Thursday, August 13, 2015

I think it is unrealistic to believe the southern border problem will be solved without Mexico's partnership.

The problems the USA, Mexico and Central and South America face with a porous border to drug cartels is hideous already. The Mexican people are being demised by the power of the drug cartels. 

So, the USA is suppose to believe that Ford is going to build a plant in Mexico and there will be a stronger middle class in Mexico, or will there be? 

This past century has seen capitalism destroy more of the world's people than ever admitted to. In Africa is was the oil companies that insisted the governments do something about angry NATIVES and the governments in turn killed tribes of people. The oil companies pumped that garbage out of the ground with abandon, paying royalties to a small group of people in the government while the land was rendered unusable to the people. The people, still today, in these countries are sick from cancer, have begun their own crude refinery processes where men stand in ankle deep oil. And after decades and continued rebellion and demonstrations the waters of their land are becoming cleaner through natural processes.

In Central and South America, the wealth of addicted Americans has provided drug cartels more powerful than the governments of the people. There have been victories over the decades. Columbia and it's militias are far more watered down and people are safer. It was believed at the time Columbia was the focus for USA efforts to provide a stable government that once it occurred the drugs would stop. That didn't happen in the face of a far more stable and benevolent government.

The point is, the USA has thrown billions and trillions over the past half century at the problem at it's southern border. The wealth of the USA with lack of containment of the cartels has proven the one most destabilizing force to any government. If the Republicans think they have a problem with "...go along to get along..." they should tour the hemisphere to realize how completely a nightmare USA wealth actually is to other countries. 

President Obama has started productive relationships with some of these countries, with Brazil a BRIC country and a member of the G20. After President Obama's most recent visit to Brazil, there is at least three countries now willing to establish strong environmental laws to protect the troposphere of Earth, while private space ships simply want to abandon the third rock from the sun with Em Drive (click here).

As a side note, of course, EM Drive is a strong likelihood. It is controlling the craft and it's destination that becomes more interesting. If the destination is the next galaxy and a hopeful "Earth like planet" who is worried about controlling the speed of the craft? I mean, NASA didn't catch star dust without first catching up with the comet.

That is off topic until one looks at the meteor storm tonight to realize what space travel means. A meteor shower is far more dangerous than that of the current deadly trends of Earth's storms.

But, the problems in Mexico and the USA southern border are profound. The money has to stop flowing to cartels while they find it easy to purchase and build submarines to evade the US Coast Guard who put their lives on the line to try to protect the USA.

In all honesty, the countries of this hemisphere have to come to resolve to end the practice of drug cartels, otherwise, their newly found middle class will become prey as well. 

It is only right for the countries in the western hemisphere to put monies into the investment of ending the cartels and their practices. At least when there is investment on both sides of the border the fight will have more meaning and the middle class will be safe without looking north to find food and water. 

Oh, let me recognize Ecuador and the after math of the petroleum industry and the aftermath of it's enterprise there. Cancer (click here) and destroyed rainforest. (click here) Did I forget the birth defects?

June 21, 2013

The feds have already build 670 miles of fence on the border, (click here) like this one near Naco, Ariz. A deal in the Senate calls for the completion of 700 more miles.
A plan for 700 more miles of fencing along the southwest U.S. border — part of a immigration-bill deal forged in the Senate this week — would come with a mammoth and unpredictable price tag, judging by past efforts.

The original legislation crafted by the bipartisan Gang of Eight set aside $1.5 billion for fencing — and that was before a deal was struck with Republican senators to add more to the massive border security and fencing proposal. So how much would a new bigger border fence cost?

Customs and Border Protection spent $2.4 billion between 2006 and 2009 to complete 670 miles of border fence, and the vast majority of that was single-layer — one line of fencing designed to keep either pedestrians or vehicles from crossing into the United States, according to a Government Accountability Office report....

The Perseid meteor shower is best seen tonight after 9 PM.

This is the last night of the meteor shower. It is best viewed at the darkest places and in the darkest hours.

