Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fox Un-News 2.0 continued...

The Senate Committee for Senator Hagel's nomination was horrible. The only thing Senator Hagel is guilty of not being briefed on the wrongful language of the Senate Committee.

Ingram saws Russia and China were probably watching. ???????????

Hagel wasn't running for office on standards set by FOX, Laura ! Senator McCain might be, but, Senator Hagel was not.

"The peak into his world view." She is wrong. Hagel is not about containment if the policy of the USA is otherwise. The prevention language is the question. Accusing Senator Hagel of not providing a defense of the USA for a strange world view is not ACCURATE. The language is lousy and outside the norm for the day he was a member of the Senate. He didn't understand the Senate definition of prevention. That is all it was.

Levin was wrong, too. When Senator Hagel stated his noted stated the administration was not containment, Levin stated there was a position on containment and that was not the position of the administration. Levin is wrong even in the current use of the word prevention. Hagel was right. The current policy is not containment it is prevention whatever that means.

When Senator Hagel was in the Senate the word prevention was not the language. Just that simple. Levin was bizarre actually. He never offered the understanding of prevention to end the confusion either. Levin should have known what is obvious. He played with the issue to avoid stating prevention includes bombing Iran.

Immigration reform. Group of eight agree on principles. 

There ya go. Enforcement doesn't work, so why go there? Immigration reform has to happen. So why demand current visa holder accounting and border issues dominate the reform?

It is impossible to enforce 11 million illegal aliens. Impossible. The system is overwhelmed by numbers and it is an infrastructure issue. The reform needs to go forward. The 'ideas' of border security, current visa holder accounting and law enforcement are imagineering. There is no basis for it in the USA. All that has to be set aside to make room for real reform.

Chris has a tough job. He tries though.

Laura Ingraham does not see Republicans signing onto a bill without law enforcement. If that is the case, she needs to challenge the dialogue within her own capacity to open the discussion to the reality of the infrastructure of the USA and what the challenges are to it to carry out enforcement. Seriously. To simply say enforcement as a reality that must be in the bill is unrealistic and sets a standard the government cannot achieve. It is Ingraham's responsibility to engage reality and resolve and not political wedge issues.

Power player of the Week: Words that heal. Nice. Natasha Trethewey. Don't see a spelling of her name. Poetry. Chris. How nice. Oh, she is the National Poet Laureate. Good. The nation needs more of this. Seriously. She should be a superstar. I hope there is elevator access to the attic for access to her office by the handicapped.

Natasha Trethewey (click here) takes up her duties in the fall, opening the Library’s annual literary season with a reading of her work on Thursday, September 13 in the Coolidge Auditorium.

Jack Lew and Citibank.

I suppose that he can’t be much worse (click here) than Timothy Geithner, but that should be scant cause for cheer over the news that the president has nominated Jack Lew as Treasury secretary. Both championed the financial deregulation craze of the Clinton administration, and both are acolytes of Robert Rubin, the former Clinton Treasury secretary who unfettered Wall Street greed and then took his own considerable cut of the action.

A lot of people are not happy about the Treasury choices. It isn't just the political Righties.

Citigroup alternative investments. A unit was a disaster and the losses enormous. He came on 2008 and the failure is not his doing. All the bad bets were already made, so therefore???????????

Treasury Oversight Council. The retribution for President Obama stating "Fat Cats" is to believe Jack Lew is incompetent to identify risk, but, there is no fact presented to validate that. The implication is that Jack Lew was pushing consumers into bad investments. Oh, he should be prosecuted. The commentator watered it down stating Jack Lew needs to be questioned about his role in all that.

There is nothing wrong with the questions. They should be asked, but, not ad nauseam so it is the only focus of the hearing as happened with Senator Hagel.

The country needs risk assessment for high school and younger football. I don't think so. I think we know all we need to know. Even Namath says so. I really don't think there is a debate here at all. There are other team sports for young people. Soccer comes to mind. Baseball. Basketball. We don't need football to damage the brains of our young people, especially after the profession states there are sincere issues.

I am getting tired of the Mind Speak. Until tomorrow.

This just appeared on Facebook. Michaels. Absolutely.

Fox Un-New 2.0 continued...

Evidently, Chris Kyle is leveled to sainthood at FOX today along with his tragic death due to the inappropriate interaction between PTSD and guns. And of course the Vice President is not talking about PTSD. Non-news is their specialty.

They state the enemy, and that would include women with hand grenades called savages, feared Chris Kyle in Iraq. They feared a lot of people, including the helicopters of Blackwater. So, the focus is inappropriate, the angel status of Mr. Kyle is completely inappropriate and there should be deeper understanding of the content of their conversation subject. No social conscience.

I'll probably be writing that a lot today.

Now, I'm happy, I have my caffeinated coffee made the way I like it.

Soda Stream is having their adds pulled from the Super Bowl ads. The ad enlists the breaking of Coke and Pepsi bottles. Soda Stream is a dense advertiser of FOX and Talk Radio. So, no matter what the actions by the Super Bowl ad facilitators do here, it will be opposed by FOX and Talk Radio. Soda Stream is one of their Bros, man.

