Friday, July 05, 2013

There is no doomsday in Egypt.

A crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood movement (click here) got underway in Egypt on Thursday with the arrest of several leading members following the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his replacement by a top judge.

A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood warned that the ouster of Morsi, a member of the movement, could prompt some groups to resort to violence, although he said the Brotherhood wouldn't do so. A coalition led by the Brotherhood called on Egyptians to mobilize peacefully in a "Friday of Rejection."

A military source told Reuters: "We will continue to secure the places of protest with troops, and jets if necessary, to make sure the pro- and anti-Mursi demonstrators don't confront each other. We will let them demonstrate and go where they want."...

This is not pro-life, it is a political wedge issue.

A pro-life supporter in the Texas State capitol on July 1, 2013 in Austin, Texas. 

The Texas debate over women's abortion rights continues to be plagued by lies. Considering this is such an enormous lie and it has gone mostly unchallenged by those interviewing Perry it is safe to say this is all for the purposes of political propaganda.

Rick Perry made his case for legislation to step up standards for Texas abortion clinics partly by saying abortions are common. "Abortion is the second-most conducted surgical procedure in this country," Perry said on the July 1, 2013, edition of Bill Bennett’s "Morning in America" radio program. He made a similar statement the same morning on KFYO, 790 AM in Lubbock.

Currently the population of the USA is composed of 50.8% women. In 2012 the census showed a population of 313,914,040 in the USA. That means there are 159,468,332 women. Approximately 46.3 percent are of non-child bearing age, IF one calls child bearing age to begin at the age of 18. That leaves 85,634,494 women of child bearing age of 18 or older and less than 65 years old.

Current statistics as of 2012 show a reflection in the drop in abortions in the USA to about 1.2 million per year in the USA. These include teenage, unwed mothers as well as mature women able to make their own decisions about their lives. Abortion is allowed by many religions as a matter a woman has to discern herself. The USA is host to many religions, including Christianity a Abrahamic religion, but all peoples have the same rights. These laws remove the safety of women to have care in ways that protect their own lives and that of their families.

Considering of the 85,634,494 women of childbearing age over the age of 18 in the USA, that means less than 1.5% of those women seek abortion as an answer to their pregnancy outcomes. Those are very rough statistics and when the field is more accurate the percentage may show as many as 1.75% at the very most.

The CDC table below shows the surgical "Short Stay" procedures performed in the USA in 2010. (click here)
Arteriography and angiocardiography using contrast material: 2.4 million

Cesarean section:1.3 million

The Governor has been caught lying. 

I remind Governor Perry stated:

"Abortion is the second-most conducted surgical procedure in this country," Perry said on the July 1, 2013.

That means one can compare all surgeries, including those in hospitals to the abortion rate and not just in a focused view of "Short Stay Procedures" which would make the Governor's lie, not just a lie, but a real whopper.

There are oil seeps in New Zealand and there is harvesting of oil along the techtonic fault.

That does not necessarily mean oil seeps and drilling are the same thing. Oil seeps are very passive movement while drilling is completely disruptive.

Oil and gas naturally rise towards the earth’s surface wherever there is a way up. If fault lines, fissures or cracks allow, petroleum emerges on the ground as sticky, oily deposits known as seeps. Early oil exploration in New Zealand focused on drilling in the vicinity of these seeps. However, it did not always follow that there was oil directly below, as the oil and gas might have taken a winding path.

Passive evacuation of oil from a tectonic fault which occurs in Taranaki, will only react to pressure provided from the fault itself.  However, introducing a drill to such a fault and then adding water and/or chemicals in the process of drilling begins to melt the rock that stabilizes the fault and will cause instability. 

