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The most racism and bigoted man I have ever heard.

Erick Stakelbeck

He bills himself out as an expert on Islam. Strange because he doesn't look Islamic. Is there a way that Islam looks? Maybe he is and we don't know it.

He has an inflammatory blog at "Liberty News." (click here) 

He is very well received at "The Washington Times." (click here)

Mr. Stakelbeck explains: "Whereas al Qaeda seeks to bring about Shariah states rapidly through violence, the Muslim Brothers favor a gradual, termite-like approach, burrowing deeply into a host society and eating away at it slowly from within. They'll acquire positions of influence, often behind the scenes, in government, academia and the media. They'll start Islamic organizations at the grass-roots level and build (or slowly absorb) mosques and Islamic schools. They'll even hold their nose and work with ideologically divergent factions, namely the left, to advance their ultimate goals. Then, when they have the numbers and the influence, and the situation is deemed ideal, the final phase can begin."

Finally a man that knows how to save us all. 

Isn't it strange The Washington Times only charges 25 cents for their news rag and is still publishing without incident? I just thought I'd mention that.

But, he has this book. 

It was on Book TV.  

"The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy" (click here) 

You know. If all one has is a quarter from their paycheck for the morning paper, then one will spend it on the print costing a quarter, right? No wonder the Republicans like cheap labor. It keeps them down where they belong after all. 

But, this book would put Hilter to shame. It would make the Third Reich sound like a god sent. 

Dear god almighty. 

I'll tell you how contrived and demented this book is. 

There is a chapter entitled "Occupy Sharia." I mean to tell you it doesn't get anymore demented than this. 

You see, according to Erick there are rouge states and extremist networks that identify with "Occupy Wall Street." Can't imagine why, but, that isn't the point. The point is that the poor, pathetic 'Occupy' demonstrator is in bed with some of the most extremist, blood thirsty people on the globe. Unwittingly the morons of Occupy Wall Street are given over to this form of extremism only to realize when the Muslim Brotherhood occupies the USA they will be killed. 

Now, mind you the entire scenario is based on the fact these UNEMPLOYED people of Occupy sincerely have completely polar values than "The Brotherhood." But, in succumbing to the power of "The Brotherhood" EVENTUALLY to win their place and destroy Wall Street they are actually writing their own epitaph. 

Got that?

Occupy Wall Street has to be at least as blood thirsty and extreme as "The Brotherhood" and therefore welcomes a fascist state.

But, alas, "Occupy" will be destroyed when THEIR REAL VALUES are revealed when "The Brotherhood" wins the day.

 Okay, then. No one can say "Book TV" is biased or uninterested in fiction adventures.

I am really confused where the NC Student Voters attacks are based in law.

See, I have some experience with North Carolina Public University education.

I recognize this hatred against magnificent students exists. I mean NC university graduates are a premium in the real world. They are valued.

But, that aside, let's just look at a reality that the Republican Legislature and Governor has not a clue.

The GOP-controlled board of elections (click here) in Pasquotank County voted to disqualify Montravias King, a senior at historically black Elizabeth City State University, from running for city council, claiming King couldn’t use his student address to establish residency, even though he’s been registered to vote there since 2009. “The head of the county’s Republican Party said he plans to challenge the voter registrations of more students at the historically black university ahead of upcoming elections,” the AP reported....

There has been a reorganization of how public universities actually handle their dormitory rooms and apartments and housing. That is the case with undergrad as well as graduate students.

The public universities are actually no longer billing for a room as if the student didn't live there. The public universities now have a housing office where students sign REGULAR rental agreements. Agreements recognized by local courts for enforcement as if they were an OFF CAMPUS address. These LEASES are very often for an entire year at a time and the so called student lives there, regardless of roommates, year round. 

The majority of on campus housing at UNCW is through a year long lease. (click here)

That reality INVALIDATES any state regulation that estranges RESIDENTS of a community from voting. The NC laws are unconstitutional. Residency is determined by where a person lives the majority of time in a year.

