Monday, June 18, 2012

I'll be at my destination by late this evening.

Thought I'd stop in Ohio along the way.

Romney already stated he would repeal the Executive Order by President Obama.

Was I the only one listening besides the journalist and camera person?  He was standing outside the bus nearly immediately after the announcement by President Obama. Romney stated, " President on Inauguration Day I could repeal the Obama Order."

Romney is hoping Rubio would carry Florida and the Hispanic Vote, he is now back peddling on his initial response after the President's announcement, which was interrupted, yet again, by a Right Wing nut case. President Obama has far better demeanor than I would if I were interrupted in making safe a path to Dream Act Hispanic Americans.

Rubio is an Obamawannabe. He came to the Senate and now wrote a book. I suppose he is in a hurry, but, he still isn't ready to be President. He is a choice as the GOP always tries to attract younger voters and now ethnic voters by consuming their young. They did it with Quail, Palin and now Rubio is the next pick to have a 'go nowhere career' to support the coattails of a old, white guy. The 2000 elections was a switch in place of the old white guy when Cheney appointed himself Veep. In 2000 Bush was the young man running against the then current Vice President Gore. Bush won the 2000 election illegitimately anyway with voter purging as seen in the year 2012.

...Florida's junior senator — (click here) 41 years old, the fastest-rising Hispanic political star in American politics and a contender to be Mitt Romney's running mate — is a man in a hurry.

His memoirs, titled An American Son, are being published Tuesday (Sentinel, $26.95). Since winning a Senate seat two years ago in a Tea Party-fueled upset, he has made official trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and elsewhere, not to mention a visit to Guantanamo Bay that included his first steps on his family's native island of Cuba. President Obama on Friday essentially adopted Rubio's policy compromise to allow young people brought illegally to the United States as children to gain legal status, putting him smack in the center of one of the year's most contentious issues....

The feature article in USA Today is characterizing Rubio as a nice family man. I am sure he is, but, then so is President Obama he simply doesn't exploit that image to promote himself as qualified for the Presidency of the USA.

I wonder if Rubio's book covers the fact that Politico discovered.

Marco Rubio bio reveals he almost quit race (click here)

...Rubio allegedly “suspected that Crist’s campaign found out about the plans and was pressuring him out before he was ready to make the announcement. It angered him into staying in.”
“I crossed the bridge and burned it behind me. There was no way back and no way out but forward,” the senator wrote.
The book also reveals that Rubio almost lost his son Dominick during the campaign. According to the AP, then-candidate Rubio was making calls to donors one afternoon when he hung up and checked on his toddler. Rubio found Dominick face down in a shallow pool and pulled him out of the water....

So, let me get this right, if Rubio includes this description in his book. I betcha he doesn't. He didn't want to be a Palin and not complete an elected office and wasn't going to leave the security of his Florida Senate Seat, but, anger changed his mind. Really? So, the decision to run for US Senate was based in anger? That is not a reason to run for office. The USA Senate is not simply a status symbol, it is a responsibility prepared for by knowing how to IMPROVE the lives of Americans. Quite frankly, the Tea Party hasn't improved any American lives, yet, especially women.

The long term solution for Immigration to the USA, including current illegals has been on the books for TEN YEARS before President Obama excavated from committee. Romney, even with this issue is a RETURN TO THE OLD METHODOLOGIES, that don't work.

Here we go again with Romney flip-flops. Which way does the wind blow?

...Romney has, in the past, (click here) explicitly called for keeping the tax benefit in place. But this election cycle, even when asked directly, the candidate has not clearly articulated a position.
Campaign staffers have added to confusion over the candidate's position, occasionally suggesting that Romney would, once elected, consider rolling back the tax break. At other times, the campaign has walked those suggestions back.
The tax treatment of carried interest, an obscure compensation method used primarily in high-stakes finance, has long been a hot topic in Washington and on Wall Street....

Carried interest sparks bipartisan tax debate (click here)

January 22, 2012 6:01 am ET
When millionaire GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney last week estimated his federal tax rate at 15%, he drew howls of criticism from both Republicans and Democrats, and put a controversial tax treatment for private-equity returns back on the front burner in Congress...

Below is a PDF from American Action Forum regarding Carried Interest. The American Action Forum is a right wing think tank (if there is actually such a thing) that wants to REFORM government. That always gets me, the Right Wing claims to be more patriot than any other citizen in the country, YET, they always want these board sweeping REFORMS of the USA government. This is the year 2012, the population in the USA is over 300 million and the idea government can be small when the country isn't is complete stupidity.

Executive Summary
Congress is considering proposals to increase the taxation of “carried interest” (click here) - an integral feature of the financial arrangements of partnerships. Taxing carried interest is not a matter of fairness or closing loopholes. Increasing taxes on carried interest would constitute a potentially large tax increase on partnerships – especially in finance, insurance, and real estate – both in dollar terms and relative to the income generation of the affected partners.  The specter of these tax implications will spawn reactions ranging from legal restructuring to crowding out valuable real economic transactions that are not 
sufficiently profitable to carry the additional burden.  Perhaps most damaging, the higher taxes on carried interest will re-allocate managerial talent, as the entrepreneurially-inclined are deterred by these higher taxes and seek their outlets elsewhere in the economy. The proposed tax treatment is inconsistent with basic principles of tax policy...

In no definition or explanation or tax code will anyone see the word THEFT. That is what Carried Interest is and it should be criminalized. NOT Thrift, Theft!

Definition of 'Carried Interest' (click here)

A share of any profits that the general partners of private equity and hedge funds receive as compensation, despite not contributing any initial funds. This method of compensation seeks to motivate the general partner (fund manager) to work toward improving the fund's performance....

Sounds like a plan, I think I like it, so long as assaulting citizen's rights are not part of THE PEACE PLAN.

This is the Middle East. A well crafted government to stabilize Egypt is a good idea. The Presidency in any free election is not a dictatorship. The only reservation I have about this  is the fact authority can be split and Egypt will end up with another Pakistan ISI.

CAIRO — Egyptian news organizations (click here) declared Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood the winner of the country’s first competitive presidential race on Monday just hours after the ruling military council issued an interim constitution granting itself broad power over the future government, all but eliminating the president’s authority in an apparent effort to guard against just such a victory....

Have her vitamin and mineral levels been tested recently.

MONDAY JUNE 18, 2012, 6:06 AM

ATLANTA (AP) — The father of a Georgia woman battling a flesh-destroying disease says his daughter has been suffering the worst pain of her entire ordeal.
Andy Copeland says his daughter, Aimee, sometimes cries from the pain but stops because crying hurts her stomach.
She had resisted taking pain medications in recent days.
Andy Copeland said in a Father's Day post on his blog that she's now taking morphine and other medications, but they aren't enough to block severe pain, which has now spread beyond painful amputation sites...

Aimee is showing a very strong will to live on her own terms in refusing medication for pain. There could be several reasons for pain including her stomach including stress and recovery from shock. She could also be suffering from some malnutrition, especially water soluble vitamins. The one I have in mind is Vitamin D which if depleted could cause severe pain. Vitamin D is received from exposure to sunshine or replacement vitamins. Aimee has been hospitalized for some time now and I am wondering about her nutritional status in regard to vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin D for systemic pain. Dr. Gupta of CNN may have some thoughts on this as well. Dr. Gupta is a neurosurgeon and Aimee is having neurological pain. My only thought is that the pain might be compounded by nutritional deficiencies and stress.