two-hour meeting Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rebel forces lobbed at least 10 shells at Novoazovsk. Plumes of black smoke rose above the town, which was also hit repeatedly by shelling Tuesday, injuring four people, Mayor Oleg Sidorkin said, according to an Associated Press reporter in the town.

In Washington, the State Department accused Russia of orchestrating a new military campaign in Ukraine that is helping rebel forces expand their fight and sending in tanks, rocket launchers and armored vehicles....

If Russia again denies any affiliation or control over the Ukraine rebels than it has no prowess to even propose a ceasefire.

August 26, 2014
By Uri Friedman

Meeting in Finland, a group of Americans and Russians develops an agenda for peace.

...In an effort to break the impasse, (click here) a group of American and Russian experts and former officials—including an ex-director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service and a top Russia advisor to George W. Bush—recently met on an island in Finland. Working privately, in an approach known as “Track II diplomacy,” they developed a plan for a possible high-level diplomatic discussion on resolving the crisis in Ukraine. In a climate of intensifying hostilities, their ideas—among others, establishing a UN-authorized peacekeeping mission in eastern Ukraine, granting amnesty to combatants who have not committed war crimes, and respecting Ukrainian legislation on the country's "non-aligned" status—chart a path to peace....
I don't need to see a full length video to know the horror that young girl experienced. I didn't watch the beheading videos. I think civilized people have limits. I know I have mine.

Ah, come on America, this is civil liberties at work. Everyone victimized by this gun made their own choices unencumbered by big government.

The nine year old needed to learn what militarized strength she needed to attend public school in the USA.

Shooting instructor Charles Vacca (click here) apparently didn’t read the news much. If he had, he might have known about the tragic case of a Massachusetts 8-year-old boy,Christopher Bizilj, who lost control of an Uzi back in 2008 and shot himself in the head. The boy was simply too small to control the little sub gun’s full-auto muzzle climb. Vacca was showing a 9-year-old girl how to shoot the same type of gun in Lake Havasu City, Arizona yesterday. When he told the little girl to pull the trigger, the gun climbed uncontrollably, shooting Vacca in the head. The video above stops just before Vacca is struck.
He later died in a Las Vegas hospital....

Do I detect Right Wing Wall Street providing false and dangerous values to the American people again?
This instructor died in Arizona. What kind of parents does this child have because she was being trained as an extremist and is now scared for life. What are the parents telling her, "That's life, these things happen, better it not happen to you?"

April 17, 2014
By Jonathan Allen

(Reuters) - Flat on his belly in a sniper position, (click here) wearing a baseball cap and a flak jacket, a protester aimed his semi-automatic rifle from the edge of an overpass and waited as a crowd below stood its ground against U.S. federal agents in the Nevada desert.

He was part of a 1,000-strong coalition of armed militia-men, cowboys on horseback, gun rights activists and others who rallied to Cliven Bundy's Bunkerville ranch, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, in a stand-off with about a dozen agents from the federal Bureau of Land Management....
This is America, everybody. This is the Second Amendment at work. Get over it.

They thought they were bringing the message of hope for the people of Syria to the rest of the world. They did so without prejudice and with a commitment to the truth. The change in attitude toward this rebel group wasn't their fault. 

Oddly, these journalists can still carry that message to the people of The West if they were provided the chance without being hostages to a different outcome.

Containment of ISIS/L.

August 27, 2014
Islamic State (IS) (click here) militants have committed "mass atrocities" in Syria, including the recruitment of children as fighters, the United Nations says.
In a report, investigators say public executions are a "common spectacle" in areas run by IS, which recently joined fighting against Syria's government.
The report also accuses the Syrian government of using chemical agents in eight separate incidents this year.
The conflict between government forces and several rebel groups began in 2011.
Some 200,000 have died since then....

Containment will occur when all the countries surrounding Syria hold their borders without weakness and Assad targets the group from the interior. To trust any rebel movement would be to undermine the ability to effectively contain Syria's civil war to it's borders.

Crossing the Lebanese border?

This isn't the usual media source, but, it gives me a chance to discuss Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Sheldon Adelson. Just the mention of the players brings to mind what rarely is discussed in American politics.

