Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mr. Wall Street states Elizabeth Warren has character issues with a racist comment?


Wow. He referred to her skin color as proof she wasn't American Indian in any way?


That is amazing. He actually referred to skin color in relation to her heritage. Wow.

White Buffalo Woman not happy with Mr. Wall Street!

Elizabeth Warren has no character issues, Mr. Brown on the other hand has many. We can begin with the fact his pick up truck was quickly turned into a Wall Street dynasty as the sole Senator any banker could count on to cheat the USA Treasury.

...For the Wall Street bankers, (click here) hedge fund managers, and private equity executives from New York, Connecticut, and elsewhere who are pouring money into Brown’s campaign, it’s also about something much closer to their hearts: stopping Elizabeth Warren....

...However, he used his vote to extract changes that financial institutions wanted made to the Volcker Rule, a central aspect of the legislation that limits proprietary trading for FDIC-insured banks, giving them a little more “wiggle room,” as Frank puts it. As a result, banks are allowed to invest up to 3 percent of their capital in private equity and hedge funds, a change that benefited Wall Street as well as Massachusetts-based Fidelity Investments and State Street (STT). Brown, along with Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Me.) and Susan Collins (R-Me.), also insisted that the cost of implementing the legislation, estimated at around $20 billion by the Congressional Budget Office, come from TARP money rather than through a levy on the largest banks, as the Democrats wanted. “Since we needed their votes,” Frank says, “we had to relieve the financial institutions of that and put it on the taxpayers.”...

That is outrageous. FDIC insured banks are suppose to be protected for the depositors, not as a corrupted arm of Wall Street. I cannot believe this portion of the law is even constitutional. The FDIC is suppose to be protected from ever being exposed to unreasonable risk. It is insurance, not a gambling arena.

Increasingly, institutions are also offering (click here) consumers a broad array of investment products that are not deposits, such as mutual funds, annuities, life insurance policies, stocks and bonds. Unlike the traditional checking or savings account, however, these non-deposit investment products are not insured by the FDIC.

There better be a very hefty disclosure statement explaining how these deposits are not protected. I mean in the FIRST LINE and in larger print than the rest of the disclosure statement, "The monies deposited into this investment instrument are not FDIC insured."

Because anything short of that is fraud.

Uninsured Investment Products: A Pocket Guide for Financial Institutions (click here)

Oh, it is all very clever, but, FDIC banks are not about being clever, they are about being safe! As a matter of fact, in any signage in the bank, outside of the bank and in advertising where "FDIC Insured" is stated there needs to be an accompanying statement immediately below it that reads, "There are investment instruments in this institution not FDIC insured. Ask your banker when depositing to explain the difference."

If all that is not in place and citizen's attention are NOT openly and overtly brought to the fact they could lose every dime they deposit, then it is fraud, deception and is litigable to remove it from the Dodd-Frank Law as a breech in the fiduciary requirements of banks with their depositors under the brevity of federal law. I guarantee you, that part of Dodd-Frank is unconstitutional under the provisions of existing legal precedent. I am very confident there is already a case on the books whereby a bank in history defrauded depositors while stating monies were insured by FDIC when they were not. Guaranteed.

It takes Americans to appreciate all diversity and culture.

"My job is not to worry about those people." Sound familiar? The steel plant was purchased in 1993 by Bain under Romney.

Romney is very cold blooded. If a person can lie without conscience repeatedly to deceive an electorate he can do anything. These people are the electorate.

Will it be pink again this year?

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes (click here) is a nation-wide campaign to raise awareness for breast-cancer where men walk a mile in woman's high heels.

It is a foregone fact that women with mastectomies experience a higher rate of divorce in the USA. It causes a lot of problems for women as they sometimes are dependent on their spouses for income and more importantly health care insurance. 

To be noted is that before the Affordable Care Act women could not get health care insurance after divorce and after any COBRA benefits expired due to a pre-existing condition. So, saving a woman's life before the Affordable Care Act was a bit of a difficult thing. 

First a woman had to be diagnosed with a mammogram which was not covered 100% in preventative care now a requirement by all health care insurance.

Then, once diagnosed, she needed to receive treatment. If facing a divorce due to the fact a mastectomy was required, along with possible excision of the lymph nodes and potentially some of the flesh and muscle of the chest wall; receiving that treatment was questionable at best. 

Then receiving post mastectomy reconstruction was even more difficult after surviving the treatment because that is viewed as superfluous to financial survival. 

So, the effort by men in "Walk a Mile In Her Shoes" is a remarkable and very noteworthy effort. Let it not be understated. 