Chris Wallace is a class act for the most part. I would be surprised if he didn't conduct a good discussion, but, I'll see.

"Iron Man 3", my point exactly. Do I have to elaborate? A man made of iron. Something wrong with being human? Extremism. There is no real talent here. There is nothing artistic about extremism. The human body can be pushed in every direction of extremism including riding a 450 pound machine up a vertical snow embankment to have it land on top of the rider. That is not artistic. Sorry. It is nothing but extreme to make money. That is all that is in content. No eye for abstraction to carry a message beyond social understanding or realize beauty or express a troubled mind. No steady hand to paint a portrait. No balance point of a ballerina. No perfection of voice to hit the high notes. That is the way I see extremism. I have no appreciation for it. Setting records at the Olympics of human beings is not extremism.

Maria the Weather Lady is a sweetheart. She said soda is not all that healthy. Thank you. She even likes the First Lady and children.

Blue Issa Dress of Duchess Kate is expected to be a pregnancy choice by the mother to be.

Okay, I suppose. But, I am sure she will be one of those women that don't give up the secret easily and won't even show a baby bump for awhile.


I guess. This is one of those things I don't pay attention to. I just don't. People wear clothes and some where expensive clothes. I like cloth and the ability of cloth to be used for fashion.

There is that company. Alabama Chanin. Their fashions are interesting, Bohemian and not necessarily cheap. They are selling patterns and fabric now. So, admirers can sew at home, too.

Father Jonathan says the USA Health Care of women is confusing. 70 pages is daunting to this man. He is an expert on Catholic Bishops and the Planned Parenthood Lobby. I see. For profit companies have it hard under the 70 pages of explanation of the USA health care for women. No private sector exemptions. Right, he got that right. Oh, now I get it, this is an issue of conscience. Even women at private companies have Catholic conscience being allowed contraception. 

Oh, my god father says the government is going to fine non-compliance. What does he suggest? FOX doesn't say what he suggests instead of fines. Penance maybe.

Father Jonathan seemed to know something like the Amish. So, he must be a wide ranging expert in every religion. I am curious about the extent of his understanding of the Muslim faith, too.

I want to know if Father Jonathan is a Islamophobe or Homophobe. Does he want to outlaw gays from the military? I want to know if that man is full of hatred of our fellow man as much as he hates the choice of women. I want to know.

Is Father Jonathan really a Catholic priest? Because the Bishops and Pope don't object to his anti-woman message to the general public as much as they objected to the anti-poverty message of The Nuns on the Bus.

Repeat of morning program.

1012 AM - John Bolton is as inflammatory as ever and should never have been involved with the UN. His opinion has never changed in believing any negotiations with Iran is irrelevant to control of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. He wants war. He doesn't believe in peace. But, FOX is the only place he has acceptance as an authority so he never gets feedback that matters. FOX interviewers never challenge his statements so much as allows him to rant without any 'fair and balanced' approach.

Bolton is insulting of Secretary Kerry in stating there will be a big splash in asking for direct talks with Iran. He states such talks will only seek to legitimize nuclear weapons by Iran. He cites sanctions as mostly ineffective. 

If I had a chance I would ask what the speech by "W" did for the world balance of power. The Axis of Evil Speech. The speech that took down the North Korean seals and restarted their nuclear program. That never comes up. It never comes up because it is true. The Axis of Evil speech was one of the most inflammatory speech by any president in history. Guaranteed, Bolton will defend it otherwise. Bolton will never contradict any action of Bush nor ever admit it escalated tensions across the globe.

The discussion about the NRA is irrational so far.

Oh, of course, LaPierre states nothing will work. The background check is a waste of time. I happen to agree. I think it is a paper tiger that accomplishes nothing and why a weapons ban has to be instituted.

Much better to go to the chat for advise from FOX.

Can't find a live chat. There is FOX News radio:

That is why Jindal discussion is going on evidently. Less government, less taxes. "Don't let Barak Obama take credit for the revival of the economy because it happened locally." At least they admit there has been a revival.

On television:

64% of women with lethal heart attack do not manifest with chest pain. That is true. I like this guy. Very few people speak to women's symptoms of heart attacks because it is very different than men.

Dizziness, nausea. True. Women often have pain in their back and not their chest but they aren't stating that either.

This is another thing with the Right Wing, they do this vitamin thing without medication. This Dr. Smart (I think) states taking statins is bad medicine. That is not the case. I don't like statins, but, people do receive benefits. There ya go, the white guy likes statins in lowering cholesterol. Better. Vitamins are good, but, medication is often necessary.

A lot of what goes on with the vitamin concentration with the political right wing enforces the idea medicine is not good for you. It provides a venue to oppose health insurance, etc.

The I-Caps MV are great vitamins. I rely on them and they help my vision. I have trouble with my right eye. It sometimes has pain in it due to an injury about 20 years go, but, if I take this vitamin daily the pain does not occur. No lie. I also don't rely on the vitamin alone. I see physicians regularly for check ups, any medications I need and if necessary ER visits for what seems threatening and not easily explained. I don't believe in a sole focus on alternative medicines and treatments. I think they are very helpful, especially, in cancers but not healthy people that have chronic conditions and health issues. The weekend talk radio usually focuses on that entire scenario. Whatever. I don't buy into it.