"International Dark Sky Parks" (click here) 

August 13, 2015
By Jack Martinez

Every summer, (click here) the Perseid meteor shower occurs in mid-August. As Earth passes through debris from the orbit of the comet Swift-Tuttle, rubble from the comet enters the atmosphere, producing the bright "shooting stars" that astronomers observe from the ground. 

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best known and most consistent astronomical events; this year it is occurring over several days from August 11-14. According to the astronomy afficianados at EarthSky, an amateur astronomy reference, the best time to catch the showers is the early morning. During peak times, when the sky is darkest, viewers can see about 50 meteors per hour. This year's shower coincides with a waning crescent moon, and without glare from the moon streaks can be observed starting in the early evening, just after sunset....

Oh, they'll build the way, otherwise, if we build it their Ford cars won't have door through.

August 13, 2015
By Jake Miller

Turns out the Mexican government (click here) isn't so keen on Donald Trump's assertion that he will make Mexico pay for a wall along America's southern border.
"Of course it's false," a spokesman for Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said of Trump's claim in a Bloomberg interview published Wednesday. "It reflects an enormous ignorance for what Mexico represents, and also the irresponsibility of the candidate who's saying it."...


There are too many rooms without a roof in the USA. Generational abandonment and Reagan's legacy of homelessness will not be forgotten.

The South of the USA is in terrible repair. People are living and open businesses they own while in abject poverty. The people of the south desperately need more than hope, but, profound support to improve their circumstances and the education of their children. North Carolina is in shambles.

There are many people that would benefit from the Medicaid Expansion and improve their quality of life, both health and self-esteem to their hard labor and what they have to show for it. The North Carolina economy needs it.

Funny thing about poverty in the Southern USA, sometimes the obvious nature of poverty in lives have to be pointed out for devout people to take notice of it and realize there are government policies that work as hard they do. The devout will sacrifice when the drink of water is right in front of their eyes. Some times being devout is more an issue of pride which any religion dispels.

Sometimes living in a dream house can be something that is real and not just in a magazine of hope. 

THE COUNTRY (click here) will be benefited by the Housing Act of 1954 which has now become law.
It has been one of our major legislative goals. It will raise the housing standards of our people, help our communities get rid of slums and improve their older neighborhoods, and strengthen our mortgage credit system. In coming years it will also strongly stimulate the nation's construction industry and our country's entire economy.
The new law permits the government to insure larger home mortgage loans, carrying smaller down payments and longer terms. Millions of our families with modest incomes will be able, for the first time, to buy new or used homes. Families will be helped to enlarge or modernize their present homes.
Another feature of the law is especially important. Many families have to move from their homes because of slum clearance and other public improvements. This law provides especially easy terms for these deserving people. The new law makes available, for the first time, a practical way for our citizens, in the towns and cities of America, to get rid of their slums and blight....

Mike Huckabee is in Iowa bragging he beat the Clinton political machine to become Governor. He said the Clinton political machine is formidable but he won office anyway.

Well, let me offer this.

It is far easier to run for office and win when everything is fixed and trouble free from the previous Governor who was in office for two terms.

If Mike Huckabee thinks he accomplished something, he needs to think again. Former President Clinton ran against the Bush political machine after the previous president was in office for only one term.

Mike Huckabee has yet to beat any other candidate for President to win the nomination yet alone the presidency. 

Let me point out something very profound to Mike the Holy Man. Democrats have picked up after Republican carpetbaggers twice in the last twenty years. The first time was after H.W. for four years of his trickle down economy and the raping of American resources by Reagan. The USA economy was rescued a second time by President Barak Obama after another carpetbagger called, "W." 

"Ya all ought to think about that for awhile. Because you're going to need every penny you can find to lie to the country again to corral them into still yet another exploitation of the USA economy they sacrificed to build after losing their jobs and homes."

Health care in the USA is not seeing adults healthy into their senior years.