As a matter of fact, UNCW even allows rental of people not necessarily enrolled at the university. It has to. If a student is living on a year round lease, they may or may not take summer classes. In actuality the students leasing these rooms are working off campus at least part time and even serving in internships to enhance their experience and their resume.

The 'academic year' contracts are viewed no differently than partial year leases of off campus housing. Some of the off campus housing can be rented for as short a period of time as 3 months. That has no effect on their residency. Residency is determined by the CITY where a person lives, not the length of a lease for a place to live. So, if a person rents a room in a private house for three months as a trial to test compatibility of roommates, that doesn't effect their residency and voting.

That is why On Campus Voting or Near Campus Voting occurs. These folks are as much residents as anyone paying property tax. If it weren't for the RENTAL FEES paid per month the property owners would not be able to pay their taxes.

The North Carolina voting laws are completely discriminatory and politically driven. It does not serve the people therefore these folks should not even be in office if they chronically violate constitutional law to LEVERAGE power over voting. They are criminally corrupt. That cannot be disputed.

Making voting more and more impossible to accomplish is EGREGIOUS. That word is important. In relation to access to voting, egregious regulations are corrupt and unconstitutional. 

Public school students have to remember something. They are citizens. They are very valuable citizens whom contribute to the brain trust of this nation.

But, recall the talk President Obama gave today during his tour. He pointed to the exploitative nature of private schools with very poor track records for their students.

Now remember this. Governor McCrory visited High Point University a Private University. He endorses the defunding of the UNC system and placing difficult regulations on the public universities in favor of the domination of private universities. The public school student has to fight for their rights and organize in their student governing bodies to bring about survival of their schools and their schools excellent reputation. A degree from any university is as valuable as their reputation. This is important. Public school students have to demand their rights and RESPECT. The dollars they spend are no different than the dollars of private school students and there is every indication their spending has the highest return to our country.

Global Unionization because of draconian Wall Street.

June 6, 2013
By Hila Weissberg

Labor organization (click here) say they have established a union to address alleged labor violations. McDonald's says proper representation has not been set up but that it will sit with uinos when it is.
Just days after the young workers at Israel's Burger Ranch fast-food chain organized themselves, the Labor Union for Youth and Hareshet – the Young People’s Federation, announced that within less than a day they had succeeded in signing up enough workers at McDonald’s to set up a workers' union there as well.

These labor organizations said the workers were organized so official representatives could approach McDonald’s management to negotiate a collective labor agreement. According to a survey conducted for Hareshet by the Sarid Institute, 35 percent of the employees feel they aren’t being paid fairly...

Citizens of many countries are putting 2 and 2 together and realizing if they had more DISPOSABLE INCOME the economy would be better. So, if the movement goes global, guess what is around the corner?

Now, all they need are unions to bring leverage to their newly discovered economic prowess.

McDonald's sales edge up in July (click here)
Growth in U.S. offsets declines elsewhere; global sales expected to stay flat 
Associated Press 
Published 5:46 pm, Thursday, August 8, 2013 

New York
McDonald's says a key sales figure edged up modestly in July, as a bigger push behind its Dollar Menu and Big Mac in the U.S. helped offset declines in other parts of the world.
The world's biggest hamburger chain says global sales rose 0.7 percent at restaurants open at least 13 months. That included a 1.6 percent increase in the U.S., where it said "everyday value offerings," breakfast and staples such as the Big Mac drove up results.
McDonald's stock slipped almost 29 cents to end Thursday trading at $98.04. Over the past year, the stock is up 11 percent....

No one has to understand what McDonald's problems are in surviving the day. All citizens everywhere need to understand is that the problems will disappear when there is more circulating capital in the global economy.

