Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Personality disorders prevent people from functioning well in life.

Narcissistic personality disorder (click here) is one of several types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting their ability to function in relationships and other areas of their life, such as work or school....

Donald Trump is not a good example of personality disorders. The traits of a personality disorder can be a part of anyone's personality. The difference is the personality becomes a problem when it effects a person's life. That is not his problem. 

There are people sincerely in treatment for personality disorders and I don't find this use of mental health appropriate. I am sure Donald Trump would approve of treatment of anyone suffering from mental illness. 

I think he is simply attempting to reach people. He wants to prove he is not intimidated on a political platform because he is wealthy or even part of the one percent. I don't find it dysfunctional at all. 

He has a wife. He has a young child. I don't find this a good thing to do. This is New York Society and it is called bloodsport.

If someone wants to be a friend to Donald Trump and is worried for his political aspirations and the impact it may have on his accomplishments to date; it should be a conversation between people with a well established friendship, not an attack for the purpose of politics. 

Someone suffering from a personality disorder is the last person who would sustain or need attacks upon them. I don't think Donald Trump is the one that is pathetic here. 

The facts are obvious. Donald Trump has done more for politics this political season than anyone else. Immigration is now a topic. The candidates are finally writing policy and position. Republicans haven't done that in a political theater in decades. I don't even remember Reagan publishing policies he would propose. It is unfortunate the positive aspects of his candidacy can't be appreciated regardless of where one's personal preferences are.

Wharton doesn't think Donald Trump is insecure.

Wharton First

1921 The Wharton MBA Program enrolled its first class.

The Best Known Brand Name in Real Estate

Donald J. Trump, W’68

It would be difficult to find a more ubiquitous public business figure of the late 20th and early 21st centuries than Donald Trump. His name graces casinos in Atlantic City, condos and commercial buildings in New York, TV shows, best-selling books, resorts, television programs, and even a Muppet on Sesame Street.
Trump took a successful real estate development business started by his father, Fred, and turned it into a multi-faceted company. Along the way, Trump’s style has produced doubters, but no one could deny his ability to brand his products, and to rise, phoenix-like, from everything from corporate travails to satire.
Trump’s main areas of operation have been in Manhattan, where he is said to control 18 million square feet of real estate, and Atlantic City, where his Trump Organization runs three casinos, all with his name on them — Trump Plaza, Trump Marina, and Trump Taj Mahal.
He got his start when he turned a big profit on a Cincinnati apartment complex his father assigned him after his Wharton graduation in 1968. He then made use of tax credits the New York City government was doling out in the 1970s to build his portfolio of Manhattan real estate....
Shell stating it will be a walk in the park drilling in the Arctic is their engineers. They need their jobs. So, they are blowing smoke up the skirts of Shell's executives.

See, there is a real dynamic between the oil engineers and the oil companies. It is a symbiotic relationship. 

Understand? When one dies so does the other. What a shame.

The oil companies have no real interest in what CAN be done. They are interested in getting it done. They are profit driven. That is all they care about, so when dealing with them there is no expectation for them to actually have sincere knowledge of anything except where they are going to place their exploratory drill bit.

Look, when the Deepwater Horizon exploded, killed 11 people and subsequently sank, the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) said, the exploratory well drilling had no consequence to polar bears.

There are no polar bears in the Gulf of Mexico. Did that stop the drilling and the catastrophe? No. The government did nothing while the petroleum industry entrapped the people in fear for their jobs in Minerals and Mining Management with scandals of sex and drugs. 

The only people in the USA that care about the Arctic, the country and the people of this country when it comes to exploitation of it's natural resources are the environmentalists and conservationists. And what do the oil companies say about those PROFESSIONALS? 

"Tree huggers" 

Their defense of their exploitation and lousy pipelines that burst with thousands upon thousands of deadly oil spilling into natural areas, polluting stream and rivers, killing everything in the Gulf of Mexico is that the people of the USA that oppose them are Tree Huggers. The professionals who know exactly how stupid these ventures are; simply are called names as if children on a playground. As a matter of fact, a question among my friends is "Where is the playground this time?" The oil companies defame them and call them names. And when one activist has had enough of the lies and misgovern of American public lands and otherwise and decides to bid on a lease to obstruct the drilling he ends up in prison for two years.

Who went to prison when 11 people died because the rig and it's crew were pushed beyond all safety margins?  Who went to prison when the Gulf of Mexico died?

No one. The CEO was given a Gold Parachute and sent on his way to continue to race his boat. 

If I wanted to make a point I would take all the rigs of Dutch Royal Shell and add up all the people that died working for them. The entire history. The eleven that died within the ambitions of BP is nothing. That is a drop of water in a sea of dead employees of petroleum companies.

The North Atlantic Ocean is a very rough place. The folks that work along it's shores think nothing of that character of the ocean. I was in Iceland and watched men on "Sea Doo"s run the waves. They were completely unafraid wearing wet-suits. Amazing. And of course, it was their heritage. They came from strong families of sea fairing history. 

The Pacific is unforgiving. The Arctic has no rules and while the oil engineers see a walk in the park, I wonder how many employees will die because they never listen to people who know better. 

And. Ah. The activist that went to prison to stop the auction of American public lands, stopped an illegal auction. It wasn't legal in the first place. But, he went to prison anyway. 
Real Clear Politics (click here)

On July 13, 2015 Donald Trump was at 9.3. It was the lowest number of confidence with Republicans since then. But, He should not be over confident. There has a dip and a leveling. But, he is consistently achieving a higher recognition as a viable candidate for President of the USA. 

