Thursday, January 22, 2015

Former Governor Mitt Romney can finance his own campaign for the nomination, Jeb Bush cannot.

Preibus stated the elections of 2016 is all or nothing. All Stops Off. Looks like the candidates are taking him seriously.

January 22, 2015
(Reuters) - Leading potential Republican presidential candidates (click here) Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, who are engaged in a behind-the-scenes competition for dollars and support among party loyalists, met privately in Utah on Thursday.
Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said the former Florida governor had wanted to catch up with Romney and that the meeting had long been scheduled. A Romney spokesman said the meeting had taken place but provided no details....

Senator Menendez is welcome to take his concerns to the United Nations.

There is a treaty called the Non-Proliferation Treaty (click here). There are many countries in violation of the NPT. The United Nations can be asked to enforce the NPT, which would be refreshing. Short of war there is no control the USA can exert to stop a nuclear weapon. There is nothing the USA can do besides war to end a SUSPECTED nuclear weapons program, ie: Iraq and WMD.

September 6, 2014
By Kevin Rawlinson and agencies

UN inspectors have gained rare access (click here) to an Iranian nuclear facility, giving them a "better understanding" of Tehran's disputed programme, it has been reported.
They observed a plant where centrifuges for enriching uranium were developed as part of a transparency deal but acknowledged that Iran remains resistant to an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) investigation.
According to a confidential IAEA report obtained by Reuters, inspectors visited a research and development centre for centrifuges on 30 August. It gave neither details nor the location of the site. But such access could be crucial to helping the agency determine how far along Iran might be in developing more modern models of the machines.
Iran's efforts to replace the breakdown-prone, 1970s vintage IR-1 centrifuge it is now operating at its Natanz and Fordow enrichment plants are closely watched by the west since success could lead to more efficient equipment enabling the country to amass material that could be used for atomic bombs more quickly....

Now unless Senator Menendez has read the classified document, which I doubt, he has no basis for his fear mongering. That is exactly what those words provide. Without any basis Senator Menendez is fear mongering and painting President Obama as an ally to Iran.

When fear mongering results in threats to Iran there is a good chance the negotiations will be disturbed at the very least. Senator Menendez obviously has problems with the administration and he needs to take HIS fears forward to resolve his lack of knowledge to the activities of Iran. 

Oh, yeah, I doubt Israel has any knowledge of the documents at the IAEA unless of course they stole it. 

If the NPT is going to be enforced there will have to be inspectors in ALL these countries and determine if they have WMD. Then the countries will have to be disarmed of their nuclear program. The one country that worries me more than any other, is not Iran, but Pakistan. Pakistan is not one of the permanent countries to the NPT. I wish someone would get on with this and make the world a safer place. Quite frankly, if all the illegal nukes were disarmed, the five permanent countries could get very serious about eliminating their own programs that have no purpose except to be a budget expense.

President Obama's administration has focused on genocide. I don't any other weapons that can cause genocide as fast a multi-national nuclear war. 

Huckabee advocates censorship of black entertainment.

The First Amendment doesn't belong to everyone.

Stop creating a political issue about abortion.

...Amniocentesis is generally done between weeks 15 and 20 (click here) (usually around week 16) to look at genetic information. It can also be used later in pregnancy to see how the fetus is doing.

Amniocentesis for birth defects testing

Amniocentesis is often done around week 16 to see whether a fetus has certain types of birth defects. Amniocentesis can also tell the sex of your fetus.

Amniotic fluid has cells that have been shed by your developing fetus. The cells are checked for the number and size of chromosomes (karyotype) to see if there are any problems that put the baby at risk for certain conditions. Testing is most commonly done as early as possible so that women and their families have time to consider their options. But amniocentesis cannot find many common birth defects, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, heart problems, and some types of intellectual disability.... 

Studies have shown the actual development of the fetus to feel pain is 22 weeks, but, for the sake of argument I'll settle for 20 weeks.

The eleven points (click here) below summarize the substantial medical and scientific evidence that unborn children can feel pain by 20 weeks after fertilization....

The idea pain is a decision regarding abortion is false. It has decades since Roe v. Wade. What has occurred in those decades is the discovery surgeons can perform surgery in utero. Therefore, administering anestesia to a fetus is not issue anymore.

More and more women are being burdened by legislators who seek to instill religious values in our country. The decision regarding abortion is between a woman and her doctor.

Where did I hear that before? Health issues should be between people and their doctor? 