The Case for $15 and a Union for Low-Wage Workers (click here)
Posted: 08/15/2013 4:25 pm
 Pete is a Domino's driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who makes $4 an hour. Even with tips, he still averages about minimum wage at the end of the day. Giovanni, a Pizza Hut worker in Milwaukee, makes minimum wage while living with his mother to help pay rent. He says a roughly $300 paycheck per week is not even enough for a month's rent on top of all the other costs of living. Pete, Giovanni, and roughly 1,000 other fast-food and low-wage workers recently staged a one-day strike in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, protesting poverty wages while working for companies raking in billions in profits.
"I'm not just doing this for myself, I'm doing it for my mom, too," Giovanni says. "It's impossible to make it just on $7.25."...

Wall Street is making so much money they are wasting it on computer software that is collapsing financial markets. That is greed. There is no reason for it. The global community of workers need to organize, reclaim their dignity and with that THEIR POTENTIAL and not the potential of Wall Street.

We are the 99%. 

We are the future.

We make Wall Street run. 

It is time to make it happen.

This is not new. A few years ago The Washington Post featured articles about the huge private surveillance industry begun under Bush.

Orders To Destroy Guardian Hard Drives Came Directly From PM David Cameron (click here)

...A spokesman for Clegg made clear that Heywood was acting on the authority of both the prime minister and his deputy....

..."On the specific issue of records held by the Guardian, the deputy prime minister thought it was reasonable for the cabinet secretary to request that the Guardian destroyed data that would represent a serious threat to national security if it was to fall into the wrong hands. "The deputy prime minister felt this was a preferable approach to taking legal action. He was keen to protect the Guardian's freedom to publish, whilst taking the necessary steps to safeguard security. "It was agreed to on the understanding that the purpose of the destruction of the material would not impinge on the Guardian's ability to publish articles about the issue, but would help as a precautionary measure to protect lives and security."...

The development of this disastrous private surveillance industry was part of the Bush economy. It spread a lot of money around the country without concern for constitutionality or privacy rights. Then it just became a bad habit.

Top-secret files show first evidence of financial relationship (click here)
Prism companies include Google and Yahoo, says NSA
Costs were incurred after 2011 Fisa court ruling

in New York 

The National Security Agency paid millions of dollars to cover the costs of major internet companies involved in the Prism surveillance program after a court ruled that some of the agency's activities were unconstitutional, according to top-secret material passed to the Guardian.
The technology companies, which the NSA says includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook, incurred the costs to meet new certification demands in the wake of the ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (Fisa) court.
The October 2011 judgment, which was declassified on Wednesday by the Obama administration, found that the NSA's inability to separate purely domestic communications from foreign traffic violated the fourth amendment.

While the ruling did not concern the Prism program directly, documents passed to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden describe the problems the decision created for the agency and the efforts required to bring operations into compliance. The material provides the first evidence of a financial relationship between the tech companies and the NSA....

This is where the statutory laws are written: 

50 USC § 1861 - Access to certain business records for foreign intelligence and international terrorism investigations (click here) 

One might note this is suppose to be about foreign intelligence and international terrorism. However, that implies the USA can then turn toward domestic surveillance when the evidence is applied. 

There are a couple of issues here. The first one is the NSA has overreached it's authority in other sovereign nations. It is one thing to have treaties and gain permission to use electronic surveillance, it is quite another thing to invade a sovereign nation's borders for information. It is espionage that is being conducted, not surveillance. This statutory law codifies espionage.  

It isn't as though China and Russia aren't do this and violence networks like al Qaeda. But, this is espionage and not simply surveillance.

Americans are being attached to information obtained through espionage. 

The development of this capacity has a long history. It began in 1981 and has been increased as time has gone on.

Executive Order 12333--United States intelligence activities (click here)
Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12333 of Dec. 4, 1981, appear at 46 FR 59941, 3 CFR, 1981 Comp., p. 200, unless otherwise noted.

(b) National Security Agency, whose responsibilities shall include:

(1) Establishment and operation of an effective unified organization for signals intelligence activities, except for the delegation of operational control over certain operations that are conducted through other elements of the Intelligence Community. No other department or agency may engage in signals intelligence activities except pursuant to a delegation by the Secretary of Defense;...

(6) Collection, processing and dissemination of signals intelligence information for counterintelligence purposes;...