A survey of older people in 11 countries (click here) finds that U.S. adults are sicker than their counterparts abroad, as well as the most likely to have problems paying their medical bills and getting needed healthcare. U.S. adults also reported difficulty getting care in a timely fashion and using emergency departments for issues that a primary care physician could treat. Among the bright spots for the United States: having a care plan for chronic illness, and planning for end-­of-­life care....

Americans are viewed as economic commodities. It is why ketchup is a vegetable. The food Americans eat are unhealthy. It shows and the federal legislature scoffs at a First Lady that brought a healthy diet to children. American legislators like to call it LIBERTY, but, when obesity results that is not a lifestyle when Americans die prematurely as a consumer at the "Heart Attack Cafe." 

Americans are not valued by their legislators FIRST before commercial interests of cronies are satisfied. The American diet is very bad with some change,  but, not enough to move the country to the forefront of good health globally.  

As they age, Americans don't age well. Former President Carter is an exception, but, he should be viewed as the standard for older Americans. Legislators like to ridicule Medicare as the problem. It is not the problem. The lack of health in the American citizen is the problem. 

Understand this; eating one's self to death in the USA is a choice supported by American Liberties:

October 5, 2015
By Jacob Davidson

Heart Attack Grill’ Owner (click here) Proudly Displays Dead Customer’s Remains on TV (click here)

The Vegas-based restaurateur says he wants you to know his food kills — so that maybe you'll stop eating junk.... 

Why doesn't he shut his place down in realization of the pain he causes people? Better yet, why doesn't the government shut him down and make things right with the family of this poor man. This ? customer ? was a side show to bring in more business.

That is sick. That is the USA. But, health care is an option and older Americans have to guess how they will maintain their wellness. 

This is an article BEFORE the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was passed and came into full effect in 2014. But, mind you, Republicans have the best answer to recall the ACA of which they voted on innumerable times. They are human rights violators and they don't care. They use money and manipulation to be elected.

Sunday, October 8, 2008
By Laura Ungar and Patrick Howington

...Today's uncertain economy only exacerbates their difficulties:(click here)
  • Problems with insurance often arise before the traditional retirement age of 65. Commonwealth Fund, a New York-based research organization, found that more than The a third of Americans 50 to 64 years old, or about 19 million people, were uninsured or underinsured in 2007. That includes about 714,700 in Kentucky and Indiana. 
  • Hitting 65 and joining the federal Medicare program isn't the panacea many think it is. The average American 65 or older faces $9,074 in health expenses each year, with Medicare covering only about half, because of services that aren't covered, such as dental work, or gaps in coverage plans, such as prescription drugs. The Commonwealth Fund projects out-of-pocket expenses for those over 65 will average $5,411 in 2011, up 49 percent from 2003.
  • Seniors can face much higher bills if they develop a chronic disease such as cancer, which is almost 10 times as likely among adults over 50 and can cost more than $40,000 to treat. Compared with the national average, cancer strikes 10 percent more often in Kentucky and 2 percent more often in Indiana.
  • For a growing number of older people, rising health costs are putting retirement out of reach. The number of Kentuckians and Hoosiers 65 and older holding jobs has risen 28 percent since 2003, from 167,000 to 214,000. Fidelity Investments estimates most couples retiring this year will need at least $225,000 for lifetime medical expenses, up 18 percent from the 2005 estimate. (Calculate your retirement medical expenses estimates)
Many seniors can't come up with that kind of money, so they cut costs through such steps as skipping necessary care and rationing medications. Mason, for example, takes her cholesterol pills every other day instead of the prescribed daily dose....

I was sorry to hear of the diagnosis of former President Carter.

President Carter has remained vital in his senior years. I am pleased to see at least he was diagnosed. Hopefully, it is in time to make a difference in his outcome. 

