Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Greed is considered a sin in most religions.

I still remember my childhood picture Bible, (click here) which showed a shiny golden calf with people bowing down before it—a colorful depiction of the idolatry into which the ancient Israelites fell after Moses led them out of Egypt (Ex. 32). The story struck me as incredibly strange for two reasons. First, I wondered why anyone would be so ridiculous as to worship a golden calf. Obviously, the gold statue was not really a living god. Second, I wondered why God would care so much about what they did. They weren’t hurting anyone (were they?). It may be silly to worship a calf of gold, but why would God be concerned?...

I never quote "Newsmax," but, they reported the merchandise of the Trump campaign correctly.

The Donald Trump campaign has always merchandised items through it's grassroots organization which sprang up after he began his unfunded campaign. The people following Donald Trump wanted to donate to the campaign. Everyone knows when people donate to campaigns they become invested and vote and/or work for it.

The day Donald Trump announced wearing a red golf cap I stated on this blog it would be no time and everyone would be wearing red Trump caps. Well. Guess what?

Campaigns are about the people. The Donald Trump campaign is no different. People like to have bragging rights when they display bumper stickers and wear buttons.

Enough already of the "Donald Bashing."

There is no basis to the scrutiny his BOOKKEEPING gets. He is using his assets for whatever reason he does. One thing is sure, he will never be turned away from holding a meeting or rally. Imagine if he didn't have his own infrastructure. The grassroots Republicans would never be able to get out from under the oppressive Republican establishment. I am sure there are many people grateful for him and his infrastructure.

As far as his bookkeeping; is the IRS finished with his audits?

Kindly remember no one held Cheney responsible for cooking the Halliburton books after he launched into exclusive contracts with Halliburton in Iraq.

Why does Donald Trump seem benevolent compared to Dick Cheney?

28 July 2016
By Courtney Coren

...The store clerk (click here) told the Post that all of the campaign merchandise was sold tax free and the money made from the merchandise went to the campaign. The merchandise also takes up a spot that is only for the campaign. However, no information is collected from shoppers, who are de facto donors. 

The situation is actually more complex than it may seem, Larry Noble of the Campaign Legal Center told the Post.

"When you sell something through a store, there's a normal business process you go through," Noble said. "A campaign has to do its dealings in the ordinary course of business. If he were trying to sell campaign material through Walmart, Walmart would have to charge him what they'd normally charge or pay him what they'd normally pay."...

The USA had two flat tops in South China Sea, too. When is China and Russia going to demand the nuclear disarmament of North Korea?

North Korea is turning the Pacific into a dicey mess. That is why the USA flat tops were there. China is putting out markers to their country's borders. That is very aggressive.

What if North Korea decides to make a missile launch count on Japan or the South. I think North Korea knows how stupid a nuclear shot at South Korea is though. But, what if a North Korean missile shot gave Taiwan 'a reason.' Then what? An all out war with China and Taiwan and who knows who else. The USA flat tops (click here) serve to be 'the muscle' in the Pacific and not other island countries that could really make a mess of that hemisphere. 

March 7, 2016
By Bill Gertz

USS John C. Stennis and escorting destroyers in Pacific Ocean exercises last year.

The commander (click here) of the US Pacific Command (Pacom) came under political fire from China last week following recent comments critical of Beijing’s military encroachment in the South China Sea.
The communist party-affiliated Global Times, in a front page report, accused Pacom’s Adm. Harry Harris of “China bashing” and “making waves in the South China Sea” for comments accusing China of regional hegemony made during recent speeches and congressional testimony.
The publication, often used as an official outlet for hardline anti-US propaganda, then issued a veiled threat that harsh comments from the admiral were creating stepped up competition between the United States and China and could lead to conflict.
“If two nuclear powerhouses engage in a competition to test each other’s willpower, the whole world will face the repercussions,” Global Times stated March 4.
The propaganda organ said “Harris’ words and deeds keep reminding us that we have to put more efforts into the building of islands in the South China Sea and deploying more weaponry.”...

EVERYONE CHILL! But, North Korea has to disarm. There is no reason for North Korea to continue to build an arsenal it cannot realistically use. It would be a complete turn around if North Korea would simply focus on it's people and demand humanitarian relief and rebuilding after 60 years or more of hostilities without war.

The Pacific is a powder keg and it is mostly due to North Korea.

June 21, 2016
VOA News

North Korea on Wednesday fired two ballistic missile (click here) from its east coast, U.S. and South Korean military officials said. At least one of the two attempts failed.
The twin launches, early Wednesday, were believed to be an intermediate-range Musudan missile, capable of reaching U.S. military bases in Asia and the Pacific.
North Korea unsuccessfully test-launched a similar missile three times in April. Another launch, most likely of the Musudan, failed in May.
Japan's military was placed on alert for a missile launch, and its navy and anti-missile Patriot batteries were instructed to shoot down any projectile headed for Japan, according to a government source.
The missile has a reported range of 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers which, if fired successfully, could reach targets in Japan, China and Guam.
U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby again chided Pyongyang ahead of the test.