(c) Offices for the collection of specialized intelligence through reconnaissance programs, whose responsibilities shall include:
 (1) Carrying out consolidated reconnaissance programs for specialized intelligence;
(2) Responding to tasking in accordance with procedures established by the Director of Central Intelligence; and
(3) Delegating authority to the various departments and agencies for research, development, procurement, and operation of designated means of collection....

This is the part of the law whereby there is any limit on the NSA.

Part 2
Conduct of Intelligence Activities
2.1Need. Accurate and timely information about the capabilities, intentions and activities of foreign powers, organizations, or persons and their agents is essential to informed decisionmaking in the areas of national defense and foreign relations. Collection of such information is a priority objective and will be pursued in a vigorous, innovative and responsible manner that is consistent with the Constitution and applicable law and respectful of the principles upon which the United States was founded....

It is this part that adds to the activities of the NSA "Need to Know." 

Where it gets interesting is that Ronald Reagan signed this Executive Order while receiving this letter to him:

According to William Albert Hewgley the surveillance was to induct the family into doing the government's work.

Dear Mr. Reagan: (click here)
We must report to you on a situation which we feel must be dealt with personally by you-- the President of the United States. It is our belief that only you will deal with this matter forcefully and promptly. In brief, the following is our problem.
Our family has been under constant Government electronic and physical surveillance for over 5 years. The surveillance started during February 1976 in San Antonio, Texas, and has continued uninterrupted since then to this date. Since 1978 we have resided in Oak Ridge and Kingston, Tennessee.
The organizations we believe to be mainly responsible for this surveillance are the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is significant that neither of these organizations has informed us of the need to conduct this surveillance. Instead, the whole thing has been conducted in a shield of secrecy, which shield has disregarded our constitutional rights, in particular Amendment 4 to the Constitution.
We have suffered greatly from this constant intrusion into the privacy of our lives, and frankly we are not certain that we can take the stress much longer. Our health has suffered, and we have sustained symptoms similiar to those experienced by prisoners-of-war. At times we have feared for our lives. In summary, we are under duress and can not take much more of it. As citizens of this country, we respectfully request that immediate steps be taken to cease this outrageous intrusion in our lives.
Mr. President, would you please intervene in this matter? We want to know why we are under surveillance and when it will end. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated....

It appears as though Reagan was disturbed enough and decided to cover his tracks to put everything that had gone on before into constitutional context. Presidents can be politically intimidated, so he refused to allow any government agency to impinge on his ambitions. This is my opinion, not one that is officially published anywhere.

The problem with this pre-emptive activity by a President to prevent political fallout never moves anything to the realm of sincere examination of the activities of the agencies. I am not surprised the overreach of the NSA now appears to be astronomical. The problem is the activities of these agencies really depends on the person in the Oval Office.

Can all this be improved upon? There should be a Congressperson somewhere who is dedicated to the people and respecting allies rather than Wall Street politics.

It seems strange to me this entire mess exists. It was Germany warning the USA about the expected attacks of al Qaeda in 2001. The USA actually has to carry out surveillance on Germany? Germany is where Atta was residing while he was making plans to 'attack within the USA.' I think a lot of this is overreach that grew out of a Bush White House that had no clue about actually growing an economy beyond promoting baby making. 
Senator Tom Coburn should be in the Senate. He is a reasonable voice. He attempts to satisfy the extremists where they have legitimacy. 

He is, however, corrupt by not holding the petroleum industry in the FACT Global Warming is real and it has created a Climate Crisis domestically, with allies and globally.

The people that would win Republican primaries other than Coburn would be bought and paid for by the petroleum industry, too. They would be extremists exactly as Cruz and that mess.

If Democrats would change the dialogue and bring the people of these states a reality they can understand and relate to, they might win elections. Democrats actually do seek the truth. Promoting it is a dangerous strategy, but, they do seek it. Republicans don't even seek it. They just 'go along to get along' with the electorate and create their own world.

