Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Empire Strikes Back

I don't know whom the speech tonight was for, I am thinking the target audience were corporations that are citizens.

By Catherine Dodge and Julie Hirschfeld Davis on April 24, 2012

...Mitt Romney won primaries (click here) in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware today, the Associated Press said, as he prepared to declare his party’s race over.
Polls also closed in Pennsylvania, where the former Massachusetts governor is expected to win. Polls in New York close at 9 p.m., where Romney also is favored....
His speech was about seeing into the future. Right. How is he going to get to the future if he hasn't got policies to get there? He needs to put his crystal ball away and provide policy and reality before the country if he wants to be taken seriously.

Every Republican always has this idea that if we only return to 'things as they were' everything will be better. They believe they have undying dedication from corporations to 'make American work' through loyalty to 'the free market system.' It doesn't work. The work is very big and while in the 1950s the USA was the best game in town that isn't the case today. American labor is the best in the world, but, it ain't the cheapest and that is the problem. The free market system doesn't do anything to hire people that will consume their products. Corporations have no loyalty to any country, except, their 'populous of stockholders.' They plant their flags in a board room and convention rooms.

Romney, just like every other Republican, has no ideas. He has a memory of 'The Way It Was.' 

Barbra Streisand - The Way We Were live 2006

"...it was so simple then...but, time has rewritten every line...if we had the time to do it all again, would we, SHOULD WE!!!!!!! Memories..."

...“The last few years (click here) (Since the GOP crashed the GLOBAL ECONOMY) have been the best that Obama can do, (Is that interesting, huh? If the GOP currently in office wanted to actually save the country they sure didn't show it.) but it’s not the best America can do,” Romney told a crowd of supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire. “Tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointments of the Obama years.  And it’s the start of a new and better chapter that we will write together.” (There is no doubt, Romney will build a clear understanding as to why we are grateful for President Obama. Bring it on, Mitt. Absolutely. I want to hear on January 20, 2013 it is the moment sun shines on us all and we are transformed overnight into a the wealthy we are all proud of. What is the plan, honey? War with Egypt or something and the draft will correct the needed discipline for all the morally wayward in the USA and we will be back to 'The forever war.' How is the magic going to happen? Fairy dust? Emerald Slippers?) ...

It never ceases to amaze me how those guilty truncate their stories from the facts of the past. Romney is a magnificent example. I have yet to hear how he condemns the administration of Bush/Cheney and the global economic crash ushered in by Paulson. To Romney that never happened. "Corporations are citizens, friends. Oh yes they are."

How about the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, Mitt? What happened there? Would you do the same thing? Did Bush/Cheney do the right thing by going against the United Nation's inspectors whom were finding no WMD? Huh, Mitt? Did the previous administration do the right thing to abandon the war in Afghanistan which sparked the explosion of corruption and the re-establishing of the Taliban? Did Bush/Cheney do the right thing, Mitt?

Lewis Libby laying the ground work for Islamophobia in Egypt.

The last time such a PR campaign was waged even an Ambassador and CIA agent couldn't stop it. 

The beginnings of the impetus compliments of Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney's former Assistant; now at the Hudson Institute:

...Similarly (click here) the present success also vindicated the instrument Banna had created to pursue this method -- to wit the Society of the Muslim Brothers -- and its mode of organization and operation. The latter was distinguished by the careful hierarchical organization of its various sub- groups and the strict discipline exercised by the Supreme Guide and its Bureau of Guidance. This had enabled it to pursue its mission productively through many long years, including periods when it was subject to extreme oppression. No other group of Muslims, however pious and however devoted they might be to the general goal of the Brotherhood, was like it in style or accomplishments.

All of these things -- mission, method and organization -- were as Shater put it "constants" and not "variables" and not subject to change. Nor did they ever need to be, since they were derived from the highest and most successful model ever -- that of the prophet Muhammad, his companions and successors. Following this model, the Brotherhood had created individual members who were "a walking Qur'an; whose faith, worship, manners, relationships, behavior, thoughts and emotions were identical to the Islam that Muhammad received from God Almighty."