Inflammation in the body and obesity? I suppose. MS in children? Multiple Sclerosis in children?

Although multiple sclerosis (click here) occurs most commonly in adults, it is also diagnosed in children and adolescents. Estimates suggest that 8,000-10,000 children (defined as up to 18 years old) in the United States have multiple sclerosis, and another 10,000-15,000 have experienced at least one symptom suggestive of MS.

MS in children has nothing to do with obesity. Give me a break, the health discussion links inflammation, MS and obesity as if there is no basis to the American diet. I have heard nothing stated about the American diet and childhood obesity. The discussion on FOX is to create a distraction from facts in regard to childhood obesity. Oh, good, now we are going to talk about allergies. I suppose allergies are causing obesity in children, too. Wow, an allergy to a high fat diet results in obesity. Ya think? There is no social conscience here!

I think I found 'The Chat' and it doesn't exist.


There are no active events.

I probably have the wrong show chat.

Sunday House Call

So here is some kind of attendance, but, not much of a chat. I don't see the responses from the physicians at all. That might be the reason there is not much involvement in the chat. They are chatting with no one except each other. I guess the show is suppose to draw on the comments. Whatever.
Chat question:

What is the cholesterol medication that doesn't go through the liver and is it as effective?

Here you go Sandy:

So, if, in fact, (click here) your liver diagnosis is because you're taking the cholesterol medicines, then stopping them would be helpful -- would actually be required or necessary.

If, in fact, you have another kind of liver disease, and you happen to be taking cholesterol medicines, you can actually continue taking the cholesterol medicine, as long as it doesn't have an adverse impact on the underlying liver condition.

It isn't FOX, but, it is a legitimate try to handle the mess Sandy is facing.

Back to Chris Kyle and low and behold the publishing company of his book is affiliated with FOX News parent company. 


No social conscience.

The outdoor shooting range is completely barron of anything green. No trees, no grass. It looks like a wasteland in Texas. They have been having profound drought there. In actuality, the Texas drought has impinged drought across the nation. Seriously. One might remember the huge hot air bubble of last year that stemmed from over the Texas drought. Why get into it now?

Now onto Syria. The net address of the conference being held now is:

This is the English link:

I can't disagree with this discussion. No one is in agreement with Assad or Russia in this matter. Israel did what Israel always does, they defended their nation. The escalation of the violence in the region gets out of control, be it Hezbollah or Hamas and Israel acts to contain it to protect the people of their country. No one criticize that.

On to the economy. The President blames the Congress because, "Washington is broken." He is correct. Washington is not working to solve the problems of the American people. FOX have any clue as to why? The President has accepted Republican policy on innumerable occasions and yet there is a constant conflict with the Congress AMONG ITS MEMBERS. So, what does FOX believe?

Oh, the commentator believes the President is destroying Republicans. There ya go. This the the UNIQUE Fox News point of view. No one else believes the President is seeking to destroy Republicans except FOX. Why aren't they in step with their peers? Because they have power if they are not.

Furloughs happen, honey. They have happened in California awhile ago. When budget cuts are leveled a common strategy is to furlough employees to prevent them from losing income to their households. Furloughs are legitimate methods of handling government budget cuts without completely losing their talent in the jobs they fill. School often seek to cut days of the week to four instead of five. There are some very creative ways of handling budget cuts, unfortunately.

Okay, Obamacare is the culprit, too. There is a lack of confidence because small business having uncertainty over their costs. There is some truth in that. But, the future no matter what goes on with health care is unpredictable. The past few years have seen incredibly exploitative behavior by health care insurers. I don't believe there is any way of understanding the health care insurance industry. So, why aren't their CEOs on FOX News explaining what is justifying their double digit percentage increases in the past few years. The cost of health care have not had double digit percentage increases during the years health care insurance companies have enjoyed these profit takings.

I think it was this year that the insurance companies had to return monies over 15%. That might stop the exploitation. Who ever thought the health care CEOs would be so maniacal after the nation wanted to stop the 'health care insurance' deaths. Ruthlessness by health care CEOs. Why isn't that a discussion? They get a pass on being ruthless?

I didn't catch the 2018 statement, sorry.

I don't fly. I know there are many people that do and the industry has broke down services into innumerable fees. I think it is called fiscal survival. I only fly when absolutely necessary. Like, into Juneau to access the icefields. Although I rather the boat, but, it takes three days out of Seattle.

How is Virgin Galactica going to be financed until it is up and running? Right? Everyone could have had NASA handling all this space stuff, so don't complain if private industry makes life in the air expensive. Once Virgin Galactica is successful will Delta be far behind?

Everyone in the Right Wing wants to privatize everything. Here it is.

Jessie is asking for help with gun violence. Okay.

Syria and Iran security council is meeting in Damascus. Can Assad's family leaving be far behind?

I don't like discussing the hostage situation. I think it is far too delicate to be involved with the media. The guy is watching television. How does anyone stabilize the influence the effect of television? Yesterday, they were explaining the process of negotiations. That is not appropriate. The man in the hole with the boy doesn't know he is being worked over for an outcome with a methodology. I worry about him getting so tired he just decides to end it all.