13 August 2015

Mr Carter monitors an election in Panama in 1994

The 90-year-old statesman (click here) underwent surgery to remove a small mass in his liver earlier this month.
He said he would reveal more "when facts are known, possibly next week".
Mr Carter will undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta.
President Barack Obama wished Mr Carter "a full and fast recovery" in a statement released on Wednesday.
"Jimmy, you're as resilient as they come, and along with the rest of America, we are rooting for you," Mr Obama said.
The White House said Mr Obama spoke to Mr Carter on the telephone on Wednesday....

What is liver cancer? (click here)
Liver cancer is the growth and spread of unhealthy cells in the liver. Cancer that starts in the liver is called primary liver cancer. Cancer that spreads to the liver from another organ is called metastatic liver cancer.

About 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with primary liver cancer each year. Primary liver cancer is one of the cancers on the rise in the United States. Primary liver cancer is about twice as common in men than in women....

All these remedies might not be available to former President Carter because he is over 60 years old. Americans 60 years and old have limited answers for their disease opposed to those younger. It is age discrimination. The transplant option is usually unavailable for a 60 year old American.

...How is liver cancer treated?
Liver cancer treatment depends on:

  • The liver's condition
  • The size, location and number of tumors
  • If the cancer has spread outside the liver
  • The person's age and overall health
Treatment options if the cancer has not spread and the rest of the liver is healthy are:
  • Transplant If the cancer has not spread, for some patients a liver transplant (replacement of the liver) may be an option.
  • Surgery If the cancer has been found early and the rest of the liver is healthy, doctors may perform surgery to remove the tumor from the liver (partial hepatectomy).
  • Radiofrequency Ablation Radiofrequency ablation uses a special probe to destroy cancer cells with heat.
Other treatment options if surgery and transplant are not possible include:
For cancer that has not spread outside the liver:
  • Cryosurgery uses a metal probe to freeze and destroy cancer cells.
  • Bland embolization or chemoembolization are procedures in which the blood supply to the tumor is blocked, after giving anticancer drugs (chemoembolization) and one without (bland embolization). Both are given in blood vessels near the tumor.
  • Radiation therapy Radiation therapy uses radiation (high-energy x-rays) to destroy cancer cells.
For cancer that has spread outside the liver:
  • Sorafenib (Nexavar) is an oral medication FDA approved for use in advance cases of hepatocellular carcinoma (the most common type of primary liver cancer).
  • Clinical trials may be an option for some patients
Thursday, 13 August 2015
4:35pm IST
Place: Mumbai
Agency: PTI

Coming out in support of police action (click here) in the 'moral policing' episode at Madh island, residents of the area on Thursday threatened to 'gherao' the residence of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis if senior police officers who led the raids were transferred.
"We will hold a protest, as part of which we will gherao the chief minister's residence," said Naresh Jadhav, a resident of Madh village in north Mumbai's suburb Malad.
"The villagers, who are relieved that their womenfolk are now safe from prying eyes after the police action, are pained to read reports condemning the so called 'moral policing'," Jadhav told reporters....

Sex trafficking is still happening in the USA.

August 12, 2015

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A 56-year-old northwest Missouri man (click here) has been sentenced to nearly 21 years in federal prison for transporting a minor across state lines for prostitution.

U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson says Tony Eugene Wardlow of St. Joseph was sentenced in federal court on Wednesday after being found guilty in December.
The commercial truck driver and registered sex offender also pleaded guilty in February 2014 to a charge of interstate transportation for prostitution.

Prosecutors say Wardlow paid the minor victim for sex numerous times while she worked as a prostitute in Kansas City. He also took her out of town in his truck on several occasions, including a trip to Texas in September 2011.

Wardlow became a registered offender after being convicted in 1997 in Nodaway County of several sex crimes involving minors.

Girls should NEVER be criminalized in the USA when they are actually crying out for help. Judicial and prison reform are desperately needed for girls and women in the USA.