So too had it adhered to the guidance of Omar bin Al-Khattab, the second caliph, who had stated that "there is no religion without a Society, no Society without an Imam and no Imam without obedience." On this basis, Shater observed, Omar had been the architect of the greatest of the early Muslim conquests and the global Islamic state which had endured for a 1000 years. Brotherhood organization and discipline had followed this model....

Does the fear mongering ever stop? The fact Egypt is having a change in government that actually resembles a democratic process doesn't mean they are automatically an enemy of the USA or Israel. It does however mean Egypt needs friends and alliances such as the Arab League and the USA. Israel and the USA were always friends and allies to most of the countries in the Middle East. The people were always our foreign policy focus. The USA did not approve or foster corruption and always spoke truth to the power within the countries of the Middle East. It is the war in Iraq that raised the suspicions of the USA in any venue, except, for our most ardent allies.

I find Mr. Libby's writings with a co-author Hillel Fradkin rather disturbed and not well researched. There is no basis, even in this document, to suspect Egypt is going to be an enemy so much as a growing democracy in need of stable alliances. I believe this writing is uncalled for and uses inflammatory language no one needs including the diplomatic channels of the USA which has to ward off the shadow of the former administration which Mr. Libby as a part.

This is a very unfortunate focus for people claiming to be scholars.

Rubio is a lot shorter than I thought.

I don't really see this as a statement of policy, they didn't present any. The mysterious "GOP Dream Act" should have been announced with Rubio's appearance. If anything it is an opportunity to pander to the Latino vote which is also an invitation for them to write to Rubio to write their own "GOP Dream Act."

I find Romney a manipulator. He is a severe politician. This was another one of those media moments to get everyone's attention while the primaries are continuing. I really believe this was an act of pandering to bring critique as an invitation 'to find out what is on the mind of Latinos and Latinas.' I don't believe Rubio has a GOP Dream Act policy. I do believe he is willing to write one as soon as he hears from the electorate as to what they consider to be requirements for such a bill. The really strange thing is the constituents will probably provide a draft exactly like the existing "Dream Act." 

...The appearance by Mr Rubio, (click here) a first-term senator and possible vice-presidential pick for Mr Romney, drew cheers and applause. But it was also a reminder of competing imperatives facing Mr Romney after a combative primary season in which he moved far to the right on illegal immigration.
For months, he repeatedly sought to outflank his opponents on the issue, vowing to veto the DREAM Act that would have allowed citizenship for certain students who joined the military or attended university....

The only way I would take Romney seriously is if he actually made appearances where he discussed his policies along with his politics. The problem, of course, is can you trust him to hold to his policies or simply sign on the dotted line to extremist Republican policies. I really believe Romney is untrustworthy. I have never witnessed someone this desperate to win a political race. I don't 'get it.' Whenever he speaks I find myself wondering what he has up his sleeve that is so important he has to outspend other GOP candidates 5 to 1 or more. He has no backbone about anything. I can't trust him. Like this statement, "Romney has implied that Obama should not only 'listen to the generals' but should do what they tell him. (click here) I have never witnessed a politician talk out of both sides of his mouth without looking strange. Mitt has mastered the ability to say everything everyone wants to hear. Amazing. He admits as Commander and Chief he has no vision. He panders to the military. He has no backbone. He sees the military wagging the dog forever. So, he is commander and chief, but, won't act like one. 

That is what got us in trouble in Iraq. Bush always looked past the Joint Chiefs and did as the Commanders on the ground dictated. Bush was a Commander and Chief 'which ever way the wind blows.' That is not leadership that is CYA. Bush didn't want to end up in front of the world court, he thought he'd let his commanders enjoy that pleasure.

The expression is "You can fool all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, but you can never fool all the people all the time." It would seem as though Romney sincerely seeks to fool all the people all the time. He is a bizarre personality. Maybe that is what a severe conservative is like. Untrustworthy. Absolutely. And he doesn't expect anything he says to ever stick to him. He always figures he can change his act and all previous nonsense will be forgotten. He leaves much to be desired when it comes to reliability. But, come to think about it; the Republicans of 2010 have been completely unreliable. They campaign on one issue and then attack the social structure of the USA once they are elected. No one can trust them anymore. There is no way of knowing what policies will actually be carried out once elected.