Gun control in Chicago is not working. And Jessie says, the homing foreclosure rates plays into the crisis of poverty. Jobs out and drugs and guns in. That isn't a reasonable answer? He wants a comprehensive urban policy. He cites gun manufacturing in the suburbs and the 'gun trail' and the 'drug trail.' On the southside of Chicago or Birmingham? There are no Emergency Rooms for interventions. 

Jessie has a long standing debate and so will it ever be solved. Fair question. Why isn't it being answered? Jessie believes it is a national security issue. It is. There are far to many deaths per day in the USA. 32,000 killed in the USA in one year while 6000 were killed in Iraq in ten years. Does that mean Americans are more safe at war than in their own backyards?

What does that reality say about the USA? It doesn't dictate a reaction to limit the military style weapons on the streets of the USA? It doesn't? It means we all need automatic or semi-automatic weapons at our side everyday? Body armor? When is the reality going to mean something to FOX News besides backing up LaPierre as a Second Amendment right. It isn't the government killing 32,000 Americans a day.

FOX News wants facts in the health care debate, but, they are unimportant in gun control. Why? Politics? Somehow facts serve a purpose in the health care debate they don't in gun control?

Great story about siblings and the Super Bowl. Nice.

The Priest Sex Scandal. Now in LA. No comments.

Death and funeral. Bus driver, Mr. Poland; Chris Kyle

Dr. Laper, economist states the catastrophe is on its way. Those are not his words, but, the anchor's words. Loss of job skills, the teenagers, the inner city dwellers are becoming basket cases for employment. Really? Offer some proof of that other than unemployment is becoming a bad habit?

GDP is shrinking. Yep. He mourns the loss of the 1980s and Bill Clinton. Gone forever I am afraid. Sign of the times. Sequestration is causing a long term problem? Seriously? Come on stop putting word soups together.

Did I say the problem in Benghazi was intelligence? Did I say it or what. What did Secretary Panetta say? It was an intelligence failure. What does that have to do with Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice? They weren't responsible for intelligence failures. Come people stop this mess you do.

A poll that Americans believe the government threaten personal rights. That poll is considered valid and gives permission for the point of view the government is a threat to the personal freedoms of Americans. Does obesity and gun violence threaten personal freedoms? There is no reasonable discussion of the repercussions of personal behaviors dangerous to health and well being.

A quarter of Americans trust their government according to the poll. That is good thing? What is the message people are getting that needs to be addressed? Seriously here. The question is not what Americans believe and backing them up by some kind of media blitz of the subject, it is whether or not Americans have a realistic view of their government. They don't. It is skewed. The reason Americans believe their personal rights are being taken by their government is because of the potency of the agreement of those polls rather than debate about the benevolence of government to enhance longevity. Both longevity from prevention of disease and prevention of gun violence.

Where is the discussion about the benevolence of laws that prevent disease and injury and death of gun violence? Where is that discussion? There is no validation of the fact government regulation improves the quality of life of Americans. There is only "Yipee, we have an inflammatory poll to exploit.

Hobby Lobby doesn't want to offer birth control. Do they offer Viagra? Hobby Lobby employment dictates one to be an atheist in order to work there and have contraception care. Here we go. News Agency generated attack on the government regarding women's health. Just that simple. Evidently, lawsuits abound so they can get exemptions. This is ridiculous. It won't be long before women will be such a burden to any employer they won't be hired. Wait and see where this is going. And of course FOX is backing the idea women don't deserve health care. They don't cite the companies that actually don't mind if their employees have vaginas and uteri.

Can there be investors that take over the franchise of Hobby Lobby and Chick Fillet that actually care about their female employees? Please. There has to be a way of eliminating these pathetic employers in the USA. Local businesses offering personal service and good prices for the very same product. It would be good. Local economies rather than franchises and big box stores. Please.

There is that chain of stores called "Michael's." They don't have these problems. Build with Michael's or something. They are better than Hobby Lobby.

Here ya go: "Craft Your Love" - Michael's (click here)

Women with uterus and families work here.

"Freedom from Religion Foundation." The FOX guys feel threatened by the removal of a Jesus portrait. They hate atheists. What did an atheist ever do to them? The High Why Club put up the portrait. The High Why Club needs to have their religious and freedom of speech rights, too. Okay, but, not at the expense of others. I think FOX is missing the EQUITY issue here.

The High Y Club. Is that it? High Y? I have never heard of these organizations. Are they mainstream? It just doesn't sound as though they are very mainstream. I can't find it on the net. That might be a good thing.

Hi-Y Clubs (click here)

Britannica is the only place I found it. 

Hi - Y clubs organized among high-school boys and affiliated with the Young Men's Christian Association, with purpose to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character; Bible study and various other activities are carried on; the name Hi-Y Club was first used in 1914.

Nope, this is the same as the Boy Scouts that promote Christianity. They have to respect all peoples including atheists. Hi-Y is youth. No oppression of expression of atheists. They are benign to a well established organization. This is silly. There is no reason why the Hi-Y folks can't meet as a point of convenience at the High School, but, there is no dominating the tone of the educational environment. Nope. I agree with the atheists. I don't care of the community is predominantly Christian. They have no right to offend anyone and make them feel as though they are excluded as part of the school community. Atheists pick up on this stuff in a way that validates the Freedom of or from Religion for all. There is nothing here that should be an issue.