August 12, 2015
By Lane Anderson 

Underage girls detained for running away, truancy and prostitution are often trying to escape abuse and exploitation, study says. Instead of getting help, they are put behind bars. (Shutterstock)

Too often, (click here) underage American girls who are sexually assaulted or exploited don't get help. Instead they get sent to prison, according to a new report. And while recent media focus has been on incarceration of black men and boys, black girls are especially likely to end up behind bars.

The report, The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls' Story, put together by the Human Rights Project for Girls, the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality, and the Ms. Foundation for Women, documents how girls in foster care and child welfare, especially those who are abused, are often funneled into the juvenile justice system.

In Oregon, 93 percent of girls in prison had a history of sexual or physical abuse, including 76 percent who were sexually abused before the age of 13. In California, the number of abused girls in prison was 85 percent, including 45 percent who had been raped or sodomized, and 45 percent who were burned or beaten....

"The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls' Story" (click here)
12 August 2015

Burke calls for task force on homelessness (click here)
Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke has called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly to create a task force to tackle homelessness.
The comments from the former Lord Mayor of Dublin follow the events on Monday night which saw a family with three children, all under the age of five, sleeping on a bench in Dublin city.
Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, he said there are usually around 100 people sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin every night.
Mr Burke said proper homes are needed not B&Bs and hotels.

The distaff side of the Irish opinion on Amnesty's position is disappointment.

Ruhama against Amnesty prostitution stance
A group which supports women affected by prostitution has said it is saddened by Amnesty International's decision to campaign for the full decriminalisation of all aspects of prostitution where it takes place voluntarily.
Ruhama spokesperson Sarah Benson said the best way to tackle trafficking and the exploitation of women in prostitution was to decriminalise the person selling and to criminalise the sex buyer.
She said full decriminalisation was not the answer and had led to an increase in prostitution and trafficking in other jurisdictions.

The Dutch are both pro and against the decision by Amnesty. Some cite the sex industry lobby as the problem. (click here) 

Opinions seem to be divided along gender lines.

This is from "Radio Prague" with details of the vote.

...So what are the main benefits of decriminalising prostitution? (click here)
“There are essentially three models that have been adopted by states around the world. There is the abolitionist model in which it is completely illegal, then there is the so-called Nordic model in which for the most part it is the seller whose services have been decriminalised and there is the newer decriminalisation model that Amnesty is proposing.
“We feel that it is necessary in many cases to remove the stigma that is attached to this work and that in fact doing so and removing the illegality of the buying and selling of sexual services will in fact create an environment that is much easier regulate and that it will be far easier for people engaging in the selling of these services to find protection under the law and so that states will then be much better able to protect the rights that are currently being violated so blatantly and so frequently.... 

Norway is standing firm on their laws that prohibit the payment for sex or renting a space for the purpose of prostitution.
Amnesty International’s decision to support the decriminalisation of prostitution worldwide has met with criticism and praise from Dutch commentators and experts.

Read more at Dutch prostitution experts divided on Amnesty decriminalisation plan
Amnesty International’s decision to support the decriminalisation of prostitution worldwide has met with criticism and praise from Dutch commentators and experts.

Read more at Dutch prostitution experts divided on Amnesty decriminalisation plan
13 August 2015

Swedish prosecutors (click here) have dropped a sexual assault investigation against Julian Assange because the time limit on the case had expired.
Some of the allegations against the WikiLeaks founder have reached their statute of limitations after five years.
Under Swedish law, if a suspect is not questioned before the deadline expires, they can no longer be tried for the alleged crimes.
Mr Assange has been holed up at Ecuador's London embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition.
Two of the four allegations against him are reaching their statute of limitations after five years....

Ireland is a very compassionate country, so this agreement with Amnesty is typical.

12 August 2015

Senator David Norris (click here) has said he fully supports Amnesty International in their efforts to decriminalise prostitution.
At a meeting in Dublin yesterday the charity agreed to create a plan to protect sex workers, rather than punish them.

Senator Norris claims people have been making themselves available for sexual gratification in return for money since time began and whatever the moral issues, the most important human factor is the welfare of those involved.