I know where I heard that, it was during the hysteria surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That's right. The Republicans were stating the government should not be involved in health care, those decisions are between a person and their doctor; UNLESS; that person is a pregnant women and then the government has more rights than the person.  

I suppose a person's liberty is insured with guns, but, not their own health care where privacy is no longer guaranteed.  

Democracy is not for the faint hearted.

Gee, whiz, is that a Humvee? Interesting. Humvees may be the icon of revolution post Islamic State violence.
January 22, 2015
(Reuters) - Authorities in southern Yemen (click here) re-opened Aden's air and sea ports on Thursday, officials said, after President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi accepted some demands from the dominant Houthi group in a move expected to ease days of tension in the capital.
Security authorities on Wednesday closed air, sea and land crossings into Yemen's southern port city of Aden after fighting in Sanaa that threw the Arab state deeper into turmoil. They said the Aden security committee had said it was cancelling a decision to close the airport, sea port and land crossings in response to the agreement, which provided for all state institutions to return to work....

The citizens of any Middle East democracy have chosen to run, hide and change affiliations than stand and fight. It is a dangerous paradigm that exists where democracies are replacing dictatorships and warlords.

I can only speculate, but, in a region of the world where god has been the overlord of the people for millennium, it is all the more difficult to bring about the authority of leadership in state affairs.

One of the factors that leads to unrest in the Middle East is the devotion to god in the faiths. It is difficult to realize god can be as much a part of a citizen's life in a country controlled or better said governed by democracy. It was all so clear before, god came first in any justice and all else was the enemy. Now, with changes in representation within a governing authority throughout the region, the people are asked to tolerate and respect each other. Controlling one's life with gun fire means protecting Islam, when in fact Islam is protected by an egalitarian democracy and there is no need for gun fire.

In such freedom the Mosques and churches need to be protected from vandalism and hate. The religion of any people is found in their thoughts, prayers and celebrations, not the annihilation of all others. The words I am hearing from every venue of violent extremists, even in France, is "Who is defending Islam?" Democracies respect Islam and honor Allah simply by providing a place for worship to happen and leaders the right to communicate the faith. Democracies are good for all faiths without exception. Democracies provide a place for all faiths and honor the right for them to exist and have followers of the faith. 

Tolerance is not an easy commodity in the Middle East as violence has ruled the people for so long. It is not an easy transition and there will be problems from time to time. There was a problem in France, but, the people have not given up their democracy and come together to celebrate their rightful place in a country that tolerates all forms of religions and communication.  

It is very obvious. Someone tampered with the footballs.

"Watching Patriots Scandal From Afar, a Retired Football Maker Say Wilson Did It's Job" (click here)

...After all her years at the factory, Helser has never seen a controversy like the one enveloping the N.F.L. now. According to reports by ESPN and others, the N.F.L. found that 11 of the New England Patriots’ 12 game balls were underinflated during their rout of the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in the A.F.C. championship game. The balls were approved by a referee before the game but were checked again at halftime. They were reinflated after they were found to have lost about two pounds per square inch of pressure.
The scandal, which some have called Deflategate, has caused some to wonder how and when the balls were deflated after they met the N.F.L.’s exacting specifications and were shipped from the Wilson factory here. Helser said the Wilson employees had done their jobs.
“When it leaves our factory, they may have trouble with a bladder every once in a while with losing some air,” she said. “But when they have 11 out of 12 balls losing air, it’s not Wilson’s fault. I’m sure when it left our factory here in Ada, it was as good as it could be.”
Despite reports that the cold weather or a player spiking the ball might have led to the deflation, the only way to remove that much air that quickly would be to put a needle in the valve and to let the air seep out, said Kevin Murphy, who runs the American football division at Wilson....

Eleven out of twelve. Why not twelve? So someone knew there would be at least one ball meeting regulations if asked? The deflation is nearly identical. So, the eleven compromised balls were uniform. Someone deflated the balls some time from inspection to half time. That isn't that much time. Inspection before game time can't be that long. Someone knew what he or she or they were doing and did it with precision. There is nothing to say someone from the opposing team didn't do it either. But, if the other team wanted to create a problem why only eleven balls?

There is a timeline. The compromise fits into a timeline. 

What I find strange, is the fact other team members handled the ball(s) and never detected the compromise. These are professional players. No one else on the Patriot lineup, including the center, detected the problem? Odd. It took an opposition player to detect it. Very odd.

Considering the footballs belonged to the Patriots, it is Patriots that have responsibility for the CUSTODY of the balls after inspection. It is an easy decision. The Patriots neglected and/or compromised the footballs in their custody. Nothing else to say.