The Hi-Y Club should not have been allowed to place it in the high school in the first place. The issue of Jesus and religion is always difficult for Boards of Education to address. It is an ackward issue for them. They rather avoid it all together. Most are nice people from the community that don't want to offend anyone. They should not have to face these problems. There should be a clear understanding there is no overlap of religion and freedom of or freedom from in public institutions. I am quite confident Jesus wasn't a local football hero.

Liz Trotta. What's the point already. Policy for Egypt. Overreaching dear. We have a policy, but, that doesn't mean we interfer in their elections. Oh, the military contracts to Egypt. Oh, no, the Muslim Brotherhood is going to wipe out Israel. Here we go, Morsy is antisemitic. Another Ahmadinejad. A coup is not far off in Egypt. I thought they just did that. Didn't they just do that? Ms. Trotta doesn't really have a handle on this considering her credentials.

The problem is not whether or not there was a coup in the rebellion within Egypt. It is the fact the contracts are with Egypt. The place is still called Egypt. I think it is one of those lawyer things. Mubarak made the contracts, he was removed from leadership, held for trial and found to be guilty of some kind of atrocity against the people. I think it was the deaths during the demonstrations that facilitated the change in government. So, the country still has the same borders and the same name, but, a change in government achieved through elections. I think there is merit to the idea the contracts could be recalled by the legislature, but, that is where this needs to take place. It is the polarized US Legislature that needs to address the recalling of the contracts.

By bring all this up and realizing how polarized the Congress actually is creates a wedge issue. Do I detect election priorities coming up? Most probably. I don't know if Israel has taken up the contracts with the USA government. If Israel would take this up with the USA legislature it might be considered important enough to address. But, a polarized Congress and honoring the contract allows for economic upticks where the jets and weaponry are produced. It is a convenient to have a polarized Congress, isn't it?

The product Ms. Trotta produced was a wedge issue that justifies economic benefits to the USA and Red States probably. Now the moral issue shifts to the Congress generating a low rating while the innocent people producing the weapons are above it all because they need a job and an employer. They are just doing what they are told, ya know.

The Hagel nomination. The man is a patriot, a Republican, a former statesman, but, now an evil doer. Ahhhh, the Obama touch. All that when Senator Hagel was unable to actually speak in defense of his nomination. YES OR NO !

Peter Kings wants more security for diplomats. That can't be wrong. Good for him.

Fall of GDP. Peter King is offended at the accusation the uncertainty is related to the sequestration. Oh, there ya go, President Obama has failed policies. Oh, he needs to man up. No leadership. Running away shamelessly. Shame on President Obama for letting the House delay the sequestration and allowing it in the first place. Shame, shame. Of course, the House holds no responsibility at all, right? Wow, talk about personal attacks for House failure to commit to cuts that would not cause a downturn in GDP. Wow. Pavlov's dog. FOX asks the inflammatory question and Peter King answers appropriately.

There is a buzz at the Super Bowl about the head injury issue. Good. Nemeth was a quarterback. "We just learned more about it. The knees aren't suppose to bend sideways and the head isn't suppose to be bumped against things. The body is not suited for football." Wow. That is an amazing statement. Thank you for that. It backs up those sincerely concerned about the players. Very nice.

Just to back track a minute, as a brief reference to the priest sex scandal. That was not my experience. I was raised Roman Catholic and we had super good men in the priesthood. The entire pedophile problem with the church is completely alien to me. I know it happened, but, I really don't have any reference point to that level of indecency with children. Can I effectively have an opinion? I don't know. The law is fairly clear and the clergy have no right to circumvent it. PhDs have more authority than anyone to speak to pedophilia in children.

The Boy Scouts have had gay members for a long time. The younger the scout the less likely it is to understand their sexuality. Scout leaders that are gay are not pedophiles. FOX is over the line on this. They are seeking to define Gay Scout Leaders as pedophiles and predatory.

No, no, young children are not recruited into a gay identity. The fact of the matter is Boy Scouts of all gender identity need good role models including Gay Scout Masters. Is FOX concerned the Gay Scout Leaders can't tie knots? Maybe they just sew instead of tie knots. The Family Research Council and Tony Perkins are the culprits in accusing Gay Scout Leaders of pedatory pedophile activity. They need to be sued. They need to be sued along with FOX. There should be a full retraction of the statements on FOX News.

Lose the bell at the resumption of news. It is a hideous sound. It conveys the feeling of a chronic emergency.

New regulations coming for car information. Evidently, cars record a lot of stuff and send it on to the government? Oh, this is information downloaded by dealerships and garage mechanics from the cars computers. The NTSB wants the information. Understandable. The NTSB is going to torpedo privacy besides? Oh, there it is, there is nothing written into the regulation to stop the NTSB from passing on the information. It is ONLY a promise by the NTSB to keep that information out of the public. Oh, dear god, here come creepy neighbors with ill intent compliments of the NTSB. When is someone going to do something about FOX. This is imagineering of laws. Come on, this is inflammatory to inspire fear and hatred of the government. Anti-American to say the least. I suppose of the NTSB receives a Freedom of Information Act they might be compelled to release data. The information released by the Freedom of Information Act should be expunged of personal identification information. That much might be a concern, but, creepy neighbors? That is invalid.