Inhofe simply doesn't belong in office. He has so much hubris in his 'mind speak' there is no way he can move away from it and maintain his Senate seat. It taints everything, his politics, his committee work and any vote he makes. I've never known Inhofe to be reasonable or have a purpose except as a place holder for the petroleum industry.

If incumbants want to know why they aren't getting elected in Republican Primaries, look at whom is the enemy.

"...I am glad you raised the issue because you are involved in the future of our country and I think that is admirable. I think Mike Lee, Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz have the PUREST of intentions....I am 100% convinced it (a government shutdown) won't work...weak, soft spined members of the Republican conference of which I am not one?..."I've got to get re-elected and we have to open this back up...."

The purest, 100% convinced is all Tea Party Rhetoric. The Democrats should learn the "Tea Party as a Second Language" when confronted by hecklers.


"But I have the purest of intentions when it comes to ending the Climate Crisis and am 100% convinced scientists, of which our government has depended on in our best agencies, are correct."

Purest (of intentions - don't sin)

100% (just about as pure as it comes)

Essential (as in services and employees) - no waste in government if it is essential - ? essential ? - military has the priority along with emergency (Homeland security - keepin' out the Muslims)

" things that you and I would do to pinch pennies..."

failure or failed are great words. 'Failed tactic' is one that won't work no matter how COUNTER INTUITIVE (COUNTER CULTURE (political culture. Oh, you know the one created by FOX and those bozos that want ratings to sell stuff no one needs, NON-ESSENTIAL merchandise) it may seem. 

I just love that "No-No" thing they sell. Sexy, isn't it? Guaranteed to remove hair from every part of the body by light beam without causing cancer. And the best part is the "No-No" name. It teaches people to day No as if they are two years old again. 

Oh, too funny. 'Unelected people' in places like the Justice Department, the IRS and all those evil agencies that follow the law. Amazing. Let's just do away with those folks and hand everything over to Wall Street and we will all be million-billionaires. 

You betcha, million-billionaires on a minimum wage with no health care, no food stamps and no SSI and Medicare. Right. "...Let's go back to everything that made America great...."re-embrace everything our Fore-Daddys stood for"...

More of our dysfunctional political dialogue that manipulates the truth and distracts from national problems.

The innumerated powers (of The Tenth Amendment). He is no John McCain. He sounds like a Tea Party extremist to me.

"Unfunded liabilities of $126 Trillion...with a net worth of the USA as $84 Trillion, therefore the game is up. BUT, the good news is all this is solvable" is an attack on SSI, Medicare and Medicaid.

"...No visionary leadership, undermined self-reliance in the name of being charitable, abdictated personal responsiblity in the name of being fair, following in the footsteps of a vast number of historians that constitutional republics don't last..."

But, it is all solvable. My god, the savior of us all has arrived.

"Elitism" gets applause. Elitism is directly out of the 2008 and 2012 'professorial' politics against President Obama. 

Mandatory reading, "Liberty Amendments"...fear of not having a Constitutional Convention. Right. Coburn wants to rid himself of the evil entitlements and write a Wall Street constitution. Ah, the dream comes true. Petroleum has finally instilled the savior of us all. 

The dependence on the evil federal government is horrible. I feel everyday.


Release date: July 29, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY – State and federal disaster assistance for Oklahoma topped $50 million this week as recovery continues following the devastating May severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds and flooding. The figure includes funding from Individual Assistance, Public Assistance, and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

The deadline for Oklahomans to apply for disaster assistance has been extended to August 19, 2013. Homeowners, renters and business owners in Canadian, Cleveland, LeFlore, Lincoln, McClain, Okfuskee, Oklahoma, Okmulgee and Pottawatomie counties who sustained damage from the May 18-June 2 storms, can apply for state and federal assistance online at or via smartphone at 

Survivors may also apply by phone at 800-621-3362 (Voice or 7-1-1/ Relay) or TTY 800-462-7585. For information about SBA programs, applicants may call 800-659-2955 (TTY 800-877-8339).