July 29, 2014
The Israeli army  (click here) seized on Tuesday a herd  of goats from the southern  Lebanese border town of Shebaa, but the  shepherds managed to escape in what was  described as ” kidnapping attempt", National News Agency reported.
“The Israeli Army   seized by force  a a herd  of goats  belonging to shepherds Mohammed Khalil Nabaa and Khodr Hamdan from the Sadana mountain heights in Shebaa,”NNA added
The herd was taken away to the occupied Shebaa Farms,  NNA noted, adding that the two shepherds managed to escape .
The same source remarked that an Israeli force had set up an ambush to the north of the border line, around 50 to 100 meters  inside Shebaa, before seizing the goats.
Lebanese army troops later deployed heavily in the region following these latest developments in the South, said  NNA....

Sometimes The West likes to think of Assad as a problem. The question is who is he a problem for?

While the USA wants to go back into Iraq, that really isn't the focus so much as an excuse to secure more land, but, for what?

August 24, 2014
At least five rockets fired from Syria (click here) hit various locations through the Golan Heights early Sunday, the Israel Defense Forces said.
It was unclear who was responsible or whether it had anything to do with Israel's ongoing fight with Hamas that has raged for weeks.
The announcement came hours after a rocket from Lebanon struck an open area in northern Israel in a separate attack. No injuries were immediately reported in both attacks.
Last month, a rocket was fired into northern Israel from southern Lebanon, and the Israeli military responded with an artillery strike. At the time, Israel said it held the Lebanese government responsible for the attack....

Israel's borders, whether Palestinian or Hebrew, are laced with incredibly historic land; Sheba Farms and Golan Heights are part of those lands. While the world focuses on the illegitimate settlements by Israel into Palestine there is more to the story. 

Something that really bothers me is the fact Dempsey so easily stated ISIS/L was a profound problem because of their ambitions, but, never does the USA military ever state Israel's ambitions are a problem.

There have been border wars with Israel for a long time. Israel first moved outside it's borders after the first UN agreement and then it continued until the point where Palestine nearly doesn't exist. 

ISIS/L is a problem because of their methodologies and the lack of respect for human life. It isn't their ambitions that first are the problem. They are murderers and have a genocidal methodology of occupying lands. If their ambitions were the problem then Israel would be a problem as well.

Instability in the Middle East happens for many reasons, but, mostly because of the many groups with interest in having land to call a country rather than a band of people to call a nation. ISIS calling itself a calphate and the Islamic State clearly illustrates what frequently evades focus. LAND. Land makes a country. People make a nation.

Every country in the region is concerned about the Islamic State, it's methodologies and any advances it could make. Assad's protest to any border crossing by the USA military is curious because one would think it would serve Assad's purpose in eliminating any rebels in the country. He has recently taken aim at ISIS. But, one thing that stands out is that ISIS could serve the purpose of those hating Israel and as noted in the problems of the Golan Heights. 

To that end all countries leaders need to be careful which brings me to the point that while ISIS/L is a problem in it's methodology (Why fight a war twice?) there should not be military ambitions greater than containment of this new group of people. There should not be ambitions of expansion of borders, new ideology for settlements anywhere and certainly not furthering instability in a region of the world which doesn't need it.

I always keep in mind when the Middle East thinks of Israel it equates the USA as well. The USA may or may not be required to assist Israel in it's border issues manifesting with Syria, my best guess is NOT. But, for Israel to continue it's expansion into lands into other sovereign countries is a problem and a very big problem.

War is a curious thing, it has the capacity to change the world. It can destroy, kill and reorganize land into suitable borders for all kinds of ambitions, history dictates that as the truth. But, for the USA to suggest they are going to cross into Syria when Assad has already warned this is an act of aggression and Russia waits silently for it to occur, is still a very wayward ambition and strategy. For what waits for the USA as an aggressor in the Middle East is more the past and best left there than the future. Being an aggressor in the Middle East is more a national danger than any plan to limit the effects on nation's of people unable to protect themselves. 

I suggest the USA Congress be very careful in it's ambitions regarding Syria. It simply doesn't appear to be anything except an unwanted aggression and more a pandering to political ambitions than those of national security. By the way, Israel's illegitimate settlements and ambitions for more is a national security issue for the USA.

What entertains Americans?

It seems distantly important to most Americans when their favorite films turn a birthdays year after year. 

The truth of the matter is the studios that produce these wonderful films don't preserve them. It may be the very films that endear our hearts and entertain our imaginatiosn may be sitting in a can and rotting into oblivion. 

Some filmmakers have taken the initiative to begin to preserve some of the Classics. They fund raise to bring the films back to life and provide a permanent fix to the loss of the performances and performers caught in their best appearances. 

These films coming into their 75th year are as important to the American landscape as the day they were filmed. All to often the urgency to protect some of our most precious films go unnoticed and could be lost forever.