I tell you what, I would worry more about the local garage mechanics than the NTSB passing on information to creepy neighbors.

The recess appointments. Barrasso. He is scared there are no new rulings by the President so he is introducing legislation. What does the legislation say? There is no information stated about the proposed legislation. Barrasso is stating the appointments are there illegally. The case is on appeal evidently and the appointments have a right to stay during that process. They are up for nominations so what is Barrasso doing to move those nominations along.

Iran and nuclear capacity. Global Zero. Scary to neocons. Too bad. The nomination of Hagel. Weak and wobbly. Old guy. Hagel is a senile old guy. Hagel couldn't get a word in edgewise, but, why accept the fact the problem is the old military establishment like Barrasso. YES or No.

Super Bowl ads. "Bring back the Bud Bowl"

JANUARY 30, 2013

Judicial overreach to redefine presidential power (click here)

...In invalidating Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the three-judge panel issued a troubling decision. And one that should spark a response. For it shows us, yet again, that it matters who sits on our courts....

A lot of what transpires with FOX is a peer review issue, but, the peers need to let the FCC know what is happening here. Ed Henry is president of the White House press corp, so the chance of real peer review is completely blunted.

Back to the gun control issue with FOX News Sunday.

We know all the video that has been defining the Senate hearing. 

Guns and Hagel. Poetry in cheerleading. Okay.

The two opposing persons are not appearing on the same panel. First, Mark Kelley.

The paper tiger didn't work with Jared Lofner. But, the problem is greater than the obvious mental health care concern. Kelley states even if Lofner could not receive gun and ammunition he could obtain it at gun shows. That means the paper tiger set up after Columbine fails. 

In regard to the Assault Weapons Ban, it would have been helpful if Chris Wallace actually quoted statistics La Pierre stands on as a failure of the ban. Unenforced laws. Background checks. The Gun Control argument is lost in the opinions of La Pierre. All the gun control movement needs to know is that all measures to date have failed. There is no reason to repeat them. I think Mayor Bloomberg has all the information needed for gun control regulation. It is about public safety. At least Mark is optimistic while realizing the uphill push for legislation.

Background check
Mental Illness
High Capacity Magazines
Assault Weapons

Since 1999, 1.7 million people were stopped from getting a gun. Close the loopholes. What would NRA members what? Good. Mark wants La Pierre to listen to his membership.

So, this will become a panel discussion I suppose. That is where the politics is introduced with brevity. That is what FOX defines as fair and balanced. Separate the discussion and control the outcomes politically from a panel discussion. Wow.

Wayne LaPierre - Background checks. Respect for Captain Kelley and sympathy expressed for families. Hardened criminal is not the only issue, but, LaPierre begins his statements with it. Instant Check and to get mental health records online. Oh, poor Wayne, the Mental Health Lobby is torpedoing him. It is not a lobby issue, it is about infrastructure. The Affordable Care Act is facilitating the infrastructure. Okay we have the "W"rong language. Here we go let's change the language so the debate is dismantled.

The Obama brochure states he will not take guns away and now he wants to take the guns from gun owners. That is a lie. The Feinstein Bill is not about taking guns away from people, if nothing else it will make them more valuable in dollars. It does seek to stop the sale of dangerous guns in the USA. It is a valid point of view because the paper tiger is ineffective.

The proposals of LaPierre requires a great deal of money carry out. He offers no perspective on how all that infrastructure change can be funded in the year 2013, including security officers all over the public lands of the USA.

His ideas won't work in the USA. They are imagineering without research to back it up. Prevention in the USA revolves around gun control and not the paper tiger. The paper tiger doesn't work. There are over 300 million guns in the USA, that is enough. There is no way of tracing every burgeoning mental health issue either. Protecting the nation through gun control in the market place is the only way to achieve the best result.

La Pierre is passionate about his point of view, but, it is not based in reality. No, no, Americans do not need high weapon capacity to survive. They need groceries.

The ad involving the First Children is ruthlessness. There is no place for it and obviously he does not want to commit his point of view regarding the ad.

Thank you, Chris. The gunmen committing these mass murders are not gang members. Not bad. He is getting to engage the subject, I'll give him that much. Go get 'em.

No more task forces. No more study. The NRA can carry out any research he wants, but, the country is finished with it. We need to act and pass legislation that works. 

continued above.

2012 International Horse of the Year: Flexible

Here is a nice story about a powerful stallion. It is a nice story that is not about power of government.

Ah, Chris Kyle is a friend of Fox and Friends. Why is that not a surprise

And what a snazzy title for the segment with a former Navy Seal, "Al Qaeda 2.0". Is that cute or what?

And then to have the guest speaker talking head state President Obama is promoting 'Cut and Run' of the USA military. So, insightful I can't stand it.

And Hucklebee is going to evaluate the 'Cut and Run' Military Budget cuts. Can't wait for that. I am excited, there has to be a Navy Seal and Ryan on the program. I mean let's really entrench fear in the public. What could be more important?