Moturoa field, Taranaki (click here)

Seepages (places where oil seeps out of the ground) were the first sites that oil drillers targeted in New Zealand. Known seepages occur on the New Plymouth foreshore, Kōtuku on the West Coast, and Waitangi, north of Gisborne. At New Plymouth, bubbles of gas were seen along the coast, and on calm days an oily sheen could be seen on the sea water. In early 1865, gunsmith Edward M. Smith collected samples of oil he found among boulders at Ngāmotu Beach, on the New Plymouth foreshore. He sent them to Britain for analysis. Following this, the Taranaki provincial government offered £400 for the discovery of a commercial find of petroleum.

The current fields offshore from New Plymouth are a somewhat reasonable distance from the fault. However, over time there will be subsidence of the land in the area. That subsidence brings with it the potential to cause greater instability in the area of the fault.

The map below is since the Texas oil man George W. Bush was President of the USA. There are identified areas of exclusive economic zone which includes the area of the tectonic plates involved. 

This map also shows extended continental shelf. That means the mainland of New Zealand is a part of that continental shelf including the fault zone. If there is undersea subsidence that does not exempt the mainland of New Zealand from earthquakes.

These earthquakes have been completely disruptive to New Zealand. This is not something that can nor should be dismissed.

An undated photograph of the Godley Head lighthouse made available to NBC News on July 5, 2013

By David R. Arnott
NBC News

A helicopter rescue (click here) to save an historic lighthouse balanced precariously on the edge of a cliff will soon be under way in New Zealand.

The Godley Head lighthouse near Christchurch was first lit in April 1865. After two earthquakes in 2011, the structure was left clinging to the cliffs over Mechanics Bay. 

TV New Zealand reports that rescuers plan to rappel down the cliff face to remove the lighthouse's copper dome and lantern housing, which will then be lifted by helicopter to another site.

The stone building that housed the lighthouse keepers and their families until the lighthouse was automated in 1976 will be left behind.

This will only prove to get worse with additional drilling by the petroleum industry. How can any legislator provide leases to this industry with a clear conscience when New Zealand continues to experience instability that imperils it's citizens already.

With the capacity of horizontal drilling and the drilling that already exists in New Zealand, the opportunity to provide instability to that tectonic fault by this industry is still not yet known.

Remember all the earthquakes in New Zealand? No? There is a recent video.

Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake Map (click here)


The potential for oil exploration around New Zealand is barely understood, Texas oil giant Anadarko says.

Its New Zealand corporate affairs manager, Alan Seay, who was in Blenheim yesterday, said exploration to date "hasn't even scratched the surface".

The comment came in a private meeting of 80 people in which the company outlined its controversial plans to explore three areas, including the Pegasus Basin off the Marlborough and Wairarapa coastlines.

Anadarko won the rights for oil exploration in New Zealand through the Government's oil and gas exploration tender process.

The plans have triggered fierce opposition in Kaikoura, with about 500 people lining the beachfront last month in protest against deep-sea drilling.
The company was a stakeholder in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig which exploded, causing an oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Mr Seay used the Blenheim meeting to tell his audience about the potential for the petrol production industry in New Zealand....

This is the very active techtonic plate which crosses through New Zealand. Drilling anywhere in New Zealand is not an option.

Recall now what is known about subsidence and earthquakes regarding the petroleum industry and it's drilling.

Drilling anywhere near New Zealand is very dangerous business. Does that mean the petroleum industry has a conscience about the reality of the people of that country?


The petroleum industry understands ONLY ONE THING; that is profits. That industry could not care less about the huge problems they are going to cause the people of New Zealand, their government and the future of their children.

Don't bother appealing to the senses of the people of Texas they don't have control of the industry or the oil tycoon itching for more money in his pocket; the government of New Zealand has stop this. The big yellow spot off the southwest shoreline of the Southern Island on the oil man's map is directly in the path of Christchurch, New Zealand stability.

The people of New Zealand have to oppose this, they do not have a choice.

The Dutch are correct. Offshore drilling dose cause significant damage to the land.