August 27, 2014
By Scott Cherry

5 to Find: Films that are turning 75 years old (click here)

It has been 75 years this month since Dorothy danced down the Yellow Brick Road and into our hearts and 75 years since Scarlett proclaimed, “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”
I probably don’t have to tell a soul we are talking about “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind,” the two most memorable and most watched movies of 1939.
“Gone With the Wind” received 13 Academy Award nominations, winning 10, including outstanding production (best picture), and “The Wizard of Oz” snagged six nominations.

In a year many consider to be Hollywood’s finest, six films received more nominations than “Oz,” and two received the same. Twenty-three films received multiple nominations....

Evidently, the Executive Branch of the USA got the message from the DOD there is a problem with CLIMATE SECURITY.

August 26, 2014
By Coral Davenport

Washington -  The Obama administration (click here) is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.In preparation for this agreement, to be signed at a United Nations summit meeting in 2015 in Paris, the negotiators are meeting with diplomats from other countries to broker a deal to commit some of the world’s largest economies to enact laws to reduce their carbon pollution. But under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate....    

Message to USA Congress, "Govern or be governed."


The West knows exactly who is involved with foreign extremism.

There is no sovereign threat to The West. So, what is all this mess about war.

June 15, 2014
By Martin Chulov

...The treasure trove (click here) included names and noms de guerre of all foreign fighters, senior leaders and their code words, initials of sources inside ministries and full accounts of the group's finances.
"We were all amazed and so were the Americans," a senior intelligence official told the Guardian. "None of us had known most of this information."
Officials, including CIA officers, were still decrypting and analysing the flash sticks when Abu Hajjar's prophecy was realised. Isis swept through much of northern and central Iraq over three stunning days, seizing control of Mosul and Tikrit and threatening Kirkuk as three divisions of the Iraqi army shed their uniforms and fled....

Dempsey is playing to fear without bothering to include the information The West has to remove any threat from ISIS/L members to sovereignty. What Dempsey needs to advocate to Congress is the fact training other nation's military while supplying them with state of the art hardware is a very BAD IDEA!

You know when Iran threw the Shah out of the country it wasn't because they had a caravan of military tanks into Tehran. It didn't take a military presence to stop the USA tanks in Najaf. It took people and plenty of them mired in their own belief of god. That's all it took. 

So, now the great United States is going to bomb over the sovereign borders of Syria as an excuse they use ISIS/L. There is absolutely no guarantee any actions by The West within the sovereign borders of Syria will change a damn thing. 

The USA needs to stop killing people.

...The strategic acumen of Isis was impressive – so too its attention to detail. "They had itemised everything," the source said. "Down to the smallest detail."...

This is the middle of JUNE of 2014. Excuse me? The Liar's Club didn't stop with Bush and Cheney. The propagandists of the Psy-Ops are still running game on the people of the USA. And, of course, the USA media simply thinks the fear and war is the best ad attraction they have. How many are paying more attention to USA media today because of the hideous propensity of military proliferation wherever the military industrial complex can find it?

Whatever happened to the genocide on Mount Sinjar? It's over, huh? Right. The fact of the matter is there was a path cleared and people left the danger. AND. When The West finally landed via helicopter it was realized the circumstances of those people were not what was being ADVERTISED. I hate to tell you I told you so, but, I told you so.

August 14, 2014
By Abdelhamid Zebari

Dohuk (Iraq) (AFP) - An American assessment team (click here) found "far fewer" Yazidis trapped in northern Iraq than expected, making an evacuation mission less likely, as the flight of minority groups from advancing jihadists showed no let-up Thursday....


With Carmeron and Obama wanting to be the next "W," Cheney and Blair wannabees, but, with their own personal flair, I want answers to questions such as, "How many young men left their countries to fight in Syria because of The West's desire to kill Syrians and CLEAN UP THE PLACE?" 

How much spending occurred because of the USA Media preceived threat of the next world war with ground zero being ISIS/L? 

What is The West doing to end the presence in Iraq? What is The West doing to secure Afghanistan from being a colony of Pakistan? What is The West doing to end the threat of political instability in Pakistan, hence, nuclear threat to the entire region? What are the PERMANENT fixes to non-proliferation globally to end the threat beginning with Pakistan?

Housekeeping in the Middle East has to stop. Now! 

When is the USA Congress FINALLY going to do something productive in regard to global climate security? When is war going to FIND DEATH rather than administering it? When is Dempsey going to stop being the puppet of the USA military industrial complex?