I've got nothing to do today but listen to the imagineering of FOX Un-News. So, let's do this thing.

There ya go. In the true lying style of Donald Trump, the President's picture of him skeet shooting, just like his long form birth certificate, is fraudulent and lacks a masculine content. See, Prez, you should have taken your shirt off at the very least and be sure to smile at the pull of every trigger.

Let's come up with a stylistic name for today, "Fox Un-News 2.0."

Here's the analysis to die for:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. (click here) Not so fast, there, Mr. Real Journalist from CNN. We’re all thankful for the laughs the White House has provided today by releasing a photo of President Mom Jeans firing a shotgun. But before you claim that the picture “shoots down skepticism from some Republicans that Obama has fired a gun,” let’s check the old timeline.

Who originally asked the president, “Have you ever fired a gun?” That would be the folks at the New Republic, hardly a group of Republicans. And it wasn’t the question that was so entertaining, but rather Obama’s response: he and guests go skeet shooting all the time. Why, he’s probably out shooting right now. It was the press who then asked Jay Carney just how often “all the time” really is, to which Carney had no good answer.

Who wants a faux President in the White House. He is only shooting skeet and not real game or even people or zombies at the very least.

Then follow up with the macho man Jindal with the almighty task of rebuilding New Orleans after THE STORM of all storms. A worse storm than Sandy, I am sure. 

Follow up Al Qaeda 2.0 with interviews of A REAL AMERICAN hero who was trying to rehab a fellow soldier with PTSD. It didn't work, okay? The American Hero was providing fellowship with guns? This is not for real. These men are dead because they found guns a comfort to PTSD?

These people are such a joke. Jindal is still rehabing from Katrina? He won't even admit his policies have sunk the economy of Louisiana, polluted it's waters and shut down its shrimp beds? Wow, there is no more oil in the water. Amazing. Jindal can probably walk on top of it.

Oh, yeah, we have to slide America Idol in there for some understanding of miracles, huh?

Clay pigeons. That is an improvement, not even skeet which people can't relate to. Clay pigeons. They don't bleed but it does sound like something that might die.

No one else is celebrating the IRS's birthday except FOX. 100 years of the IRS. It's better than death, I suppose.

What bothers me about Al Qaeda 2.0 is that it is a manipulation of the truth.
FOX seeks to meld the events in the Middle East into some kind of joint effort across that region of the  world by a dire enemy of the USA. That is a lie. It is a blatant lie.

See, there is a political purpose to the GOP with the IRS birthday. They back up the 100 year founding of the IRS as a FACT that the government has grown out of control. Before the IRS existed the income to the USA treasury was in tariffs. Well, gosh why don't we go back to that and live like they did in 1776

In 1776 the USA had a far smaller footprint in geography and the overcrowding of the White people of the country would be a national emergency. The sewage issue alone would cause disease and all that mess.

So, there it is in a nutshell. The glamorized patriot GOP propaganda network that has caused obstruction to a functioning government. In some ways, now that I realize how potent the FOX LIES are, that is a good thing considering the amount of falsehoods exist in the USA Senate Committees and the work they need to do to effect good legislation for the country. Some how, the obstruction is actually a comfort as I get to realize the idiocy of the media and its effect on the laws of my country.

Timers at Home prevents burglaries. That is true and it is a practice in the family. Absolutely. Oh, there ya go, now I haven't thought about paying a neighborhood child to walk around the house and have neighbors put tire tracks in the snow. Sure. The mail service can be handled by the USA Post Office. Holding the mail is not a function of UPS or FedEx either. So, Congress really needs to give the USA Post Office relief from hatred of its success and good service to the nation.

Oh, wow, don't go on vacation. Stay home, Travelocity will compromise your ID security. I didn't know what a threat a vacation can do to a person. How horrible, Travelocity is not a secure network.

FOX Un-News 2.0 is a thrill ride a minute guaranteed to scare the living life out of you at every turn. I'd love to know what the adrenalin levels are in the viewership of this network. What is that other body chemical? It isn't adrenalin. The stress hormone cortisol. I would love to know the cortisol levels in their viewership. 

Their better angels back send cookies to soldiers in a war zone.

Oh no, the Veep did a no, no. The White House would be prepared to meet one on one with Iran. Bad boy, Joe. Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran.

True and meaningful analysis of football might keep them out of trouble today. It might.

Prostate - awareness - very good.

The problem with much of the programming except for the last segment or two, is that FOX does not accept criticism of them as legitimate. They seek retribution when they are criticized. They are anti-social. They are power players that enlist the public in their retribution. They will not relent on their violent content no matter the hardship in the country that kills children because of their political priorities.

The GOP is anti-Democrat. So, therefore, the simpleton agenda demands to make a political stand an OBVIOUS choice. Rather than educating the public about the issue at hand, they simply build hatred for what is best for the country and promotes those that hate it, too. This is so obvious, I don't know why they haven't been realized as a fraud. They don't care what is best for the  country, they are interested in what is best to maintaining their power. Their definition is about power and not about information. It is very obvious. Very.