Elze Schollema shows a crack in his garage wall following one of the recent earthquakes. Photo: Maude Brulard/AFP

July 5, 2013
By Bruno Waterfield

The last tremor, (click here) registering 3.0 on the Richter scale, hit the nearby village of Garrelsweer late on Tuesday night and rocked a dyke holding back the North Sea - fuelling fears that gas extraction could lead to major earthquake disaster in Holland. 

These low level quakes, down to 1.3, are indicative of hydraulic fracturing as well. It is a fact. Proven.

"It was like a tractor crashing into my house," said Elly Broekmans, who suffered extensive damage to her property including widening cracks in structural walls.
The government and the consortium responsible for the drilling concede that the earthquakes are caused by the extraction of natural gas from shale rocks deep below the Groningen region, where there are up 1,800 natural faults in the porous Rotliegend sandstone subsurface..

Then there is this. The chronic subsidence of New Orleans, Louisiana.

When one realizes the only place the land in New Orleans is at all above sea level are the levies lining the bayou (waterway) it is completely obvious this city has significant problems directly related to offshore drilling.

The subsidence of New Orleans due to the offshore drilling directly caused the flooding and deaths of the citizens of the Ninth Ward during Katrina. If the wetlands were intact and the land never sunk the citizens would would still be alive. Considering the petroleum industry does NOTHING for improving the quality of life of the people of New Orleans, this is complete oppression of the public trust to benefit no one. 

The Dutch should hold the those causing the disturbance responsible. There are well documented cases both in subsidence and earthquake related to the drilling practices of the petroleum industry.

...Fluid Withdrawal (click here)

Most of the case studies about þuid withdrawal are related to water, because water is often pumped from rather shallow, poorly-consolidated rocks and soils, but pumping out oil from shallow reservoirs can and does give similar effects. 
  Two oil fields have been particularly well studied: the Goose Creek oil field in Texas, and the Wilmington oil field in Long Beach Harbor, California. Each is close to sealevel, so that the subsidence became obvious very quickly. Subsidence in the Wilmington oil field caused a great deal of damage because it was in the center of a busy port and industrial area, and it can be used to demonstrate the problem most effectively. In the greater Houston area, subsidence was first noticed over the Goose Creek oil field, but by now the area is having far greater problems with groundwater pumping than it ever did with oil extraction....

Ill will, spite and hatred.

I want to resist to comment about this trial until the jury retires for deliberations, however, a couple of things.

Mark Marin has done his homework and Mr. Zimmerman is well served by his attorney. Mr. Zimmerman would never, have ever received this level of analysis by a public defender.

One of the aspects of Second Degree Murder is the component of "deranged mind."

Marin makes the point there has to be a history to prove ill will, spite and hatred and "...people that know each other before the event..." I do not believe that is correct. It is a more than interesting approach, but, there are other methods of ill will, spite and hatred. There can be a completely disassociated relationship and still have ill will, spite and hatred.

The jury needs to discern the truth.

Point of pride for the USA

Today in "Business Insider." 

You just have to wait long enough for Wall Street to make fools of themselves. 

The United States Has The Most Potent Capture And Kill Operation In The History Of The World (click here) 
Michael Kelly

....JSOC even ran an interrogation program, parallel to the CIA’s black sites, that would provide the administration with even more flexibility and less oversight.

Rumsfeld worked to make sure that the unit was “unrestrained and unaccountable to anyone except him, Cheney, and the president” while Cheney began going to JSOC headquarters at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to give direct action orders.

That is my favorite picture of Dick. It has an authenticity no other picture portrays. This is before his heart transplant.

“It grew and went out of control under the vice president. It kinda went wild,” Vincent Cannistraro, a career CIA counterterrorism officer, told Scahill. “There were a couple of places where, because they weren’t coordinated, they weren’t informed, they killed people that were not real targets. They were wrong. It happened, frequently.”

In September 2003 JSOC, led by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was running the show in Iraq, including training Iraqi Special Ops units that became unaccountable death squads.