Not to mention divorce doesn't leave much room for emotional support either.

President Obama's Affordable Care Act does a lot the nation can't begin to recognize. Individual lives are changed and saved due to this law. I can't thank him enough for the remarkable political bravery he showed in taking on this accomplishment. It was more than worth it.


Interesting word, "dirt." 

In the case of politics, dirt is something the opponent digs up about a candidate.

But, in the case of Republican Governance once they are elected, the word "dirt" turns into a battle cry. 

If I may?

Republicans use the word 'dirt' to attack regulation. In the Clean Air Act they repeatedly attacked the regulations in regard to 'dust.' In the Clean Water Act they attack dirt in the water as a reasonable quantity to tolerate and exempt from regulation.

In other instances they are grossly "W"rong.

In the case of The Clean Air Act, and this is something Republicans can't get their minds around because they don't 'believe' in science, DIRT is actually 'particulate matter.' There is definitely particulate matter that endangers the lives of Americans, many of them with lung disease and a large number being children.

The question of dust became an issue, as a political play, in the past two years. Dust on farms, etc. The real culprit in this matter is not so much farms and farming practices, but, urban sprawl. Because of over development of out nation's lands and the housing crisis there are now average people living much closer to farming operations where plowing (especially in drought) causes the air to have high particulate matter. The reason 'dirt' came before the EPA and invoked The Clean Air Act is because THAT IS THE LAW. Where high particulate matter exists where there is a growing populous it is a problem that cannot and should not be ignored.

Ever hear of zoning? Well, the local folks don't take that concept into consideration when allowing contractors to spend a lot of money in their towns and cities so there manifests problems afterwards. The local farmers don't really worry about zoning meetings, don't hire lobbyists and basically accept the fact farm land and wildness gets converted to developments. So, the contractors build where ever their is a remote green area. There are problems with that paradigm both from a farming perspective and wildlife as well. Building homes 'in the woods' brings people and wildlife together.

At any rate, The Clean Air Act has been in effect to protect lungs and people and their property for a long time, so when these issues start to come to light there has to be a re-evaluation by the EPA. Farmers are usually pretty good at controlling dust by the way. They do it for their own families and employees. They use oil or a heavy liquid. They apply it to road surfaces where dust is a problem in relation to carrying dust to their homes and families. They also do things like spread gravel. So, the idea that farm dust isn't noted to be a problem by farmers is not a reasonable idea. Farmers do know it is a problem for even their own families and they seek to minimize it whenever possible. They find more difficult to minimize 'the blowing away of their top soil' during drought conditions. The the particulate designation that impacts 'farm dust' is getting to be more and more difficult to employ because of increasing populous in remote areas and because of drought.

The DIRT in regard to The Clean Water Act is actually managed by The Army Corp of Engineers and it is called SEDIMENT.

Sediment is a broadly defined term of most dirt in the water. Sediment is classified by its 'diameter size.' The collection of sediment in navigable waters to become shallow and an obstruction to shipping. It causes fishing as a tourism economy to disappear because the waters are too shallow for fish to live. There are sincere reasons why DIRT in water is a problem and reviewed by the EPA. Lots of reasons why.

But, in the limited point of view of Republicans whom do not 'believe' in science DIRT seems like a really silly thing to regulate in the air as dust and in the water as sediment. In the case of Rand Paul, he can make money selling political books ridiculing the regulation of DIRT.

That is the long and short of it regarding DIRT and the political mind speak of the Republican Right Wing and it is basically a very dry and boring topic so no one really sees why late night comedians should approach it. DIRT is the topic of scientists. I have not witnessed one scientist successfully taking on the late night comedians.

The Paul Family takes on America

 Amazon on Rand Paul (click here)

Rand Paul likes inflammatory language. So what's new for a Tea Party Congressman.

His book takes sophisticated regulation developed over decades and attempts to make a voter's decision. The Clean Water Act is in trouble, but, not because Rand Paul likes to dummy down its regulation, but, because the definition of the term 'navigable waters' has been under attack in recent years by the Right Wing. Not only that but navigable waters is under attack by the Climate Crisis. There is now a salt wedge coming up the Mississippi from the Gulf of Mexico because of the drought and there are areas of the Mississippi being dredged by the Army Corp to continue to accommodate shipping traffic. 

Taking sophisticated concepts developed to protect American waters and its quality is the favorite past time of Congressman Paul and if one likes entertainment in political mind speak, then this is the book for you.

Amazon on Ron Paul (click here)

In Ron Paul's swan song, I think my favorite chapter has to be Chapter Two, "The Foreign Policy of the Founding Fathers."