More than $13.3 million in disaster assistance for housing and disaster-related expenses has been approved for qualified homeowners and renters. This includes more than $9.3 million in rental costs and house repairs, and more than $3.9 million for medical expenses, replacement clothing, vehicle repairs, funeral and burial costs, and other needs generated by the storms.

In addition, over $4.1 million has been approved for the cleanup of debris incurred by an EF-5 tornado on May 20. The funding comes from a pilot program that encourages accelerated debris removal in disaster-damaged communities.

As of July 29, more than one million cubic yards of disaster debris had been cleared in Oklahoma, roughly 87 percent of the estimated total of 1,164,399 cubic yards generated by the storms.
The SBA has approved more than $34.4 million in low-interest disaster loans for qualified homeowners, renters, businesses of all sizes and private nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma.

Now, about that impeachment....where is the Climate Crisis LEGISLATION sponsored by two Oklahoma Senators?


Because the Climate Crisis is an unfunded liability greater than $126 trillion. Now, what legacy is Coburn and Inhofe actually leaving the children of Oklahoma? Solvency? Nowhere I can find.

Coburn and Inhofe are bought and paid for by the petroleum industry. Do they care about the future of children in Oklahoma? How many are dead this year because of the Climate Crisis? Where is the dialogue on that?

Assumption Parish, Louisiana

The median household income was $46,699 in the 2010 census (click here). It is considered an agricultural community where sugarcane is grown. It does better economically with 18% of the population is in poverty when the State of Louisiana has a 18.4% poverty rate. The national average in the USA in comparison was 14.3.

Assumption Parish, Louisiana now has a new tourist attraction. "Plant a tree elsewhere."

The orange colored booms are to mark the edge of the sinkhole. It is a scientific thing.

The Assumption Parish sinkhole is already about 24 acres wide. It is still seeking a final shape and size, scientists say.

With almost Biblical precision, (click here) the earth opened up and swallowed a clump of tall trees in Louisiana on Wednesday evening.
In just a few minutes, more than a dozen doomed trees vanished underneath the swirling dark currents of the Assumption Parish sinkhole....

 Biblical? Really? God just swallowed the Earth, huh? Whatever. Is the poverty Bibilical, too? Just sayin'. Curious.

Assumption Parish is coastal and while it's economy is agricultural with an uptick from ethanol production to their median incomes, it can be suffering from the undermining of land by the petroleum industry offshore of Louisiana. It has lateral consequences these days. Coastal areas like Assumption Parish are known to have organic content in their substrate. Is the Petroleum Industry of Louisiana undermining the land integrity of the coastal plain? 

That almost seems like a ridiculous question to me. I mean they do. New Orleans sinks continually because of the petroleum industry, but, the words have to be there to make it real. 

See, sugarcane in the MODERN ECONOMY is more valuable than oil and gas.  Where do you want your LAND USE?

The USA military industrial complex is supplying arms to Syria.

Does this relationship between US Arms dealers and Russia still exist? If it does there needs to be a Congressional investigation to the atrocities by these weapons supplied by US Dealers.

Investigations don't end the killing. It may very well be another Kosovo in Syria. What concerns me is the change in stance by Putin both domestically and internationally. He can't possibly expect any nation's support with ethnic cleansing in Syria. Either it is happening or it isn't.

By Marc Jayson Climaco
New Media Content Specialist

The state-run Russian arms dealer Rosoboronexport (click here) is one of Syria’s most significant enablers of mass atrocities–arming the Assad regime with over $1 billion worth of weapons that has slaughtered over 9,000 innocent Syrians.
Check out the chain of supply that the Assad regime relies on to carry out widespread and systematic attacks on civilians.
 Human Rights First aims to leverage the full range of U.S. financial and political pressure on enablers of atrocities and to stem the flow of goods and services necessary to perpetrate crimes against humanity.