Amnesty have said they recognise prostitution is a complex issue, but it's also a critical human rights issue internationally.

He should have a woman speaking to media about the position of Amnesty International.

"Sex workers are one of the most marginalised groups in the world who face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse," Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty. File photo Image by: MOHAMED AZAKIR / REUTERS

The policy was approved. It isn't as though they want prostitution legalized, but, decriminalized. I realize there are people that have few choices and chose this. But, according to an interview on the BBC, the prostitution is more in reaction to sexism in job equality and the money. Women are finding more acceptance as a prostitute than any other profession.

 12 August 2015

...Though Amnesty hopes (click here) the move will help protect the human rights of sex workers, critics say the organisation risks losing credibility.
Secretary-general Salil Shetty called it a "historic day".

"Sex workers are one of the most marginalised groups in the world who face constant risk of discrimination, violence and abuse," he said after the vote.
"It was not a decision that was reached easily or quickly and we thank our members from around the world, as well as groups we consulted." Amnesty wants to see the decriminalisation of third parties involved in prostitution, such as pimps and brothel operators, alongside sex workers themselves.

Ahead of the vote, the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women said Amnesty's name would be "tarnished" if it approved the policy....

The immediate backlash against Amnesty International is not in support of their position. They may have expected that which raises questions about the policy and it's impact worsening women's lives. 

I understand the policy and why, I still doubt the wisdom behind it. 

Die Welt: (click here) Street prostitution banned in Dortmund over Bulgarian, Romanian sex workers 
12 August 2015 | 08:25
FOCUS News Agency
 Dortmund. Administrative court in Dortmund banned practising “the oldest profession” on the territory of the city as the number of sex workers, mostly from Bulgaria and Romania, has tripled, German Die Welt writes.
After 2007, when lots of citizens from the new EU member states started coming to Germany, hundreds of women wishing to make money fast in the street also entered the country. 

Most of them arrived by bus or plane at periodic intervals: there were about 60 prostitutes in Dortmund’s streets by 2006, while their number rose to between 500 and 700 next year, when Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU.

Despite the ban on street prostitution, lots of women from Southeast Europe keep on arriving in the northern German city to attempt to save money, even if illegally.

The interview with the BBC was with a prostitute that was once a police woman. She stated she was sexually harassed on a regular basis in her work. She stated she decided to pursue prostitution because her captain was retiring and her peers offered her $200 to be his gift at his retirement party.

South Korea is expected in Washington, DC for a diplomatic mission. This could be one of the issues brought with the mission.

August 11, 2015

As many as 200,000 Korean women (click here) were forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War Two, but Kim Bok-dong is not hopeful that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is about to apologize.
Kim, 90, is one of South Korea's 47 surviving "comfort women", as those held at the brothels are euphemistically called, from among the 238 who came forward and shared their stories of abuse. Many of them reject the term prostitution as inadequate, saying they were lied to and forced to leave their homes to endure horrific conditions as sex slaves.
Scholars continue to debate the number of women exploited, but activists say there may have been as many as 200,000 Korean victims, few of whom came forward. In China, estimates are sketchier, but also range as high as 200,000, with historians having identified 200 victims....

This explosion may effect all of the Chinese people.

Besides the dead and injured, including that of very brave and selfless firemen, the explosion destroyed a lot of products at the shipping port.

I am sure the Chinese government is investigating this disastrous explosion. 

Updated: 2015-08-13 11:30

Smoke rises (click here) over damaged containers and cars after a huge explosion rocked the port city of North China's Tianjin, August 13, 2015. [Photo by Shan Haihan/ China Daily]

The picture below is very upsetting. These cars don't appear to be effected by an explosion at distance, they look evaporated. This is a very strange outcome to these cars. Has anyone checked for radiation across the complete area and the explosion site? There is no glass, either shattered or melted. What happened to it?

The cars below are from the Japanese tsunami which also saw significant radiation leaks.