Founding Fathers.

Foreign Policy.

Sure, we can relate to all that considering the French helped in large measure with the victory of the Revolutionary War of the Founding Fathers.


Jeb Bush is campaigning hard in Florida for 2016.

Rahm Emanuel is pushing Jeb into action due to its failed educational system that resulted after leaving the Governorship. The educational system Jeb Bush set up during his time as Governor is failing royally across the board and he is worried about his 'place holder' for 2016.

FAIRFIELD—Following a speech on education, (click here) former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush praised Connecticut’s recent education reform package as a success. But comments during his half-hour talk revealed stark ideological differences between he and Gov. Dannel Malloy on the place of labor unions in our schools.
“I don’t think there should be public unions, period. There’s a conflict of interest here,” Bush said Wednesday.
The comment drew applause from the audience in a small auditorium at the General Electric complex, which hosted the event sponsored by the Connecticut Policy Institute. The institute was founded by former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley, who spoke briefly before Bush.
Bush, son of former President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush, was invited to speak about the education reform his state passed while he was governor. Those changes have seen drastic improvements in Florida’s nationwide standing on education. Bush now serves as the chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s board of directors....
It would be an interesting match up for 2016, Rahm vs Bush.

The press always like to soft ball it with education. It is a soft target for politicians. The Bushes always pretend to have the answer for education when it fact they see profits at the end of the rainbow. 

Jeb needs to watch his approach to 2016, because he has already made an statement before Congressional Committees grossly misrepresenting the economic recovery since his brother from 2000 to 2008. Jeb called the economic recovery under President Obama L-shaped. It isn't. It isn't "W" shaped either. It is a "V" shaped recovery and has been since the FIRST DAY President Obama took office. Needless to say, Jeb knows less than nothing about economic trends which ultimately effect education when local school districts cannot raise taxes due to economic collapse, foreclosures, destruction of neighborhoods and loss of a tax base with little chance of recovery unless the federal government helps in big ways.

Of course, Jeb never had to demonstrate his ability to handle his brother's economic crisis because he left office as Governor in 2007. That fact is an interesting one all by itself when on realizes Paulson was in office since 2006. Whatever.

The USA doesn't need more of "No Child Left Behind." It didn't work and there is no reason to continue to pander to Jeb Bush as a Republican willing to cross over to the other side on education. We don't need it. We need the dignity of teachers returned to its rightful place with union contracts that work for parents and students. It can be done and should be done.

I told you so. He made a hard left after the convention.

Romney says nothing here. He is painting a picture. There is nothing solid in commitment or policy. He is still saying nothing. 

Romney is untrustworthy. He sees opportunity in political venues for his own ambitions and he takes it. There is nothing new here. He has a record alright and he could not make effective changes to Medicare as Governor of Massachusetts even if he wanted to.

He raised fees on every person, rich or power, in Massachusetts because he stated he would not raise taxes. He has a record being a RINO for a long time.

Romney has no consistent record. He achieved a health care bill where Senator Edward Kennedy lived.

Reagan liked to pander to the left, too, then when he got in office he acted against unions the first chance he got. Romney is untrustworthy. He never says what he means and he waivers on everything. He likes power. He is addicted to it. He climbed a ladder because he had nothing else to do. Why isn't he doing the hard work, on the ground, building new businesses and employing more people in the USA with his wealth?

Here we go again with a Republican masquerading as a Democrat. 

A report from NASA regarding the most successful scientific treaty in history to date.

....In 1979 (click here) —when scientists were just coming to understand that atmospheric ozone could be depleted—the area of ozone depletion over Antarctica grew to 1.1 million square kilometers, with a minimum ozone concentration of 194 Dobson Units. In 1987, as the Montreal Protocol was being signed, the area of the hole reached 22.4 million square kilometers and ozone concentrations dropped to 109 DU. By 2006, the worst year for ozone depletion to date, the numbers were 29.6 million square kilometers and just 84 DU. By 2011, the most recent year with a complete data set, the hole stretched 26 million square kilometers and dropped to 95 DU.
According to NASA scientist Pawan Bhartia, “The Antarctic hole is stabilizing and may be slowly recovering. Our focus now is to make sure that it is healing as expected.” The amount of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in the atmosphere has stopped rising in recent years, and may actually be decreasing. The yearly ozone hole should continue for a while, though, as CFCs and other ODSs can last for decades in the air. Scientists found in a 2009 study that without the Montreal Protocol, global ozone depletion (not just Antarctic) would be at least 10 times worse than current levels by 2050....