Putin has changed his political posture. He is more aggressive domestically with hints of nationalism. He and the Duma may be hoping to drum up enough national spirit to carry out military prowess elsewhere. Russia is not happy about the missile sites at their borders by the USA and sure has heck believes they are correct about the new states of Republic of South Ossetia and Republic of Abkhazia. Syria and the problems within Georgia are separate dynamics, but, if Russia can present reasons 'to war' at the country's eastern border due to aggressive posturing by the USA, we have a real problem and not just a regional one.

Russia is correct about the separatist states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russia is incorrect about Assad.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu wants action against THE ETHNIC CLEANSING occurring in Syria.

This is so typical of the huge military industrial complex of the USA. The manufacturers make an emergency by selling arms where they don't belong only have diplomatic directives fail because the USA enabled emergency grows out of control. The diplomatic directives are intended to fail. Why have peace if war is so much more profitable.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (click here) has said the alleged chemical weapons attack near the Syrian capital "needs to be investigated without delay".
He is sending disarmament chief Angela Kane to Damascus to press for an investigation, his spokesman Eduardo del Buey said on Thursday.
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has also stressed the need for an urgent response, and criticised the lack of UN action. He told Newsnight's Victoria Derbyshire that it is "not the first time Assad has crossed red lines".

A bit of trivia, Wall Street served both sides of the War with Hitler until Pearl Harbor occurred. No surprise there. World War II didn't happen overnight.

Antoher White Man goes berserk with a gun without adequate mental health treatment. GET THE GUNS OFF THE STREET.

Antoinette Tuff was more than lucky, she was a confident community member. She spoke to the reality of the circumstances she and the young man faced. He reacted to her ability to connect reality (cognitive therapy) to his actions. He realized how out of control he was and had enough mindfulness to retreat in his actions. She had empathy and well as survival within her understanding of REALITY. 

She spoke to him in an "adult-child" context. She took control and spoke to his sanity rather than brutalizing him with words or actions. She didn't feed the frenzy. She gave him no reason to believe his actions were appropriate.

In a tense 911 call, (click here) a school bookkeeper talks with 20-year-old Michael Hall, helping him surrender to police after she says he fired shots outside an Georgia elementary school. (Aug. 22)

A former sexting partner of Anthony Weiner has become a porn star and may have contracted HIV.

This isn't funny. This should be a lesson to Former Rep. Weiner. To begin, this is tragic from many aspects.

Women are not making good decisions when they seek power by engaging in sexting. And let's get this is right, the Weiner political folly was sexting and not sex. There is a difference. Sexting is completely foolish behavior and when women participate do so at their own personal fall from grace.

Sexting is exploitation. It just is. It is so completely outrageous that Marissa Mayer is considered sexualized while the populous of the USA are sending their own sexualized photos around the internet. That is a double standard of the morally impoverished with nothing to do with their time but gossip rather than coming to grips with their own reality and the people in power that cause it. 

By Rachel Quigley

Anthony Weiner's latest online mistress Sydney Leathers (click here) may have been exposed to the HIV virus while filming her recent porn movie, it emerged today.

The adult film industry in San Fernando Valley in California announced a moratorium on the making of porn films on Wednesday after an actor tested positive for HIV - sending shockwaves through the porn industry.

The woman - who has now been named as Cameron Bay - revealed she shot her most recent sex scene with Xander Corvus, the man who played Anthony Weiner alongside Leathers in her porn debut Weiner And Me, released yesterday....

It is astounding the Porn Industry in this community is on moratorium. I thought the Porn Industry had their act together. How can an HIV test conducted 24 hours before any filming come back positive and then allow the exposure anyway? Someone is responsible for this and the State of California needs to investigate it.

Anthony Weiner never adequately addressed his sex addiction. It is his sex addiction and no one else's. He never had it under control before he returned to politics. He substituted 'the juice' in politics for that of his addiction, that is not being in control, that is displacing the character issue. That is what everyone has reacted to and not the fact he and his spouse have worked through their own personal tragedy. The folks that no longer support Anthony Weiner in his run for Mayor of New York believe he is not in control of his personal tragedy ENOUGH to be moving into governance. His change in voter popularity has nothing to do with his spouse, it is about his lack of recovery and people know it. 