It was also making its presence known in Afghanistan.
Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (Ret.), a career military intelligence officer who wrote the book “Operation Dark Heart,” wrote that JSOC’s force in Afghanistan “had the best technology, the best weapons, the best people — and plenty of money to burn.... 

Rumsfeld always dreamed of the robotic military. Getting close. By the time the USA gets the robotic military ready the Chinese hackers will be able to control it if Snowden doesn't beat them to it.

The sulfur lingers still.

This point of reference should give the American media a great deal of security. The hatred will at least begin their dialogue to continue it.

President Morales has proven the ill will of The West.

President Morales episode with free wheeling power by The West proves the dialogue they deny.

The West has a dialogue about other nations. As Allies they even have a dialogue about each other. That self-righteous tone even provided Bush and Bushies with the condemnation of France and the French people when an illegal and immoral war was declared. 

But, the dialogue The West has regarding other nations is always aggressive and victimizing. It is part of the push button political machines within the countries themselves.

The political dialogue about Russia as the Evil Empire is suppose to sustain the politicians in The West regardless of the dissolution of the USSR. Latin America is crude and stupid and substance abusing. That 'image' of Lain America carries over into the dialogue regarding immigration reform in the USA. If a person doesn't know, understand or speak English that proves them unworthy of their rightful place in citizenship in the USA. The immigrates that work the agricultural fields that feeds entire USA are within the country illegally and are criminals. They are unworthy of amnesty and unworthy of being an American at all. The Republicans embrace that and even view their own Senator Rubio as unworthy of their support in a bill to provide a path to USA citizenship.

The West's dialogue is mostly diluted about Pacific nations. Japan has proven a great ally to Wall Street so it has become more worthy of being an ally than others. Australia has a macho dialogue to bolster the USA 'man cave values' with their "Fosters" so they are even more worthy in many ways than the puny Japanese. 

But, the macho man of Latin America is a point of ridicule by women in the USA. Macho men are condescending, insensitive and out of touch. Perhaps the men of Latin America should be drinking "Fosters" when women say these demeaning things.

But, as to President Morales. The West has proven unworthy of being considered anything but brutal regimes of aggressive demands upon nations they have a poor dialogue. The West's politicians thirst for power dialogues within their countries and President Morales was the latest victim. His willingness to have his plane searched by giving permission defused the aggression of The West, but, it also made fools of them.

The USA says "Ouch" at it's own hand of loose national security standards that victimize citizens' privacy and allows Wall Street open access and it's allies ask "How high do we have to jump to help?" The latest global episode of aggression by The West only proved whom is more savvy about the peace the world longs for and the ignorance of all those that consider themselves superior. 

The West can hold all the condescending global meetings they want, but, until they actually prove to have intelligence to match their treasuries and GDP we will all continue to laugh at their stupidity and 'the tail' their 'doggie attitudes, policies and aggressions' chase.

July 4, 2013

The president (click here) and people of Bolivia have every right now to feel as if they are second-class citizens of the world — their independence maligned, their nationality suspect and all stemming from the high-handed manner in which Austrian authorities have acted. During a recent stopover in Vienna, while on a government jet, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales and Defence Minister Ruben Soto had to endure the humiliating experience of having their plane searched — all in a futile hunt for whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden is seeking asylum in any one of a score of countries and is holed up in the transit zone of a Moscow airport.

Given that the South American nations are friendly to WikiLeaks, its ideals and its cadres, the Vienna government — presumably acting on a request from Washington — embarked on the search for Snowden when the Bolivian jet landed. Under no circumstances should the long-standing and internationally agreed and accepted principle of diplomatic immunity be violated. Searching a government plane, with the sovereign leader of the Bolivian nation on board, is not acceptable. Can one imagine the cries and actions of the US if, for example, Air Force One was boarded and searched?

The reality is that as long as the US embarks on a policy of wrongdoing, scanning the phone records and internet postings of citizens all over the world, there will always be those who have the moral courage to speak — or leak — in the interests of all.