Americans' safety depends on federal interstate prohibition laws.

Ya know. I can't help believe this is looking more and more like the average Republican member. 

June 21, 2016
By Ben Mathis-Lilley
Earlier Tuesday (click here) fear spread across the land when news broke that the huge cache of weapons pictured above, some loaded, had been seized from a car that was attempting to enter New York City through the Holland Tunnel. Initial accounts said a joint terrorism task force was involved with the investigation. Was this a potential attack thwarted at the last minute—the work of ISIS or al-Qaida or some Timothy McVeigh–style white extremist group?
Nope, turns out it was just some regular old "gun enthusiasts"! From DNA Info:
The three are believed to be gun enthusiasts with "drug issues," another law enforcement source said, and told investigators they were heading into the city to help out another friend with drug problems.
In other words, aside from the drug issues—there was heroin reportedly found in the car—these could very well be everyday Americans enjoying their Second Amendment rights to carry around a big ol' collection of murder equipment....

The water vapor has repopulated in large measure at the ITCZ. If there is turbulence in the USA today, it will be tornadoes. Little water vapor.

21 June 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - Click here)

There is water vapor consolidating in the Gulf of Mexico.


Right now, "Danielle" is a tropical depression, but, is building winds to 20 mph. The tropical depression may develop into a Cat One Hurricane, the first since Alex. There is significant water vapor in the region of Danielle. And what does everyone know? The more water vapor, the more concentration of heat and the higher the velocity of the storm and the more damage it does.

The POWER of water vapor is the reason NASA and NOAA consider it a greenhouse gas. The power is so great that if there is enough 'energy' in the water vapor as it consolidates it could mitigate the CURRENT threat of tornadoes over the USA.

Water vapor mitigates heat on Earth. When it moved up in higher altitudes/elevations the surface of Earth became vulnerable to the ravages of the climate crisis. 

June 16, 2016
By NOLA/Times Picayune

A low pressure system (click here) located over the central Bay of Campeche about 200 miles east of Tuxpan, Mexico, has a 70 percent chance of becoming a tropical depression Sunday (June 19) or Monday, the National Hurricane Center said in a 7 a.m. update. 
The system is expected to continue moving westward and bring heavy rain and possible flooding to Mexico's eastern coast. The low is already producing an area of showers and thunderstorms over the region, forecasters said.
The low is moving westward to west-northwestward at around 10 mph, and is forecast to reach the coast of eastern Mexico on Monday. Although upper-level winds are only marginally conducive, a depression is still likely to form, the hurricane center said.
An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the low this afternoon, if necessary....
The Republicans count their treasure chests differently. Recall the RNC did not receive monies from guaranteed donors after the 1st or 2nd quarter (depending when their fiscal year begins) in April. The reason was because there were still 2 candidates. July is coming up. The RNC is not worried. The Republicans are Wall Street. They count donations by the quarter. They don't have to work for a living. The working middle class and working poor budget what they can monthly or weekly for political donations.
June 20, 2016
By David Weigel

...According to Sanders's (click here) latest filing with the Federal Elections Commission, his campaign took in $15.6 million during the last full month of campaigning. That compared with $26.2 million for Clinton, the first time all year that the presumptive nominee has decisively out-raised her surprisingly powerful challenger. And it represented a steep fall from April, when he raised $25.8 million.
As the money came in, however, Sanders spent it at a slower clip than previous months. He ended May with $9.2 million on hand, having ended the previous month with just $5.8 million. The new pace came after high-profile layoffs of staff in early states, and after a strategic decision to focus on grass-roots rallies instead of TV ads in the California primary. And even that swing eschewed some of the expenses of a similar romp through New York, as Sanders traveled by motorcade, renting a pricey campaign plane only for the final weekend of events....

June 21, 2016
By Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim

A growing number of senators (click here) back changes to a system critics say gives party bosses undue sway to decide the nominee.

...Politico interviewed nearly 20 of Sanders’ colleagues over the past week and found a surprisingly strong appetite for change, including among influential members of the party establishment such as Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), a top prospect for vice president. More than half the senators surveyed support at least lowering the number of superdelegates, and all but two said the party should take up the matter at next month’s convention in Philadelphia, despite the potential for a high-profile intraparty feud at a critical moment in the campaign....

June 20, 2016
By Nicole Gaudiano 

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (click heremarked a quiet return to the Senate Monday to vote in favor of Democratic gun measures in the wake of the June 12 mass shooting at a nightclub in Florida....

...The votes were the first he has cast since January. Sanders voted against two Republican gun control measures that were less restrictive than the Democratic proposals. Each of the four measures failed....