He is the strongest candidate when he maintains 'the people' at the center of his campaign. He is also sincere. He isn't really playing around. What you see is what you get. 

Dick Cheney has competition. At least it's not bird shot, but, only a sport's concussion.

Typical Scott Walker bull-oney. The President doesn't legislate.

Here is the job description.


Clause 2. He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Court of Law, or in the Heads of Departments. 

And, of course, Congress is going to jump to attention with the submission of ALEX legislation templates by Walker as they did as a governor.

His legislature in Wisconsin has been awe inspiring. So, original. So, ingenuous.
Hillary Clinton is absolutely correct. Lives of unarmed African Americans will not be saved by changing hearts.

Her tone was spot on. 

I empathize with the African Americans that brought facts to the questions they asked, but, they needed to be told in a tone of voice that was more emphatic to have them realize there has to be structural changes within the way the USA carries out the laws of this country. It's not going to happen with "Pretty Please."

Hillary Clinton has a very good record on minority issues and she is definitely on the side of those people that spoke with her. She is anxious and willing to make the changes necessary in the USA to end the senseless deaths of African American men and women. I have a great deal of confidence in her willingness and ability to carry out the needed changes.

The "TONE" issue is laughable and very, very typical of a prejudice against women. 

Why are women suppose to have a tone of voice that will sing lullabies to babies? President of the USA doesn't simply put babies to bed in HER capacity to handle the country's problems. I am quite confident Hillary Clinton can sing lullabies to her grandchild with the best of grandmothers. I am not interested in having her put people to sleep at the State of the Union Address.

Birth Right Citizenship

It has merit. I think the USA has an obligation to honor birth right citizenship with long standing allies and vice versa. NATO's countries have given birth right to Americans born in their borders and the USA should do the same. That would apply to Japan, Australia and New Zealand as well. I am sure I am leaving a few out like Canada, but, our allies do allow such circumstances with Americans.

I think there is peril in such a provision for the USA with other countries that are not necessarily allies. Not only that, there is such a thing as "Birth Vacations" with women from China. They are here for one reason and that is to have their children born in the USA. Enough already.

I need to read some on it I suppose, but, it should be addressed. We really don't know what Birth Vacationers plan for the USA. That is a concern.

The issue is not simple to write as legislation and it isn't a simple problem. There is a lot to be considered and it needs to be structured to protect the country and allies, but, not alienate anyone the USA legitimately has interests in as long term allies.

Some of the complications is "What happens to students on VISAs do if they  get pregnant by an American or engage in a paternity responsibility while in the country?" 

The topic is not simple. But, "Birth Tourism" has to stop.

The law would not effect people already here or already born in the USA. They would grandfathered in under the 14th Amendment.

There is a new man on the block.

Does Hillary Clinton know how to spell sexism?

She has been treated differently than any other government official within the same status as she and has been singled out for repeated attacks by Congress.

The statement has been made every email within government is classified. I think it was Bob Woodward that made that statement. If that is the case, then the investigation into all of Congress and the Executive Branch and the Supreme Court needs to be carried out. 

If the former Secretary of State is being attacked it has to be aberrant emails then the rest of government and the investigation has to be involved in discovering any pattern and/or aberrant practices. 

See, Rep. Goudy wants all sorts of hearings regarding the Clinton emails when he doesn't have the authority. If the government can't prove Hillary Clinton was malicious in her behavior when there is no proof to the governance of anyone else to such a degree regarding emails, they haven't got a case. 

It's sexism plain and simple. 

The rules apply to everyone. It is the burden of the US Justice Department to prove the use of private emails by Hillary Clinton was malicious and willful. She has already stated it was convenient. That is not malicious. She was interested in performing her duties expediently with a private server. She sought to enhance her performance in her role as the Secretary of State, that isn't malicious.  

There was not an explicit, (click here) categorical prohibition against federal employees using personal emails when Clinton was in office, said Daniel Metcalfe, former director of the Department of Justice’s Office of Information Policy, where he administered implementation of the Freedom of Information Act. High-level officials like Clinton need the flexibility to sometimes use a personal email, such as responding to a national security emergency in the middle of the night.

Hillary Clinton never violated laws of the USA. She had status to carry out her duties as necessary. There isn't anyone else that can pass judgement on that when any of her activities were secure and lacked malicious content.

She is being singled out for attacks. Knock it off. Goudy needs to conclude his Benghazi committee and put forward information to the US Justice Department for any infraction in the law. The fact is Secretary Hillary Clinton had far more power during her years in the Executive Branch to carry out her job than Mr. Goudy could ever have.

Enough said. If the harassment of the former Secretary by the media doesn't stop the campaign has an obligation to end it through legal action. The attacks are malicious with intent to defame, including the frequent appearances of Gouty at FOX News.

I don't really give a fly about what 'disturbs' the media about Hillary Clinton, stop the sexism! 

Oh, one other thing. The disturbing reality is THE PRIVATE SERVER was more damn secure than .gov. There has to be real damage to the government before people can call up laws. There is no damage. There is no crime. She had the RIGHT to run her department as she saw fit. 

8/18/15 @ 5:51 PM
Hillary Clinton states, "I had a personal email just like other high ranking government officials did."


I think the Snap Chat account was a great comeback. She needs to stop addressing the email issue. It is harassment and she can't get her message out. At the Iowa State Fair she was asked one question and it was about emails. They may as well be asking when are you going away and not coming back. She has to stop addressing those questions as the US Justice Department should be addressing this during a press conference.