Mr. Weiner deceived the voters about his personal story and he expected to simply sweep that under the rug, too. It didn't work. Just that simple. It was his willingness to gamble 'on the lie' that caused him the problems he has today in returning as a political candidate. 

For those without Sex Education in their cirriculum.


This is sexualized? 


I didn't know we were practicing Sharia Law in all social settings. When did that happen, under Bush? Quite possibly the Socialization of Sharia Law occurred in that administration.

This is NOT sexualized. Will someone kindly get this right?

It is art. It is body art. To ban it is unconstitutional. The law is outrageous. The thought of the law is even more outrageous.

A new law in Arkansas is waiting for the governor’s signature that would prohibit tattoos and piercings that are considered nontraditional. (Photo/Jhong Dizon via Flickr)
By Frederick Reese

On Tuesday, (click here) the Arkansas State Senate passed a bill that bans “non-traditional” tattoos and body modifications. Based in part on a call to improve the safety of non-doctor administered cosmetic procedures, the bill would effectively ban scarification, dermal implants and certain tattoos yet to be defined by the vagueness of the bill’s language.

Introduced in March by Sen. Missy Irvin (R – Mountain View), the ban — targeted at licensed body-art professionals — meant to address the possibility of staph infections, was seemingly conceived from Irvin’s discomfort with the procedures. Before the Arkansas Senate’s Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee, Irvin said of body modifications, “If you review the pictures of scarification, it’s an interesting technique but very problematic,” ultimately comparing the procedure to female genital mutilation. As for dermal implants, Irvin suggested “spikes and things like that” and “peel[ing] back the skin.”...

I am not necessarily a fan of tattoos. I don't have one. That is not the point. There are people conducting the creation of body art. They have a right to do it. Those that practice this form of art are to do so without peril to their customers. It is called SANITARY CONDITIONS. Perhaps Senator Missy Irvin is unaware of HEALTH REGULATIONS.

This legislation in Arkansas is more than government overreach. It is more than unconstitutional. It is a prime example of lousy priorities and even worse governance. Senator Missy Irvin is not only conducting her own priorities for other's lives and standards, she is setting up the entire governance of Arkansas for a dictatorship. The same holds true when it comes to the Pro-Lifers. Their overreach is not about governing, it is about promoting a religious and 'social status' practice. It has to end.

Body Art is also an economic engine.

50 Percent of people who think having a tattoo is rebellious (So what?)

Arkansas, not different than Louisiana where there is one of the largest aquatic sink holes in the nation, if not the ONLY aquatic sink hole in the nation, needs an economy. Body art is part of the Arkansas economy. Senator Missy Irvin cannot afford to outlaw body art, it will further implode the Arkansas economy and increase poverty and the DEPENDENCE by the State of Arkansas on the federal treasury.

This bill and soon to be law when the Governor signs is MORONIC. It is moronic governance and IN FACT is not governance at all. Senator Missy Irvin is a moron. 

Here is some good news for a change.

It is a fact when the media is owned by large corporations, such as FOX, 'the truth' in reporting is subverted for political aspirations of the owners. The power is an addiction and the steering is inevitable. This is good news because it supports democracy. The Boston Globe fell into an ideal situation. It was well established and purchased by a local business that has a vested interest in the people and their well being. The only profiteering under circumstances of local ownership will have to worry about is the promotion of the sport's team. That is not a bad thing. I find the dissolution of this so called 'survival deal' encouraging for our democracy.

3:44 PM 08/22/2013
Koch Industries (click here) will not be buying the Tribune Company’s eight newspapers, which include the Chicago Tribune and the LA Times, The Daily Caller has learned.
Sources with knowledge of the business proceedings told The Daily Caller that Koch Industries, after conducting its due diligence, has not been interested in buying the newspapers for “a couple months.”
The company determined that purchasing the newspapers was “not economically viable” and that both parties walked away from the negotiations, they said....