They have similar problems with scattered impact with a central devastation point which then radiates out. The Chinese are somewhat similar, but, the worst are far worse. 

There could be all sorts of items at the port and the land as well as the seawater needs to be evaluated for radiation of any kind.

It is a really strange scene. There are intact shipping containers which are made of very durable metal along side of cars completely destroyed. Evaporated except for the metal skeleton. 

Sorry, I just think China needs to be through and careful to protect the people.

LIVE: 12 firefighters (click here) among 44 killed in Tianjin explosions



Attacking a particular candidate isn't journalism.

Megan Kelly needs to sort out her priorities as a journalist. Maybe journalism isn't at all the practice at FOX. After all the radio guy, you know the fat man, Rush states he doesn't practice journalism, he practices infotainment. I suppose that is the way it shakes out at FOX as well.

I always thought any debate put all the candidates on a level playing field. That didn't occur at the first FOX sponsored debate. The first question was victimizing and hardly "fair and balanced." 

I hope Ms. Kelly has some personal reflection to conduct and she does it well. It would seem as though her particular style doesn't at all achieve her personal goals.

The unlikely candidates.

I congratulate US Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They are having wildly successful campaigns. Their messages are needed and many Americans are finding their heroes in candidates the establishments have dismissed as jokes.

I encouraged US Senator Bernie Sanders and fully expected him to bring his vibrant campaign style with him. He has not disappointed. The answer is always grassroots and door to door works the best.

By David Jackson

“Bernie-mania” (click here) may be generating a real political race in New Hampshire.

A new poll shows Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, taking the lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, site of the nation’s first presidential primary of 2016.

Sanders leads Clinton 44%-37% among likely Democratic primary voters, according to the Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald survey.

“His supporters are just more enthusiastic about him,” said Kelly Myers, the Marlin Fitzwater Fellow at Franklin Pierce University, which conducted the poll.

Vice President Biden, who has yet to announce whether he will run for president, is third in the New Hampshire poll at 9%. Three other Democrats — Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb — register at 1% or less....

Thank you, Bernie.

In the first major-outlet (click here) non-Internet poll since the Republican primary debate last week, it's almost not surprising that CNN/ORC finds Donald Trump retaining the lead in Iowa. Almost. It's still a bit surprising, given Trump's wobbly handling of criticism during the event.
So Trump's up — and Ben Carson has moved into second in the first caucus state. For months, Scott Walker held a sizeable lead in the state. Walker's now in third, according to CNN, with Carly Fiorina, winner of the pre-game debate, jumping into fifth behind Ted Cruz....

Congratulations, Donald. I hope addressing him as Donald is okay. I can't thank you enough. You have brought insight to needed policy to the political dialogue. So far we have heard your insight and annoyance with the move by Ford to Mexico, fervor to immigration and the call about China is spot on. 

I look forward to more dialogue about China and what needs to be done. You are the only Republican in the field actually citing serious issues and pledging to make a difference for the American people. 

I also encourage these two candidates to accept public monies after their primaries. This is the dollar amount on the tax forms the American people set aside to have funding for elections. I already know Bernie Sanders believes these monies are vital. I would hope Donald Trump would be generous of spirit in realizing there are people that believe in his message to donate to his campaign regardless of his lack of need. 

When people donate money they invest in the outcomes to those monies. Money is important to the lives of Americans. They don't separate themselves from their monies easily when it comes to political campaigns. The people that donated to Donald Trump's campaign would have their monies increased by his acceptance of public monies and would honor them. 

Accepting public monies will limit the ability to accept private monies to their campaigns, but, Bernie knows grassroots support is precious and more valuable than dollars. Even Chinese dollars. Donald is magnanimous about using his own funding, but, people are investing in him anyway and he doesn't have to worry about accepting enormous private donations.

The monies are there. Those accounts should be tapped and used to elect the next President. 

Good luck to both of you. The words simply do not exist to express appreciation to you both for the hope given the American people for 2016. We are a great country and these campaigns prove it.