Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have a mission for USA citizens. Find one kind and good word per day to describe the President.

The difference between this President and the past Republican presidents is that he does NOT CALCULATE his every move 'when with his family' as if it were a POLITICAL EVENT.

He took his family on vacation in Maine.  You'll excuse me but where is there a reason to criticize President OBAMA for going to Maine?  He doesn't own land at Kennybunkport?  Is that the reason?

One might notice, it has been extremely hot in the southern USA and while that seems the quintessential place to promote 'good will' for vacation planning for the country, it is extremely hot in the southern end of the country.

Why is it that President Obama has to sustain a vacation that would be a disaster for his children.  There is nothing like coming home and having the wife and family say, "That was really a lousy time we had." 

President Obama went on a summer vacation with the family.  GET  OVER  IT.

Isn't he great.  He is a great Dad.

Oh, yeah, one other thing. There was a question about the fine BP is to pay.

The President was absolutely correct, it has to be calculated. You know if the media 'doesn't get it,' that isn't the President's fault.  I knew what he was saying as soon as he said it.

It goes like this:

When one looked at the picture of the rupture and the oil and gas spewing from it, one would notice a robotic arm, of sorts.  The arm was holding a device that was emitting 'white smoke' into the oil and gas stream.  No one noticed that?  No one said, "Hey, what is that mess about?"


Where have the powers of observation gone? 

Oh, wait.  Keeping the public 'stupid' is good political philosophy.  That's right.  Manipulation is the key.

Well, this is how the calculation works.

The 'white smoke' was probably sea water being pumped out the 'three' holes.  The RATE of pumping is a KNOWN commodity.  Get it now?


A known rate is measurable.  THAT 'known measurement' is used to gauge the 'stream of flow' surrounding it.  The rate of the oil and gas stream was significant.  It was so significant that it 'snuffed out' the 'KNOWN measurement' on many occassion.

Literally, Dr. Chu's staff could sit down with the video tape and at any given time, calculate the stream of oil and gas from the film while measuring its rate against the 'KNOWN.'

I doubt 'the fine' is first on the minds of people monitoring this event and making decisions.  But, I can understand how the Right Wing Media would consider that paramount to THEIR reality.  It is amazing the arrogance of that media.  This was a lot of hard work and design that went into that MOMENT of 'ending it' and they ask about the fine to BP.  What a bunch of jackasses.