I think they and all the Talk Radio Righties state this is infotainment. Not even close. Infotainment would require real information, this is all fabricated out of pieces of real life.

Back to talking about war personnel. Incredible stories and nice for those folks to be honored, but, this is all they talk about. I am quite sure there are many nice stories in the USA that aren't military or police or law enforcement. This is all that exists at FOX. Power. Police power. Military power. Law enforcement power. Incredible.

I am going to make some coffee.

Let Me In - Trailer. The original film was "Let the Right One In."

I saw the original picture. I hadn't seen the remake. There is just no reason for what 'goes on' in the USA. The American people can't even begin to understand the lack of appreciation they have of sincere artistic work. I mean that beyond any words can say. They spend money on trash.

Even the sports require steroids, substance abuse and life threatening injuries. It is all nonsense. Expensive nonsense. The Super Bowl is coming up. I guarantee you the teams involved won't be advertising the danger of the sport or those suffering from the permanent injuries it causes. I don't participate in the enthusiasm revolving sports in the USA. Waste of money. I used to watch football, but, when broken bones started to be a 'strategy to victory,' I knew it was nothing I valued.

I never even knew who was playing in the Super Bowl if it weren't for Jimmy Fallon's Puppy Vote and the only thing I remember of that is the purple color as the dish the puppies gravitated to. Dogs are color blind. Who was that? Oh, yeah, the Ravens. Don't have a clue about their quarterback either. Don't care to know.
There are other democracies, First World democracies, allies of the USA that do not have this level of violence within its borders. Japan has none of these problems. Australia has a very tamed, but, very macho society. The problem here is the market share this country brings to any one marketing trash.

Americans need to discover and appreciate the arts. Museums, operas, antiquing, wood working, and expand the culture into being worth billions. Go see a play by the local theater company. There is too much focus on what sells rather than what is sincerely CULTURE. The current 'market' in the USA taps into PRIMAL instincts of fear. It is a positive feedback loop and profits of companies prove it.

Local economies should be humming with artists and their art forms. The USA needs to rehab their idea of fun. Americans need to value the dollars they spend as support for their community rather than profits for corporations willing to have a violence based entertainment and recreation industry. It may not be an easy pivot for some citizens, but, it is necessary one.

I saw a Swedish film once. No subtitles and if there was it didn't matter for as well as it was done. I am trying to remember the name of it. It was a thriller. The subject of the film was a female child vampire and her life with the care of her grandfather. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It was an incredible film. It was suspenseful, but, there was no blood and gore. The girl in the film was actually a sympathetic figure, too. It is not necessary to have violence in a society when the filmmaker or producer is a sincere artist and can capture the imagination.
We all needed to see this, too. Right? President Obama's statement should have been enough.

Bigots caused the release of the photo as proof, no different than the birth certificate. Why do this? There is no reason to do this. If people want to disbelieve the President then they don't need to be validated either. It states where their allegiances are compared to where the rest of the nation is.

I am offended by all the challenges to the words he speaks. What the First Family does for recreation is no one's business. The challenge to his right to be President is hideous beyond words. His integrity matters.
I can't believe an American soldier would write a book describing the people he killed as savages. I can't get over that. It is one thing to actually consider an enemy by that description, but, to write about it? What is that? And to want others to emulate it? I shake my head in disbelief this is part of the American culture. Where does anyone give that permission to exist as hero worship? It takes a savage to know one.

By every measure when I reflect on that blatant reality in the society I live in, he should have been ridiculed for being far less than a civilized man. Where did he get that self-righteous permission? And someone published it? For profit? That is more outrageous than his own reality.

The USA has fallen victim to wealth merchants ruthless enough to market death as a legitimate tool in life.

Perfect Match - Bar Refaeli's Big Kiss! | Official Commercial

I like it. Go Daddy never pretended to be virgins either. I suppose some men are harder to land than others.

"Ain't this rough enough?" 

The idiom "What you know, not who you know" comes to mind.

Take your pick, sexy smart and/or confused / misguided husband. Get rid of this macho baloney. It is nonsense. Women and children are dying because of it. (click here)

Why would anyone write a book like this?

"...Get your own trident..." He was an enlistment tool? His view of the world is warped. As a soldier he called people savages? What are we doing? I can understand why the USA military and Jessie Ventura didn't endorse his imagination.

I don't know that any soldier should be so proud of the number of dead they achieved they would seek recognition in this manner. It would seem as though there is a reason why soldiers are exempt from prosecution in foreign countries. We need to bring the troops home.

We also need to stop the killing in the USA and regulate guns.

The USA has a real problem with the male mystique, especially, if this is the basis of it. There is no way to even market that without the promotion of death. This is way outsode of what should be considered normal.

February 3, 2013
...Erath County (click here) Sheriff Tommy Bryant said Kyle, 38, and a second man were found dead at Rough Creek Lodge's shooting range west of Glen Rose, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Stephenville Empire-Tribune. Glen Rose is about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth....

There are only a few motives, personal vendetta, out to prove one is more of a man than 'the man' himself or in self defense if the autobiographer and his friend were toying with him. But, my best guess is he was and his friend were assassinated and didn't know what hit them. The sheriff needs to come forward with details.