Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Okay, I have had enough of the Republican 'faux' economic ideology,

"Trickle Down Economics," "Supply Side Economics" not only are empty promises, but, destroys small businesses and American jobs.

The Republicans from Reagan have focused on a limited 'ideology' to spur the American economy.  Reagan deregulated when he should not have, believed in destroying the federal government (But, not as draconianly as "W."), loved to give money away to millionaires and billionaires all for the sake of the economy.

What resulted was a complete demoralization of Main Street, draconian out sourcing of American jobs and destruction of market place in the American Landscape.  It is real interesting to realize when and how 'the shopping mall' took over the 'consumerization' of America.

There was a time in the USA when "Main Street" was actually an important place to have a store front.  Those stores were owned by families or individuals.  Rarely were there huge corporations that owned the stores and frequently stores were also manufacturers such as "The Cobbler" or shoemaker.  For those that never knew there was such a person as The Cobbler there is a place in Williamsburg, Virginia where they still can be considered a craftsman.


The Main Street Shoemaker or Shoe Repairperson are nearly extinct as are American Pottery Manufacturers.

The HISTORY of the American Main Street goes like this.  At opposite ends of Main Street was a Cobbler and a Shoe Store.  They both flourished and had their own market share.

Then came 'The Big Box Store.'  It was able to sell shoes far cheaper then the Cobbler while offering less professional services in fitting shoes than The Shoe Store.  Hence, the competition was draconian.  First the Cobbler closed his store front and laid off a few craftspersons.  That was followed about a year later by the closure of the Shoe Store which laid off several sales personnel, a manager and a stockperson.

But, the story of the destruction of the American economy doesn't stop there.

The shoe factories that suppied shoes to The Shoe Store no longer needed as many workers and the suppliers to the Cobbler no longer needed stocks to sell, so they downsized and some closed their businesses all together.

The 'Trickle Down' Republicans invested in Wall Street and forced the Big Box Stores down the throats of the American people.  The people had no 'say' in the matter.  They needed work and today Walmart is the largest employer in the USA.

The people's skills were no longer needed and they were demoralized without pride in their skills to see them through.  They settled for pride in 'consumer satisfaction' while accepting far less income in their pay checks, lousy health care insurance and 401Ks that would lose most of their value with the next Wall Street collapse.

Over the decades of Republican "Trickle down" demoralization of the American people they became disoriented to 'what really matters' and were brainwashed to believe Republicans actually had their best interest at heart and had real answers.

The truth is, the ideologies of the Republicans are grossly ABSENT of morality and LOYALTY to the very citizens that elect them.  The Republicans have NO ideas, they only have rhetoric and 'the power of the Senate minority' to hold the American people hostage with plans to INSTILL the same old Wall Street strategies that will NEVER yield an economy that grows.

For as much as I believe President Obama has done the right thing by compromising with Senate Republicans, it is unfortunate to have to postpone 'the reality' that millionaires, billionaires and Wall Street simply hurt the country more than they can ever grow it.

I believe President Obama has the Middle and Lower Class and Main Street at the center of his agenda.  He wants to move his agenda along and UNFORTUNATELY that means compromise and more national debt to the people that caused the problem in the first place.  The House and Senate need to put the Middle and Lower Class and Main Street at the center of their agenda while speaking to the ludicrous nature of tax cuts to Millionaires and Billionaires as they hurt our country's economy RATHER THAN growing it.

It is what it is.

One other thing.  One of the MOST LUDICROUS statements I have heard from the EGO INFLATED Right Wing Media is how Walmart is A GREAT THING for the poor people in the USA.  Yep.

"The Day After Tomorrow" - Hemispheric Vortices - click here for 12 hour loop - thank you

December 8, 2010
UNISYS North and West Hemispheric Water Vapor Satellite

Wow.  The heat is coming off the equatorial Earth and moving to the Arctic Circle.  I have never, in the past eight years, seen two hemispheric vortices before.  I believe it was two years ago there was one over the Atlantic. 

The North Pole Satellite has a couple of glitches so it isn't possible to see a clear image, but, it appears as though there are at least four.  Of course, two are on the east and west coast of the USA.