Friday, December 21, 2012

It is not assault weapon control, it is gun control.

This color green is the ribbon for Sandy Hook Elementary School. Google has it on their site.

I don't believe in lying or deception. The American people deserve much more than that. They need to understand their decisions and manipulation is a dishonor to their intellect.

The legislation to be introduced in the House and Senate will demand gun clips hold no more than 10 bullets. That is gun control and the ability of estranged young men from killing vast amounts of people in one 'clip load.'

I would like to focus on the ability of 10 bullets and how that is a responsibility to gun owners, because, 10 bullets could be the death of ten people before they stop to reload.

10 bullets = 10 corpse 

The empowerment of handguns, in my opinion needs to be considered along with that of other limitations. But, hey, I don't carry guns. I believe in the decency of Americans to conduct themselves well within the social contract I have within my community.

I remind. The children, their teachers and administrators are dead because extremists believe the social contract empowered by a contorted definition of the Second Amendment allows this content in their community.

When our police officers are threatened with their lives and their ability to protect and serve their community by these extremists among us, there is something grossly wrong with the social contract.

This country's social contract is so perverted by the extremists that the very USA Constitution has been sliced and diced into meaningless words. This country's Constitution demands the enforcement of domestic tranquility. This is the same document with The Second Amendment. The 'entire' and 'wholeness' of our USA Constitution has been perverted for political fodder and I have had enough of it. If the Second Amendment lives in the same founding documents with domestic tranquility we need to seriously reconsider what has gone on for decades politically in this country.

It is time to reclaim, restore and retake our USA and our American Dream which insures our children a prosperous and benevolent future. 

There won't be any downgrade after New Years Eve.

If there is then there is something hideous about the rating scheme. The USA will have an income increase after New Years Eve and will have $1.5 trillion USA cut from its spending. Those are not minor changes. 

Let's get on with what is important. 

Fear is no longer the venue of political strength in the USA.

In addition, there are all kinds of monies flowing out of the Fed that targets unemployment.

We'll be fine. Time to move on.

It is time to get on with gun control and immigration reform.

The Republicans will use any means possible to never address the needs of the nation.

The GOP will seek the exploitation of old stereotypes of Democrats forever

John Boehner did NOTHING to recognize the death of 20 children, their teachers and administrators.


His focus was on the mystical fiscal cliff coined by Bernanke. They don't care about the people of this nation. It is time for the President, the Senate and the Democratic House to return to the real priorities of the USA. 

Any recession that occurs after New Years Eve is the responsibility of the Republicans. We welcome the end of excoriating our Treasury for the purpose of Republican politics. We love this country. The Middle Class is the backbone of this nation. We know who we are.

There are real problems in the USA. People needing recognition for their contributions to this nation in their sweat and tears, while entrusting this country with their children.

Our children need protection from the ever growing threat of gun violence and a violent culture reinforced by the Bush years and an illegal war into Iraq. The country is aching for their children and their day to day survive from violence. 

Haven't we all had enough of the Republicans politics and their strategy to ignore the real problems of the USA. President Obama as scratched out an economy that has saved this country from complete collapse and dire impoverishment. 

We need to move on and believe in the people to rebuild their lives through their unions and belief in their work ethic. I trust the Middle Class beyond any economic dynamic in the country. We need to do our work now and we need all our citizens recognized for it.

At least Herman Cain knew the true antiquated values of the GOP

Has anyone ever scene such a tribute to antiquated masculine values in their life? Oh, wait, are the old, wealthy, white men of the GOP really THAT old?

No more Bush Tax Cuts. I am looking forward to it. The Middle Class has come this far without the help of ANY GOP members to the House and Senate, we will go a lot further.

It is time for unions to step up and return wages to the Middle Class and income to our tax base. 

The True Patriots of the USA, the Middle Class, don't need the Bush Tax Cuts, they need real wages, esteem for their labor and benefits that support their quality of work.

GOP Governors that assail the integrity of Middle Class unions HAVE TO GO!

Let's get on with it!

John, this might be a clue as to what is "W"rong with your antiquated values.

If that isn't the truth. The way they protect guns, burn fossil fuels and value women one would think women still pulled plows, guns still provided dinner, trees after 2000 years of growth were still standing and coal was needed for electricity.

December 19, 2012